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Cock Tease

Hot phonesexI am not the take home to momma, have 2.5 kids and drive a mini van kind of girl.

I want to have fun while I am still young enough and hot enough to do so.

So I find myself at that point again, it’s time for me to fly.

I found this cute little town and a place to crash but the rent was a little steep and I didn’t have the full down payment.

But I knew by the tiny tent in his pants that arrangements could be made.

I slid my skirt up around my waist, running my fingers in gentle circles on my curvy hips.

Watching him, I unbutton my shirt letting it hang open exposing my bare tits and hard nipples. I hop up on the counter and spread my legs.

The heat from my pussy is intensifying the sweet smell of sex that is floating lightly on the air,

And my head tilts back, breaking my stare as I slide my fingers into my panties and start fondling my clit.

He is starring intently at the movement behind the thin fabric and starts to stroke his own hard cock.Phone sex whore

He cant stop watching as I continue to fuck my wet cunt, sliding my long fingers into the depths of warmth and slippery cream. This magical maze of muscles seems to pulse and clutch in some unknown rhythm, drawing my fingers in even deeper,

Still standing in the doorway, his cock is hard, swollen and almost purple with anticipation!

I pull my soaked panties to the side and tell him to cum on my cunt!

Still jacking off, he stumbles closer and I slide my cum covered fingers in his mouth, letting him smell and taste the sweet creamy wetness that dripped from deep inside me.

Then he unleashes a flood of cum, drenching my cunt on a blanket of thick white cream.

He stumbles back and falls against the wall. Breathlessly, he tells me the keys are on the counter by the fridge and I can move in anytime!

With a huge smile, I hop up, grab the keys and thank him with a quick kiss on the forehead before dancing out the door.

I left the door open, leaving him with his soft cock still in his hands, still  leaning against the wall with his pants around his ankles wondering what the hell just happened!




Love Being a Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. I just love being a whore. Whores have the best lives. We have the most fun because we do not deny ourselves anything ever. Not even during a pandemic. I am a kinky bitch. I will fuck just about anyone with two legs. Hell, I have fucked a few 4-legged beings and no legged ones too. I had a caller last night who wanted to know when I started fucking. I was young. But I was even younger when I started masturbating. My dad won me a life-sized teddy bear at the state fair. He was my first boyfriend. My daddy was my second boyfriend. I was such a horny little creature. I would hump my teddy bear and pretend we were fucking. Later, I discovered I had Plushophilia. I grew out of that odd fetish for stuffed animals once I discovered I could get off on cocks. My mother busted me grinding my bald cunt on this big teddy bear screaming daddy. She took me to a shrink, and I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. I had a high sex drive even way back then. I seduced my father not long after that and my mother gave up trying to fix me. She was a trophy wife and if she wanted to keep her cushy life, she had no choice but to shut the fuck up. I promised I would never be uptight like my mother. I raised my daughter to be a whore like me. She may not have a strange phone sex fetish for stuffed animals like I did, but that is because I gave her a vibrator for a young birthday. I taught her to embrace her sexuality. Now that she is benched from college until further notice, we play several times a day. Just to spice things up, I showed her how to rub her pussy on stuffed animals. We felt so naughty, but it is just another fun way to get off.

Cock Tease

Hot phone sexI was just hanging in my room yesterday trying on some of my new school outfits. I have some of the sexiest little skirts!
As I was playing dress up, I heard a sound out side my window! I turned and caught a glimpse of my neighbor ducking under the window sill!
That little perv! That’s ok, I am going to give him a show he will never forget!
I stood in front of my mirror and ran my hands up my thigh and slide my fingers into my thigh hiighs and slowly rolled them down.
I wiggle my ass and gave my skirt a quick teasing flip before I wiggled it to the floor. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse exposing me young perky tits. My nipples were so hard from the excitement of teasing him!
Then I slide my fingers inside my lace trimmed panties and felt how hot and moist I was getting!
I slowly started rubbing my clit and spread my legs so that he could watch as I slide my fingers deep into my wet cunny!
I was getting so worked up that I forgot about my peeping tom!
I continued finger fucking my warm cunt and pinching my erect nipples!
I was just about to explode when I heard him moan! I looked up and there was thick gooey cum dripping down the outside of my window!
I got up and ran to the window, just to see him running away with his cock in his hand!

Saving Grace

Kinky phone sex

I have to admit that I am no angel. My parents don’t pay any attention but my Grandmother came for a visit and told me that I needed saving and took me straight to church.
I thought I would be bored beyond belief but the priest was pretty hot!
We sat right in the front row and I noticed he could not keep his eyes off me. It was turning me on that I had so much power over him.
I spread my legs and pulled my skirt up just to the edge of my pretty little pussy. My grandmother looked at me in disgust!
The priest stuttered a bit when I pulled my black silky panties to the side, exposing my moist clit.
He rushed behind the podium to hide his growing rod.
I gave him my best innocent grin as I slowly slide my finger deep inside honey pot!
He looked as if he was going to jerk off in front of the entire congregation!
Just as the service was coming to an end, I pulled out my giant black vibrator that I keep in my purse.
I gave it a lick and watched him shake as he watched me get up and walk away.
I knew he was going to the privacy of his sanctuary once the congregation cleared so that is exactly where I headed!
I pulled up my skirt and bent over his desk and just as he walked in, I slammed that penetrating vibrator in my sloppy wet cunt!
I watched as he dropped the stack of bibles on the floor and grabbed his fat cock!
The harder I fucked myself, the harder he yanked his meat.
My sweet cream blast out of my stretched hole like it was coming from the depths of hell!
Just then he dropped to his knees and screamed hail Marys and something in Latin as he unleashed years of pent up cock serum!
I felt like I had done my good deed for the day and smiled as I went to meet my grandmother.
She said that she hoped he had given me a good talking to about the error of my ways! Oh, yes dear grandmother! Oh yes!


Built for Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexI was born for kinky discreet phone sex. I feel lucky to be born when I was because the newer generation are a bunch of pussies. This pandemic has shown me that some people just do not have a tight grip on reality. I am no spring chicken anymore, but I am glad to have grown up in an era where information was not thrown at us daily from a thousand different sources. I never panic, however. If I feel stressed or anxious, I fuck. I am very thankful that I can work from home because I do not want to be out in the crazy world right now. I am also lucky that my husband no longer minds me fucking in our house, so I can bring over any one I want now. My offspring are home for a while with us too. They love to listen to me talking dirty. My mother was expected to stay at home, raise the brats and be a breeding machine. She never had a job but being a mommy. Not that there is anything wrong with being a breeding whore and a stay at home mommy. I just never wanted to be barefoot and pregnant because it was expected of me. I like making my own money. I make great money as a phone sex slut, plus it keeps me sane right now, LOL. It also helps men like you relieve some stress. Wives are not doing right by their husbands and mommies are failing their boys. My sons and daughters appreciated me being a work from home mommy. I was around for their every need. Confession, when they were young, sometimes they would crawl between my legs and lick my pussy while I talked dirty. They are all grown now, but they still enjoy listening to mommy get strangers off on the phone.  They are still between my legs while I talk with you too. They would rather stay home and fuck mommy than deal with the wild world right now. What about you? Would you like to escape reality too with some hot fantasy phone sex?

Any Kinky Phone Sex Perverts Out There?

kinky phone sex

Hello to all you dirty perverts out there. Are you ready for some hot, wild, and kinky phone sex? I am in the mood to get into some really dirty fantasies and role plays today! I have one in particular that has been making me really horny lately. I can’t even count the times that I’ve masturbated while thinking about it. I know you must be wondering what it is, huh? Don’t worry – I’m about to tell you what it is that I have been craving so much – it’s strap on sex! And not for me and another woman. I want to fuck your ass.
Don’t be so quick to say no to strap on fun. If you can just relax and let me do my thing, I know you’re going to end up loving it as much as I do. It doesn’t mean you’re gay if you admit that you like having your ass fucked. It just means that you accept what feels good. Just trust me and let me show you a different kind of orgasm. I have guys tell me all the time it’s the most intense orgasm they’ve ever had. Come on, I know you want one, too.

Run That Train On Me

Kinky Phone SexAs an older gal I like to try new and nasty things. Last week I decided it was time for my hot juicy pussy to be used and abused so I set up a train through Craig’s List. And by train, I mean a complete gangbang of men to line up and fuck me one right after the other. It was marvelous. Before it began, I took a few shots, did a line and smoked a big fatty. Then I undressed and waited. Soon the line formed, and I spread my legs to take those big thick cocks. Of course, no condoms were required as I was wanted to feel each and everyone of them squirt their load inside me. After each one I could feel the cum dripping out of my creampie pussy. And when it was time to give my pussy a break I rolled over, slid down the bed and pulled apart my ass cheeks to begin getting ass fucked. This went on for hours and I have never felt sluttier and dirtier and I loved it. I had it all video taped so I can go back and watch it while I lay on the bed and stroke my hard clit.

Mutual Masturbation Is The Best!

mutual masturbation

Mmm don’t you just love mutual masturbation? There’s something so sexy about just lying back next to a man and touching myself while he jerks off. We don’t touch each other, but we kiss each other while we masturbate. I don’t know what it is about that scenario gets me so hot, but it does. It never takes me very long to cum during a masturbation session with a lover, but that’s okay because we can do it over and over again. Luckily for me, I can have multiple orgasms. And luckily for you, I’m more than willing to suck your cock to get it hard again for you.
Since we can’t be together in person, I’d love to have an over the phone mutual masturbation session with you. Let me hear how you moan when I tell you the things I’d do to myself in front of you. And when you start telling me about what you’re doing to your cock, you’ll be able to hear the sexy sounds I make. We’re going to cum so hard together…it’ll be almost as good as really fucking me. Are you in? I’m ready and waiting to touch my pussy while you stroke that cock, baby.

Being Perverts Together During Phone Sex

phone sexPhone sex will never replace fucking, but during times like these, I will take phone fun over no fun. I picked up a new caller during this pandemic and he is a hoot. We push each other. We encourage each other and we get off together. Yesterday, we were both outside naked talking dirty. I was laying out soaking up some sun and showing off my hairy cunt. He was in his back yard jacking off to his neighbor girl. He has a hot teen slut who jumps on a trampoline all day.  She goes up and down and he goes back and forth, lol. And I go in and out of my pussy listening to him describe the neighbor girl’s sweet young body. The girl is oblivious to the effect she has on her neighbor. Now, my neighbor knows the effect he has on me. He drilled a hole through the privacy fence just so he can spy on me naked in my backyard masturbating. I have developed a phone sex addiction to talking to guys outside. I am an exhibitionist slut and a P woman. So, if I can masturbate while looking at my high school boy next door while listening to you describe the Lolita slut next door, I can promise you will hear me cum hard. My neighbor boy heard me moaning and scaled the fence like Spiderman to fuck his sexy MILF next door. If only my caller could have been so lucky. He was jacking his cock while the little slut looked over the fence with every jump. I know girls like that. My daughter was like that. Sexually curious. I encouraged my caller to invite her over. She saw his dick and did not scream for her mommy. He interest was piqued. He promised me he would tell me what happened next. After our call, I put my focus on my teen boy neighbor. He fucked me in my backyard with my family just a few feet away.

phone sex addiction

Explore Your Own Phone perverts Paradise Fetish

phone perverts paradise

I invite you to explore every type pf phone perverts paradise fetish there is. Trust this wet mommy pussy when she says she loves getting out of her element. I have disciplined a few man sluts in my day and my son loves when I have had enough of the bondage and torture and desire to really lay into him with some BDSM play. I have made him into my very own little tranny pet and he takes the cock just as well as mommy. And these men who come to fuck him like me to get a little dominatrix on their ass as well. I have straps in all sizes and my son has a nice large young shemale cock that can make you a mommy and Boy sandwich.  He loves when my callers want to fuck him hard and leave cum drooling out of his young ass.  And this p-mommy loves to get feisty and make you her man whore and make your ass nice and open and full of cum for me. I think you will enjoy our dirty kinky play and cum back for more.

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