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Kinky Little Phone Sex Whore

Kinky phone sex

What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever dreamed of doing while having phone sex? I promise it won’t shock this kinky phone sex slut. Do you want me to listen to you cut off and suck your own cock? Or would you like it better if I rubbed my bald pussy while you described all the ways you want to fuck my face, tits, and ass? Maybe you want to be a good little brat and fuck your sexy p-mommy. There’s no limits to the sexy scenarios we can explore. We can commit a murder and I can be your unwilling victim or your sexy accomplice. I’m game for it all! This horny blonde just wants to fulfill your dirtiest phone sex fantasies and make you shoot your huge load. 

Gangbangs, Groups, Orgies and More

Group sexWhen my hot wet pussy wants an adventure fucking just one person will never get the job done. It’s going to take multiple cocks and cunts to satisfy my deepest desire. I love it when I fuck a whole group of horny, fuck enthusiast like myself! A beautiful blonde riding my face while a big hard cock stretches my pussy makes my legs shake and my kitty squirt cum. Eating pussy is an art and I’m a female Picasso. So much pussy to lick and dick to take, I am going to be squirting all night long. All this cum shooting in the air is my definition of a baby shower. If you’re looking for a sexy adventure, you can be my groupie. There’s more than enough of this kinky pussy to go around.

Pretty Face Wants Huge Cock to Sit On

Anal phone sex

Please don’t let my pretty little face fool you. This kinky blonde slut loves anal play. It’s so much fun finding things to stick inside my asshole and sit on. Dildos, anal beads, butt plugs are a few of my favorite toys to play with. When toys are not enough the only other things that make my pussy slippery are tongues, fingers, and rock-hard cock. When I’m really feeling horny, I’ll use my own fist to fuck my own ass. Gaping my asshole makes me squirt sweet pussy juice everywhere. I know your dick is hard imagining how good this ass feels. If banging my beautiful ass and making this kitty squirt has been, then cum play with this anal sex whore.

My Bald Shaved Pussy makes a Big Mess

Bald shaved pussyMy bald shaved pussy is going to look stunning wrapped around your thick cock. These juicy pussy lips get so wet and swollen when you pound them. It makes me so fucking horny when I watch you lick and suck my tiny bald cunt. I get turned on running my razor up and down my kitty thinking of how this smooth cunt is going to feel sliding up and down your hurricane tongue. Once I squirt my pussy juices in your mouth, that’s when it’s time to slide your huge dick into my freshly shaved slit. You grab my hips and slide me up and down your cock while I grip it with my cunt. The best part is when we cum together and my shaved pussy overflows with your delicious white cock milk.  


No limits phone sex Denise

No limits phone sex There’s no limits to how far I’m willing to go to make sure you have a great time with me. If you want your cock sucked while I stick my pretty manicured fingers in your asshole and rub your balls at the same time, I’m your girl. If you prefer that I put on my strap-on and peg you until you shoot your load across the room, your wish is my command. There’s no such thing as “No” in my world. Unless you’re fantasy includes dominating this tight wet cunt while I fight and scream “NO!” Then I’ll make an exception. The dirtier you get the wetter this bald little pussy gets. Cum play with me and let’s see how nasty we can both be when there absolutely zero limits with this blonde freak.

Kinky Phone Sex Freak

Kinky phone sexIf kinky phone sex is what you’re into, then I’m your slutty little cum whore. I can’t wait to rub my wet little clitty while you tell me all the ways you wanna fuck this pretty little face of mine. I can already feel my pussy pulsating while I describe the way it feels when you tie me up, flog me, and fuck me hard in my tight, juicy cunt. I’m completely at your mercy and I fucking love it! I’ve been a bad whore and now you must punish me. You take your dick out of my warm pussy hole and ram it straight into my ass. I squeal and scream with pain and delight as fuck my ass hard and fast. I feel your throbbing cock about to explode inside me. You grip my waist and cum inside my cunt and I cum hard all over you just like a kinky cum slut is supposed to. 

Objects to fuck myself with

kinky phone sex There are days where I’m so damn horney any object will do to fuck myself with. First it was a hairbrush handle as I finished brushing my hair I noticed that the long rubber handle would fit perfectly inside of me. I let my towel fall to the floor, lifted my leg up and began pumping away at myself. Oh it felt good but it wasn’t big enough and as the mirror fogged up I knew I had to go find something bigger. My brother’s little league baseball bat lay on the hallway floor. Sure enough I scooped it up and took it to my room. I laid on that bed and tried to work it up inside of myself, handle first. It was a little rough going but I managed to get it somewhat inside of me. Oh, how I was so glad no one was home to hear my moans. And when I had enough of fucking that bat handle, I turned it around and began force fucking myself with big wide end. I think I found a home run with my brother’s baseball bat. I almost screamed! I don’t think I’ll ever give it back. But after I finally got up to find myself something to drink I noticed the banister was looking nice! S sexy with a big phallic knob on top of it. I would conquer that next with my little pussy!

Bare back and Cum filled

sissy phone sexDo you blame me if I am in love with bare back fucking? The men I fuck on a regular do not seem to mind as they enjoy spurting hot creamy loads deep inside of me! There is something to be said for a Don Juan who loves a barrier free fuck, don’t you agree? I really don’t need romance much. Buy me a crown and coke and let me see that bulging cock. I will be out back in the alley flipping up my skirt for some rough, voyeuristic sex. Big dicks always get to cum inside me, I honestly do not care who you are, just sex me good and deep. If you pull out a condom I assume your a pussy and don’t deserve to fuck me! Getting penetrated is no fun when I can’t feel your cum release from that quivering cock! In my mind there is no use even trying to dick me down if you don’t plan on giving me a cummy pussy! You might ask what happens if I have a little peen? Well I am not saving all this cum up for nothing, deep inside of me! Eat me, my little cum eater! Big dicks ride, small dicks eat cum, period!

Stranger Fucking

hot phonesexI love to get fucked by strangers and have this obsession with glory holes. My friend took me to an orgy party. I was so nervous, so before she let me join, we went on a few adventures. We downloaded a favorite app to have a ton of casual sex with people we don’t know, and we, of course, got all buzzed and fucked up. My love for coke was awakened at these parties. It allowed me to relax and get into the groove of things. I was a pro after my first time. I know what to do when three guys approach me at orgy parties at once. If you don’t know what this is, it means the guys want to give you a triple penetration welcome. One in your mouth, one in your ass, and one in your pussy. They all will follow a tempo and fuck you like a cum slut. It is so delicious to feel jizz overfill me. My pussy is drenched, and my asshole is filled. My mouth, on the other hand, must swallow the cum. Jizz is for eating. We all know that, and I learned that pretty fast. It’s so fucking good to get strangers to fuck you.

Do You Have Orgy Fantasies?

hot phonesexDo you have orgy fantasies? Let me give you one to jerk off to. Last summer I went to one of those all-inclusive resorts with my friend. It was beautiful, hot and the drinks were free. We flirted with the bartender and he made our drinks just a little stronger. By nights end we were shit faced. I walked my friend to the room and made my way down to the restaurant. As I walked to a table, I saw the bartender sitting with a group of the staff. He invited me to join him. We ate, talked and drank some more. We smoked a little pot and he asked if I would like to come to a party? He told me I would fit right in and he promised I would have a good time. We entered the back door and all I saw was naked men and women everywhere. Fucking and kissing and partying. He helped me out of my dress and panties and took my hand. We went right to the middle and he laid me on a huge bed. Beside my head a man was ass fucking a girl while she was blowing another. I was taking in the view when I felt my legs being pushed apart and a giant cock being pushed inside my cunt. He started pounding me when I felt another cock push against my lips. I started sucking him while my cunt was being filled. It was a hot time and the things I did that night were so naughty. I think you are going to want to call so I can fill you in on all the dirty kinky details.

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