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Cum dripping pussy

Blonde phone sex

My pussy was used as a cum dumpster. I have been sticking my fingers in there sucking cum off my finger tips since last night! It felt so good to get fucked by a group of married drunk men. I went to a Christmas tree lighting and the trees were not the only things that got lit. Turns out I was getting fucked by a group of men. My thong, bra, mini skirt and top were being used as ornaments. I had the hottest most kinkiest sex! I was on my knees getting my pussy plowed by 6 men. They used their cocks and anything on site to fill my holes. I had beer bottles, twigs and even candy canes inside of my pussy last night. Those men really used me up. I had to run to my car naked leaking of cum and everything you could possibly imagine. They sure treated me like a filthy slut and I enjoyed it.

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Blonde phone sexMy sister’s husband caught me masturbating! This is so awkward! I will never show up to family events after today! I mean what the fuck did we just do! I can no longer look my sister in the eye after fucking her husband! I wish I could tell her the truth about him without her judging me but I can’t! I’m so sick like he is a very shitty man and she is being fooled! He took advantage of my vulnerability and was jerking off to me masturbating for god knows how long! He is handsome and my type but he is my sister’s husband and I submitted to his dirty minded actions! He fucked me so good it made me forget about my dildos and vibrators! Wow he is quite the meaty man! He filled me up and made me scream begging for mercy! He wouldn’t stop until he got his 3 nuts in me! He really came deep inside my cunt and then he watched his cum dripping out of my cunt slowly! What the fuck what if I’m pregnant now? But that didn’t stop me from sucking his cock after! He then went down and ate me out! Hands down one of the best heads I have ever received! I finished all over his face! I didn’t stop squirting for so long! He has to go meet his wife outside and there is pussy juice all over his face and he has no change of clothes…..if he gets away with this I will never show my face again! I’m leaving this country and never looking back! I am a disloyal whore!

My Tight shaved pussy got rammed

I was in a perverted paradise this morning!!

Blonde phone sex My hotel room service workers are men I guess! I overslept and my check out time was overdue!!! So the perverted room service employee walked into my room when he wasn’t supposed to. He was claiming that he was checking if I was okay?!! But I knew from when I checked into this hotel that he wanted a piece of this grown meat! While I was asleep he removed the blankets and found himself a treasure!!! I always sleep butt naked in my stomach with my ass arched up!! That’s how I get comfortable!! From his view he could immediately access my cunt, I felt fingers rubbing on my pussy but I thought I was just having a wet dream!! Then all the sudden I got a feeling of sudden tingles all over my body!! My head got woozy and my skin got goosebumps!!! I then opened my eyes and looked back at a massive cock penetrating my pussy!!! I asked no questions!! I just moaned and moaned to the rhythm of his strokes!! The sex was so passionate that we just fucked and fucked!! LOL He might lose his job!! But he earned himself a girlfriend with benefits!

Cheap phone sex with a tight shaved pussy

Blonde phone sex

I am a cheap and nasty milf who can still fuck really good! I’m so cheap that I don’t even charge for dick!!! Right now, I want to go up to this group of men that I’m currently staring at from across the street and open my legs up for them. In my head I’m being a perverted slut that I am and it’s actually getting me super wet! The stuff I would say and do to these men just for them to cheaply fuck me on top of the dumpster! Oh my god I can see their dick prints and they are very big!! Oh fuck it, I need a taste! In broad daylight all out in the open I walked up to them and began to suck their long juicy cocks…My knees were bleeding from all the shoving and head grabbing they did to me! They made me scream that I was a perverted cunt who just takes any dick! They slapped me with their dick to discipline me and I didn’t seem to get any worse the more they slapped me and trashed me the better I fucked them!! Yeah, I can be cheap but I know my worth! Nobody can be as good as my wet juicy sex that I make men feel…I’m the cock soaker queen! Come and fuck with this cunt!

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Blonde phone sex


What would I do without sex?


I honestly couldn’t be enjoying this life without perverted men. The way they want me and scope me out is very amazing. I just have a thing for older men who like young women! I love bringing the youth back into a man’s heart. Older men are always my go to especially if they are perverted and naughty. Those men are the most experienced.


They give the best sensual sex ever. I love an experienced cock! I don’t care about the size. I only care about the motion in this wet pink ocean. Fuck me and make my eyes roll back. Hold me by the neck and call me a whore. Pull my hair and spread my butthole. I love you king…keep looking at me like that and cum to me, but just make sure you call me and let me know what you would want to do to me!

I have a weakness for perverts

I’m so perverted that I began to have an obsession with myself. Everywhere I fuck I make sure there is a mirror just so I can watch my self get rammed by a cock! The thought of a cock getting hard to my own pussy gives me the best orgasms! When men look at me I make sure they get hard!

Blonde phone sexI’m so perverted that I began to have an obsession with myself. Everywhere I fuck I make sure there is a mirror just so I can watch my self get rammed by a cock! The thought of a cock getting hard to my own pussy gives me the best orgasms! When men look at me I make sure they get hard! I know that I am beautiful  and naughty and I love when I give myself up to strangers due to them staring at me! When they stare at me it feeds my ego and becomes very submissive to my wet pussy! As soon as I get wet I surrender to anything! It’s kind of a gift and a curse because sometimes I tend to get clogged up by a group of dicks! All because they managed to get my cunt wet! I just love myself and the attention I bring myself! I am so ready for a pervert to make me fuck myself with this 10 inch dildo…mhmmmm care to join?

Liquor store run

Blonde phone sex

His cock was stiff and my pussy was throbbing. We had the best most nastiest sex ever! I fucked some guy at the liquor store yesterday. I always have sex toys in my purse just in case I get horny on the go. He double penetrated me with his cock in my ass and my vibrating 10 in dildo deep in my pussy his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. I was moaning so loudly scratching him all over his body. The dildo was vibrating his tip through the walls inside of me. We fucked in every position! He pounded my face while I fucked him deep in his ass. I was gagging and choking all over his cock. I could barely even breathe! We had back to back orgasms. I would love to get fucked like that again. I don’t even know him but if I see him again I am sure he will remember me.

The neighborhood fuck toy

Blonde phone sex



My name is Katlina and I am known in my small town to be the naughty freak that I am. I have fought many wives because their shady husbands just can’t keep their eyes and hands off me, when I am at the local bar at night. I have been banned from 7 bars in the past 2 months. They call me the ball drainer, I am known for milking these men of cum. I do not know why their wives just don’t let me train them so they can learn how to fuck like me. It seems these men are at my house more than they are at home. Why blame me? I am just a naughty slut who loves getting fucked. It’s not my fault I look this good and am able to suck cock with no gag reflex. From the experience I’ve gotten I will never marry. Who wants to fuck on the same dick for the rest of their lives? I would much rather have 5 cocks at once, never mind 1 that I am committed too! Come fuck me perv.

I sure enjoyed his cock

Blonde phone sexI am such a dirty slutty milf. Come jack off for me and show me what you’re made of. I love when guys are so turned on by my fat juicy ass. MHM I intentionally make it jiggle even more! I went to Target to pick up a few things I needed around the house. I couldn’t help but notice the bagger checking me out. He asked me if I needed help bringing my items to the car. I said yes indeed! He followed me to my SUV, while I was placing the items in the trunk I bent over to reach into the far back. My velvet thong was showing out of my jeans. I noticed his fat cock got hard as a rock. I pulled him by his belt into the back of my trunk. Mmhmm he enjoyed himself! He enjoyed my creamy wet milf pussy gliding on and off his cock. We had sex in every position! He ejaculated in my mouth!  His cum tasted so good. He had to get back to work so he wouldn’t lose his job. My pussy is still throbbing. I wasn’t done! I need a cock or two to ride right now so I can get my fix. Are you the one?

Come make a slut feel special

Blonde phone sex




Looking at me is a blessing to some. I mean who wouldn’t want a taste of this pussy. I believe my pussy came from paradise. At the lake last weekend I acted like a perverted dirty slut that I am. I got naked and went swimming with the men. They honestly couldn’t tell I was naked until I got out of the water. Once I did they all started whistling and got hard. It was just two grown men. Mhmm the way they looked at me got me so wet. I just bent over and directed them with my finger. They didn’t hesitate. They fucked me so good! At one point they shoved my head in the dirt and fucked me deep in my anus, I was being double penetrated. After that they nutted on me and pissed all over me. They honestly didn’t even ask my name. They just did what they did and went back to their wives. Wow I am such a skank. I get treated like one everywhere I go. Come and hit on me so I can feel better about my slutty ways!

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