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Groomed To Be The Sluttiest Sugar Baby

Fetish phone sex

The apple does not fall from the tree when it comes to me and my mother. She’d been sleeping with Daddy for years while he was married to his first wife. Momma was patient and was the hot piece of ass daddy really needed. Always giving, while graciously taking in turn of course. So when I came along my mom was excited to raise me to be a good sugar baby for the good nice men who just need a young pussy from time to time. Raised me about all the naughty things those good girls aren’t taught to do at home. Raised knowing that if someone is nice to me, I should be just as nice in kind. After all my pussy is quite the naughty companion when I have a daddy that knows how to keep it happy. Fucked, pampered, and teased often!

Nerdy Librarian Pussy

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There’s a shy little librarian nerd at the college library who needs some help unleashing her inner sex goddess, so I took her under my wing and started teaching her how to phone sex, cyber sex and please her pussy with strangers online to help her inner cock lover break out of her shell.  She needs it really bad, you can see it in her eyes.

I was in the stacks looking for some interesting reads and a little coed cum when this mousey little waif wheeled a bunch of books by on the cart of check-ins.  I gave her a smile along with my usual deep eye contact, which made her feel really awkward.  Her whole body reacted, not just her face, I felt so bad for the poor thing as she walked away.

I probably wouldn’t have given her much more thought, but as she shrank away with her work load, I couldn’t help but to notice her thick, dick bait of an ass and that her hips are the kind that are perfect for getting ahold of while she’s being banged from behind.  Her cheek hams wiggled just right in her calf length pencil skirt, I think they hypnotized me a little.  Whatever it was, I couldn’t resist asking her if she had any bookworms crawling into her holes!

If the eye contact was awkward, this was absolutely mortifying for the darling little dorkette!  Of course she wasn’t seeing anyone, she told me she had only ever had one boyfriend in high school and that’s it.  I told her that wouldn’t do anything for her sanity and that I wanted to help her.  I gave her my number and told her to call me when she’s ready to open up her naughty side, kissed my finger and put it to her lips then sauntered out of the building.

She called that night.  Poor thing, the first guideline I gave her was never call the same night you get the number.  You want them to want you and think about you.  To do that, you have to play it cool.  She apologized and was going to hang up, but I told her that was silly and that I’d love to start right away.  That night was just us getting to know each other and me figuring out what she likes, anyway.  You have to be easy with these shy types, can’t hit the gas too hard or they’ll fall out of the van!

The next night started as phone sexing but I got her to click on her webcam so I could see what she looks like naked.  She didn’t have shit for tits, but that’s just fine.  Tiny boobs are cute, too, especially on a chick with a thick bottom half!  When I saw her tight little prudish pussy, though, I fell in love!  I could tell it was sooooo tight, I absolutely had to know what it feels like as it quivers and cums on my fingers and tongue.

We spent the next few nights fucking around and masturbating with each other, but I went back to the library when I was done with the book I didn’t bother reading to see if I could get some hands on action.  I wasn’t let down, she was there diligently doing her job just as expected.  This time, when we made eye contact, she didn’t get weird.  She kept as strong of a gaze with me as I had with her.  It’s working, I’ll make a sex goddess of her yet.  Making her sit her big ass and tight shaved pussy right on my face in the rows of books was a hell of a start!


Phone Sex Games Like Prostate Draining with a Sexy MILF

phone sex gamesDo you like to play phone sex games? I am a horny milf. I do this job not for the money, but for the pleasure. I am a horny wife and mother. I am in my 50s, but my libido rivals that of a young teen boy. I can cum all damn day long. I enjoy talking to strange men. I mean I fuck strange men, why not get off on the phone with them too? One of the things I enjoy about this line of work is that I can make men cum with my mind too. Sure, there is a power in the pussy. A mature snatch can milk any cock dry, but the mind is an erogenous organ even more powerful than the pussy. I love getting creative with mutual masturbation calls. I know just how to get a man off completely, if he will listen to me. Joe listens to me. Not all men are comfortable with ass play. I wish they were because massaging the prostate and jacking off simultaneously results in the best orgasm for a man. It is a complete ball draining. Sometimes, with a prostate massage, you get cum out that has been stuck inside your nut sack for years, LOL. Joe has been a caller of mine for years. He has a medical condition and getting erections is challenging. I started instructing him on how to massage his prostate to help him get hard. I am sure you have been in this boat before. The mind is willing, but your cock is being difficult. I helped him. Now, he is over his hurdle, but his new phone sex addiction is prostate massages. I drain his balls completely a couple times a week. I mean I do this for my husband, why not guys like Joe? The truth is I just love making men cum on and off the phone.

How I Became A Nympho: Vol 1

Daddy Phone SexEver since I was very young, I’ve always been an a very sexual little girl. I think it’s because I walked in on my daddy watching some truly nasty hardcore porn when I was barely school aged. I saw how big and hard daddy’s cock was, how he stroked it watching the people on the TV, I was fascinated with cock instantly as soon as I saw one!

I started asking boys at school to show me their dicks and I would let them see my tiny little bald cunt. I played that game with the boys at school so often in fact, one day those boys decided to see if their dicks fit inside my little hole. The feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt, one boy even shot some clear liquid all over the top of my little mound. Then the next boy stepped up and slid inside my hole, it was getting so slippery, in and out he drove his little cock until another shot of clear liquid squirted all over my slit. I couldn’t stop letting them slid in and out of my little twat, It felt so amazing I never wanted that line of boys to end.

Needless to say, I was addicted to that feeling and from that moment on I stuck everything I could get my hands on inside me. Hair brushes, pens, bananas, cucumbers and even a big sausage I found in my kitchen… nothing made me feel the way I did when those boys stuck their dicks in me. I was fingering my cunt in bed when daddy caught me, he asked what I was doing and I told him I needed to feel full again… Daddy came into the room and sat on my bed watching me fingering myself, I could tell he wanted to help me so I reached over and grabbed his cock. He was surprised but I told him I wanted to feel it inside me, I told him I let the boys stick theirs inside me and I wanted to feel him too!

To Be Continued…

College Bitches Are Sluts

College GIrls Phone Sex Lillian

What girl doesn’t fuck every cock she passes in college? That’s where we learn to be good whores to pay our bills. Better yet- many of us are as naughty as can be to find just the right sugar daddy hehehe. The young whores I love to play with are the sensitive fresh ones who look lost trying to find their way back to the dorms. Dressed up to impress you and get that cock ready for them to sit on, you know they want to fuck you with how they shy away their eyes. Better yet-ever notice how low cut and tight their shirts are or those skirts that have their asses out when they sit on that chair next to you when the could have sat in the back of the room. She wants you to put your hand on her thigh and finger her pussy while the professor is distracted for the lecture but really wants to watch you spread her lips for his perfect view on how deep you’ll go.

Masturbate For Me

bald shaved pussy

Look at my bald shaved pussy, and don’t stop. If you’re not already hard then I want you to keep staring at it until you are. That’s why I show my pussy off to you in the first place. To get you hard and horny lusting to dive into my smooth little cunt. Even right now the urge to put your dick in your hand is strong, don’t fight it. I want you to jerk off for me, masturbating to my tight shaved pussy just imagining how warm and wet it is inside. Desiring to be inside me, thrusting deep powerful thrust over and over again. Until I scream your name as I orgasm all over it! Would be super hot, don’t you think? So why not give it a try, masturbate to me, jerk off to my naughty little voice whispering words of encouragement in your ear? What do you have to lose besides your cum?

Mutual Masturbation Is How It Starts

Mutual masturbation is what most want to start with. They love stroking their cocks while I stroke mine or even jacking me off while using their other hand on their own dick.

Mutual masturbation

I will have Porn for masturbation on, because Big tits and asses start to make my cock rise and then all i want is a slutty mouth to suck it. As a sissy I can use you however i want, you open your mouth easily for me. My she-cock twitches when you do that, and I can’t help it. I slam my dick down your throat and you choke on it making your throat squeeze my she-dick more. You love tranny girls and i am the one you belong to. Your wife doesn’t know you beg me to let you suck my cock every chance you get.  When you are fucking your wife and you are deep in her pussy, you think about my she-cock deep inside your man pussy. You pound your wife’s tight shaved pussy just like you like the way I pound you. As she screams for you to fill her up you hear yourself screaming for my nut too. It makes you bust thinking about my she-cock filling you up. We started with Mutual masturbation, and we always finish with me filling your holes up with my big loads of hot gooey cum.

Orgy Of My Dreams

Orgy fantasies

It was flesh on top of flesh pressing against one another in a crowded dark room. Men with chiseled bodies and rock-hard cock, smashed into women as they spread wide for whoever wanted a taste. It took me a moment to realize I was dreaming about the hottest orgy ever. I could feel strong hands all over my naked body. Pinching my nipples and hot breaths panting against my ear. Being laid onto a group of melding bodies while I felt every part of my body being stimulated. Moans and groans echoed in my ear, begging for more and more. Almost felt like there was a need to produce mountains of lust fuel to an unknown orgy God. Truthfully as the dream begins to fade from memory all I can really remember is waking up trembling with an urgent need to reach down and play with my bald shaved pussy. Until I had multiple orgasms to calm me down from that extremely orgasmic dream.

How To Please A Princess Phone Sex

How to phone sex

Let me give you a crash course on how to phone sex with a hot slut like me. Truth yea I can be bratty but there isn’t anything I’m not willing to do. However, some of you have voiced your eagerness to please me, to get me off. So let me tell you what I really love! First off I’m Daddy’s girl 100% no if and or buts about it. However, I like real strong direct daddies. Knows what they want and doesn’t waste time telling me. This type of daddy is good at making me obey and be a good girl. 

So what if you’re not a Daddy? What if you are just horny but you still want to make me cum for you? That’s also an easy one, I love role-playing. Having a little story and build-up to when we fuck is really hot to me. It gives me something to imagine while I’m playing with my tight shaved pussy going along with our kinky fantasy. So simply if you want to please me bring out that daddy side or just have a kinky little idea in your head. Let’s play it out and make me cum for you!

My Roommate Katia Cums for Lunch!

Group Sex My roommate brought my lunch to work for me and we ended up in the boss’ office sharing his cock! Katia was kind enough to bring my lunch to work because I forgot it on my way out that morning. I was on a call when I saw her walking in, her long beautiful legs showing in that cute little dress she had on with heels. I was excited to see her so I got up and gave her a hug as I thanked her for making the trip. While we were hugging, I noticed almost every guy in the office was staring at us, including my boss. We laughed at them a little but then my boss came out and asked us both to come into his office. Once he closed the door behind us and shut the blinds for even more privacy, I knew what was going to happen and my cunt was already getting wet! I winked at Katia; little did she know she was about to help me go for that raise. I dropped to my knees, crawling under the desk to begin sucking my boss’ cock, Katia followed my lead and started to strip naked. Only a minute later we were both moaning as the boss tasted our pussies and began to slide his cock in our holes. Katia rode his cock on the desk while I pulled out the glass dildo, I kept in his drawer to shove it in her tight little ass. Feeling that dildo slide in her made Katia squirt and my boss came hard inside her. I was so ready to lick Katia’s fresh creampie that I completely forgot about the yummy lunch she brought me!

Orgy Fantasies