Your wallet is no match

Phone sex whoreYes baby, I am essentially the virtual phone sex whore and slutty girlfriend that you have always wanted but never knew how to attain. No one fucks you better than me and that’s a big fact! Truth be told, your highest levels of spending hard-earned cash on my spoiled ass come when you are at a healthy state of addiction to me. The more addicted and obsessed you are, the better. That only means I get to milk more out of you than you could ever fuckin imagine! You crave attention from a confident and sexy woman like me that knows how to take advantage of you to get everything that I could ever possibly want. You can try to escape your infatuation as many times as you might but you will always come crawling back to me. Trust me baby, your wallet is no match for the cutest brat in the whole entire world! Men love me, everyone knows this. But do I love you?! The answer is no lol.. but I do love the digits of your credit card number and I love putting them to exceptional use. You really have no choice here, hand over the funds and no one will get hurt!

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