I Dressed Him Up

Fetish Phone SexMy office job has become monotonous, so I have ventured out to some side hustles. My friend turned me on to these perverts who want you to dress them like little sissies. Degrading a man is just what this old broad would love to do and getting paid is just a bonus. So, I took out an ad in Craig’s List and in no time my email was blowing up with these men begging to become sissy girl slaves. On advice I hit up the thrift stores for some items, panties, bras, garters and girdles and such. I could barely contain my excitement as I met up with my first client. He was a stout fellow, but I had just the perfect outfit for him. I put him in some thigh highs, garters, bra and a panty type thing. I made sure to pull his cock and ball sack out, so it was on full display. His tits even filled up the bra. He looked hilarious but I wasn’t done just yet. I grabbed my makeup bag and went to work on his sissy face. I applied pink glittery lip gloss, some blue eyeshadow and bright pink blush. I even had a set of fake eyelashes for him. Then I had him stand in adorable poses as I took pictures of my masterpiece. I could see a wet spot forming on those panties, so I just upped his final price and let him wear them home. I did bend him over my knees and give him a spanking for messing in his panties though. He is scheduled again for next week. Wonder what I will have in store for him then.

Best babysitting job ever

kinky phone sexI started a new job yesterday babysitting for this new family in town. The mom spends a lot of time out of town for her job so the dad needs someone to stay at their house during the day so he can do his job too. I got there early in the morning and the mom was rushing out the door to head to the airport but the dad was still in his bathrobe just sitting at the table drinking his coffee. He told me that the little ones were on the way to school already and what he needed me to take care of that morning was him. He opened up his robe and showed me that his cock was rock hard and gestured for me to touch it. I was kinda surprised that he would be so bold like that on my first day but I’m not gonna lie, it turned me on. He was a sexy daddy and his dick was big and fat so I got right down on my knees and sucked it balls deep down my throat. I sucked that big cock until his legs were shaking and he was pumping it uncontrollably down my throat. I milked every drop of cum from that cock and swallowed it all and you know what? He paid me for the whole day plus a big fat tip and I never even had to watch his little ones at all! I think I’m gonna love this job.

My Phone Sex Hotline for P Fun

phone sex hotlineWhen you call my phone sex hotline, it is anything goes. I promise you nothing is off limits with me. I am a nasty freak. I have been fucking longer than most my callers have been alive. Most of my callers are younger than me, but I do love to talk to guys my own age and even older. I like to be an accomplice. I know most men my age want girls my daughter’s age and even younger. That is okay. I am a sexy milf and there are plenty of young studs who want to bang me. I have a friend I met in a chat room on Redditt. You can find all sorts of perverts there. I never knew about the platform until a caller informed me about it. Sean and I discussed young pussy in a chatroom. Turns out we live in same city. One day, I asked him if he wanted to meet in Central Park. We spent the entire day following young girls around. With social distancing, no one knows we are stalking them. We would talk about how tight her cunt and ass would feel on his dick. We would imagine her in different positions. The park was full of hot teen sluts and young schoolgirls with their moms enjoying some sunshine. It was nice to talk to a real person who enjoys young pussy too. I mean I talk to plenty of perverts on little girl phone sex calls, but I was hunting with a person. We were seeing the same thing at the same time. We have a plan set. We are going to scope the park daily for a week and learn the patterns of some sweet young girls. Once we find a girl we like who has a routine at the park, I am going to lure her away for his pleasure. I live so close to the park it makes taking a little slut easy. I bet you wish you could be my accomplice too.

Discreet Phone Sex With Your Favorite Whore

discreet phone sex

Hi, daddy. I love discreet phone sex, and trust me when I say that I know how to keep things a secret. I’ve been fucking dirty daddies for a long time and I would absolutely love to add you to the list. I used to fuck the horny daddies of my girlfriends and if I’m being honest, sometimes I still do. If one of my girlfriends pisses me off, you can rest assured that I’ll be revenge fucking her daddy. I don’t care if I destroy a marriage.  It’s not my fault that I look like this and that men can’t resist me.

I think I was made to fuck older men. They can never resist my tight little cunt. They love sliding their fat cocks inside me and telling me that I feel so much better than their stupid wives. Are you aching for some kinky fun and your wife just won’t give in to you? I’m all yours, daddy. I’ll even call you daddy if you want me to. That’s a pretty fun role play and it gets me off every single time. Why don’t you pick up your phone and tell me what you need so I can give it to you all night long?!

Cheap phone sex with Marilyn

cheap phone sexIf you’re looking to have kinky, wild fun from the safety of your own home, then cheap phone sex sluts like me are perfect for you! I’m always ready to make my whore pussy squirt juices for you as you tell me what you want to do to my sexy body. My big, perky tits are perfect for you to suck on while you pound my soaked pussy. Watch them bounce as I slide up and down on your hard dick. You can bend me over and force that huge hard cock into my tight, perfect asshole. I’ll even stand over you and piss all over your chest before I rub in all over you and cover you in my golden liquid! Make me your cum whore and use every hole to dump your jizz into! There is no fantasy too crazy for me. My favorite cocks are the huge fat ones with a nice, big set of balls full of cum for me. I love to tease a fat cock and get it throbbing for me before I jump on and make you empty those big balls into me. You can use me for absolutely anything you want baby! I’m looking forward to hearing your fantasy!


Mommy Slave On The phone sex Line

Kinky Phone Sex

How does a mommy whore like me end up bound and watching you fuck my offsprings mouths while I watch? The date was going great until I could keep that vial of white powder hidden away. A little too much coke and a couple of shots had me spilling out what a p mommy I am. Well, enough to give you clues, that is how I see what men would love to do with a brat given the chance. I slipped my hand under the table and felt that cock. I had brought my a game but the drugs made me feel like just my body wouldn’t be enough. So I started talking about my two brats and my oldest daughter and how I had, maybe, sold her when she was younger. You brushed me off and laughed, saying you were going to be the gentleman and bring me home. All thoughts of what I had tried to do left me, but when we got to my trailer you put your hands over my mouth and grabbed my wrist behind my back! You demanded to see my littles as they lay sleeping in their beds. The cough syrup hasn’t worn off. Mommy can’t afford a babysitter so they lay peaceful in underwear and panties. “Wake them and bring them to your bed, now whore!” You definitely are not the docile man I thought you were! On the bed they cowered and cried as you found my BSDM ware. Bound and gagged you have full access to groggy brats who are scared of you. You don’t even speak to them as you grab blonde curls and drag them to your pants. You are sadistic in the way your big hard cock chokes my brats! I am trying to get free, but now you have my daughter bent over as she cries out for me, Mommy has brought another man home to hurt my littles!

I had to punish her

kinky phone sexMy daughter was such a little brat yesterday! I had this really sweet guy over to spend time with her and all he wanted was to lick her damn pussy and she pitched a fit. Like full on screaming and crying and flipping out and he didn’t even wanna fuck her! He paid to lick her damn cunt and she was acting like a little bitch, I had to literally tie her ass down and that kind of turned the sweet guy off so I had to give him his money back. Well, that was too much for me man, I was planning on using that money to get high! I told her she done fucked up and I called a real sadistic fuck I know. I told him my brat was tied to the bed already and in need of punishment so he came right over with an 8 ball and got to work. As soon as she saw him she started screaming and begging me not to. She was telling me she was sorry and begging to go back to the last guy but it was too late for all that. He hurt her bad, fucked every hole and tortured her for a few hours but he paid me a lotta money for it so I was happy. My daughter learned a real good lesson too, I bet next time she won’t turn down the nice guy!

Want Me To Drain Your Balls?

fantasy phone sexI had been assigned a temp job at a local firm and my boss was not only hot and rich, but he was looking for a young plaything to take care of. I love money and I love older men. They really know how to take care of a girl if you know what I mean. He knew my slutty ass was interested so he handed me an envelope and smiled and casually walked away. I opened it and there was a hotel key, a credit card and a note. The note said to get myself pampered and buy something nice for dinner and something slutty for the night and to meet him there at 9. This isn’t my first go around with his type, so I knew what he wanted. A slick freshly waxed pussy and ass for his pleasure along with the normal manicure, pedicure and perfect hair. I would be his arm candy at dinner and his freak for dessert. I did exactly that and bought a hot dinner dress and some naughty after hours toys and costumes for the night. Dinner was wonderful as I lay my hand on his lap and gently started stroking his cock through his pants. I nuzzled up to his ear as I handed him a tiny blue pill to keep him involved in our late-night activities. As we walked into the room, the bed was covered with flowers and I gently removed my dress wearing only my bra, panties, thigh high and heels. He handed me a glass of champagne and we got the night started. I left that man completely dry but still wanting more. Want to hear the naughty things I did to him?

OMG! He Only Had 2 Inches!

He messaged me and emailed me that his wife wanted him to call me. He called and the fact he only has a 2 inch penis really was only the start of it all. I expect Charlie to be a good regular and his wife even reached out to me. She thanked me for talking to him and is completely fine with me using him as my own cash cow and humiliate him as much as I wish. She is happy that I will distract him while she gets her womanly needs met. She has a lover with a big black cock and I saw her in action. She really loves to submit to the BBC and her husband should be also. For the time being I hope to make him my little bitch and have a lot of fun with him. His little pee pee is so small that I can make it squirt in 2 minutes flat, or less! He is really just not meant to please a woman. Are you pathetically small also?

Phone Sex Humiliation

Phone Sex Fetish for Cum

fetish phone sexDo you have fetish phone sex needs? Many men do. As a mature sexy woman, I cater to all kinds of fetishes. My life is one big fetish. I am a slut wife who cuckolds her husband and I am a dirty mom who plays with her sons and daughter. Everyone in my family has a fetish for cum. My husband loves eating my creampies. My daughter and I are cum guzzling sluts. And my boys all enjoy sloppy seconds. In one way or another, we all get cum in this family. Last night, I came home late. I had a huge creampie for someone, LOL. I was drunk and I got fucked at a house party. The party turned into a swinger’s party, but I was there solo, so I fucked all the men, even the married men. The women did not mind. They were fucking other guys too. I came home with cum dripping down my legs. Everyone was still up. My husband was working on some legal briefs. My daughter was watching a Netflix movie. My one son who is visiting was talking to his wife on the phone. And one of my stepsons was playing a video game. I walked in and announced drunkenly that I had a huge creampie. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their focus to me. My husband took a few licks of my creampie before the boys fucked me. My son and stepson both came in my cunt making me even more full of jizz. That left my daughter. If anyone shares my love for cum in this family, it is her. She was rubbing her bald cunt watching everyone else have fun with my cum filled cunt. She knew I saved the best for last. I spread my pussy wide and let my daughter lap up my mess. I am a kinky phone sex mommy. I love to feed everyone my cum filled holes.

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