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Daddys Hot Cunt


Fucking daddy always gets my mornings started; I can’t wake up a single morning without my pussy throbbing begging his huge cock. He doesn’t live far and when he sleeps over I just plop my tight cunt right on his face. He always knows what to do because I drip down my thighs while I gag on meaty cock. The moment I sit these juice pussy lips on his handsome face, I know he’s going to suck my clit and tongue my cunt hole until I soak him in all my juices. I beautiful set of tits like these need to be appreciated, what better place than in daddy’s big warm strong hands. The way he tugs on my nipples to let me know he wants me to swallow him deeper, pinching them to keep the same motion. The best is when he squeezes them really rough to let me know he’s ready for me to bend myself over with my cunt in the air for him to stuff me. Daddy knows how much I love to get fucked by his cock- that’s why he treats me like the good whore I am.

Mutual Masturbation with a Milf

Mutual Masturbation

I love to masturbate in the great outdoors. It is even hotter when I am sharing mutual masturbation with another pervert. I once was sitting on the park bench at dusk and enjoying the weather and the possibility of getting off outside. A fellow pervert sat down next to me and started commenting on my boobs and ass. He was trying to get a rise out of me and make me leave the bench. Seems his favorite place to jerk off also. I just asked if wanted to see my breasts, and undid my shirt and exposed my tits.

I reached over and started rubbing the outline of his cock. Soon enough he was fingering my wet twat right there at the park while I had my titties exposed. In turn I was stroking his dick off and talking dirty to him. Asked if he wanted to pump his cum on my titties. and guess what, Yep, I got a blast instantly on these tits. I got up and left then.

Orgy Fantasies

Orgy Fantasies Lillian

You ever feel so horny that you can’t help but fuck your best friend? Well, I did it to mine this morning *giggles* I woke up went down to check on him sleeping by the couch. Gently removed his blanket and started rubbing on his cock until it was rock hard, slipped his boxers down and started to roll my tongue all around it, sliding it down inside my throat. As I swallowed it he moaned and woke up grabbing my head to face-fuck me, Mmmm I was so fucking happy. While my drool was covering his balls, he told me plop on top so that I could ride his hot thick cock while he squeezed my big boobs. The way I slid it inside my wet bald pussy I enjoyed him stretching me! Sliding back and forth, his huge cock is just what I was craving. Before I could finish wishing, I forgot his brother came over too until I felt him slap his cock on my ass! Was I really this lucky to get two hot, hard thick cocks to stuff me? Please stick it in I begged him while he caressed my back all the way around to big tits, pinching my nipples. Sliding his cock in my ass while I was pouncing the other, No other greater feeling!! Both Dicks stroking inside of me- ready to cum, one set of hands on my tits while get sucked the other holding my hips getting pounded on both ends! Fuck they were ready to cum and filled me up with all that hot crème while I squirted onto both of them. Slowly dripping out on the couch they both used their warm tongues to clean me up and kiss my inner thighs up to both my breasts and sucked on them before saying goodbye. I wouldn’t have had my morning any other way and I can’t wait to see them again!

Popping His Asshole Cherry

I was stumbling to get up to my apartment from a long night of drinking I didn’t notice I dropped my keys. My neighbor walked up to help me. Inside he told me how he likes I am a little whore who likes fucking men with big dicks. I giggled and said that I love stroking their cocks while I am deep in them. He had a confused look in his face.

Anal phone sex

I got closer to him and kissed him as I took his hand and put it on my tranny dick. He tried to pull away, but I didn’t let him. I kept kissing him as I used his hand to jack my shemale cock off. I got on my knees and started sucking his cock. I know how men need their dicks sucked and swallowed. He moaned out and I knew he had never had it like that before. That is when I told him I needed more. I bent him over forcefully and kept stroking his dick as I rubbed my shemale cock on his man pussy asshole. He was saying no but his body was telling me yes. I kept stroking his dick as I forced my tranny cock in him. Once I felt my dick slide all the way in his ass, I went hard. I pounded him like a young bull using him to jack my shemale dick off. I felt my balls smacking up against his. When I was ready to cum, I felt his asshole clench my dick and I knew he was about to cum too. I was so glad to be his first, I love knowing I popped his asshole cherry.  

I’m The Neighborhood Cum Dump!

Fantasy Phone Sex

This afternoon I rushed home from work for a secret neighborhood fuck party at my place! It’s no secret that I’m the neighborhood cum slut, whenever I’m walking my dog the other women in the area all look at me like I’m a filthy whore and what can I say? They are right, they should hate me because I’m fucking most of their husbands behind their backs. Once a month all the hot professional family men in my cul-de-sac rush home from work early to meet me at my house for a hot hard gangbang! I strip naked and we all fuck right in my bedroom with the curtains drawn while their wives are at book club just down the street. It makes me so fucking wet thinking about all those sexy daddies and husbands sneaking around for me. They will abandon their families for a while to fuck my tight little holes and use me like a cum dumpster. I love to get violently fucked in every hole and squirt in their mouths as they finger fuck my cunny. They know I’ll suck their cocks dry and let them cum deep in my tight shaved pussy by the time we are all done fucking!

No Limits Phone Sex Freak

no limits phone sex

I know you have alotta fantasies that you need to get out with a kinky slut like me. Whatever that fantasy may be just know that your secret is safe here and i love to have no limits phone sex. Do you like getting big black cock rammed up your tight sissy ass while you suck on another cock that is stuck to the wall? Or, do you fantasize about sinking your meat into a barely legal babe with wet bald pussy that’s hasn’t even grown hair yet as her high-pitched voice moans your name? Regardless of what your twist is, I can guarantee that it’ll make my cunt soak. All you have to do is give me a call and this chocolate drop will make sure your cock explodes to your wildest fantasies. Other bitches cant handle an extreme freak like you but i know exactly pervs like you enjoy. We can be in phone perverts paradise together while we rub one out to all your freaky desires.

Your’e Addicted to Me

phone sex addiction

Your little phone sex addiction will be my secret. Nobody has to know that we spent hours chatting with each other as we play with ourselves. When I hear your sexy voice on my line I can’t help but slide two or three fingers into my dripping wet coochie. I know you’re over there jerking off your big hard cock while telling me how much you want me to sit on your face. We love each other’s company even after pussy squirts and your make your cock erupt. If we still stay on the line we instantly get aroused again and build up to our next orgasm together. Last night we spent two hours phone fucking . Wasn’t that hot? Your wife was in the bed next to you while we alternated between cyber and phone chat. Remember how we texted until I was right on the brink of fucking cumming? That’s when you called my phone to hear me moan your name. You whispered that you love the sound of my voice as you came all over your wife’s back while jerking off for me. I love our secret phone sex relationship and I wouldn’t tell a soul how hot and heavy our kinky phone sex gets!

This Tranny Is Searching For A Good Cock Slut

I have been searching for the perfect cock slut who craves dick but keeps it a secret. They suck the cum out of my tranny dick so good. I want to be able to pull my cock out and shove it in your mouth and have you make love to my shemale dick with your mouth. I want to be able to climb on top of you and fuck your mouth to the ground until I fill your mouth up with my gooey jizz.

Mutual masturbation

If you have been a good cock sucking slut, I will bend you over and tease your man pussy with my tranny cock while you feel my tits rubbing up against your back. I love teasing your cock with my hand while you fell my tranny dick poking at your asshole. When my girl cock is finally leaking that is when I while speed jerk your cock and shove my girly meat right in your pussy. A good cock slut takes all the pounding I can give and is ready to get any hole filled up. Right when I am about ready to cum, I tell you I want you to hold you nut until I fill you up. As soon as you feel my tranny dick pumping thick nut in you, you blast all over my hand. I make you clean me up before you leave. That is the kind of cock slut I need.  

My Sweet Black Twat

Tight shaved pussy

I love having my tight black pussy fucked by filthy white cocks. The way my black pussy creaming all over that dock turns me on so much! You want to fuck my filthy black pussy baby? You and your friends want to take turns breeding this wet chocolate pussy? One night I’ve had multiple cocks in all my fuck holes and it felt amazing. My ass, my mouth, and my pussy. I’m craving that again. I need that huge cock in my Throat while I play with those balls. Come fuck me baby! I’m waiting for you. When was the last time you fucked a big black cunt with a super wet pussy. Let me rock your world daddy. I know this pussy will have you wanting more.

My Cunt Craves Tranny Cock!

Fantasy Phone Sex

Oh what I would do for some thick tranny cock tonight! I know it’s a little strange for a hot slut like me to crave tranny cock, but I just can’t stop thinking about this sexy tranny whore I saw in a porn video. She was so beautiful and feminine with long flowing hair and gorgeous juicy titties, I was amazed at the size of her massive cock! I was turned on so much seeing that thick dick of hers standing at attention as a guy sucked her off. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to grab those pretty breasts as she pounded me with her big thick cock. I bet she could make me squirt and cum so hard all over her dick as she rubbed her tits against mine!

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