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Love Being a Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. I just love being a whore. Whores have the best lives. We have the most fun because we do not deny ourselves anything ever. Not even during a pandemic. I am a kinky bitch. I will fuck just about anyone with two legs. Hell, I have fucked a few 4-legged beings and no legged ones too. I had a caller last night who wanted to know when I started fucking. I was young. But I was even younger when I started masturbating. My dad won me a life-sized teddy bear at the state fair. He was my first boyfriend. My daddy was my second boyfriend. I was such a horny little creature. I would hump my teddy bear and pretend we were fucking. Later, I discovered I had Plushophilia. I grew out of that odd fetish for stuffed animals once I discovered I could get off on cocks. My mother busted me grinding my bald cunt on this big teddy bear screaming daddy. She took me to a shrink, and I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. I had a high sex drive even way back then. I seduced my father not long after that and my mother gave up trying to fix me. She was a trophy wife and if she wanted to keep her cushy life, she had no choice but to shut the fuck up. I promised I would never be uptight like my mother. I raised my daughter to be a whore like me. She may not have a strange phone sex fetish for stuffed animals like I did, but that is because I gave her a vibrator for a young birthday. I taught her to embrace her sexuality. Now that she is benched from college until further notice, we play several times a day. Just to spice things up, I showed her how to rub her pussy on stuffed animals. We felt so naughty, but it is just another fun way to get off.

Saving Grace

Kinky phone sex

I have to admit that I am no angel. My parents don’t pay any attention but my Grandmother came for a visit and told me that I needed saving and took me straight to church.
I thought I would be bored beyond belief but the priest was pretty hot!
We sat right in the front row and I noticed he could not keep his eyes off me. It was turning me on that I had so much power over him.
I spread my legs and pulled my skirt up just to the edge of my pretty little pussy. My grandmother looked at me in disgust!
The priest stuttered a bit when I pulled my black silky panties to the side, exposing my moist clit.
He rushed behind the podium to hide his growing rod.
I gave him my best innocent grin as I slowly slide my finger deep inside honey pot!
He looked as if he was going to jerk off in front of the entire congregation!
Just as the service was coming to an end, I pulled out my giant black vibrator that I keep in my purse.
I gave it a lick and watched him shake as he watched me get up and walk away.
I knew he was going to the privacy of his sanctuary once the congregation cleared so that is exactly where I headed!
I pulled up my skirt and bent over his desk and just as he walked in, I slammed that penetrating vibrator in my sloppy wet cunt!
I watched as he dropped the stack of bibles on the floor and grabbed his fat cock!
The harder I fucked myself, the harder he yanked his meat.
My sweet cream blast out of my stretched hole like it was coming from the depths of hell!
Just then he dropped to his knees and screamed hail Marys and something in Latin as he unleashed years of pent up cock serum!
I felt like I had done my good deed for the day and smiled as I went to meet my grandmother.
She said that she hoped he had given me a good talking to about the error of my ways! Oh, yes dear grandmother! Oh yes!


Mutual Masturbation Is The Best!

mutual masturbation

Mmm don’t you just love mutual masturbation? There’s something so sexy about just lying back next to a man and touching myself while he jerks off. We don’t touch each other, but we kiss each other while we masturbate. I don’t know what it is about that scenario gets me so hot, but it does. It never takes me very long to cum during a masturbation session with a lover, but that’s okay because we can do it over and over again. Luckily for me, I can have multiple orgasms. And luckily for you, I’m more than willing to suck your cock to get it hard again for you.
Since we can’t be together in person, I’d love to have an over the phone mutual masturbation session with you. Let me hear how you moan when I tell you the things I’d do to myself in front of you. And when you start telling me about what you’re doing to your cock, you’ll be able to hear the sexy sounds I make. We’re going to cum so hard together…it’ll be almost as good as really fucking me. Are you in? I’m ready and waiting to touch my pussy while you stroke that cock, baby.

Being Perverts Together During Phone Sex

phone sexPhone sex will never replace fucking, but during times like these, I will take phone fun over no fun. I picked up a new caller during this pandemic and he is a hoot. We push each other. We encourage each other and we get off together. Yesterday, we were both outside naked talking dirty. I was laying out soaking up some sun and showing off my hairy cunt. He was in his back yard jacking off to his neighbor girl. He has a hot teen slut who jumps on a trampoline all day.  She goes up and down and he goes back and forth, lol. And I go in and out of my pussy listening to him describe the neighbor girl’s sweet young body. The girl is oblivious to the effect she has on her neighbor. Now, my neighbor knows the effect he has on me. He drilled a hole through the privacy fence just so he can spy on me naked in my backyard masturbating. I have developed a phone sex addiction to talking to guys outside. I am an exhibitionist slut and a P woman. So, if I can masturbate while looking at my high school boy next door while listening to you describe the Lolita slut next door, I can promise you will hear me cum hard. My neighbor boy heard me moaning and scaled the fence like Spiderman to fuck his sexy MILF next door. If only my caller could have been so lucky. He was jacking his cock while the little slut looked over the fence with every jump. I know girls like that. My daughter was like that. Sexually curious. I encouraged my caller to invite her over. She saw his dick and did not scream for her mommy. He interest was piqued. He promised me he would tell me what happened next. After our call, I put my focus on my teen boy neighbor. He fucked me in my backyard with my family just a few feet away.

phone sex addiction

Naughty Mistress Phone Sex Secretary

mistress phone sex

Whenever you talk about people who work for you it makes me a bit envious because I would love to have you as a boss. Perhaps the next best thing is for me to be your mistress phone sex secretary whore? I would love having to answer to you. Having to be at your beck and call for all of your business AND personal wants and needs. I want to be your favorite employee and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure that I am. I will drop to my knees as much as possibly just to blow that hard dick of yours. The rumors will be flying around the office before we know it. I’ll dress exactly how you’d like for me to dress and I’ll always stay later, after every one else has gone for the day just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I will make it my sole purpose to cater to you and only you. I answer to no one else, as i am your very own office fuck doll to do with as you please.

Quarantine Hookup Babe For Daddy’s Friends

Kinky phone sexIt’s not that I don’t stay at home as advised but I do offer some very important services to some very hard working men. Daddy’s friends are very horny and have already tired of trying to use their wives to get what they want. Most of them couldn’t stop thinking about my pink wet pussy sliding up and down on their cocks. I imagine my tight young pussy feels much better than some dried up housewife pussy. My mom teases me and says if I keep playing their little quarantine hookup slut I’m going to end up someone’s trophy wife. Wouldn’t be so bad I don’t think, as long as I could still offer my services to others. It’s crazy after a week of being fucked again and again I’m still crazy wet! I just can’t get enough. Good thing I can visit Daddy later.

Virtual Sex With My Boss and Vegetables

Kinky Phone SexAs am older broad I am used to being able to go out and find some dick whenever I have wanted. This quarantine has really fucked that up. No bars, festivals, or workplace to find what I need. I always have my big fat dildo and vibrator but sometimes I like to have a fat cock stuck in my juicy wet pussy and then be pounded. I love the feeling of the balls hitting against my cunt. So, I have resorted to calling up one of my bosses and having a skype session. It has proved to be quite hot at times. The other day as we were skyping, and he was stroking his cock I told him to stick a carrot up his bum. He jumped to it and I watched as the carrot moved slowly inside of him. Not wanting to leave me hanging he suggested that I ram a cucumber up my twat. I only had some of those English cucumbers, you know the ones that are long, skinny, and curved. I lubed it up, spread my legs and pushed until my pussy had sucked it all the way in. We then watched as the other fucked their vegetable. He jerked off and I masturbated, wasn’t the same but it was pretty fucking hot and we both got off. We have an appointment today at noon to fuck too. I am bringing a beer bottle with me and going to have him do the same. My pussy is already wet thinking about it.

Phone Sex MILF Likes Young Girls Too

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf is still horny. The longer I go in quarantine, the hornier I become. There was a parade yesterday in my city. A school parade. Many parades were going on in cities all over cities. It was a way to cheer up little ones confined at home. I went out to the corner. I stayed away from others. Our governor is enforcing the social distancing guidelines, so it is hard to get laid. Not impossible though. I made friends with some cute young ones. Sisters. Not twins, but close in age and resemblance. Their mother works at the city hospital and their big sister is watching them. They live in the Dakota, which means rich. That’s the building where John Lennon was shot. My guess was their mother was not a nurse. More like a doctor or administrator. Likely mommy comes from money too. I didn’t care if the girls were rich or poor. I wanted to play with their sweet bald pussies. I am sure you can understand that! I invited the girls over. They didn’t hesitate. One of them told me their big sister is boy crazy. Most teen girls are. They gave their sister some excuse, and they came to a stranger’s house. Either they were just that bored, or these were naughty little girls. It was a mixture of both. Both girls were sexually precocious. They saw my big dildos on the couch and asked me to show them how I use them. They wanted to know if I had a hairy pussy and if I took it in the ass like porn stars too. They knew all about sex. I have no problem showing off my body to young girls. I have no problem eating little girl pussy either. I seduced those sisters. I ate their pussies. I taught them to eat my pussy. I even fucked them with my dildos. I know. I am a naughty woman. I just love little girl phone sex. Do you?

I Love Cumming With You

mutual masturbation

When I first started taking calls here, I just thought guys wanted me to talk dirty to them and get them off. I didn’t know there would be men who wanted to get ME off, too. So the first time a nice gentleman asked me if I wanted to have some mutual masturbation, I didn’t really even know what to think. I was touched that he would even ask me so of course I said yes. I turned the lights down, got a toy and some lube and got comfortable on my bed.
I asked if he had any fantasies that he’d like to talk about, but he told me he wanted both of us to talk about what we would do to each other if we were on my bed together. And he got things started by telling me how he would like to put his head between my legs and lick my clit while he pushed a couple of fingers inside my pussy. I told him he could keep doing that but that I wanted to sit on his face so I could get that throbbing cock in my mouth, too. Do you want to hear more about what happened or even have our own mutual masturbation fun? Call me so we can play!

The Kinkier the Better

kinky phone sex

I love it when I get calls for extreme kinky phone sex. I know that kinky is a very subjective word and it means something a little different to everyone. But I want to talk to the guys out there who are insanely kinky. It would make me happy to hear about all the really taboo things that would offend most people but turns you on. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. But even if you don’t have taboo kinky fantasies, I’d still love to talk to you. Kink is kink and I really love hearing about the things that get you going.
Maybe your kink is bondage and you want to have a submissive girl to bind up so she has no choice but to do whatever you want her to. Ohhh or maybe your kink is being a cuckold husband and you want to see your wife getting banged by BBC. Or maybe your kink is getting all dressed up and feminized and then getting fucked by a big fat cock. It doesn’t matter what you want, I’m ready to take you there. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call!

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