Daddy Likes My Ass

fantasy phone sexSo, I had a date with daddy big bucks. We had been out a few times and he had gotten a taste of that sweet nectar between my legs, but I knew what he had in mind. He wanted that hot little tight asshole he has been dying to fuck. He had his limo pick me up and drive me to the room he had rented for us. I walked in and beautiful rose petals lay on the bed, a bottle of champagne on the table and a marvelous dinner. As we ate, I removed my shoes exposing my nylon covered feet. I gently put my foot between his legs and started rubbing on his crotch. I could feel that beast come to attention and a smile appeared on his face. He laughed as he grabbed for my hand and pulled me to his lap. I sat with my back towards his chest and as he unzipped my dress his hands caressed by tits and he gently kissed my neck. I stood up and the dress fell to the floor leaving me in only thigh highs and heels. I knelt down and unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out. I spit on the tip, just like he likes. I started sucking him, slow and steady and firm and then…………… well I know you want to know, don’t you? It was hot and he got exactly what he wanted. Give me a call and I will tell you all about how he gaped my ass and spit in it.

Kinky phone sex slut Marilyn

kinky phone sexI’ve had the hottest and most kinky phone sex calls this week! My panties are soaked from listening to these guys jerk their hard dicks for me. I love those dirty daddies that need a freaky, little cum queen to party with. They’re my favorite guys to rub my tight, perfect pussy for! I was just on the phone and my cum hole is still gushing from talking to him. We played that I was his bratty, little step-slut who needed to be punished for bad grades. I love being punished by Daddy! I told him what my step daddy did when I was younger. He bent me over the bed, lifted my skirt and slid my panties down to spank my bare ass. He got so turned on that instead of spanking me, he rammed his hard dick into my tight asshole and fucked me deep and hard. I whimpered and cried a little but couldn’t hide how good it felt, once my little pussy started to squirt everywhere. I miss being Daddy’s anal cum slut.



I Enjoy Being A Cum Slut

Bald Shaved Pussy

My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is talk about all my slutty sex experiences, I love telling really horny guys about all the times I’ve been rammed and stuffed. I’m a natural cum slut and love getting creampied again and again. Nothing feels better than getting bent over a couch or a table or a counter and getting my hot little hole filled with cock. Talking about all my experiences getting treated like a real whore gets me so horny all over again; I want you to touch yourself knowing that I can’t wait to feel your hard dick throbbing inside me, stretching me out and making me yours. I want to get fucked hard and filled deeply with your cum until my pussy is leaking all over from your massive creampie.


Riding Bitch…

tight shaved pussySome men just need a tight shaved pussy riding them. I personally love riding bitch on a nice big throbbing cock and being the sexy milf who milks your cock from riding you. Slap my tits and pinch my nipples until I almost cry. I fucking love being your pain whore as you slap my face and tell me to fuck you harder. Mommies pussy is for fucking and fucking hard. And my sexy Dom men know how to use me and hurt me so good. My only desire is to make you happy, and if that means taking this slick cunt and riding you until I get all that yummy cum up inside me, then so be it. Last night after taking his cum, I stood up and looked in the mirror and saw his hand prints on my big heavy milf tits. I turned and saw red whelps patterned all over my round ass and new I had been given the spankings and pain I so adored and it was done so well. Proud of my aftermath I got on the tub and played with my pussy after a long night of being a submissive mommy!

Phone Sex Milf

phone sex milfI love being a phone sex milf. Many men love a milf with a harry pussy because it reminds them of their mothers when they were young. Men who grew up before the 90s all had mothers with hair on their pussies. When they would spy on mommy in the shower, she had a big old bush. Her panties had little curly hairs in the crotch. Those panties smelled muskier too. I grew up with a mother with a hairy pussy. I shaved my pussy in the 90s, but when I started fucking my stepsons, they told me I should have hair because I am a mature woman. I was in my 30s then. They convinced me to grow it back. They love eating my hairy twat. All boys do. I had this one guy I dated in the 90s who said I would never get a man with a hairy pussy. I shaved my twat for him, but my stepson reminded me that the hallmark of a mature woman is that hairy pussy. Never once have I encountered a man who thought I was unattractive because of a hairy pussy again. Most men love it because it takes them back to being young men who jacked off thinking about mommy’s bush. I hooked up with a man in his 40s last night. We met on Tinder. When he arrived at my place, he called me mommy and shared that I looked just like his mother below the waist. That made me feel so good. He ate my pussy and licked my hairy taint too. We enjoyed fucking. He was about 12 years younger than me but calling me mommy made him feel 30 years younger. I still fuck my sons and my stepsons, but I do miss those younger years when they were fascinated with mommy’s hairy snatch.

Daddy likes little girl phone sex so much

little girl phone sex

I love to roleplay with daddy when he’s away, and his favorite is little girl phone sex. He’s so obsessed with me and always has had this insane attraction to me. Daddy says, I look like mommy but the better version. I’m freakier and nastier and love to please. mommy still looks so hot, but she become such a bore and doesn’t use her sexy body to please or wear hot outfits she can pull off, so daddy has to look at the replica and realize he has a hotter version ready to make him cum so hard. I love to make daddy feel good. It’s part of me to make sure he is always taken care of no matter what. Even if he cums once, he can surely cum twice.

A Cage And A Tattoo For The Naughty

fetish phone sexYou know what happens when you disobey your mistress? A punishment. Sometimes a punishment so severe that it requires you have a daily reminder of your shortcomings. In this case sissy Dave decided that he was going to have a little fun without any permission at all. Seems he forgot I have cameras everywhere as I don’t trust his sissy ass. Sure, enough I was reviewing the footage and on the screen was shemale porn. His absolute favorite and his kryptonite. His drug of choice that leaves him with no control. So, he was not just watching shemale porn he was naked in MY bed stroking his little pencil dick. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at his fingers stroking his little shrimp until they were covered in his cum. Then he used my blanket to wipe himself. Then I was furious. But not one to act on anger I planned and plotted hot to punish him. I told him I had a fun day planned and we would have a lot of fun. He bathed and came into my room for his clothes. As he slipped on his panties, I told him not yet. I reached in my bag and pulled out a cock cage, attached it and pulled up his panties. He didn’t like that at all. But he did smile when I told him we were headed to the tattoo parlor. I showed the artist what I wanted him to have, and sissy Dave laid back and I handed him my phone with shemale porn playing. How do you think the tattoo turned out? And what about those swollen balls.

Kinky Slut Is Your Wet Dream

no limits phone sexI have no limits at all on what I will let you do to my body baby! I want you to use me all up as your dirty cum slut and show me what I am only good for and that is for you and all of your dirty and naughty daddy friends to fuck me hard and long all day and all night. Use this teen cunt for your own pleasure and cum dumpster. I am a dirty little brat for daddies like you that deserve to be punished. Do you have any favorite sexy fetish that you can use on my body. Cover me in all the juices and fluids of hard daddy cocks! Come and play daddy!

Phone Sex Whore Waiting For You

Phone sex whore

Don’t you ever wish there was someone to listen to your sexiest fantasies and get you off? I love hearing the hot horny voices of guys who are stroking their hard dicks and ready to cum for me. I’ll tell you all my slutty stories in detail just so I can make you cum or we can even get off together. I’ll spread my tight little pussy for you and be your own personal phone fuck cum queen. There is never anything too dirty for me to hear or talk about with you; I have all the time in the world to get that huge cock hard and leaking precum, ready to explode for me. I want you to think about me and my wicked little tongue as we play together and cum over and over until those big heavy balls are completely drained! Never underestimate how a nasty little girl like me can talk about fucking all night long! I’ll be waiting for you.

Kinky phone sex


Knee Socks With A Big Cock

Kinky phone Sex
I’m a beautiful fucking woman with perfect tits, a slim waist, and a beautiful little ass. I love to dress up in lingerie, with knee socks and a hot little thong covering my big cock. A cock!? Well yes honey, this trans bitch has a ten inch cock ready to slide right inside that little ass. How can you resist my sexy lady boy charms?

You can’t and that’s how you ended up choking this dick down your throat. You’re making me moan with every thrust of your head, and I can’t help but grab a hand full of your hair and rock my hips deep into you. Do you love the way I taste? I love what you do with that mouth.

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