T Ball P Mommy Phone Sex Whore

Phone Sex Whore

I love seducing men and young boys with the tiny tight outfits that a mommy should not wear in public. I admit it I am a dirty P-mommy phone sex whore. I love watching little boys cocks get hard when I flash my bald pussy and tits at them in the grocery store. Sometimes I would lift my skirt and piss in front of them just to make myself cum latter thinking of those innocent faces. Those other mommies are too busy to notice what I am doing to their little sons. My greatest adventure was at t-ball last year with a P-daddy who matched my nasty side. I found him so sexy as the coach of my Little boys T-ball team, but he had an affliction for boys and sometimes girls. The younger the better! He would sit in the dugout and I wild send the most feminine little boy in to suck his big P-daddy cock while I made sure he wasn’t interrupted. In the next weeks, we would set up play dates as I offered him, my son and daughter, to use as pin cushions. I would even find him the neglected young ones that he could use to fill up with his daddy cum. What can I say In real life and here, I do love a nasty milf phone sex session with a perverted daddy!

Hottest phone sex ever!


hottest phone sexLast night, I had the hottest phone sex that I’ve ever had! My caller had my tight teen pussy soaked for him!  He has a huge cock and loves to spew huge loads of cum for me.I rode my big, fat dildo and made my kitty squirt for him so many times! I loved listening to him stroke his cock as he told me about how he wanted to turn me into his little cum whore. He wants to pick me up and wrap my legs around him. Then he wants to slide me down on his huge cock and bounce me until his hard throbbing cock can’t take it anymore. I want to feel that hard dick throb as he cums deep inside of my slutty fuck hole. I would be the perfect slutty cum rag for him to dump his loads into whenever he felt like it. My little whore pussy is still wet thinking about all of the wild and kinky ways he wants to fuck me!



Being Perverts Together During Phone Sex

phone sexPhone sex will never replace fucking, but during times like these, I will take phone fun over no fun. I picked up a new caller during this pandemic and he is a hoot. We push each other. We encourage each other and we get off together. Yesterday, we were both outside naked talking dirty. I was laying out soaking up some sun and showing off my hairy cunt. He was in his back yard jacking off to his neighbor girl. He has a hot teen slut who jumps on a trampoline all day.  She goes up and down and he goes back and forth, lol. And I go in and out of my pussy listening to him describe the neighbor girl’s sweet young body. The girl is oblivious to the effect she has on her neighbor. Now, my neighbor knows the effect he has on me. He drilled a hole through the privacy fence just so he can spy on me naked in my backyard masturbating. I have developed a phone sex addiction to talking to guys outside. I am an exhibitionist slut and a P woman. So, if I can masturbate while looking at my high school boy next door while listening to you describe the Lolita slut next door, I can promise you will hear me cum hard. My neighbor boy heard me moaning and scaled the fence like Spiderman to fuck his sexy MILF next door. If only my caller could have been so lucky. He was jacking his cock while the little slut looked over the fence with every jump. I know girls like that. My daughter was like that. Sexually curious. I encouraged my caller to invite her over. She saw his dick and did not scream for her mommy. He interest was piqued. He promised me he would tell me what happened next. After our call, I put my focus on my teen boy neighbor. He fucked me in my backyard with my family just a few feet away.

phone sex addiction

Orgy Fantasies w/ Tight Holes

He admitted to those orgy fantasies he had and how they weren’t the standard kind of orgies. He loves young bald pussy and tight hairless assholes. I invited him to my place with my young little whores and a couple of their friends. The girls were all in little bikini’s and make-up on their cute little faces. They looked like good whores. The boys had nothing on over their bare bottoms and their little penises dangling freely. It was enticing for the naughtiest p type daddies. He was in that boat and boy did I make it float. He was so fucking hard when he came in and say all 12 of these various aged young hotties sitting in the front room. I train them to be behaved when mommy has friends over. Two of my girls got up and went to him and helped him undress. They knew what to do and got down and started to kiss his p daddy cock and get it good and throbbing. The boys and girls not servicing him made out for him and a couple of the boys serviced my mommy pussy. We had such a great time helping him penetrate young little assholes and pussies and giving him what he didn’t realize he wanted even, those young sweet cocks and balls to suck on. Everyone got what they wanted and that was a blissful satisfaction. That is exactly what I offered and I always achieve.

Orgy Fantasies

She cried so hard

kinky phone sexMy daughter was being a little bitch all morning when she knew I was dopesick. I needed to get high and I had a man coming over to party with me but he wanted to fuck my daughter and she was refusing. Well, I couldn’t let her get away with that so I grabbed her, stripped her naked and tied her to the fucking bed. He was surprised to see her like that but he sure wasn’t complaining, he just pulled out his cock and started stuffing it wherever the fuck he wanted to. She was screaming and crying but that only made him harder. I was annoyed by all that noise tho so as soon as I got high I just went and sat on her face to muffle all her bullshit. When are these little assholes gonna realize that I am always going to get my way?

Kinky Phone Sex With Your Girl

kinky phone sex

I hope you’re here for some fucking kinky phone sex because that’s what I need right now! Sometimes you just wake up in the mood to do something out of the ordinary and nothing else will do. I don’t have anything specific in mind – I just know I want something that would make most people cringe. So what is it that you’re thinking of right now? Do you have a super taboo fantasy in mind? Go ahead and tell me which family member you are jerking off to. Maybe it’s more than one of them – do you have a couple of cuties that you’d love to jam that cock into?
The thing I love about kinky fantasies is that you can literally talk about anything. Do you love fucking grapefruit? Maybe you like being watched through your bedroom window. How about going to parking lots and pulling your pants down to jerk it? Do you like group sex? Cuckold fantasies? Dressing up like a slut and going down to the glory hole to suck cock? You can have anything you want when you call me. Just make sure that whatever it is, it’s nice and kinky or we’ll have to step it up a bit!

Secrets Of A Private Dancer

Anal phone sex The most scandelous things happen at private parties. Back when I was a stripper in Atlanta we would get invited to entertain at after parties and that’s where all the wild sex escapades began. I was at a bachelor party and was advised to only dance for the groom since he was get married but he was drunk and it was clear he wanted to fuck. So I took him back to one of the rooms at the hotel party. He was very excited and watched me do a sexy dance for him while I stripped down naked. Then he had me suck on his big cock. It was such a naughty and empowering feeling to seduce the groom. So I allowed him to bend me over and fuck me real good in that hotel bed. His friends found what room he was in and they where peeking through the door on us. I think they were getting aroused watching me fuck him. I love being the center of attention.

Explore Your Own Phone perverts Paradise Fetish

phone perverts paradise

I invite you to explore every type pf phone perverts paradise fetish there is. Trust this wet mommy pussy when she says she loves getting out of her element. I have disciplined a few man sluts in my day and my son loves when I have had enough of the bondage and torture and desire to really lay into him with some BDSM play. I have made him into my very own little tranny pet and he takes the cock just as well as mommy. And these men who come to fuck him like me to get a little dominatrix on their ass as well. I have straps in all sizes and my son has a nice large young shemale cock that can make you a mommy and Boy sandwich.  He loves when my callers want to fuck him hard and leave cum drooling out of his young ass.  And this p-mommy loves to get feisty and make you her man whore and make your ass nice and open and full of cum for me. I think you will enjoy our dirty kinky play and cum back for more.

No limits phone sex slut

no limits phone sexBeing a nasty no limits phone sex slut is what all the guys love about me. Everyone knows that I’ll do anything to be completely glazed with that hot sticky jizz. Just last night I had a wild and nasty time with a hot older guy that I met on a hookup app. He wanted a nasty, freaky slut and I made sure to show him what a nasty, freaky slut is. I let him fuck me in my perfect tight asshole before I turned around and sucked his hard cock clean. Licking and slurping every bit of my sweet juices off of him. Once his cock was soaked from me gagging and drooling all over it, he forced it into my tight little cum hole and fucked me hard until my pussy was gushing and juices were dripping off his balls. Once again I turned around and sucked his hard cock clean. I even sucked and slurped on his balls as I stroked him. I made that fat cock throb as warm cum cascaded down his hard shaft. I caught every drop in my hands and licked it up for him as he played with my soaked kitty. I hope that I find someone to have that kind of wild fun with again tonight!


Your Kinky GFE Hot Phonesex Whore

hot phonesex

Hi, sexy. I’m glad you’re here with me again. As I’ve told you, I love GFE hot phonesex because once you know someone well, you learn what pleases them. You know what to do and when to do it without being asked or told and that’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion. And the emotional intimacy that comes with knowing someone just makes the kinky sex that much better. I know you agree with me or you wouldn’t keep coming back for more. The bond that we have formed has made for some really intense orgasms. And the pillow talk after we cum is just so sweet. It makes me happier than you know.
But just because I’m giving you a regular girlfriend experience doesn’t mean that our sexy chats can’t be super taboo and kinky. There’s something about a really deep, dark taboo fantasy and sharing that with someone that really gets my pussy wet. I’ll tell you my twisted fantasies if you tell me yours. We can share with each other and maybe even find something new that turns us on. Once you’re ready for your hot GFE session, give me a call and tell me what you need, baby.

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