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Orgy fantasies of Little Breeders

My Holiday gatherings this year have one thing in common. The common thread are fulfilling orgy fantasies with p-daddies making little breeders out of the little girls Mama Irene brings around. My p-daddies love young pussy the most. I get together five or so little brats for the perverts fantasies.

Gathering young sluts can be easy. The pageant sluts and young girls that love dressing like hookers are so easy to sway. We play fashion show. I give them all special treats laced with yummy drugs. These treats make the girls really become uninhibited and slutty. I film them and make them act out the hot videos I play for them. They love the teeny bopper music videos and acting like big girls.

Orgy fantasies

I introduce a sexy man to the girls and tell them what they need to do. I tell them this is their acting debut and they will become big stars. Oh how these young impressionable little sluts in the making eat that shit up. Next thing we know there is an orgy going on and these little holes are being destroyed.

Little girl phone sex

Cum Play On Our Phone, Baby

Mutual MasturbationMy boyfriend is a huge freak. Nothing gets his cock harder than watching me fuck one of my massive dildos while I take a call. He smiles, feverishly rubbing his thick cock to the sight of my tight, bald pussy sliding up and down on my stationary fucktoy. On the other end of the receiver my client is usually jerking his hard cock too. I put the phone on speaker to turn it into a hot phone sex orgy. The three of us grunting and moaning together makes my pussy juices flow. It’s our very own phone sex cuckold and there’s nothing hotter than this. Except when I cum during the call and my pussy juices can be heard splashing through the phone. My boyfriend and whoever I’m ear-fucking at that moment love listening to me cumming, squirting, and gasping for air. Those are the best calls of the night in my opinion.Bald shaved pussy

My Favorite Boy Toy

Anal Phone Sex

My favorite boy toy is undercover. He hides his need for cock from his girlfriend. I can tell you this, he is the best at licking my ass. All I have to do is bend over and like a puppy he laps away at my asshole, it makes my cock so hard I stroke it while I pinch my hard nipples. When I am ready, I will lay him on his back and stroke my cock on his as he plays with my tits. As soon as his cock starts leaking, I stroke it as I shove the head of my cock into his ass. He doesn’t fight it because he loves it. He loves me fucking him in every position. He is my bitch and he knows it. When I fill him up it makes him cum all over my hand. I just leave my cock in his ass so he can feel my dick pulse as I give him every drop until my nuts are nice and empty.  

You Call & I Cum

Phone Sex

I love playing with my pussy while my callers cum for me! If you are talking to me on a sexy fantasy phone sex call, you should know that I’m toying with my sweet wet pussy while you jack off. I’m listening to you breathe hard and stroke your cock all while my dripping wet cunt is throbbing. Playing with myself while you cum is one of my favorite ways to spend the night, my little pussy feels so sensitive by the time I’m done because I’ve cum again and again hearing all the naughty things you fantasize about. Just when you are about to cum I shove one of my many dildos deep inside my twat so we can cum together, sometimes if the fantasy is naughty enough I even squirt!

Showed Them My Tranny Cock

I wanted to fuck and had a big load the neighbor downstairs was pretty hot and I could tell he had a big cock. His girlfriend wasn’t bad either she had big tits like mine, and a nice round juicy ass that I wanted to fill up. I knocked on their door and pretended I was locked out of my place and asked if I could wait there for the Maintenace man. Right away they flirted with me

Fetish Phone Sex

I could see they wondered if I had a cock under my dress. I just said “yes” they froze as I lifted my dress and exposed my cock. Then I pointed to her and told her to suck it, she was a slut so right away got on her knees and sucked my dick. Her boyfriend just watched as his slut bitch sucked my cock. I bent her over and lifted her skirt and stuck my dick deep in her Bald shaved pussy. As I fucked her, I didn’t break eye contact with him. His dick got hard and I called him over. I stroked his cock as I fucked his bitch. I wanted more so I pushed her off my cock and bent him over. He wasn’t ready but I didn’t care I shoved my cock in his tight asshole. As I pumped my cock in him, she sucked his dick. It was such a good sight to see her ass in the air sucking his cock as I fucked him that I came hard. I emptied my big load deep inside him and he filled up her mouth up with his gooey nut. I told them if they ever need me to show them more about a tranny cock, I’m right next door.  

Getting The Perfect Cock Sucker

Mutual masturbation

I met the perfect cock sucker he lives in the apartment two doors down to me. It was late when I heard my door knob being wiggled. When I looked in the peephole it was him using his key on my door, I figured he was drunk. I opened the door and let him in, he stumbled his way to the couch and fell right on it as he undressed. I checked on him and he was passed out, I was horny so I decided to rub my cock on his face as I pinched my nipples. At first, he was just asleep. After a bit of me rubbing my dick on his lips and face he opened his mouth. That is when I shoved my cock right in his mouth, he moaned as he took every inch of my tranny dick. He played with my balls as he sucked my dick like a pro, I could tell it wasn’t his first time. I kept going until I came hard and dumped my whole load in his mouth. I told him to swallow every drop it would help with his hangover.  

Who Wants to Toss My Salad?

Fantasy phone sex

Lately I’ve been thinking about combining my love for fucking with my love for eating. I decided to set up my tripod in my kitchen, put on some sexy lingerie, and grab some cock-like veggies and have a little fun. I had these huge carrots and zucchini that I grabbed from the farmers market. I imagined how good they’d feel being thrusted in and out of my bald, wet pussy. My fresh, sweet pussy juice was going to taste amazing on these fresh produce. I pressed the record button and started filming. I fucked my raw veggies in my hot striped two piece. I worked my garden fucktoys in and out of me until my pussy squirted it’s sticky juices on my counter tops. I licked my sweet juices off one of my long, thick carrot sticks. My pussy made the best salad dressing I ever tasted. I finally figured out a way to eat all my veggies and to fuck them too.Bald shaved pussy

You’ve never had Milf pussy as sweet as this candy

Milf phone sexRIght now I want absolutely nothing more than to be fucked in my tight, tiny, dripping wet cunt! I’ve wanted it all fucking day long. I’ve been sitting here just playing with my sweet pussy, thinking of all the fun we could be having…imagine you on top of me, with my legs thrown over your shoulders so you can fuck me nice and deep. Every inch of your rock hard cock inside my juicy cunt. Oh my fucking god, I’m getting so wet just thinking about it. Trust me baby, you’ve never had Milf pussy this sweet before. One shot with me and you’re never gonna want to let this southern belle go! After you’ve had your way with me on my back, I’ll get in front of you and fuck you with my hot, dirty mouth. I’ll beg you to make me your sweet cum dumpster, to cum all over my face and breasts. And when you do, I’ll use my fingers to lick up every inch of it so none of your hot wet cum goes to waste. Some afternoon delight sounds so good right now…doesn’t it? There’s no limits when it comes to this tight ass pussy. I’m the hottest piece of ass in this state, and I want nothing more than to be treated like your dirty whore for the whole afternoon. 

I sure enjoyed his cock

Blonde phone sexI am such a dirty slutty milf. Come jack off for me and show me what you’re made of. I love when guys are so turned on by my fat juicy ass. MHM I intentionally make it jiggle even more! I went to Target to pick up a few things I needed around the house. I couldn’t help but notice the bagger checking me out. He asked me if I needed help bringing my items to the car. I said yes indeed! He followed me to my SUV, while I was placing the items in the trunk I bent over to reach into the far back. My velvet thong was showing out of my jeans. I noticed his fat cock got hard as a rock. I pulled him by his belt into the back of my trunk. Mmhmm he enjoyed himself! He enjoyed my creamy wet milf pussy gliding on and off his cock. We had sex in every position! He ejaculated in my mouth!  His cum tasted so good. He had to get back to work so he wouldn’t lose his job. My pussy is still throbbing. I wasn’t done! I need a cock or two to ride right now so I can get my fix. Are you the one?

Using My Sissy Cousin’s Ass And Mouth

Porn for masturbation

Making my cousin take my shemale cock was easy. He is such a sissy slut and I know he takes cock in his mouth all the time. I cornered him after he came out the bathroom at my auntie’s house. I told him if he didn’t do as I asked, I would expose him for the sissy slut he is to his mom, my aunty. We went to his room and I pulled my cock out, as a sissy slut he knew to get on his knees and suck my cock hard and deep. No wonder he is a sissy slut his mouth felt so good on my cock I had to push his sissy ass down and pull his pant to his ankles. I wanted to fill him up like the whore he is. I stuck my shecock deep in him with one hard push. He tried to make noise so I jack hammered his ass into to the ground pushing his face down so no one would hear him. He loved it so much he started begging me to fill him up. It sounded so good hearing him beg I started filling him up with my hot gooey jizz, that is when we heard my aunty knocking on the door trying to figure out what is going on.  

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