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Bald shaved pussy, just as smooth and soft as my mini-me’s

Bald shaved pussyIn a Phone perverts Paradise, everything goes! I have no limits and enjoy everything that has to do with sex… Sex is endless and I love exploring the depths. The nastier the better! When I have a pervert in my ear with a fully lubed cock it makes me soaking wet.. Especially when you start going into detail about what it is that has got you to that point. Most perverts have their eyes on my mini-mes whenever they call… They know that this Asian cunt has bred a few gooks and every last one of them were created to be a good slave slut for a superior white man. I was imported to America, I was adopted by a gay couple. Well, so to speak..

They love milking one another’s prostate and yes it’s true they aren’t into women, well that’s because they prefer slender, boobless, and naturally bald slits to pleasure their sissy p-cocks.

My Tight shaved pussy has been being used since I was a small slut! I used to be the perfect height for blowjobs… I didn’t even have to get on my knees. I would stand up against the wall and clean their costs of anal juices when they got through fucking. They would even have me finger my hairless cunnie while watching them penetrate one another. They were both bottoms and neither one of them were fem.

It was so hot to be dominated by two muscular men who had a secret life. As I grew older I started to explore my options.. Which was how I wound up pregnant. When they found out, they were excited to be adding a new addition to the family and not having to play jeopardy trying to find one. My Bald shaved pussy gets sopping wet when watching them take turns with my crotch goblins.

No limits Phone Sex Gets Down and Dirty

I love that we can have no limit phone sex without limiting our fantasies. I have a dirty dirty mind that I am always trying to bite my tongue in my real life.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to talk about how many cocks I had in my mouth or pussy at PTA meetings so having this outlet to share what a freak I am, it’s freeing.

Other places in life, we can’t share how bad we want to fuck our mommy’s and daddy’s.  I can finely talk about how wet my pussy gets when I talk about my family experiences and how hot they were growing up. And my guys can tell me about the dirty things they’ve done and on their mind.  Nothing turns me on more than a bad boy who thinks about things like I do. Kinky phone sex is so nasty and dirty that I am often changing my panties all throughout work.

What other job can you have orgasms all day and make your dirty little fantasies come to life over the phone?  When I fuck, I don’t want liimits. I want my pussy to drive my decisions and when I’m throbbing and horny, I get pretty nasty.  It’s not unheard of for me to take a guy I just met to the next room with his wife nearby and pull his pants down and start sucking his cock before I ever get his name.  I can tell when a guy is down by the look in his eyes.

I won’t apologize for loving that I’m a whore.  I love sex and love getting down with whatever. Come be down with whatever with me sometime, I promiise you won’t be disappointed. Whether it is ageplay, incest, bbc, sissy stuff,  you name it, I’m down! No limits phone sex

Tight Shaved Pussy of Young Virgins for Perverts at Irene’s

If you have a naughty craving for fantasies of Tight shaved pussy, then you found the place. I’m mama Irene and I get filthy. Thing is though, let’s not get carried away and try getting out of the fantasy.

It’s true that my filthy mind will feed you all the nasty things that make your pervert cock throb and squirt. Undoubtable I can be the hottest, nastiest milf with the right pervert. Let’s get those balls full and that cock throbbing.

With the ending of Summer and the start of the School year pervert get to see that batch of school brats filing into the school bus outside their windows. And the lucky few perverts that have a house near the schools get their eye candy now. It’s especially a great time to pick out the ones that will be your source of jerk off food.

Who will it be? Maybe the cute little red head that gets loud and so bubbly. Look at that bubble but and those budding breasts. Bet she would be a real fiery cum slut for your pervert dick. Lure her in and show her what she can do for extra credit.

Obviously my mind just filled up with perverted fantasies. Mr. Principle little Angie needs to have a little dick-tation on the rules in the hall. Maybe little Jenny was being disruptive in class. Oh the ideas of roleplays we can get into with so many scenes that will pump the cum from your balls.

Tight shaved pussy

Bald shaved pussy is meant for the young ones.

Bald shaved pussy

            Bald shaved pussy is meant for the young ones. This granny prefers to have a bush. A well-maintained bush to be sure but a bush none the less. A point often overlooked is that many that live in paradise have a bush.

            Go to a nude beach in the Caribbean. You will find so many older, sophisticated as fuck grannies like me that have a bush. It must be remembered that we like to give you a little mystery.

            Besides, be honest. You like when this pussy is dripping wet, and it get caught up the hair. First the smell is an aphrodisiac. Second, it’s not skin on skin sliding. Third, you’re able to savor the scent when you rub your nose in it.

            I know when I am sucking on your dick that I like having the scent of you stuck to the hair on your balls. The moisture clinging to breathe in and make me ever wetter.

            Come see what I mean.

Anal phone sex, come and fuck the shit out of my ass!

Anal phone sex, come and fuck the shit out of my ass! Then with your cock covered in my shit; I will suck it off. Licking first down one side of your cock, pulling your balls into my mouth and sucking on them. Letting them pop out of my mouth.

            Before licking up along the other side of your cock. Cleaning your entire cock off from my shit. By and large I want you rock hard to fuck my ass time and time again.

            Pounding hard up into my ass. Filling this shithole of mind up with cum. I want so much of it up in there that it runs out of my ass down along my cunt. In fact, I want you to fuck this ass so hard you may as well have given me a cum enema.

            Shit squirting out from all your cum. That is it. Fuck this ass of mine.Anal phone sex

Phone sex whore uses dildo filled with fake cum to phonefuck

Phone sex whore My Bald shaved pussy needs something hot and creamy.. hehe, I have my pink dildo filled with fake lube stretching the walls of my oriental cunt. But, I just can’t help but want the real deal! Or at least to have a horny man join me, to degrade me and tell me when to release load after load packed in this tube into my cunt.

I have a boyfriend who says that I want too much sex… I only have sex with him 5 times in one day which isn’t much my girlfriend told me she has gone 7 so it’s not like I have broken a record. He knows that I am a Phone sex whore and is okay with it, he doesn’t mind that I rub on my pussy all day with perverts as long as nobody touches me. He makes a joke about being a “Courtesan” lol an upscale whore.

I find it so hot that so many married men call me and want me to fulfill the dirtiest of fantasies. Your wives have no idea how much of a pervert you are… I am sure they have seen you glance here and there but don’t know the depths of how dirty those thoughts of yours get. Plus with all the dirty things we talk about it’s kept me pretty busy self-pleasing. My boyfriend finally gets to rest since I am all worn out after drilling my cunt for all of you pervs in a Phone perverts Paradise.

Bald shaved pussy is a cure for all bad days

Bald shaved pussy

Bald shaved pussy is a cure for all bad days. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a Phone perverts Paradise comforted by the sound of super wet pussy, being fingered hard by a super horny ebony slut named Jayla on the other end. All she wants is to hear you tell her what you need, and to be told what you would do to her. Together we can pleasure ourselves, over and over again until we are sweaty and exhausted. Whenever I’m having a really bad day this is how I cheer up and make it all better, I have some hot phone session with a random guy who wants to cum just as fucking hard as me. 

Phone Sex Hotline is Always No Taboos and No Limits

phone sex hotlineA phone sex hotline should be no taboos. I mean horny men, I think, should confess to us anything they want without judgement. I had a hot caller last night who got himself banned from another company because he likes to talk about little girls. Honestly, his confession left me flabbergasted. I am considered an adult worker. Although I am not a porn star, I am naked on the Internet. Also, I am a whore. I like younger ones too. The fact that some companies want to be vanilla in the year 2023 just left me shocked.

When I married my husband, he knew what a slut I was. At that point in my life, I liked older men. Hence why I married a man 20 years my senior. But our union made me a stepmom to two young teen boys. They made me the phone sex whore I am today. Because of them, I like them young and hung now.

No Judgement Zone

After the first time those boys fucked me, I knew I liked them younger too. So many men and women like age play. Some of us have real experiences too. I do not understand why a company would censor a guy who likes to talk about those bald little pussies. Well, he found me, and we shared stories for over 4 hours last night. My typical call is not that long, but this guy needed to talk. I was happy to listen.

My company will never judge a man for his kinks or fetishes. Most of us phone whores have our own kinks and fetishes too. I masturbated my hairy twat as my caller shared one dirty story after another about the young girls he has fucked. I shared a few with him too. My daughter was once a young girl. And I ate and fingered her sweet bald mound. A lot of her friends too.

I work for the phone perverts paradise. What do you expect? Of course, I am a dirty old woman with as many dirty stories as you. You do not get into this kind of work if you are a choir girl. I won’t judge you. But I bet I will cum hard to your naughty stories and fantasies.

Bald shaved pussy kept silky smooth as if it were authentic

Bald shaved pussyI witnessed a guy stroking his cock on a park bench today. I had brought my nieces to the playground to cool off in the sprinklers.  I decided to pretend I was a bratty lollita myself, to get him back to my house to take advantage of his hard pervy cock.. As soon as we got back I showed him my fully prepped Bald shaved pussy that he had mistaken for one that had never grown pubes before. After smothering him with my sweet hairless slit for 30 minutes. I slid my sloppy wet pussy down his throbbing cock and orgasmed to the thought of him thinking I was actually jailbait. He didn’t think twice about cumming inside of my “infertile” pussy. 

Fantasy Phone Sex Let Me Be Your Nurse

fantasy phone sexLately, my pussy is throbbing for some of my fantasy phone sex calls.  My newest thing, is being a nurse.  Ever since I can remember, I loved playing doctor.  I use to have friends over, bring them to my basement, and doctor Lillian would give them one of her famous exams.  Girls or boys, it didn’t matter.  Within a few minutes of having them over, I had their pants off and my fingers and tongue examining them all over.  It would start out real innocent. I would take the toy stethescope and listen to their little hearts.  I would make my way down to their belly, mimicking what I could remember from my own dirty doctors appointments.

As I got close to their waste, I would lower their elastic little britches and test out if they were cool with me going further. They always were.  I kept going and going until I got to the exciting part. Doctor Lillian always found the problems under those pants.  I made sure to do very very thorough exams with my tiny patients.  I would put my mouth down there asking if it hurt when I licked them.  The licking would turn to full on sucking.  Fingers were in cavities I had no business being in. It was all for a good cause though.

My patients started worrying about me at one point. They said they needed to do an exam on me since they didn’t want anything to happen to their favorite doctor.  Those little tongues licking my little clit, some of my best memories from those days. I mean, who doesn’t love a little doctor/nurse play.

So when I hear a caller want me to put on my sexy nurses uniofrm and give him an exam, I tell him, it would be my honor, I have a lot of experience in this area, you are in good hands!