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Here I Am Baby!

Here I am Baby…your naughty nympho!Kinky Phone Sex

Like what you see?

There is no reason to be embarrassed!

We are both here for the same reason!

We both want to feel that beyond intense full body orgasm.

We both want and need sex like…all the time!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough!

So here I am baby…come and take me!

I would love to spend every second of every day completely naked with a nice hard cock shoved deep in one of my many moist tight fuck holes!

Maybe even two or even three lock strong dicks forcing their way into my shaved wet pussy and heart shaped ass at the same time!Mutual Masturbation

I would love to be stretched like a gangbang whore! Talk about Living the dream!

And You…you’re here because you love the idea of fucking a pretty little creampie slut like me!

The idea of my wet pussy completely engulfing your magnificent meat in my warm wetness, squeezing the cum out of you with every stroke is so close!

Maybe your an ass man…maybe you love the naughtiness of my tight anal cum dumpster hole consuming your hard cock inch by inch!

Or maybe you just want to see my pretty face covered in your sticky sweet cum!

Either way, we both want the same damn thing so lets lay back, roll a big fat one and, like the song says…Here I am baby, Come and take me!

Pussy Puffer

Kinky Phone SexI was on my last joint and was trying to make it last!

I had such a mellow erotic buzz going and my roommate was killing it!

He was begging for a hit!

I told him the only way he was getting a puff off of this is if he sucked it out of my smoking cunt!

I could see the bulge in his pants start to grow so I knew I was going to get my pussy licked!

I slipped out of my silky panties and lite up, drawing a nice puff in my pretty pussy!

I have never had a guy bury his face so deep in my cunt so fast!

His hands were under my luscious ass pulling me so hard, I swear his lips were inside my cunt trying to draw out that hit!

His tongue was boring a tunnel deep into my smoke blowing fuck hole, just trying to suck the last bit of drag!

He had made me so wet and I was so fucking turned on!

He was pushing for another drag and all I wanted was to grind on his dick!

I handed him the joint and pinned him down, forcing his hard cock into my sweet hot cunt!!

He just laid there with a huge grin on his face while I was riding him like a wild pony!

My tight pussy was clenching his meat, stroking and squeezing every throbbing inch!

Finally, my pussy gushed a tsunami of creamy hot cum, drenching everything in sight and dousing the very last bit of the blunt!

But we were both got what we wanted, a nice mellow buzz and a hot wet fuck!


Listen To Me Fuck Him!

Kinky Phone SexI know you love the idea of me fucking other men.

You see that my phone is always busy and you are just waiting for that little flashing neon sign to say available.

All you want is your turn, right?

You know you can fuck me better than they can, but still, you sit there with your cock throbbing and dripping as your grip gets tighter and tighter.

You imagine me sliding my sweet tight shaved pussy down on another mans meaty thick fuck stick!

You imagine me bent over on all fours as he grabs my hips and thrusts that hard cock deep into my ass!

You are getting harder and harder just thinking about it!

You wish you could at least hear it!

Listen as I fuck another man, moaning as he stretches my tight cunt, screaming his name as he makes me drown his cock in my cum!Tight Shaved Pussy

You can baby!

You can listen to me fuck him while you choke the cum out of your own cock!

Call me and listen to me tell you how amazing his giant bulging cock feels as he fucks me over and over and deeper and harder!

I might even let you tell me how to do it!

Cum Glutton

I love being the nastiest little fuck whore in town.

I wont stop until I am swimming in a sea of semen!

All the church ladies look down on me and call me names but I just laugh!

I know what I want and I know how to get it!

No man alive can resist this sweet shaved pussy…Just ask the Reverend! He still shakes and even pisses himself a little when ever he sees me!

But a girl like me needs more than a single sausage to satisfy my hungry cunt!

One Cock?! That is a snack! I want the entire happy meal!

I am glutton for cock and cum!

I need double or even triple penetration!

At The Same Time!

I wont stop until I am blowing cum bubbles out of my nose, my ass is pissing jizz and my cunt whistles dixie in the night breeze!

I love being gangbanged by a train of man meat, each one trying to fuck me deeper and harder than the massive cock before him, blasting his load in a sea of spunk splattering from head to toe!

If my holes aren’t torn, there is room for one more!

And if they are torn there’s room for two!


Ass Fuck Virgin

Hot PhonesexI love a big strong men that is not afraid to let me play with his sweet ass!

Normally I love to be spanked! I love when a man takes control and makes me his cum dumpster whore!

But I thought maybe men would love a nice slap on the cheeks also!

So I was fucking this guy last week, can’t remember his name but anyway…(does that make me a slut?)

Anyway, we were going at it pretty good! He was finger fucking my shaved pussy and squeezing my tits and I was loving it but really wanted to have my ass played with. So I reached for my vibrator and before I started to slide it between my cheeks, I lifted his sack and started poking his tight little rim!

He jumped a mile and rolled over! So I gave his hard ass a sharp slap!

His cock got bigger and bigger the more I spanked him so I couldn’t help but let my tongue take a lap around that delicious rim!

I noticed he was sticking his ass in the air and sliding back towards my face like a cat in heat!

How could I resist!

I pushed that vibrating cock so deep into that tight little virgin man pussy and he instantly started purring!

I swear it was less than three thrusts in and his cock erupted with a creamy white river of cum!

Oh it may have been his first ass fuck but it wont be his last!

The Most Fucked Pussy In The World!

I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I made a New Year’s resolution for this year.

I don’t need to lose any weight or anything…I am perfectly happy with my perky firm tits, tasty hard nipples, and my juicy heart shaped ass!

And I just love playing with my sweet pussy!

I can’t get enough of it, actually!

It seems like every time I get the chance, I am playing with myself…gently brushing my fingers on the outside of my puffy lips until I am warm and moist, spreading those velvet lips apart and amusing myself with my dripping clit!

It seems so unfair that the rest of the world doesn’t get to enjoy all of this!

And so I have decided that I need to be more generous with my young hot body!

The first thing we learn as little ones is to share our toys!

I must spread the love (and my legs)!

Consider my cunt as your own to be fondled and fucked in any and every way you like!

I am opening up my tight shaved pussy to anyone who wants to fuck it…even if you just need a new place to dump your load….I am here for you!

Cum one! Cum all!

Stuff my slippery smooth wet cunt with that hard cock!

I want to have the most fucked pussy in the world!


Devouring My Prey

Hot Phonesex
There he was sitting right in front of me, stroking that long steel like rod with those big callused hands!

He knew he was teasing me and he knew I couldn’t resist him!

My tight shaved pussy was already getting so hot and creamy and without thinking,

I slid my panties to the side and let my fingers tease my clit as I fixated on his giant cock.

All I could think about was how he filled my cunt perfectly so many times and how good his meat tasted after being inside me!

Then I saw it, those small pearls of cum, oozing from his hard helmet head, telling me that his cock was so full of cum that he just couldn’t contain it!

My mouth was watering and I couldn’t deny myself that juicy meat for another second!

I slid out of the chair and crawled like a lioness across the floor, my back arched and ass swaying in the air, letting the scent of my dripping pussy fill the air.

I could see him start to shake, knowing that I was going to devour every mouth watering inch of him!

I let my face get so close to his hard throbbing cock that I could have licked his raw hard meat from the bottom of that tight sack to the cum coated head!

Latching onto his thighs, I yanked him hard before taking that bulging cock deep into my mouth, swallowing him whole.

My face pushing hard into his groin, leaving no room for escape, I held him deep and tight in my throat, and using every muscle in my warm wet mouth, I squeezed his cock like a snake choking its prey.

Without moving, I could feel his meat start to pump cum in to my mouth!

I held my throat grip, drinking in every last drop of my reward until his body fell limp like a deflated balloon!

And like a well fed pet, I licked my lips and nuzzled him sweetly while I turned and crawled away!


My Erotic Addiction


Hot Phonesex


Phone sex is just a fantasy, right?

Then why do I crave his voice?

I hear him say hello and suddenly I can’t think of anything else!

My pussy starts turning and that sweet wet familiar feeling takes over!

I can feel his warm breath on my round firm tits and my nipples get so hard, they almost hurt!

His strong hands, as they slide down my tight stomach send intense breathless waves of hunger and suddenly, I am consumed by an aching need to feel him inside me.

Fantasy Phone Sex





I lay here on my bed, drinking in his voice and imagining how his tongue would taste as he kisses me, pulling me into him as his firm warm head pushes past my clit and deep into my soft wet pussy!

I can feel the walls tighten around him, drawing him deeper as they stroke his strong hard cock, begging for ever inch of him!

My heart quickens and I forget how to breathe!

Does he know what he is doing to me?

Can he tell that I am trying to hold back what my body is fighting me to let out!

When Only The Best Will Do…

Hot PhonesexA lot of guys don’t care who they fuck.
They see a bare wet pussy and they get hard. Yup, some guys will stick that dick in anything!
But not you!
No, you have taste and standards!
You know you deserve the best.
That is why you are here, on my page.
I am not just any phone sex whore! I am the girl of your dreams!
It isn’t my perky round tits or my juicy heart shaped ass. It isn’t even my sweet soft smooth pussy!
Phone Sex Whore
It is because I know you are so much more than just another dick.
There is nothing I wouldn’t do, nothing I wouldn’t lick, suck, or fuck for you! I have no limits when it comes to serving you!
I will worship your cock in ways you have never even thought of and devote my mouth to your cum filled balls!
I know you are worth it because you are not like the rest of these guys, right!
You are the only one I want to wrap this tight shaved pussy around!
So tell me what I can do for you…your desire is my devotion!

Bad Bitch vs Hot Slut

Hot PhonesexSome sluts don’t deserve the men they have.

My cousin is such a bitch and treats her husband so bad!

She probably doesn’t even give head!

I feel terrible for him because he is so hot and so sweet and would do anything for anyone!

Men like that should be worshipped and treated like human gods!

Sometimes I wish I could just take him aside and fuck him like he deserves, show him what it is like to have some one worship him and want him!

I would slide my hot juicy cunt down on that long throbbing cock and treat him like the man he is!

I would wrap my tight shaved pussy lips around each and every inch of his bulging fuck stick. squeezing all the cum out milking that cock for all its worth!

I would love to tie her to a chair and stuff my wet panties in her mouth, make her watch as I fuck him deep and hard!

The entire time I would be telling him what I little bitch she is and that she does not deserve him!

She is not worthy of his perfect meaty pussy pounding cock!



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