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How To Please A Princess Phone Sex

How to phone sex

Let me give you a crash course on how to phone sex with a hot slut like me. Truth yea I can be bratty but there isn’t anything I’m not willing to do. However, some of you have voiced your eagerness to please me, to get me off. So let me tell you what I really love! First off I’m Daddy’s girl 100% no if and or buts about it. However, I like real strong direct daddies. Knows what they want and doesn’t waste time telling me. This type of daddy is good at making me obey and be a good girl. 

So what if you’re not a Daddy? What if you are just horny but you still want to make me cum for you? That’s also an easy one, I love role-playing. Having a little story and build-up to when we fuck is really hot to me. It gives me something to imagine while I’m playing with my tight shaved pussy going along with our kinky fantasy. So simply if you want to please me bring out that daddy side or just have a kinky little idea in your head. Let’s play it out and make me cum for you!

Anal phone sex For A Big Cock Tranny

Anal phone sex is what I will get on when I need to find a good fuck toy to use. Last night I met a strong bull with a big cock, I could see the print through his pants. What I liked most is that he didn’t know I was a Shemale with a big she-cock. I love when I get a good virgin bitch who has never had a cock before, especially a big bull like him. I love knowing I can take him down and make him feed off my cock. Back at my place I served him a few more shots before climbing on his lap.

Anal phone sex

I grinded my ass on his bulging cock in his pants while we made out, he started asking me about what was poking him. But I ignored him and pulled his cock out and stroked it until his big black cock was leaking. I got on the couch and stood over him and pulled my she-dick and shoved it in her face. He had a shocked look on his face but when he opened his mouth to say something I just shoved my dick in his mouth. I grabbed his face and fucked his throat. When I was good and ready, I told him to bend over. With a bit of hesitation, he bent over the couch. I started stroking his cock while licking his asshole making sure to lube it up with my saliva. Then I pushed my she-cock inside him, his ass felt like a Tight shaved pussy. He tensed up which made his asshole squeeze my cock and I busted my load inside him. I stayed in his ass while jacking him off so he could feel every pump of my nut pumping in him. He blasted a big load in my hand, I knew he was mine.

College Girl Chats For Your Cum

college girls phone sex

You are horny browsing college girls phone sex lines, well park it right here at phone perverts paradise. I’m a filthy little red-headed college coed that gets off making men cum for me while they stroke their cocks listening to my naughty little mouth. All while I play with my tight shaved pussy, teasing my fingers in and out imagining it’s your naughty fingers warming me up for your throbbing cock. 

I can paint a real sexy picture with my words, the kind that gets your cock dripping with that delicious pre-cum. Totally wish I was there slurping up every drop. I offer the no limits phone sex experience, always happy to get a daddy on my line who loves playing with his sweet princess. Every time I pick up that phone it’s a new naughty adventure, and I’m excited to see what each call brings. With every little detail getting my pussy sloppy wet, teasing my clit, and enjoying making you breathless!

Our Little Peep Show!

Orgy Fantasies Me and my roommate put on a peep show for all the sexy neighborhood cock last night! Me and Natasha were sipping wine after work when we got the best idea to watch some porn together. We put on one of my favorite porn movies where this super cute Christian girl gets forced into a gangbang. This porn got me and Natasha thinking it would so fun to play with each other with our curtains and windows wide open! We ran to our room to grab our favorite toys and came back to spread out on the living room couch. I started by licking Natasha’s fingers so she could touch my clit as I started sucking on her pussy lips. She tasted so good, just feeling her clit throb on my tongue made me so fucking wet. It wasn’t long before we had an audience, three guys who were out walking their dogs stopped to watch us play. We told them the front door was open and that they didn’t just have to stand there watching! Two of them came in and started jacking their cocks as me and Natasha sixty-nined, making each other cum! Those cocks were so hard and ready to stuff our cum thirsty fuck holes!

Group Sex

No Shame In Being Side-Chick

Hot Phonesex

I love being a side-chick. Mostly cause I’m the one they spend the money on. I’m the one that gets the hot-ass sex and pampered. Why? Cause I’m the perfect little whore. I’m not looking for a ring, I’m just looking for a dick and daddies who can take care of me. It’s a fair exchange in my opinion. I’m not looking to destroy relationships or marriages, I’m just a little palette cleanser. The fun little toy on the side, he’ll still support his family but he’ll be much happier fucking me first. This is why I love spending my days when I’m not getting spreading doing hot phonesex and playing with my tight shaved pussy. 

I don’t nag, I don’t give him a chore list, I only open my legs and say “Enjoy!”. I couldn’t tell you the number of times while getting my pussy stretched I’m browsing for things to buy with his black card online. Not to mention with me on his arm at some of those naughty parties I get a lot of networking done. I’m not the only hot piece of ass that is nothing more than a fuck toy and something pretty to show off. So why should I ever feel bad? If anything I’m the smart one who figured out I didn’t have to catch a big fish. I only have to fuck one!

Phone Sex Slut Esmerelda Loves to Masturbate on and Off the Phone

phone sexWant to have phone sex and masturbate? I love playing with my pussy and exchanging dirty stories or even just role playing. I had a guy ask me the other night on a call if I really masturbate. He thought I would sit there filling my nails and making up shit. I had to laugh. I do not need this job. I do not need to work. My husband is well off financially and I have my own money. I just like watching porn, playing with my hairy beaver and talking dirty. I have been a horny woman most of my life. I show no signs of slowing down either. I had this caller last night who is an exhibitionist. He likes to pull out his cock and stroke it in inappropriate places. I am a bit of an exhibitionist too. I enjoy showing off my phone sex milf body to anybody who wants to check it out. Plenty of men and boys are fascinated with my 50 plus year old body. I have some neighbors I masturbate for on a regular basis. My caller, however, shows off to schoolgirls playing in the park or school grounds. I found that hot. I have shown my tits to high school boys shooting hoops in the park, but always been too much of a wuss to do it near a school. This guy says girls mostly just look and giggle, but no one has run screaming pervert yet. This morning, feeling challenged by my caller, I made a bold move. I walked down to the YMCA park where all the schoolboys and girls hang out when school is not in session. I flashed my tits to some young black boys, and they flashed me their boy cocks. They looked like man dicks to me. They were young but had full grown cocks. I love it when I am inspired by my callers. Let’s put the hot in hot phonesex and see what kind of trouble we can get into too.

Group Sex With Big Tits And Asses Excite Kinley

Group sex

Group sex gets my tranny dick hard. I love watching Big tits and asses bouncing while a cock is going deep in a pussy hole or asshole. I can watch some Anal sex while having Mutual masturbation. I went to a private event; it was clothing optional. As I walked in, I could see people were intoxicated. Some were fucking and some were masturbating to them. I was already excited my she-cock was sticking out my panties. A tall young stud noticed and right away asked me if we could go somewhere. He was a bit discreet and didn’t want anyone to know he loves sucking tranny dick. I pulled out my she-cock and teased his lips by rubbing my cock all over his mouth. My pre-cum glossed his lips and he just licked it all up. I wanted more and he knew by the way i was fucking his face. I bent him over and I could feel his body trembling as I slid his pants off and started rubbing my cock on his man pussy. I was speed jacking his cock as I slid mine deep inside him. His body continued to tremble, but I didn’t care. I just fucked him hard using him to milk my she-dick. When I filled him up with my big load of semen. I knew it was his first time feeling it because he came all over my hand.

Porn for Masturbation From Mistress

porn for masturbation

You don’t always have to come to see me in order to get your load off. I know you love coming to the Playhouse and getting your back blown out but sometimes it’s nice to give that man pussy a break. I don’t want to blow your asshole completely out before I get all my use out of you. Today, i’m going to be nice and send you some porn for masturbation. I think you will thoroughly enjoy watching mistress get her tight black cunt stretched on your flatscreen. When you’re all alone nothing can stop you from massaging your clit to my kinky homemade porn. Don’t l look so sexy with a big black cock stretching me out? It’s okay if you want to cum. You have my permission to stroke that perverted little cock until you squirt all over your panties!

My Dreams Of Cock & Cream!

Best Phone Sex LinesI’ve been dreaming of getting covered completely in cum! My dreams lately have been so vivid and sexy that I’ve been waking up covered in sweat with my cunt dripping wet. Every night the dream is the same, I’m in a room surrounded by cocks. These men are hard for me and each cock is covered in a delicious sugar glaze, they clearly need to be licked and sucked clean. I open my mouth and start licking and sucking each cock like my life depended on it, by the time all get all those cocks licked clean my cunt is throbbing. When I return to the center of the circle all those hard dicks come closer and closer until I’m getting slapped in across the face with them, feeling their hardness against my cheeks. Finally, they start to jack themselves off all over me and I feel load after load covering my face and tits!

Fantasy Phone Sex

Milf Pussy Milker

Milf Phone Sex Lillian

It’s the way you make my pussy feel, when you smile at me like that- I get wet knowing what your tongue can do once it reaches my lips. Honey your hot breathe and the way your hands glide on my skin makes me feel every pulse of your heart wondering what your cock can do next. Most women want a full grown man, I never mind one of my sons friends or even a fresh college student that just needs a pick me up. I mean literally pick me up and pin me on the wall with my legs wrapped around your waist for a quickie. My big breasts against your chest while I’m moaning in your ear and your cock is sliding up inside my wet milf pussy steaming up the small closet we found to complete our lustful endeavor. Trying to stay quiet while knocking everything over- we are getting hotter and heavier than we though. You made it hard for me to breath- saying all the things no man could ever say. You came inside me so fuckin deep, I need that cock every day.

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