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Welcome to the hottest place in the Phone perverts Paradise. I’m your escort of exploring sinful tight holes ready for deflowering. My big milf titties are ever so enticing too. Little girl titties, yep got them right here. Oh that bald cuny or a shaved cunt? I have it all baby and more.

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Phone perverts Paradise

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Phone perverts ParadiseHe fucked me hard and then cumshot all over my Bald shaved pussy while my reg was on the phone whispering the dirtiest things in my ear.. Rob was living in a Phone perverts paradise.. He could hear my pussy sloshing as my son jammed my cunt with his cock.. He always tips me for having my youngest son join our sessions.. We have a mutual understanding that it has to remain confidential.. He was talking to my boy about anal stretching and having him fuck his diapered slut in front of is wife..

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 Phone Perverts ParadiseWhat makes a phone perverts paradise? For starters, it is an excess of no-taboo play sluts just looking to get into all kinds of naughty fun with men looking to blow their load. I’m not referring to the kind of line that leads you through stroking your hard cock with oohs and ahhs either. I am talking about the kind of place where you can sit back and stroke your throbbing dick while being directed through a sexy no-limits fantasy that you can’t get but over the phone. Consider my hot young shaved pussy, and just how perfect my barely legal body is. My brain is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ageplay and making you feel like the dirty old pervert taking advantage of little ol’ me. I have been a good little whore since I can remember, and playing with perverts makes my hairless cunt dripping wet with excitement. On the other side of the phone, I am pleasuring myself too. I just can’t help but get turned on listening to the intense breathing of john stroking his throbbing hard cock thinking about taking advantage of a young bald puss like mine. Cumming together is the ultimate climax as I walk you through a perverted adventure that will bring us both to an orgasmic ending. 





Phone sex humiliation

Phone sex humiliation

P-daddy wants to have a phone sex humiliation session with me. I’ve been a very naughty, bad, and dirty little girl. I had another accident in my diaper again. He says that I am too old to keep on having all of these accidents in my diapers and that I should be a little more careful. I insist it was an accident and continue to beg him to change me. He pops off the snaps on my diaper and see’s my tight shaved pussy. He see’s that my mess is so dirty and messy that not even those luvs diapers could barely hold it in. “You need a bath,” he says. I get in the bathtub, and he puts soap all over my naked body to clean me up. He brushes his hands over bald pussy and strokes my clit. I feel so humiliated and turned on at the same time. You like my body because you prefer young girls with big tits and asses. You run your hands over my body and say let’s have some kinky phone sex and clean you up baby girl.

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phone perverts paradiseI am a phone perverts paradise. I am almost 60, but my age has not slowed me down at all. I am still the horny schoolgirl I was in the 80s when I seduced my father and all his friends. As I have aged, my libido has increased. Trust me. It is hard to believe that I could get any hornier. My husband was a good match for me when we first married. He was in his 40s then. Now, he is in his 70s and he is mostly a spectator now. He loves to watch his slut wife in action. He has evolved since we first got married. He knew I was a slut when he married me, but he had a few rules for me. I broke them all including fucking his teenage sons from his first marriage. In my defense, they came on to this phone sex milf. I just did not deny them. Why would I? I mean I was a horny wife in my sexual prime and they were horny teenage boys. We were meant for each other. Now, he is retired from work and it is challenging to do anything behind his back. So, I don’t. I do it right in front of him or at least in front of a nanny cam so he can watch.

I brought home a few studs last night to fuck me. He was awake still because he was waiting up to see what kind of trouble, I got myself into. I went to a college bar near the NYU campus. I brought home three barely legal boys. This bar does not let 18–20-year-olds drink but lets them in for the music. These boys were happy to come home with a phone sex whore. They may not have been cool with an old man watching the fun. But they did not know he was watching.  They turned this slut wife into a three hole whore. One in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my mouth. They rotated my holes so I got a few loads of jizz in all three holes. I crawled into bed with my husband after I returned the college boys to their frat house. He woke up and cleaned my cum filled holes like a good cuckold husband.

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A family fuck slut is a breedable fuck doll. At Phone perverts Paradise we acknowledge and fully understand the concept of an incestuous breedable fuck slut. I bred my own with the seed of my daddy’s and uncle’s.

My understanding of the girls of the family being fuck sluts for the males was made very clear when I started to get a little plump around the cunt and tits. My greatest pleasure was teasing the sperm from my daddy’s penis with my tongue that first time. I was really young.

My holes have been bred by family members and by a neighbor while growing up. My greatest pleasure is sharing a bed with all of my offspring and sharing them with my lover’s. I really hope you too enjoy some tight and tiny little fuck holes.

Phone perverts paradise

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Tight shaved pussy

You phone pervert jack-offs aren’t the only ones who love to touch and tease a slender teen with a tight shaved pussy.  We all want to get a piece of that pie!  Young girls are so fun to fuck around with, everyone wants to molest an immature maiden and see what it takes to get their slits all sloppy.  Trust me, it’s not just you dick jerking dudes.

What’s not to like?  Pretty face… check.  Long, lean body… check.  Soft titties and perfectly tucked in twat… check!  Um, yes please.  Hell, I’ll take two, if you got ‘em!  I’ll show every slinky teen slut who looks at me with a gooey gleam in her eyes how a more mature female lover really knows her way around her little fuck holes.  

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how wet and creamy their cunts get when they’re turned on.   Teen pussy gets so slimy at the slightest touch, a gentle whisper, even just from a sexy look, it makes my muff all tingly just thinking about it!  When naive girls get turned on, their bald little beavers start drooling and dripping and leaking through their barely there underwear.  One of my favorite phone sex games to play is seeing how long it takes me to get them to soak their panties and start oozing thick streams of vag juice from their dainty and desirable cum ditch.  It never takes long, you should give it a try!        


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porn for masturbationCosplay porn for masturbation for men who love kinky sex.

My daughter and I love comic conventions. Every year she and I dress up and go have the biggest nerd weekend of our lives! For me, it’s a playground of virgins and teen cock that is just aching to be popped. But with such a large crowd to pick from, I need a wingman. That’s where my daughter comes in handy. Unbeknownst to the thousands of horny young men, my daughter and I go searching for a lucky sitting duck. The only reason I got into cosplay was the sexy-ass superhero costumes that show off my curvey milf frame.  By the time my daughter was a teen, she filled out just as I had. Wading through the crowd I feel hands grope me and I know I probably just got a horny young man off just by not slapping his hand away. I’m teaching my daughter a valuable lesson by finding the best young hot nerd boys to fuck. Never judge a book by its cover when it cums to cock! 

We spend hours finding the right boys to fuck together. In the end, it is worth it because this milf phone sex whore gets off for cosplay and young dick! Young men rarely disappoint when they are tagged teamed in my van in the parking lot.


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Impregnation Phone Sex

Impregnation Phone Sex

I got carried away with impregnation phone sex this past Valentine’s Day and I think I may actually be pregnant now! I couldn’t help myself but to phone fuck my latest conquest and he decided to come over and fuck my tight shaved pussy. We did everything we ever discussed during our fantasy phone sex sessions and he had me climbing the walls! We always have such hot phonesex and he really put in the work to bring our fantasies to life! He couldn’t even wait to fuck me in the bedroom; when I met him at the door in my new lingerie, he threw me to the floor and fucked me doggystyle right there in the entryway like a common whore. His throbbing 11″ cock was so deep in my cunt, I could feel him pounding against my cervix. He’d never been so deep inside me before! I had my pussy gripped so tightly around him that he couldn’t resist cumming inside me. He coated my cervix and kept his dick inside me until his balls were completely drained. I just know at least one of his little swimmers made it to one of my eggs! It’s only a matter of time now until he gets to fuck my fat pregnant pussy!