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The Life Of A Phone Sex Whore!

Phone Sex Whore

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2 girl phone sexHis cock was average size, so I couldn’t do a whole lot of bouncing on it I thought. But I
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Daddy Encouraged My Orgy Fantasies!

Orgy Fantasies I know only one thing about my orgy fantasies as a young slut; they all started when I saw a home movie of my mom and dad having group sex. As a curious little girl, I couldn’t stop myself from going through the big box of porn that daddy kept hidden in the attic. These movies were not like the regular ones we had in the living room next to the tv, they were home made films of all different group sex parties. I started going through the tapes and by the time I finished the second movie starring my mom, my panties were soaked! Of course, daddy caught me playing with my slippery bald shaved pussy while I watched he and mom cumming on the screen. Daddy wasn’t mad at me, he told me to make myself cum as many times as I wanted, he even took out his cock and joined me. Daddy told me that I would be the star of a big gangbang as soon as I wanted, my cunt throbbed as I sucked daddy off while he encouraged my orgy fantasies.

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“Fuck it!” Good thing my pussy was already
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“Okay give it to me.” I replied.
“Give it to you? You want me to give it to you?” He asked looking me in my eyes.
“Yeah! Fucking give it to me!” I yelled back. He then pulled out, and put my leg
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Mutual masturbation Milf

Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is good for the mind and soul. I’m the cheapest phone date when you need a sexy milf to stoke her wet folds while you jack off. Not only that, I love when you stroke for me and I can hear your voice and moans! Jack it for me as I tell you how fucking wet I get for men who need a nasty-talking woman to cum with. Some of my favorite calls are where I and my guy are getting three sheets to the wind and playing with our naughty bits.

Tell Miss Elizabeth what one of your naughtiest fantasies is and let her run with it while you pump that meat pole for me.  I do take requests per my Johns can vouch for.  Including toys I use, certain techniques on my pussy, and positions. So of course I might need the same from you in a hot phonesex jerk-off session. I have always been impressed by a man who knows what he wants with a whore and can clearly communicate his fetish needs. Stroke for me, and give me your naughty thoughts and let me run with it while I fuck my wet mommy cunt for you!

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Bald shaved pussy“Mnnn…” Laying here, soaked and bald shaved pussy and sweaty face, my tits out and my breaths struggling to be caught, I had a simple lonesome thought. “Wow, roomie, you’re missing out hard.”

“You too.” I heard her say. “On all the lessons to be learned around here.” I could hear her spoon clanging in a bowl of cereal, while I was coming down from the wonderful afterglow of my fifth orgasm of the day. Somehow, I felt like she was definitely the one missing out. “But you find me a studly study nut and I’ll get his nut.” I rolled over at that, rolled my eyes and contemplated just how I was going to have her on her back with her legs spread so one of my many boyfriends could pop her cherry and leave his seed planted deep inside her. It’s a wonder I was paired with he when college girls phone sex was such a big part of my life. I had a guy coming in an hour to bust his nut deep in my cheeks, and she had a guy coming in a few to turn some pages and go over theorems.

“Fuck it.” I sat up, taking a deep breath and eyeing her. “Get on the bed, I’m eating you out.”

“Is that a question?” She asks, raising a brow as I got up, “because I don’t think anyone’s ever said no to that, that shouldn’t be a-”

“Bed!” It took her only a few seconds to realize exactly what was happening, and another to forget her cereal entirely and plop down. It wasn’t unprecedented for me to take some of my lusts out on her. No one says no to oral, no one. But it may have been the first time I interrupted a conversation with it. She just, fuck I needed to get her creampied. Maybe I could keep her occupied the whole hour with my best hot phonesex.

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Tight shaved pussy always wins

tight shaved pussy


Tight Shaved pussy moves mountains when it comes to getting what I want. When I was a little one I learned fast that if men wanted my cunny they better have brought me something. It was always the men that came from my mommy’s bedroom when she passed out drunk, or too fucked up. They were good men who always made sure I had what I needed. “Uncle’’ Elroy bought my first training bra and my first sex toy. It’s the small things that let me know my tight little twat was for sale. 

I carried that over when momma got too mean and I ran away to hit the streets hooking. Men came looking for my ass after a while. Hearing this sexy little teen slut was a freak from your experience had me rolling in money in coke. I got pregnant real fast and thought my prostitution career was over. I need not be worried because a young pregnant slut with big lactating titties gets put up in suites and treated like a fuck doll. I loved the power my pussy had.

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When I go to the strip club, I love seeing those Big tits and asses bouncing. It makes my lady dick hard. But I will wait until I get home because now, I have a caged whore I get to abuse and use. He is a good hoepet to have. I just have to pull her out of the cage and his boyclitty gets hard right away. She knows I will be using her as soon as she comes out. I pull my hard shecock out right away and start feeding it down her throat. Wow look at you go, you must have been hungry. After being hard and excited before you saw me, it didn’t take much for me to feed you a load of semen. Your clitty leaks as soon as you taste my juices. I make you get me hard again before I stuff your boyhood. Your manpussy is ready and needy for my lady meat and just like I didn’t your mouth I stuff that manpussy deep and hard. You get every last drop of my load like if I wanted to get you knocked up before I put you back in your cage. What a good cum bucket whore you were.

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