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Submissive Phone Sex As Your Live-In Pet

submissive phone sex

I don’t know if I should be telling you my big secret, but I’m going to anyway because I know all of you submissive phone sex lovers are going to enjoy it a lot. I am a live-in pet. I met my Master a few years ago and at the time, I was pretty brand new to the BDSM lifestyle. I was skeptical at first, but my Master told me that I was too wild and I needed to be tamed. I eventually moved in with Him and that’s when He collared me. He told me that I was His possession now and that He was going to teach me to be the perfect little pet.
I was given chores and if I didn’t do them all perfectly, I would be punished when my Master got home. Of course, I had to always please Him sexually and do anything he wanted me to do. He also brings His friends over and I am told to pleasure them, too. At night, he puts me in my cage in my bedroom and I stay there all night. I’m more than willing to tell you more about my relationship with my Master. Just call me and I’ll tell you everything.

No Limits Phone Sex Impregnation

No Limits PhoneSex

It’s always kinky as fuck to get some of that p daddy incest fucking. I am a true No limits Phone Sex Milf. It’s hard for me to think about nothing else right now! My pussy is just fermenting that daddy goo and I am wearing some kinky vinyl panties to keep it all in. I love the goo sliding out of my cunt and have to shove a couple fingers inside my pussy as I work it back in me. I will play with it and push my finger up against my cervix with the sperm all over them. I want those swimmers swimming right into my mommy maker. Yeah I really love being that naughty tramp for daddy, my gramps and those Uncles. We are an incest breeding family and it’s all for pleasure. Young little holes are meant to be fucked. And you see we keep it all on the down-low. I have a personal Primary Care/ OBGYN that is in the private little circle of ours, so you know off the books *wink*. Some of the offspring gets to grow up normal and shit, but some, well, we don’t talk about it.

Mutual Masturbation Is The Best!

mutual masturbation

Mmm don’t you just love mutual masturbation? There’s something so sexy about just lying back next to a man and touching myself while he jerks off. We don’t touch each other, but we kiss each other while we masturbate. I don’t know what it is about that scenario gets me so hot, but it does. It never takes me very long to cum during a masturbation session with a lover, but that’s okay because we can do it over and over again. Luckily for me, I can have multiple orgasms. And luckily for you, I’m more than willing to suck your cock to get it hard again for you.
Since we can’t be together in person, I’d love to have an over the phone mutual masturbation session with you. Let me hear how you moan when I tell you the things I’d do to myself in front of you. And when you start telling me about what you’re doing to your cock, you’ll be able to hear the sexy sounds I make. We’re going to cum so hard together…it’ll be almost as good as really fucking me. Are you in? I’m ready and waiting to touch my pussy while you stroke that cock, baby.

Explore Your Own Phone perverts Paradise Fetish

phone perverts paradise

I invite you to explore every type pf phone perverts paradise fetish there is. Trust this wet mommy pussy when she says she loves getting out of her element. I have disciplined a few man sluts in my day and my son loves when I have had enough of the bondage and torture and desire to really lay into him with some BDSM play. I have made him into my very own little tranny pet and he takes the cock just as well as mommy. And these men who come to fuck him like me to get a little dominatrix on their ass as well. I have straps in all sizes and my son has a nice large young shemale cock that can make you a mommy and Boy sandwich.  He loves when my callers want to fuck him hard and leave cum drooling out of his young ass.  And this p-mommy loves to get feisty and make you her man whore and make your ass nice and open and full of cum for me. I think you will enjoy our dirty kinky play and cum back for more.

Hot Phonesex Mommy Pervert

Hot phonesex sessions are best with a mommy pervert. I understand the perverted needs of my fellow perverts. I see the same thing my guys when I look around at so many sweet pieces of fuck meat. Young bouncy asses. Young gals with big budding breasts. I mean just today I was out and saw these school girls with quite voluptuous breasts. The tight young body and bam, massive boobs for such a small thing. I was amazed. I couldn’t help but get her into a conversation about her furry friend. I’m not the beat around the bush kind of Milf either. I asked her if she gets a lot of slack from guys about her chest size. She got shy. I was feeling very nurturing and mommy like and had to hug her. I wanted to feel those tits against me. Her body was so sweet and tight and the pillow of her chest was awesome. I had to feel them. I groped them and rubbed her nipples she felt so good I could tell. I wasn’t going to stop. I told her I had some weed at my place and she should come hang out and I can make her feel great. I got her back to my place, got her buzzed really good and got her undressed. I was eating that teen snatch like a dirty mommy should.

Hot phonesex

Do You Know How To Please Me?

Fantasy Phone SexHey daddy do you want to play? I love older men. They know exactly how to treat a naughty girl like me. They take their time making sure to please me. The other day my favorite picked me up for a nice dinner. He came to the door and as we walked out, he made sure to open the car door to let me in. We went to a nice restaurant where I could order anything from the menu I wanted, cost was not an issue with this fine man. We ate, drank and then headed to my house for a little after dinner dessert. We fixed a drink and went to the bedroom where he slowly undressed me and laid me on the bed. Spread my legs and softly kissed from my feet to my hip bones. His tongue passed over my clit a few times driving me crazy. He then moved to my face and took me in a passionate kiss while his hands grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. As he kissed my neck, he made his way back between my legs and started eating my juicy wet pussy. He spent a long long time down there making sure that I was totally satisfied. Now it was my turn to take care of him. I laid him back and sucking on that nice hard cock, taking him deep as I played with his balls. He quickly shot his load down my throat and as I gladly swallowed, I smiled at him as I climbed on top of him to continue our fun.

Hot Phonesex

hot phonesex

There’s something about being your hot phonesex whore that really excites me. Like the mistress you sneak around with in the darkness of the night for you to use me up and fill me up whenever you please. A little fuck doll at your beck and call if you will and I am always so very eager to please you. But you do the same for me. You always make sure I get mine in return and my GOD nobody eats my pussy the way you do. I love the way you slip my panties off ever so slowly just to make me drip with anticipation. As your hands slowly explore my legs and make their way up my extremely sensitive thighs. I can feel your hot breath getting closer while you’re savoring ever moment of it. I desperately need that tongue inside me and you love making me wait. It truly is worth the wait and I am completely drenched just thinking about it. I think I’ll go tease my little cunt until we get to meet again for another secret rendezvous.

Daddy Phone Sex Incest Family Time

Daddy phone sex stated early for me. I used to talk like a dirty slut to daddy when he was on the road. He was a naughty pervert daddy that loved his daughter. He loved to fuck me more than he liked the cold cunt of my mommy’s. She is too Christian and uptight. Daddy’s always on the road driving a big rig. I loved to send him pictures of my pussy and our daughters bald little cuny as well. She has fun with her daddy granddaddy. He loves the dirty ways we play together. When I got pregnant my mama had no idea it was daddy’s. She was very upset with me and forced me to join a covenant while I was expecting. I had to live with these religious bible thumping nuns and I was really bad. I would masturbate with the statues around and with the other artifacts. I always snuck into the Priests chambers and snuck in the wine. I loved drinking the blood of christ while I rubbed my whore cunt. One day I even got one of the Nuns drunk with me, I have my ways of persuasion. I had her eating my pregnant pussy and it was hot. We were caught and I was sent home. My mother just started ignoring me and always crossing herself. She still doesn’t know the kind of fun we all have at my house, and with daddy/ grandpa.

Daddy phone sex

My Pussy Took a Pounding

Kinky Phone SexFantasy Phone SexThe pervy men in the office were getting a little restless so I needed to get them calmed down. They are not the best with the ladies, but they do love to whack those dicks whenever they can. The monthly budget did not allow for any hookers, so I improvised. Years ago, I had installed some glory holes in the back room and hidden them with some shelving. Today was a perfect day to bring them back. The boys were horny, and my old pussy could definitely use a pounding too. So, I called my friend and had her meet me at the office. I told the boys we were having a party at noon and to meet in the backroom. When they came in, there on the wall were two glory holes, featuring myself and my friend. Our legs were spread and bound, exposing our pussies and asses for their pleasure. Did not take long for those boys to strip down and start pounding away. It felt so good to have my holes used like that. Pounded for hours and full of thick cum. I cannot even tell you the number of orgasms I had because I lost track. I loved it so much and the boys were in so much better moods that I might make this a monthly thing.

Let Me Take Care Of You Baby

Fantasy Phone SexKinky Phone Sex EvalineHow are you feeling today baby? Want to do a call and have some fantasy phone sex? I love it when you call and tell me all of your dirty darkest desires. They make my pussy so wet just listening. I am down for anything you throw at me. I can fulfill all your mommy, sister aunt fantasies as well as your daddy little girl fantasies. Or if you just need a nasty freak, I can tell you in detail what I would do to your big thick cock. How I would stroke it until you were nice and hard and then I would give you a sloppy wet blowjob. You would hold me head and ram me into your crotch, throat fucking me until you shot your load. Or maybe you want me to spread my legs and fuck my juicy wet pussy. Or perhaps you are an ass man and like to shove it into my tight ass and fuck me from behind. Whichever you prefer I am here to please you baby. You just give me a call and let me take care of you love.

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