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When I Drank Too Much

Mutual MasturbationNow that covid restrictions are lifting and people are going out more I decided to go out and get some drinks. I was dressed like the perfect slut. By the bar there was a sexy black man staring at me, I walked up to him and we had more drinks. Any chance I got I rubbed my hands by his cock trying to feel it’s girth and size. I was feeling intoxicated so I excused myself to the bathroom. As I was in the stall, I felt my cock getting hard. The drinks had gotten to me. Then the door swung open and it was the sexy man I was having drinks with. Without a word he shoved me against the wall and lifted my skirt.  he spread my ass open and shoved his cock right in, he covered my mouth with one hand and groped my tits with the other. As he kept fucking me with his massive throbbing cock, my dick just kept getting harder. I should be hating this but this rape fantasy he is fulfilling was feeling good. As he pounded away at my ass, I started stroking my cock and playing with my balls.  I could feel his big fat cock starting to pump in me as I started cuming all over the wall. He pulled his cock out and left. I got myself together and left as well, that didn’t stop me from going out it made me want to do it more often.  

Fucked On the First Date

Fetish phone sexI went on a blind date, he asked me to come back to his place when I did, we kissed and started messing around. My nipples were hard and he did good by sucking them which only made my dick harder. He reached down in between with a surprise look in his face he started pulling my cock out. I pulled his cock out and we were stroking each other, I moved down and started sucking his fat cock slow and steady I played with his balls too. To my surprise he went down and started sucking on my hard dick even sucked on my balls and when I told him to lick my asshole he did. It only made me hornier so I bent him over and stuck my tongue deep in his ass too. I was shocked to hear him as me to fuck him but very excited, so I spread him open and started shoving my dick into his tight asshole. Inch my inch he took it and when I was deep in him, I stroked his cock as I pounded him. He was so tight I couldn’t pound him for too long before I came all in his ass. He then bent me over and shoved his hard cock in my ass hard and fast, I bounced my ass back like a good bitch until I made him explode in me. That was the best first date he ever had.

Those Sneaky Cravings

Discreet phone sexThere is a huge value in discretion when those very naughty cravings surface making your cock hard and throbbing. I’m not talking about just being horny, I’m talking about when those very deviant ideas pop up into your head. The kind that tells you to do very naughty and sometimes very frowned upon things. Don’t worry though we can dive right into those devious taboo thoughts, and it will be our dirty secret. A secret that will delight your cock and my wet bald pussy. I want your secrets to make my cum so let’s get into our discreet phone sex fun, tell me everything your perverted mind has wanted you to do today. It’s time to confess with me daddy!

Phone Sex Addiction for Masturbation and Cum Eating

phone sex addictionI want to be your phone sex addiction. I am in my 50s now, but I have decades of fucking and kinky experiences under my belt. I know a little bit about every fetish there is. I really enjoy jerk off instructions as well as cum eating encouragement. Something about a man cleaning up the mess he made turns me on. I eat my cum all the time. I lick every dildo clean, even when it has been in my asshole. My youngest son loves to eat his own cum. I trained him well. When he was a young teen boy just discovering that his cock was his best friend, I helped him learn how to masturbate. I love guided masturbation. I would play with my pussy while he stroked his cock, and we would cum together. He shot big loads then and he shoots big loads now. Last night, this phone sex milf and mommy edged him for hours. We played Red Light, Green Light. I masturbated with him. I played with his ass too. The poor boy had blue balls by the time I let him cum. What a mess he made too. I swear, some of his cum hit the ceiling. Just like he did when he was a young teen boy, he licked up every drop of his seed, even the cum that fell on the floor. Then he crawled over to his horny mommy and ate my pussy. He licked the alphabet on my clit and penetrated my cunt with a few digits. He knows how to make his mommy’s pussy squirt. His long lean fingers hooked inside my hairy pussy with his tongue on my clit and I am spraying him and the furniture. He ate his cum and mommy’s cum like a good boy. Do you need some mutual masturbation fun with mommy too?

Used Up Date

Mutual masturbation

When my date and I got to his place, he came up from behind me kissed my neck, grabbed my tits and my ass I could feel his cock poking at me. I go down on my knees and pull his throbbing dick out and start sucking it. I push it deep down my throat while I play with his balls, he turns around and my tongue went straight to his ass. I licked it good while stroking his cock, it had me rock hard. He then tells me he wants me to undress, with a surprised look in his face he touches it and slowly starts stroking it. I kissed him and told him to suck it, with hesitation he stuck my cock in his mouth and slowly licked it and sucked it. I was already leaking pre-cum so I know he was tasting me; I could tell he had never sucked a dick before but he was doing it well had me so hard and ready to pound his ass. I got behind him and kissed his neck, while stroking his dick and playing with his balls I then rubbed my cock head on his ass and I can feel him tense up. I told him it will only hurt for a bit but then will feel so amazing I am going to make him cum all over like he hasn’t before. I spit on the head of my dick and before he could move, I stuck it right in his ass. I covered his mouth so he couldn’t scream and I just pounded him hard I could feel his ass opening up for me, so I stroked his cock while I kept going deeper and harder. He started moaning louder and louder and I could feel he was about to bust all over, so I went hard using him as my fuck hole. I kept going harder and harder until I felt the tightness in my balls and I burst my whole fat load off cum deep inside his ass. 

Here I Am Baby!

Here I am Baby…your naughty nympho!Kinky Phone Sex

Like what you see?

There is no reason to be embarrassed!

We are both here for the same reason!

We both want to feel that beyond intense full body orgasm.

We both want and need sex like…all the time!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough!

So here I am baby…come and take me!

I would love to spend every second of every day completely naked with a nice hard cock shoved deep in one of my many moist tight fuck holes!

Maybe even two or even three lock strong dicks forcing their way into my shaved wet pussy and heart shaped ass at the same time!Mutual Masturbation

I would love to be stretched like a gangbang whore! Talk about Living the dream!

And You…you’re here because you love the idea of fucking a pretty little creampie slut like me!

The idea of my wet pussy completely engulfing your magnificent meat in my warm wetness, squeezing the cum out of you with every stroke is so close!

Maybe your an ass man…maybe you love the naughtiness of my tight anal cum dumpster hole consuming your hard cock inch by inch!

Or maybe you just want to see my pretty face covered in your sticky sweet cum!

Either way, we both want the same damn thing so lets lay back, roll a big fat one and, like the song says…Here I am baby, Come and take me!

Filled up an Drained

Fetish phone sex


I’m a dominant slut with a big dick, so I’m the one who normally does the fucking. But on this occasion, I had to let my john fuck my ass good. His dick was bigger than mine. From the moment he pulled it out and I saw it bouncing and throbbing, my mouth started watering. I went straight to licking and sucking the head while playing with his big balls. I could feel how full they were it got my dick leaking. I started stroking my cock while sucking on his. He grabbed the back of my head and started hard fucking my throat, his big cock made me gag and want to try and see if I could take it just as hard as hard as he was fucking my face. He didn’t say much I knew he was ready to fuck my ass and fill it up when I felt his balls tighten up and him groan as he grabbed my chin. I bent over started pinching my nipples and stroking my cock, then he spit on my asshole to make sure it was wet. I was ready for him with one stroke he shoved his throbbing dick deep in my ass. The harder he fucked me the hard I stroked my dick. I was so close to bust my nut it hit me when I felt him bit my shoulder and started filling me up with his cum, I felt every pump. I lost control and blasted my cum all over the floor.  

Teacher’s Pet

College girls phone sexOf course I’m curious about the joys of higher education so I did enroll in a couple of courses. Being stuck at home doing online learning most of the time though hasn’t been fun…until recently. I got an email from one of my professors, informing me that my attire has occasionally been distracting. Clever girl that I am, decided to ask him for a little video conference to discuss our predicament. Of course I decided to wear this cute new naughty outfit daddy bought me, it’s a black and white corset type. The white ruffles give it the look of a real naughty maid look. Matched with a black G-string and really short black skirt that hides absolutely nothing when I bend over. Put a bit of make-up on and waited for his video call. He was flustered but didn’t seem upset, in fact he seemed rather happy at my attire. As he began to explain my attire of wearing just a t-shirt and panties while walking around my room can be distracting to the others on our calls, was when I started to touch myself. Biting my lip and making it very obvious what I was doing. He wasn’t being on his best behavior either, I can tell his left hand was stroking away at his cock out of sight. How quickly the little problem seems to be resolved with the suggestion that I start some one on one classes with just me and him. So I could wear whatever I wanted or didn’t want to wear. Since I was such a promising student and his favorite. Of course he said all these things while I was taking off my top, and showing him what my fingers were doing under my skirt. Our quick 5 minute chat turned into over an hour of me playing with my holes for his viewing pleasure. Not sure why other girls stress about college so much, it’s so easy to get a good grade being the teacher’s naughty pet.

Mommy Raina Edges Her Toys

Mutual Masturbation

I love watching my sweet new little toys squirm desperately while they beg for me to please let them cum. I edge my darling pocket pussies until their poor cocks simply can not take the torture. I make those sexy things drip while they use their mouths to plead with me. I face fuck their oral fuck holes, slamming my big, thick girl dick down their throats.

My pretty toys swallow all ten inches of this shemale surprise. I bet you didn’t realize it at first, but women can be sexy with hot tits, a delicious ass, and a fat cock! I don’t need a pussy to make you feel good, as your cock would very much agree. Come here, baby. Sit on my cock, why don’t you? Let Mommy Raina jack you off nice and slow. My hands are going to work you into a fucking tizzy, I’m kissing on your neck and biting at your shoulder.

When your balls can’t take it, and you explode that hot, sticky cum all over, I’ll whisper nasty things in your ear, and then make you clean up every drop.

Devouring My Prey

Hot Phonesex
There he was sitting right in front of me, stroking that long steel like rod with those big callused hands!

He knew he was teasing me and he knew I couldn’t resist him!

My tight shaved pussy was already getting so hot and creamy and without thinking,

I slid my panties to the side and let my fingers tease my clit as I fixated on his giant cock.

All I could think about was how he filled my cunt perfectly so many times and how good his meat tasted after being inside me!

Then I saw it, those small pearls of cum, oozing from his hard helmet head, telling me that his cock was so full of cum that he just couldn’t contain it!

My mouth was watering and I couldn’t deny myself that juicy meat for another second!

I slid out of the chair and crawled like a lioness across the floor, my back arched and ass swaying in the air, letting the scent of my dripping pussy fill the air.

I could see him start to shake, knowing that I was going to devour every mouth watering inch of him!

I let my face get so close to his hard throbbing cock that I could have licked his raw hard meat from the bottom of that tight sack to the cum coated head!

Latching onto his thighs, I yanked him hard before taking that bulging cock deep into my mouth, swallowing him whole.

My face pushing hard into his groin, leaving no room for escape, I held him deep and tight in my throat, and using every muscle in my warm wet mouth, I squeezed his cock like a snake choking its prey.

Without moving, I could feel his meat start to pump cum in to my mouth!

I held my throat grip, drinking in every last drop of my reward until his body fell limp like a deflated balloon!

And like a well fed pet, I licked my lips and nuzzled him sweetly while I turned and crawled away!


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