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Rattling Your Cock Cage

Kinky Phone SexI love being in charge!

I know what you want even before you open your mouth!

You love being my little toy, made to kiss my feet, lick the cum from my boots, and beg for the lashings I am giving you!

Your tiny little cock gets hard when I put that collar on you and order you to heel between my legs.

You know what is coming and you are so excited that your fluffy tail butt plug is wagging, isn’t it!

You have been such a good boy that I will allow you to lick this sweet smooth pussy!

But not until I say!

I want you to slide your tongue up my soft thighs, being careful not to get too close to my pretty pussy lips.

Inhale deeply. Let the smell of my sweet pussy intoxicate your senses!

I can hear your cock cage rattle as you get hard!

Be careful! Don’t wet yourself!

I would hate for you to be licking your cum off the floor before you get the chance to taste what you came for!

Pathetic Subby Foot Fucker

I love being worshiped by pathetic little subs like you!

I know you would do anything to be near me, feel the heat radiating from my skin, the smell of sex filling the air you breathe, the hot splatter of my piss on your face!

I am sure you would even love this 12 inch slab of hard latex filling your little tight puckered ass!

But you don’t deserve that!

I would not waste my time with a subservient slave like you!

But I am not heartless!

I know you can’t control those desires or those dirty little urges!

It is not your fault that you are a sad pathetic sub with a tiny cocktail weenie dangling between your thighs!

I will at least allow you to worship my feet 🙂

You may rub them and kiss them and suck on each of my toes!

And if you are well behaved and don’t make pathetic cumming noises, I will even crush that tiny micro cock under the smooth hard steel shaft of my clack leather stilettos!

I know this will make that mini meat drip and when it does, you will lick that disgusting mess from the floor that you piddled on!

And of course, it goes without saying, you must bath your filth from your Mistresses feet if you ever wish to touch them again!Kinky Phone Sex

Kinky Phone Sex Dom

I suppose to the average person, I look like the typical sweet girl next door!Kinky Phone Sex

But when the wife’s are away, that is when the men call me!

It is all quite hush hush.

I mean they don’t want their friends and neighbors finding out that they love being dominated by a sexy siren like me!

I only fuck the rich ones, I mean, they tip well so how can I say no!

But those tiny little dicks…they disgusts me and need to be put in their place!

But once I put the collar on them, their ass is mine!

And there are rules to being a good servant!

Do Not Speak unless I give permission!

If you are granted permission to address me, it will be as, “Mistress Grace”!

There will be floggings, lashes with riding crops, and spiked heels pressed into your miniscule little nuts!

And unless you have tipped me and paid for the ‘extra’ service, I had better not see that pathetic little cock get hard!

Now, get on your knees and take your place on the floor!





Please Mistress Grace, May I…?

Kinky Phone Sex

Did I ever tell you about the time I fucked my principal?

I told him, as long as he was a good little boy I would keep his secret.

But he is being very very bad!

You see, he had called me into his office one day about a year ago because he heard that I was the best fuck in town!

Well turns out the rumors are true but it wasn’t that easy!

I pulled my stainless steel cock cage from my back pack, extra small size, and clamped it on his little bitty cock!

I told him that he needs to prove that he is worthy and then maybe, just maybe, I will allow him to sniff my panties after physed!

He let out a little nervous laughter. I guess he thought I was kidding!

I could see he was not going to be a quick learner!

I began to tie his arms to his chair and I could see that the tight ropes cutting into his skin was turning him on as I watched his tiny limp cock fill the extra small chastity cage!




IHot Phonesex slid the leather black hood over his head and forced the ball gag in his mouth!

His identity was as my submissive bitch and he needed to learn he was a mere tool!

The nipple clamps were next and that is when he started to whimper!

I snapped my flogger on the fleshy skin on the inside of his thigh and told him that he will not speak or whine and that anything comes out of his mouth would be in the form of a question and it had better begin with “Please Mistress Grace”!

We had weekly sessions until we finally got to the point where he was allowed to lick the bottoms of my feet and carry all my books to class for me!

And he learned, just like you will….I am the one in charge!

Yes Girl

Hot Phonesex

I love married men and guys with girlfriends!

So many guys call and are afraid of getting caught!

I say fuck her! Let her hear you talking to me!

I hope she can hear me moaning as I think about you sliding that hard thick cock deep into my slippery soft wet pussy!

I bet she doesn’t even shave for you anymore!

I will take care of you baby!

I will fuck you even better than she did when you all first met!

I will even do aaall the things she would never do!

She doesn’t like to suck your cock?Cheap Phone Sex







I can’t get enough! I love the way your hands pull my head down on you! I love being your cock sucking slut and guess what baby….I swallow!

She says her back door is off limits?

Plunge that throbbing cock into this juicy heart shaped ass!

Let me push back hard against you as I look over my shoulder and see that sexy ‘about to cum’ smile!

I will never say no!

Do I have to beg?  I don’t mine crawling across the floor, begging for your cock to face fuck me, make me scream your name and pound my ass!

Pleeease, baby! Pleeeaase fuck me!

My Wet Dream

I close my eyes and I can feel your hands sliding down my firm young body!Hot Phonesex

Your fingers teasing my left nipple while your tongue flicks at my right!

My pussy is churning and a flash of heat and moisture surges in my smooth pretty pink pussy lips!

The thought of you stuffing your giant man muscle inside me is making my hips move as if they know what’s coming!

I can feel your cock grow long and hard between us and I reach down to touch you…wrapping my hands around you…pulling you closer to my sweet dripping pussy!

My body, feverishly aches for you as your cock grazes my lips, teasing me until I beg you to fuck me!

You know how bad I need to feel that hard throbbing cock, pushing deep inside my tightly clenched pussy!

Finally, with one slow deliberate smooth thrust, your massive dick fills my cunt and there is no going back!

My hips rise to meet yours, begging for every inch of you!

My nipples are hard and my skin red with a hot rush of head to toe electricity!

I can feel my insides turning as a flood of cum builds inside me, rushing to drench your cock in sweet stickiness!

Then suddenly, I wake up and realize it is just a very hot dream!

Now, I wait, powerless….as I wait to hear that voice that can send me back to that intensely erotic moment of dripping satisfaction!





A True Story From A Real Phone Sex Whore

I have never seen so many cocks in one place!Hot Phonesex

But you know I want every one of them!

My friends dad was having a bachelor party and we decided to drop in!

They must have thought we were the ‘entertainment’ because they got really wild when they saw us!

They were feeding us drinks and waving cash and cocks at us!

We wasted no time grabbing the first one we saw and swallowing it whole, taking it down our tight throats and playing with those juicy balls, begging for their cum!

My ass was high in the air so I can’t blame the guy behind me who tore that pretty g-string off and slid his meat deep in my pussy!

There is nothing I love more than the feel of a mans hands on my round hips as he is pulling me back hard and pounding my pretty pussy with his massive fuck stick!

Well, maybe except for taking it deep and hard and fast in my sweet and tight ass!

Fuck me baby!

Fuck me hard!

Here I Am Baby!

Here I am Baby…your naughty nympho!Kinky Phone Sex

Like what you see?

There is no reason to be embarrassed!

We are both here for the same reason!

We both want to feel that beyond intense full body orgasm.

We both want and need sex like…all the time!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough!

So here I am baby…come and take me!

I would love to spend every second of every day completely naked with a nice hard cock shoved deep in one of my many moist tight fuck holes!

Maybe even two or even three lock strong dicks forcing their way into my shaved wet pussy and heart shaped ass at the same time!Mutual Masturbation

I would love to be stretched like a gangbang whore! Talk about Living the dream!

And You…you’re here because you love the idea of fucking a pretty little creampie slut like me!

The idea of my wet pussy completely engulfing your magnificent meat in my warm wetness, squeezing the cum out of you with every stroke is so close!

Maybe your an ass man…maybe you love the naughtiness of my tight anal cum dumpster hole consuming your hard cock inch by inch!

Or maybe you just want to see my pretty face covered in your sticky sweet cum!

Either way, we both want the same damn thing so lets lay back, roll a big fat one and, like the song says…Here I am baby, Come and take me!

Pussy Puffer

Kinky Phone SexI was on my last joint and was trying to make it last!

I had such a mellow erotic buzz going and my roommate was killing it!

He was begging for a hit!

I told him the only way he was getting a puff off of this is if he sucked it out of my smoking cunt!

I could see the bulge in his pants start to grow so I knew I was going to get my pussy licked!

I slipped out of my silky panties and lite up, drawing a nice puff in my pretty pussy!

I have never had a guy bury his face so deep in my cunt so fast!

His hands were under my luscious ass pulling me so hard, I swear his lips were inside my cunt trying to draw out that hit!

His tongue was boring a tunnel deep into my smoke blowing fuck hole, just trying to suck the last bit of drag!

He had made me so wet and I was so fucking turned on!

He was pushing for another drag and all I wanted was to grind on his dick!

I handed him the joint and pinned him down, forcing his hard cock into my sweet hot cunt!!

He just laid there with a huge grin on his face while I was riding him like a wild pony!

My tight pussy was clenching his meat, stroking and squeezing every throbbing inch!

Finally, my pussy gushed a tsunami of creamy hot cum, drenching everything in sight and dousing the very last bit of the blunt!

But we were both got what we wanted, a nice mellow buzz and a hot wet fuck!


Listen To Me Fuck Him!

Kinky Phone SexI know you love the idea of me fucking other men.

You see that my phone is always busy and you are just waiting for that little flashing neon sign to say available.

All you want is your turn, right?

You know you can fuck me better than they can, but still, you sit there with your cock throbbing and dripping as your grip gets tighter and tighter.

You imagine me sliding my sweet tight shaved pussy down on another mans meaty thick fuck stick!

You imagine me bent over on all fours as he grabs my hips and thrusts that hard cock deep into my ass!

You are getting harder and harder just thinking about it!

You wish you could at least hear it!

Listen as I fuck another man, moaning as he stretches my tight cunt, screaming his name as he makes me drown his cock in my cum!Tight Shaved Pussy

You can baby!

You can listen to me fuck him while you choke the cum out of your own cock!

Call me and listen to me tell you how amazing his giant bulging cock feels as he fucks me over and over and deeper and harder!

I might even let you tell me how to do it!

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