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Filthy Milf P Mommy Cum Whore

Phone perverts Paradise

   I’m a Phone perverts Paradise filthy P mommy Milf and proud. It’s my every pleasure to fuck the young neighbor boys and their dads. It excites me to be that whore. I’m promiscuous and always have been. I’m married and have a slew of rugrats but I need cock. I love cocaine and cocks dripping with precum. My pleasure is found with double penetration. My brats getting that daddy dick also is exciting. Boys and Girls at sweetly delicious ages. My family is a kinky kind of family. My husband is kinky and loves my cunt dripping with another mans cum. I guess you could say I cuckold him. He is barely ever home and understands my needs must be met. He is often deployed somewhere and leaves me plenty of cash to provide for the brats and myself. But he knows he cannot provide my nymphomaniac needs when he is away. Thing is. My husband is very devoted and calls me up for phone sex daily. I always make sure to make him cum hard. We have the greatest kinky sessions of me sucking his cock and him making me have our sons and daughters join in and please my mommy body. He gets excited knowing we are enjoying each other.

Bald shaved pussy

Field of Creams

Kinky Phone SexI sucked the team to a winning season!

Our town has not had a winning baseball team for years but last year, I saved our season and Phone Perverts Paradise brought home the title!

This super hot guy was trying out for the team and his swing was not very good!

I tried to tell him he was standing wrong and I could clearly see that it was his giant balls that were getting in the way!

I knew I could fix that!

After all, I was runner up in the town cock sucking contest, I still say the two headed girl should not have counted as one person!

So I went right out there and squatted over home plate and started sucking his long hard fuck stick!

His wood was so swollen and hard that I almost couldn’t take the whole thing!

But I knew what I had to do! So I massaged his massive meat with my tongue and deep throated his cock until he exploded, overflowing my fuckable mouth with his hot creamy load!

I stood up, wiped my mouth and told him to knock the hell out of that ball!

He got a home run!

For the rest of the season, I sucked the entire team before each game and the whole town cheered me on!

They even made up T-shirts with my name on them saying, “If She Sucks It, They Will Cum!”

Like I said, we won the season and I even won the Sheldon Bender Award!

Coach wants to see what I can do to help the basketball team next!



Blasphemous Sunday is Funday

My little fuckions are ready for daddy dick. It’s all about as blasphemous as we can get with them. I know Father Roberts loves the little hairless holes of my brat pack. I am always inviting him over for tea. He is always declining and nervous. So, I decided to take it a step further today. We attended church for the first time in years. I really wanted to get into something blasphemous and he will just have to give in to the invite when we offer a little something extra in the donation basket. Well it wasn’t really in the basket. The youngest of my girls was dressed really cute and innocent.

A sweet little pink, grey and blue plaid gathered skirt above the knees. A shimmery pink v-neck top with teacup sleeves with a grey little vest. She had on a pair of lacey black tights. Some lipstick on in a light mauve and a little blush and eyeshadow. She was wearing a pair of tap shoes and had her pretty dishwater blonde hair curled to flatter her little face. She was adores. The fact that she played pretty and innocent and so very helpful got his attention. She walked with her little brother that was dressed in a pretty lilac lace dress with white stocking and some pretty shimmery lilac shoes. Walking hand and hand and walking the collections basket to the front to hand over to Father Roberts with a special little invitation slipped in with a 20.00 bill. This really told all and it really had him excited. I had a picture of three little ones naked in the pool and all smiling and hugging. I got a call to arrange a visit this morning already! 

My brats cannot wait to offer up their little holes for a baptism of Father Roberts cum. I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Fetish Phone Sex

Mutual Masturbation Princess

mutual masturbation

The world is so stressful these days, but I can take all of that away from you for a little while. What you need to do to get total relaxation is pick up your phone and give me a call for some mutual masturbation. You tell me what you’d like to talk about while we touch ourselves and we will do it. The good thing about me is that I’m so kinky I can get off to just about anything, so don’t worry about what I need. You just tell me what turns you on and that’s what you’ll get.

Just get your lube and get comfortable on the bed. Wrap your hand around your cock and I’ll do the rest. I can’t wait to reach down between my legs and touch my wet pussy while you are stroking that big, throbbing cock. I love hearing the sounds you make when you are getting more and more excited. Let’s get excited together and then see if we can time it so that we cum together.  I’ll be thinking of you cumming inside one of my holes. What will you be thinking of while we’re masturbating together? I can’t wait to find out.

Eggs and Sausage

People always say that youth is wasted on the young but I disagree.

I know that I am young and that I am sexy as hell and I am not wasting it for a minute!

I am living the slutty fetish adventure of a lifetime!

If I want to have every fuck hole in my body to be used as a cum dumpster, I will!

If I want to live out my own gangbang whore fantasy with more hard fuck sticks than any cunt can handle…I will!

If I want to spread my legs and snap photos of my tight shaved pussy and post them for the world to see, guess what….I will!

I know that my tits and ass will not be perfect forever and someday, my cunt might not be so tight and so strong that I can crack an egg in it!

Oh yes!

I can!

I can squeeze an egg with my tight pussy and fry it up in a pan!

Imagine what I can do with a thick piece of sausage like yours!

I love eggs and sausage!

My cunt muscles are so fine that I can jack you off without you even seeing my body move. I am not making this shit up!

You want to know how it works? Call me…it will blow your fucking mind!

Just Another Day In Paradise

Kinky phone sexI just came back from a wedding in South Carolina! And I still have sand in my tight pussy!

Normally I am not a fan…love and marriage just complicates everything. But I had so much fun!

Lets’ just say, I am really into cousins And They Were Really In Me!

We let the grown ups have their cake and do their little dance and we grabbed some champagne and headed down to the shore!

We were getting high and drinking some bubbly and were all kinds of fucked up!

My cousin dared me to go skinny dipping…”Is that the best you can do?” Not much of a dare.

“I dare both of you to show me those cocks and start making out with each other!”

They didn’t go for that! But they did whip out those cocks and start fucking me!

One pinned me down and stuck his cock deep in my mouth as the other forced his meat into my tight ass! I pretended to struggle at first…oh the things us girls have to do to get what we want!

I wanted both of their cocks! I wanted both of them fucking me hard at the same time and I wanted it to be My happy ending with my ass and my tight young cunt getting pounded by the family jewels!

I loved having my fuck holes over flowing with cum, pouring out of me like the whore I am!

Who would every give this up to be married!


Phone Perverts Paradise For P Dads

Phone perverts Paradise is a sexy corner of the net where we cater to perverts like you! I’m a p-mamma pimp and It’s my pleasure to find the fuck hole or mouth that suits your desires. I’m a nasty mama that will lick my daughter bald cuny while I’m taking dick. I love to lube her up before you get your chance to dip in that pervert paradise with your dipstick. I know it feels better as it gets wet and slippery. The tightness id there but so is the oil slick of young pussy excitement juices. I bet it would taste really good when you shoot your sperm in her. You can then go down and taste your salty semen mingled with that fresh young pussy aroma. It’s a great thing to eat. That sweet fresh young pussy meat. Come on over and play with us pervert.

Phone perverts Paradise

Shemale Surprise During Discreet Phone Sex

Discreet Phone SexThe boys who call know my discreet phone sex is to die for. Not every sissy trainer has to feminize you; some of you bottom bitches just need a good faggot fucking after sucking on my ten inch shemale surprise. I know your secret fantasies; you need to be bottomed out, and throat fucked.
I know you’re not gay, baby. I’m all woman, so just take my thick girl dick, and shut the fuck up. I won’t need lube after you choke on me. Get my dick all slick so I can ram you in that perfect asshole of yours.
When I send you home to your wife, your balls will be drained better than they’ve ever been, and your little asshole will be gaped the fuck out. I’d send you home with a fat ass plug to remind you that you are now mine, but I know it wouldn’t stay. I rimmed you out way too fucking good.If you really please me, worship me, and spoil me, I’ll even stay discreet.

The Meat Sweats

Hot PhonesexOh I think I really did it this time!

My cousin was going to a college pledge party and didn’t want to go alone so we dressed in our heels and stockings like the whores we are and headed to the frat house!

There were only a few girls and we had no idea what the sisters had in mind but we found out quick as they blind folded us and had us undress each other! It was kind of exciting feeling my way around those tight school girl bodies, pulling their thongs out of the crack of their ass, and smelling their young cunts as I slid their silky drawers down, not knowing if they were silky shaved or a full 70’s style pube afro!

But that is not want we were there for. Nope, this was a suck fest! There were dozens of guys standing in circle with their thick fat cocks in their hands ready to force them into our hungry mouths as we were on all fours getting our cunts pounded from behind!Phone sex whore





We were face fucked until their cocks ruptured, over flowing our tiny mouths and dripping down our face.

That’s when our cunt fuckers came forward and a new set of cocks took their place as we continued to slurp our pussy juices off each dick that slammed their load down our throats!

Some girls didn’t make it as they passed out, laying naked on the floor in a sloppy mess of jizz. But my girl and I are very experienced cock suckers and took every bit of what was fed to us.

But I don’t mind saying, that was the first time I got the meat sweats from swallowing man meat!

Whips and Chains and Monsters…Oh MY!


Cheap phone sexI saw this ad on Craigslist about this couple that were looking for a little adventure and I thought, why not!

When I showed up in my sexy little lingerie and over coat (as requested) I was pleasantly surprised when they had an assortment recreational stimulants to get me in the mood! After a shot or two (and a few other substances), they led me to this room full of chains and straps and swings suspended from ceiling! There were several toys and a movie theater sized screen playing torture porn!

I thought this was an amazing room and then they pulled the curtain back to reveal a glass wall and an audience on the opposite side!

It was like some sort of clash between Shades Of Grey and The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I willingly let them strap me onto a tall bench and then the fun began!

The wife was licking and biting my hard nipples when I felt a sharp sting on my cunt as her husband started whipping my pussy! I let out a scream and the audience cheered!

My once tiny cunt was swollen and red but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my punishment! His wife’s tongue felt like velvet as she licked and nursed my wounds! I started to feel that familiar twinge as my cum started to rush out! Then the audience started chanting! Fuck the Whore! Fuck the Whore!

Then suddenly this man in black leather and a completely hooded face is lead in with chains! The only skin showing was his over sized cock!

He was grunting and snarling like a monster as he was yanked over to me! The audience cheered as the couple guided his huge cock into my tortured cunt!

Fuck the Whore! Fuck the Whore!Phone perverts paradise

My once perfectly pretty and smooth cunt was getting torn open with his mutant meat! But I loved it! My body had reached a higher state of ecstasy as I drenched the monsters cock in a mass eruption of cum!

I woke up the next morning in a room fit for a queen! I tried to get up to explore but my aching cunt prevented me from moving! Or was it the chains wrapped around my limbs!

I could see the monster in the room across the hall and then suddenly I knew…I was never getting out of here! I was just another fuck toy added to their collection! The question I am asking myself is…Do I mind?

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