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College Girl Chats For Your Cum

college girls phone sex

You are horny browsing college girls phone sex lines, well park it right here at phone perverts paradise. I’m a filthy little red-headed college coed that gets off making men cum for me while they stroke their cocks listening to my naughty little mouth. All while I play with my tight shaved pussy, teasing my fingers in and out imagining it’s your naughty fingers warming me up for your throbbing cock. 

I can paint a real sexy picture with my words, the kind that gets your cock dripping with that delicious pre-cum. Totally wish I was there slurping up every drop. I offer the no limits phone sex experience, always happy to get a daddy on my line who loves playing with his sweet princess. Every time I pick up that phone it’s a new naughty adventure, and I’m excited to see what each call brings. With every little detail getting my pussy sloppy wet, teasing my clit, and enjoying making you breathless!

Many Men’s Mistress

Mistress phone sex


My many mistress phone sex men all love me because they know that I’ll treat them in a way that their prudish wives never will.  I don’t have any sexual hang ups, I’m down for whatever!  The fact that you have a woman at home sitting around on her blobby butt and gossiping on the phone while you work hard to provide for her and your family kind of pisses me off for you.

I’ll be real with you, you never should’ve made a boring bitch your bride in the first place.  I know, you were young and thought you were in love and never thought it would end up like this, right?  As far as I see it, most marriages are like that.  It’s all good, that gives me plenty of misters to flirt with and fuck.  I give them the things their wives never do and they give me the dicking that my nympho pussy craves.  

Who cares how many guys I’m fucking at any given point in time, isn’t the only thing that really matters is that I’m banging you, too?  Your stupid life slug isn’t going to be sucking your deserving dick anytime soon, just come over and let me do it for her.  Just don’t think about how many other cocks I’ve had in my mouth in the last 24 hours and you’ll be fine.


Pussy Licking Parties

Group sex


I’ve been having group sex for as long as I’ve been fucking.  I lost my virginity in a room full of horny high schoolers and have taken every opportunity I could to put together plenty of pussy pleasing parties since then!  If you’ve never gotten to bang it out in a basement full of bitches and all of your buddies, then what the hell kind of sex life have you had?

It’s not hard to put together a little slit licking soiree.  All you do is tell girls that you’re going to gather a bunch of guys who love to munch muff and you need any and every wet and willing wang drainer that needs a good eating out to attend.  You’re guaranteed to find at least a handful of filthy whores who are just champing at the bit to get their greasy boxes orally cleaned out and moistened up.  

I don’t wait for everyone to be ready, either.  Once I feel like I have enough people at my place, I start pulling down panties and flicking my tongue in and out of every tiny hole around.  That is why I throw these parties, no need to beat around the bush when you can lick around it!  I play a part in the lubing up of every happy little cunt in my crib, need to make sure they’re good and juicy before they start taking all of those giant cocks.

Want to eat some pussy, just come to one of my parties.  There’s always plenty to go around.  Need to fuck a sloppy little slit, I’ll get one or two of them all slimed up and ready to hole for you.  That’s what we’re all here for anyway.  Sucking and fucking!


Poppy Knows His Whore Stuff

Phone sex humiliation


When guys come to me for a hard round of phone sex humiliation, I like to give them exactly what they want.  Like my foster daddy always said, “You can’t fake the funk, Sugarlump.”  It’s hard to act ashamed if you aren’t full of shame, so I do everything that I have to do to really make my callers feel the mortification I have inside of me.

Yes, I know I’m a dumb bitch who was only born to be used as a piece of walking fuck meat, and of course I know I’ll never amount to anything more than being a vessel for the holes that I let every guy get a piece of.  What good is it if I don’t really make you feel like I know it?  Not much good at all, wouldn’t be “worth the hassle of a refund, Honeybun” as my foster daddy likes to say.  I can tell you with my words, but if I’m going to believe it then I have to live it, so I like to invite a heavy hand into the mix while I’m jerking off cruelty loving cocks over the phone.

I’ll never forget my foster pop telling me “Any blow job worth doing is worth doing well, Silverbell” the very first time he shoved his uncircumcised prick in my young little slut mouth.  So I always give my Poppy a call to help me make my callers cum by putting me through all of the humiliation they want to see done to me.  I can’t whore write all over my own body.  I can’t believably slap myself until I make myself cry.  Poppy can do it all and then some, even coming up with stuff that my callers couldn’t even dream of concocting.  

I like being put in my whore place and taken down a peg or two, but If I’m going to talk about it then I’m going to live it.  There’s never been a shortage of men in my life who want to make me feel like a real cum loving gutter skank.  Poppy is the only one who’s always done his best to make me “walk the cock pleasing walk, Beanstalk.”


I’m A Brother Fucking Slut!

No Limits Phone Sex

No one knows that me and my brother used to fuck sometimes in secret! Growing up in my house my brother wasn’t around much. He was in military boarding school and I went to an all-girls catholic school. It was almost like our parents didn’t want us to be together but they couldn’t stop us at all. One night my brother’s girlfriend spent the night while he was home for break, with our parents gone we were alone. I woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of them fucking and of course I had to join in! I watched from the door completely naked and waiting for the right moment to make myself known. He was eating his girlfriend’s pussy when I walked in and said “Room for one more?” they both looked at me utterly shocked I decided to just join in by sucking my brothers cock as he had his head between his girlfriend’s legs. She started moaning again and I felt he start fingering my cunt. She loved how wet I was and I knew my brother’s cock couldn’t get any harder as it slid down my throat. When he slid inside me, his girlfriend sat on my face, making me suck her cunt until she squirted right down my throat.


Impregnation is the kind of fuck sessions I want for my daughter and for myself. We can make you a daddy and breed some fuck dolls that you get to enjoy with us. The raising them into your imbred sex puppets is going to be awesome. It’s best with incest and breeding these tight holes early.

Daddy was really excited when I offered up the youngest of my sluts to him. But, he was not completely interested. This special daddy wanted something naughtier. He looked over at my youngest boy and said he wants her in panties and with a lollipop.

So, obviously I took to his desire with great enthusiasm and got this sweet young boy all girlied up and let daddy have a good time. Oh he was pretty excited as soon as I came into the bedroom with little Joey all dresses in girly panties and with a dum dum lollipop. That dum dum was taken from the drooling little boy mouth and replaced with a raging hard daddy dick while daddy popped joey’s little bummy hole with the dum dum. Oh how daddy did cum playing with a sissy boy.

He pumped in the youngest of my daughters after and left his seed inside her breeding hole and then turned to me asking to breed another daughter. Once he pumped in her as well and having had Joey continually sucking on his dick after each little bred cunt was filled daddy turned to me, the p-mommy and wanted to pump his last load to be breeding with inside my cunt.

Impregnation Phone Sex

Group Sex Slut

group sex

Have you ever had group sex? I know everyone has thought about it but not many people ever get the chance to actually do it. The first time it happened for me, I was at a frat party, and I was dancing and all of a sudden, I looked up and there were people making out, sucking cock, and fucking everywhere. I guess whatever drugs I was on made me zone out so much that I lost track of what was going on. But fuck, I was glad that I realized because that was the best fucking night I’ve ever had in my life.

I had a dick in every hole and in both hands all night. I guess once the guys and girls noticed how good I looked naked and how much fun everyone was having, they wanted a piece of me, too. I can’t say that I blame them. I’m a pretty good fuck and I love nothing more than having my mouth, pussy, and ass full. Do you have some fantasies that you’d love to tell me about? Or maybe you want to hear more about the dirty things I’ve done. Who knows, I might even make you blush.

Phone perverts Paradise Full On Filth

At Phone perverts Paradise my favorite pastime is making pervert daddies go mad and cum hard. Your addiction is for a furry muff and a slinky little bald brat. A milf whore and a young slut both sharing their cunts and your dick. This is more than just foreplay. We are going to make that mango flow. If you like young tender sweet boy dick, I have a couple of them also. Maybe you like that sweet just blooming little flower with peach fuzz…. Mmmm she is a tasty and feisty little brat. My family fun is something we are open to sharing with perverts like you. I will fucking ride that cock and my youngest will lick and suck mama’s cunt juices up and maybe you will even give her some cream. Horny young ones are always hanging around for some furry milf pie, and these mommy tits. I will certainly not deny a young man his insatiable appetite for fucking mom.

Phone Perverts Paradise

Mutual Masturbation with a Milf

Mutual Masturbation

I love to masturbate in the great outdoors. It is even hotter when I am sharing mutual masturbation with another pervert. I once was sitting on the park bench at dusk and enjoying the weather and the possibility of getting off outside. A fellow pervert sat down next to me and started commenting on my boobs and ass. He was trying to get a rise out of me and make me leave the bench. Seems his favorite place to jerk off also. I just asked if wanted to see my breasts, and undid my shirt and exposed my tits.

I reached over and started rubbing the outline of his cock. Soon enough he was fingering my wet twat right there at the park while I had my titties exposed. In turn I was stroking his dick off and talking dirty to him. Asked if he wanted to pump his cum on my titties. and guess what, Yep, I got a blast instantly on these tits. I got up and left then.

Slut Doll for You

phone perverts paradiseI love being thrown around like a fucking slut doll. I want you to use and abuse me in every way you can. Make me feel your cock in every single hole fucking have and make me beg for it. I want you to make me get down on my knees and beg for you hard thick cock in any way you would give it to me. Please let me feel you deep inside of me leaving you hot thick cum load inside of me. I want to be your breeding whore who will breed as many times as you want. I want you to fuck my face raw and until my lips are bruised and sore for days. Use my pussy and ass hole as your personal cum dumpster. I will do anything for you baby just tell me what you want, and I will do it! Please use me like your fucking slave.

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