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I Squirted On A Banana!

Daddy Phone SexHorny little girls like me will fuck anything! After I became addicted to cock, I got in trouble all the time for trying to fill my cum thirsty cunny. I got sick of being in detention for fucking all the boys at school and tried something new one afternoon. Daddy wasn’t home and my pussy was soaked from all that porn watching, when I saw a banana on the counter. Just the perfect shape and size to fill me up! I grabbed that banana and sucked all over it getting it nice and wet, when I slid it in it felt just like daddy’s hard cock, I couldn’t believe it! I flicked my clit and twisted my hips over and over before I heard a squish! I squirted all over that cock like fruit, coating it in my sweet, sticky pussy juice!Mutual Masturbation

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Im, you slut, the one you can have so much little girl phone sex with and have no worries. You can’t be denied when it comes to phone fucks with me. Whatever you stir up in your brain, I will match you with the same energy. Well, I will surpass it. I will be the dream slut you have always wanted and much more. Get ready to whip your willy out and start stroking because you will be exploding baby so fucking well, and you have no clue what you’ve been missing. Now I will have you wanting more hot fun with a slutty girl like me. You will be so happy to have the biggest slut moan and whisper thru the phone all those naughty things you need. Let me fill your ear with some nasty stuff.

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I was out with my girlfriends having drinks and partying and their Big tits and asses were getting my tranny cock hard. I went to the bathroom and on my way out a hot sexy BBC guy stopped me. He told me he saw my friends and I dancing but he really liked my body. He winked at me as he stared at my crotch. I could tell he was trying to make my she-dick out and that excited me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. He was a handsome black bull and all I wanted was to have him on his knees. He kissed me and started groping me and touching me all over. It got my ladydick hard and throbbing. I just pulled my dress up and exposed my cock. He stroked with his strong hand and had my she-cock leaking. He got on his knees like i wanted but instead of sucking my cock he pulled his pants down and begged for me to fuck him.

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I didn’t hesitate to shove my hard tranny cock in his ass. I pounded him hard as he bounced his ass back onto my hard cock. I couldn’t wait for him to cum. I filled his ass up with my big load of semen and that is what made him blast his load all over the bathroom floor. He pulled his pants up and I pulled my dress down. I gave him my number and told him if he wants to be my cum dumpster again, he will call me.

Racquelle The Squirt Whore!

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There is only one thing I like to do before work; make my pussy squirt! I love waking up and finding a really taboo porn to watch that makes my cunt wet. I pull out my wand vibrator and start working my clit, thinking about the last time I took a nice fat cock. I start to go a little higher in the settings, just bringing myself close to the edge before I pull away completely. My cunt is soaking wet watching the girl on screen get abused by a big black cock, I reach for my clit sucker because I want to squirt hard. It only takes a moment with that sucker on my fun button, I cum hard but I don’t pull away, I let the sucking toy pound my clit with intense vibration until suddenly I feel the pressure building like I’m going to pee, then…. Mmmm … I soak my sheets squirting everywhere while my clit pulsates over and over… if only I had a hard cock to fill me.

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I was horny and had a big load to bust, so i got on Anal phone sex so i can find a tight asshole to fuck. I invited the first guy to beg for my tranny cock. When he got to my house i told him to beg for me to fuck him with my she-dick as he licked my asshole and cock. I played with my nipples as I watched him lap at my asshole. Hearing him beg for me to fuck him with my big tranny dick, made me so hard. I grabbed his head and face fucked him hard. He gagged hard but I didn’t care. I was so horny at this point and was using his mouth to just jack my she-cock off. I was ready. I told him to bend over, and I rubbed my pre-cum right on his asshole. His dick was starting to leak on the floor, and I knew he wanted me to fuck him so bad. I made him beg for my tranny dick as I forced it deep inside him. I fucked him hard just using him like a sock cum bucket. I didn’t care if I ripped him open, he was there just for me to use. I thrusted my she-dick harder inside him until I filled him up and made him my cum bucket whore. I took pictures of his ass leaking with all my cum. 

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Santa Brought Me A New Fuck Toy!

Phone Sex PornI woke up yesterday to a big surprise under the tree; a new six speed vibrator for my cum thirsty pussy! I had been hoping for a new vibrator because my only fuck toy had broken last week while I was using it and my twat had been throbbing in need. A nymphomaniac like me needs to be able to cum whenever my pussy starts to ache and beg for cock, otherwise I could end up fucking strangers all day long trying to fill my pussy with cum. Yes, a good fuck toy is all I need to keep my addiction at bay, so I asked Santa for a pretty pink vibrator with lots of settings for me to play with! On Christmas day I woke up and found my wishes had come true, right there was my new toy with all the bells and whistles I could imagine! I spent all day watching filthy orgy porn and squirting all over my new vibrating dildo!

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Kinky Phone SexKinky Phone Sex is guaranteed with a pretty southern whore like me baby! i need you to cum watch me play! watch my spread my pretty whore legs wide open showing you this tight well used pussy! I know it turns you on to see my so turned on; nipple standing out far! I spread my lips open wide with one hand while I rub my clit while staring in your eyes.

“You like that you see don’t you baby? This whore hole is ready to cum hard! Want to see me cum while I watch you jerk you hard cock?” I tease as i see your cock start to jump ” Not so fast baby sit back and enjoy the show! I going to cum for you then you can fuck me hard!” I moan as i start shoving my finger deep and hard!

I spread my legs in a full split while I start to cum. My body starts to shake but I don’t let up! I keep ramming hard and then I squirt so much. Before I finish, I feel you licking it up. With your head between my thighs, I start to cum again this time watering your beard. I’m so happy that you got fed!

Little Girl Phone Sex XXX-Mas Orgy

This XXX-mas feast for perverts is a hot little girl phone sex orgy party. I let my girls invite some Schoolmates over. These girls just think they are coming to my place, which is the house with all the best treats and the place they get away with so much at. They think they are going to have a naughty time and yes they will for sure. But not what they think… the innocence 😉😈.

We will have their soda and kool-aids drugged. The cake and cookies will also be specially enhanced to enhance all of our spirits in the season of making bad Santa jizz all over his good list and only have the naughty left to deliver too. Oh the games 🎅🏿🎉💵.

I love getting the BBC Santa over to help out and keep the little holes in check. We have plenty of hot sweet young pussy and asses for all. Cum on ye faithful…

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Mutual Masturbation Sessions Ends With Me Squirting All Over

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I love getting you off. I want to jerk your cock until you cum. Play with my pussy while I jerk your cock. Feel how wet it is for you, baby. Rub my clit while I rub the tip of your cock. I can already see the precum dripping from your cock. I spit in my hand to lube up your cock some more, sliding my hands up and down your shaft. I beg for you to finger me and you stick two of your fingers in my cunt. The way you finger-fuck me makes me so wet and so horny. I don’t want you to stop. I want you to go faster and faster while I jerk your cock faster. My pussy is dripping wet and your cock is throbbing in my hand. I lick my finger and rub my nipples, which makes you even harder. I beg for you to use more fingers inside me and moan even harder as you finger me, filling up my pussy. I want to make you cum while I squirt for you all over the couch and the floor. Don’t stop, baby. I’m going to cum! 

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Daddy phone sex is where i found my last come dump. I know my daddy loves my she-dick. He came into my room for years swallowing my load and eventually taking my ladydick deep inside him. I found a BBC daddy who had never been able to play with his tranny daughter. I love that, of course I invited him over. When he got there, I could see his big black cock bulge through his pants. Daddy spoke about how he loves Big tits and asses and how young daddy girl sluts make his cock hard. Especially the ones who have a hard dick for daddy. That excited me so much that my she-dick was hard and poking through my skirt. He got on his knees and started sucking on my she-dick. He begged for daddy’s little slut to cum in his mouth, but I told him that I like more than just getting my tranny dick sucked. He got up and pulled his big daddy BBc cock out and I tried to fit it all in my mouth but couldn’t. He bent over for me; I knew he was ready. I stuffed my ladydick deep inside daddy and he moaned out. I stated quickly jacking daddy off as I fucked him, it relaxed him even more and he took my she-dick deeper. I felt daddy tighten up and his big black dick started cumming all over my hand. That made me bust all inside him. After we were done, he told me never could imagine how good it felt to get anal sex. Now we play through Anal phone sex.

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