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Phone Sex Humiliation Mistress

phone sex humiliation

Your dick isn’t and never will be good enough for me or any other woman. Honestly, the only thing it is any good for is phone sex humiliation. Nobody wants to pretend to talk about how they would love to have your dick inside them. All women want to do is laugh at you and if you think otherwise, you’re very sadly mistaken. Your poor excuse for a cock will only bring pleasure to women in the form of your submissiveness. But don’t worry. If you’re not already used to it, you will be soon. I will put you in your place. 

I’m not sure why women didn’t put you in your place a long time ago. Maybe they felt sorry for you, or maybe they just weren’t mean little bitches like me. But one thing is for sure. I never have trouble speaking my mind and I’ve never been accused of being nice. Not when it comes to dick size that is. Of course, you’ll try to convince me that you can please me but we both know that’s never gonna happen. But you can still pay me for my time and I will laugh at you and tell you that you’re not good enough over and over again.

Phone perverts Paradise My Playground

Phone perverts paradise is my playground. I am a pervert mommy, A nasty milf. I like to rent out my Littles to enjoy pervert daddy dick. I I like to have orgies with my girls. In fact one of my girls is even well a product of incest. My daddy is her daddy so it’s like he’s her daddy grandpa and that’s pretty fucking hot isn’t it?

So whenever I get to talk to her my daddy and my girl comes home from school she’s so excited. I I am very proud of my daughter. She is the best girl just like her mommy a real whore. So when she had a few friends over they were guy friends and she wanted to have some special fun with mommy. I was the happiest mommy ever three teenage boys for me to enjoy with my daughter it was the hottest fucking time. She call daddy up and put her it put him on speakerphone. We were fucking and sucking these teen boys off and daddy was just getting so excited too bad he was it away with work.

Phone perverts Paradise

Welcome to my world

Phone perverts paradise

When I decide to make older men submit, I always get extra happy. It is like the satisfaction of a man twice my age getting on his knees for me makes my pussy so fucking wet.

I like when older men want to undermine me. I’m a force to be reckoned with, and I love to show you how I can fuck your mind up. Welcome to phone perverts paradise where I am king, and you are only a slave to me. I will get inside your head and make you feel like satisfaction and passion lives together. In reality, Im going to use your weakness against you and make you feel like a complete loser before you know it, and you will bow down to me. It is hot when you tell me you like to be tied up.

I will do the honors and tie you right up and make you feel safe, but Im going to bring pain and pleasure together for you. Get ready to be owned by a young princess like me.

Phone Sex Sites For Perverts!

Phone Sex

All those phone sex sites and yet you never find what you’re looking for. How about a shemale surprise or two? That’s right baby, I’m a sexy Brazilian woman but I’ve got a hot ten inch cock ready for you to suck on or get fucked by. Do you like having something up your ass? I sure hope so because I’m going to turn it into a little ass pussy before I’m done. My balls, while waxed smooth, and heavy and swinging full of steaming cum. I’m going to let out a load right inside of you, and there’s nothing you could do to stop me. Worship me, and live the tranny lover life of your dreams. Or, I can make you. The hard way is fun for me too.

Cheap phone sex with a blonde whore

Blonde phone sex

They double penetrated me until my pussy and anus wore! That didn’t stop them from gangbanging my skank self ! Wearing a dress without under panties really brings in the best cocks! At my doctor’s appointment today the male nurse came in to check my height, weight etc. I know he noticed my peach vagina under my dress when I bent over to grab my purse off the ground! He then called in the doctor and told him I’m all prepared and ready! The doctor came in and I locked the door after him! So now it’s us three! Oh my fucking fuck them two long cocks hit the perfect spots! I sucked and fucked them both equally and they had no mercy! I moaned so loud one of them shoved his cock in my mouth and slapped me so I would shut up! Due to me having to shut up the whole time I was very tense and I couldn’t hold it any more!!! I squirted out of my pussy and squeezed so much cum out my ass! Oh my god the way my mouth made a pop sound while sucking their tips made my nipples get hard as a rock! The best part was the cumshots! I swapped their loads of cum and rubbed them on one another’s cocks. Then sucked them clean!! I love my doctors every year they know we will have a session! Apparently they want me to visit the office more often!

I Indoctrinate Faggots

Sissy Phone Sex

They find me, the faggot sissy boys of the internet, and they cum and beg me to use them. Most of them are first-timers and have never even spoken to a sexy trans bitch with a dick before let alone put that piece of meat into their mouths. I make those boys feel soft, weak, and small before me. I’m six foot three bare foot, and most little sissy bitches can’t hold up to that. I indoctrinate the faggots, making them choke and gag on my cock and talking sweet to them the whole time. Hands on your head, cock slamming into your throat, and a sweet, dirty talking bitch who makes you addicted. They always come back, because trans cock is like a potato chip; you can’t just have one dosage!

James and the Giant Cock

Bald shaved pussy

James was ordinary. Nothing like the cocky, meat heads I’m used to fucking. But the print in his shorts made me take notice. I wanted to sit on his giant cock or at least get a taste. I asked him out on a date because there was no way I was waiting for him to ask me first and missing a chance at riding his fuckpole. He agreed to pick me up at 8. He suggested dinner and a show. Boring. Just like I thought. He picked me up at 8 and we made our way to a nice restaurant. I spent most of the meal listening to him go on about work while I fantasized about working his thick cock in and out my tight pussy. We left dinner and as soon as we got in the car, I put my manicured hand on his fat cock and told him that I wanted to lick him like a lollipop. He looked nervous but he agreed. I ordered him to drive while I unbuckled his slacks and worked his giant beer-bottle thick cock out of his boxers. When I freed his pet python I was even more impressed at its size. My eyes widened and I began feverishly sucked and slurping his dick as he tried to focus on the road. It was next to impossible to drive while I gobbled his dock. He pulled over and slid his car seat back as far as it could go. I immediately climbed over the armrest and positioned myself on his lap. I grabbed his cock and guided it inside my tight, wet pussy. I rode his fat cock hard and fast, gripping it with my tight pussy muscles. The wetter my pussy got the easier it was for him to slide his massive fuckstick in and out of me. I held the steering wheel and bounced up and down until he filled my pussy up with a huge load of milky cum. James is boring but I always have so much fun fucking his giant cock.

Cum dripping pussy

Blonde phone sex

My pussy was used as a cum dumpster. I have been sticking my fingers in there sucking cum off my finger tips since last night! It felt so good to get fucked by a group of married drunk men. I went to a Christmas tree lighting and the trees were not the only things that got lit. Turns out I was getting fucked by a group of men. My thong, bra, mini skirt and top were being used as ornaments. I had the hottest most kinkiest sex! I was on my knees getting my pussy plowed by 6 men. They used their cocks and anything on site to fill my holes. I had beer bottles, twigs and even candy canes inside of my pussy last night. Those men really used me up. I had to run to my car naked leaking of cum and everything you could possibly imagine. They sure treated me like a filthy slut and I enjoyed it.

My tight shaved pussy got fucked hard

Blonde phone sexMy sister’s husband caught me masturbating! This is so awkward! I will never show up to family events after today! I mean what the fuck did we just do! I can no longer look my sister in the eye after fucking her husband! I wish I could tell her the truth about him without her judging me but I can’t! I’m so sick like he is a very shitty man and she is being fooled! He took advantage of my vulnerability and was jerking off to me masturbating for god knows how long! He is handsome and my type but he is my sister’s husband and I submitted to his dirty minded actions! He fucked me so good it made me forget about my dildos and vibrators! Wow he is quite the meaty man! He filled me up and made me scream begging for mercy! He wouldn’t stop until he got his 3 nuts in me! He really came deep inside my cunt and then he watched his cum dripping out of my cunt slowly! What the fuck what if I’m pregnant now? But that didn’t stop me from sucking his cock after! He then went down and ate me out! Hands down one of the best heads I have ever received! I finished all over his face! I didn’t stop squirting for so long! He has to go meet his wife outside and there is pussy juice all over his face and he has no change of clothes…..if he gets away with this I will never show my face again! I’m leaving this country and never looking back! I am a disloyal whore!

My Tight shaved pussy got rammed

I was in a perverted paradise this morning!!

Blonde phone sex My hotel room service workers are men I guess! I overslept and my check out time was overdue!!! So the perverted room service employee walked into my room when he wasn’t supposed to. He was claiming that he was checking if I was okay?!! But I knew from when I checked into this hotel that he wanted a piece of this grown meat! While I was asleep he removed the blankets and found himself a treasure!!! I always sleep butt naked in my stomach with my ass arched up!! That’s how I get comfortable!! From his view he could immediately access my cunt, I felt fingers rubbing on my pussy but I thought I was just having a wet dream!! Then all the sudden I got a feeling of sudden tingles all over my body!! My head got woozy and my skin got goosebumps!!! I then opened my eyes and looked back at a massive cock penetrating my pussy!!! I asked no questions!! I just moaned and moaned to the rhythm of his strokes!! The sex was so passionate that we just fucked and fucked!! LOL He might lose his job!! But he earned himself a girlfriend with benefits!

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