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Group Sex After School Fun!!!

Group sex

I’ve always been a very bad girl, I love being looked at and adored. It was no different when I was a teen in high school. I had a teacher who I knew liked watching me walk in and out of his classroom, I would catch him staring when I bent over my desk to grab my books. Me and my best friend would make a game out of seeing who could distract him the most in class. One day we made the whole class laugh because we got him hard just by wearing no panties under our tiny little uniform skirts. We sat right in the front row spreading our legs so he could see our tight bald pussies! Everyone saw his hard cock poking through his trousers and laughed, he absolutely gave us detention. When we showed up after school, he closed the door behind us and started stroking his cock. At first we were nervous because I was sure there were people still around that could catch us but once he got us into his office we all started touching each other. Both of us sucked his dick, He took turns fucking our faces and making us gag. He loved licking and fingering our young twats, It was our first group sex experience. We let him fuck our tight teen holes, filling both of us with his hot cum again and again until we were all quite exhausted from the three-way fuck fest. Group sex is my favorite way to have fun!



Phone Sex MILF and the Neighbor Boy

phone sex milfWhen I am home alone and horny, I put on something sexy and flaunt my mature body for the neighbor boy. I am a phone sex milf, and the young boys all want to play with me. He is home all the time now because it is his summer vacation. I love younger guys. I have long fantasized about this boy too. His young cock can rabbit fuck my cougar pussy. We have not fucked yet, but I know what young dicks can do to me. I am a cougar and I have had my share of young lovers. This neighbor boy is always stroking his cock in front of the window for me. I masturbate my hairy pussy for him too. He wants me and I want him. Every young boy wants a sexy mommy. My sex drive was so high today, I was not satisfied with mutual masturbation. I summed the boy over. It was his lucky day.

When he arrived, I yanked his boy cock out of his shorts, and started deep throating his horny rod. I could taste his yummy boy batter which was leaking out his throbbing young dick. He mounted me like an animal in heat. He was tired of jacking off for me too. I had cock teased him enough. A few pumps in my hairy pussy and he exploded. It was too quick for me. However, he had promise. He shot a large load for such a young man. Turned out he was a virgin. The way he jacked his dick and his bravado for showing it off to the milf next door, made me assume he was not one. I can make a dead man cum. I utilized my cock reviving skills and had his cock hard again in no time. As he was pounded my pussy, I oozed my milf juice all over his boy dick. He spent the day in my bed. The same bed I sleep with my husband. I know what I am doing all summer. Or maybe I should say, I know who I am doing all summer.

Happy Fathers Day Nasty Daddies

fetish phone sex

Happy Fathers Day Nasty Daddies…. I know you might have quite the fantasies of fucking your own daughter. If you want fetish phone sex, I can give that to you. I want you to have the best Father’s Day. Even if your not a father, I want you to know that I want to give you my sweet holes so that you can celebrate what keeps that cock up way high. The fantasy that truly pushes forth those fetishes or that particular one that many try to pretend isn’t normal, but we all know it is fairly common.

Most men have p cocks, and that should be celebrated! I want to make your father’s day special by letting you fuck me silly. I Will use all my toys on you whenever you deem it necessary.

If you get horny, you know I will abide by those delicious desires. It’s time to show you how much I want you to fuck me. Happy father’s day, dirty daddies all over the world.

Drive by orgasm

I understand urges!

Even a girl like me gets an undeniable aching for total animal lust fucking!

And when that happens, you have to submit to your desires!

That is why I keep a toy in my glovebox!

There is nothing better than a vibe stuffed in my hot wet pussy when I am stuck in traffic!

Yesterday was one of those days and I noticed there was this guy in a pick up watching me masturbate my slippery cunt while I was driving….I did have the top down so I can’t blame him!

I had my short skirt pulled up tp my hips, my lacy red panties slid just to my knees, and the nicest hard dildo fucking my dripping cunt as he coasted along beside me!

He was shaking and acting weird and I thought he was trying to get me to pull over but then I saw his half down window get splattered with a load of cream…and I don’t think it was a milk shake!

I love sharing my drive by orgasms with strangers!

It’s like spreading ecstasy everywhere I go!

I Fucked The Whole MC

Orgy Fantasies
I’m a huge gangbang slut where it really counts; in my fuck holes. I’ve been slutting it up with the local Motorcycle Club for years, but only recently did they start using my ten inch, thick trans bitch cock to start initiating new members. The rules are simple; if they can resist cumming from my girl dick being roughly slammed over and over again into their tight anal fuck holes, they can have mine. If they can take the fucking from me, whether they cum or not, they get in the club.

We all know gang life is violent, and as a former Brazilian mob wife, I know my lovers cum and go with the bullet shell casings. So, I make a habit of fucking the whole club whenever I want. Some of the guys I love to top me, because their delicious manly cocks feel so good in my tight ladyboy pussy.

Some of them I only fuck, because they’re bottom bitches who don’t have cocks worthy of Madame Raina. The boys spoil me, though. I always get new gifts; lingerie, makeup, fuck toys, purses, heels. They treat me like their perfect princess, and I keep their balls drained dry.
Mutual Masturbation

Milking My Favorite Fuck Buddy

Mutual masturbation


My favorite thing to do to my favorite fuck buddy is to milk him. When he comes over, I get on my knees and suck his cock. He loves how I do it, especially when I suck his balls. I like to surprise him and lick on his ass. I’ll stick my whole tongue in him making his toes curl. I love the way he moans makes me want to be even more nasty. He recently let me use my small flogger on his balls.  every time my flogger hit his balls his moans got louder and louder. I was too horny and turned on I just got on top and slid his cock deep in my ass. As I bounced and grinded my ass on him I stroked my cock right on him. I couldn’t hold it and I started cumming all over his stomach. My load shooting all over him made him start pumping my ass full of his gooey nut. When done he licks my ass clean! I enjoy milking him all the time.  

The Cab Driver’s Slut

Fantasy Phone Sex

As I sat in the back of the cab my dick was hard and throbbing. I was so turned on I didn’t hear when the cab driver complimented my sexy looks. When I looked up, I noticed how handsome he was and it got my dick throbbing even more. He was busy driving that I decided to stroke my cock by lifting my dress and pulling it out. It felt so good when he turned into the wrong street, I didn’t pay any attention. The next thing I know he was opening the cab door and pushing me down on my stomach. As he held me down, I could feel his hard cock starting to poke at my ass hole. I was so horny this only made me want it more. As he shoved his cock deep in my ass, I let out a loud moan. That only made him pump me harder and harder. I started stroking my cock and playing with my nipples as he fucked my ass. I started cumming all over my hand and that is when I felt him filling my ass up. When he finished, he told me he would be my personal cab driver from now on.  

Tight Shaved Pussy On Show

My household is a little on the wild side and certainly is paradise for perverts! The tight young pussy that is always on display is a sexy treat. My friends come by just to get the slut show. These brats of mine, boys and girls and all of their friends are the devils treat for luring your raging hard cock into sinning. I am as fucking god damned blasphemous as they cum.

My oldest daughter is truly my daughter! lol This girl is an aspiring pervert and she is so young still. I am proud at how well all my offspring are with my way of raising them, then again they just aren’t old enough to know any different 😉 isn’t that how you raise them right? It sure is working and men that want that forbidden fruit truly get a nice slice of sinning when you come around here. Be prepared to cum a few times and anything goes.

Tight shaved pussy

When I Drank Too Much

Mutual MasturbationNow that covid restrictions are lifting and people are going out more I decided to go out and get some drinks. I was dressed like the perfect slut. By the bar there was a sexy black man staring at me, I walked up to him and we had more drinks. Any chance I got I rubbed my hands by his cock trying to feel it’s girth and size. I was feeling intoxicated so I excused myself to the bathroom. As I was in the stall, I felt my cock getting hard. The drinks had gotten to me. Then the door swung open and it was the sexy man I was having drinks with. Without a word he shoved me against the wall and lifted my skirt.  he spread my ass open and shoved his cock right in, he covered my mouth with one hand and groped my tits with the other. As he kept fucking me with his massive throbbing cock, my dick just kept getting harder. I should be hating this but this rape fantasy he is fulfilling was feeling good. As he pounded away at my ass, I started stroking my cock and playing with my balls.  I could feel his big fat cock starting to pump in me as I started cuming all over the wall. He pulled his cock out and left. I got myself together and left as well, that didn’t stop me from going out it made me want to do it more often.  

Fucked On the First Date

Fetish phone sexI went on a blind date, he asked me to come back to his place when I did, we kissed and started messing around. My nipples were hard and he did good by sucking them which only made my dick harder. He reached down in between with a surprise look in his face he started pulling my cock out. I pulled his cock out and we were stroking each other, I moved down and started sucking his fat cock slow and steady I played with his balls too. To my surprise he went down and started sucking on my hard dick even sucked on my balls and when I told him to lick my asshole he did. It only made me hornier so I bent him over and stuck my tongue deep in his ass too. I was shocked to hear him as me to fuck him but very excited, so I spread him open and started shoving my dick into his tight asshole. Inch my inch he took it and when I was deep in him, I stroked his cock as I pounded him. He was so tight I couldn’t pound him for too long before I came all in his ass. He then bent me over and shoved his hard cock in my ass hard and fast, I bounced my ass back like a good bitch until I made him explode in me. That was the best first date he ever had.

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