Mutual Masturbation with a Milf

Mutual Masturbation

I love to masturbate in the great outdoors. It is even hotter when I am sharing mutual masturbation with another pervert. I once was sitting on the park bench at dusk and enjoying the weather and the possibility of getting off outside. A fellow pervert sat down next to me and started commenting on my boobs and ass. He was trying to get a rise out of me and make me leave the bench. Seems his favorite place to jerk off also. I just asked if wanted to see my breasts, and undid my shirt and exposed my tits.

I reached over and started rubbing the outline of his cock. Soon enough he was fingering my wet twat right there at the park while I had my titties exposed. In turn I was stroking his dick off and talking dirty to him. Asked if he wanted to pump his cum on my titties. and guess what, Yep, I got a blast instantly on these tits. I got up and left then.

Orgy Fantasies

Orgy Fantasies Lillian

You ever feel so horny that you can’t help but fuck your best friend? Well, I did it to mine this morning *giggles* I woke up went down to check on him sleeping by the couch. Gently removed his blanket and started rubbing on his cock until it was rock hard, slipped his boxers down and started to roll my tongue all around it, sliding it down inside my throat. As I swallowed it he moaned and woke up grabbing my head to face-fuck me, Mmmm I was so fucking happy. While my drool was covering his balls, he told me plop on top so that I could ride his hot thick cock while he squeezed my big boobs. The way I slid it inside my wet bald pussy I enjoyed him stretching me! Sliding back and forth, his huge cock is just what I was craving. Before I could finish wishing, I forgot his brother came over too until I felt him slap his cock on my ass! Was I really this lucky to get two hot, hard thick cocks to stuff me? Please stick it in I begged him while he caressed my back all the way around to big tits, pinching my nipples. Sliding his cock in my ass while I was pouncing the other, No other greater feeling!! Both Dicks stroking inside of me- ready to cum, one set of hands on my tits while get sucked the other holding my hips getting pounded on both ends! Fuck they were ready to cum and filled me up with all that hot crème while I squirted onto both of them. Slowly dripping out on the couch they both used their warm tongues to clean me up and kiss my inner thighs up to both my breasts and sucked on them before saying goodbye. I wouldn’t have had my morning any other way and I can’t wait to see them again!

Mistress Kennedy Session

submissive phone sex

Usually, I’m the sub during submissive phone sex calls, but lately I’ve been in a very bratty mood. I’ve thought about all the guys who tell me they have huge cocks and when I ask how big they are, they tell me 6 inches. Yes, that’s above average, but just barely. And it’s not like being above average is anything to brag about. There’s no way that would do anything for me other than make me laugh. And boy am I in the mood to laugh at a loser like you. Does that turn you on? Having your teeny weenie laughed at?

I love comparing common household items to your dick size. I wonder what we can find around your house that would make you feel ashamed of how small you are? I might even have you get a magnifying glass and look through it. That’s the closest you’ll ever come to knowing what it would be like if you had a big dick. But of course, you’ll never know what it’s like for real because your dick has done all the growing it’s going to do. I need to fill you in on how useless and pathetic your dick is. 

Kinky phone sex slut Marilyn

kinky phone sex

If you want a boring, vanilla phone fucking experience then you found the wrong girl. I’m a dirty, kinky phone sex whore and I want a nasty guy to party with tonight! My young, sexy body was made to be used by naughty men like you. I’m ready for you to bend me over and use every one of my cum holes! I just want to feel your big hard dick ramming my tight ass and making me squeal! Stretch me out and blast a load into my asshole. Pull it out and stuff it down my throat to make me suck you clean, so you can force fuck me again! I’ll be the most filthy cum slut you’ve ever met as long as you’re giving me that dick!


Cunnie check up with daddy

fantasy phone sex

If you have a knack for fantasy phone sex, understand that I am one dirty fuck slut that enjoys being used and drilled. Whenever I get a nice hard cock in me, I feel alive. I want to beg to feel the warm cum distributed inside me. Daddy is quite the jealous fella, and I know he hates the thought of me fucking other boys.

Daddy loves to say tempest, sweetie, you need a man, not a boy, and I am the only man for you. I know I should be content, but sometimes I have the urge to say fuck it, I want cock. It often involves giving road head or in a movie theatre quietly fucking so no one hears. Usually, it is so spontaneous that no condom is used. I know that spells out trouble for me in the end. Daddy likes to do a cunnie check on me to make sure no cummies get in me. Daddy will not let his princess get knocked up by a boy, so off to get a plan b we go. It is hard for my daddy to stay mad at me for too long. I have him wrapped around my finger. So go ahead, daddy I will spread wide for that cunnie check 😉

Anal phone sex adventure whore

Anal phone sexI’m an Anal phone sex whore and I love it. I’m not afraid to get my behind dirty with seed nor do I care if my anal fuck slot is dripping jizz by the money shot. I’m an adventurous girl who’s in this business to make men happy and I don’t shy away from even new or somewhat degrading acts. The fact that tonight’s fun got my roommate excited was only a bonus, and I enjoyed making things loud and squishy so she’d have lots of material to jill off to while I watched. I made sure to scoot on over and lick out that delicious pussy the moment I saw her will break and she opened her legs for me. I didn’t even wait to stop being fucked in my stretched out asshole, a Phone sex whore is always looking for new ways to have fun and I definitely managed to find a new way today that sated both my roomie’s lust and my own need to explore and learn from whatever’s in my way. I left the window open just the slightest so the other dorm rooms could hear her blissful moans and wet orgasm. I got great pleasure out of teasing everyone around with my roomie’s dripping pussy sounds and the man behind me’s powerful grunts as he unloaded rope after rope of cum into my packed ass. Then when I was done making her a greedy slut for my tongue and lips and exploring hands, I got back to being the center of attention for my Submissive phone sex partner and letting him drill me harder and harder by the second for my indiscretion. What can I say, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Especially the part where I found myself covered in pussy juice and hot cum and luxuriated in the feeling of my own personal sex bath.

Harder, Please

hot phonesex

Yes, bend me over and smack my ass while you call me a dirty fucking whore! Tell me I deserve to be fucked in everyone of my holes painfully while I beg for a release. You have me bent over with my ass up in the air just waiting for your big cock to be shoved right in. I wiggle my ass a little bit and that really gets you going. You shove your hard thick cock straight into my tight little asshole hard! You stretched me out so far with your thick cock and I screamed. I could feel your thick cock going in and out of my asshole and I beg for you to go faster while I rub my clit fast wanting to cum. I beg for you to cum in my tight little shithole. Just fill up my dirty little hole until it starts running out. We both cum at the same fucking time and it feels so fucking good baby!

Hot phone sex slut

hot phonesex

This bald wet pussy is dying to be fucked! I need someone to come bend me over and fuck me like the ghetto black bitch that I am. I am tired of these guys that want to lay down and make love. I’m the type of whore that needs to be bent over and fucked hard while you slap my big round ass! Black bitches love rough sex and crave a horny white cock that’s wants to dig deep into a hot snatch. You can fuck me anytime or anyplace. If you’re married, I’ll fuck you downstairs while your wife is sleeping on the second floor. Giggles. I love being a seductive secret lover that you raw dog when you need to get a load off. This honey pot can take a banging so bring that big dick here and plow me like the black slut that I am!

Granny Slut Gets Fucked

Being a caretaker i have to bathe all the grannies, they dont mind they love showing me their big tits and asses plus their Bald shaved pussy. They purposely want me to bathe them and wash their cunts.

Fetish Phone Sex

One night after bathing my favorite old granny, she told me stories about fucking sessions she had as a young gal. Hearing about her getting her holes filled got my tranny cock stirring and she noticed. She went on how she hasnt gotten fuck in a while and how her cunt is so tight now she needs it stretched out and pounded before she cant any then i was trying to hide my tranny boner. She took her teeth out and said a cock is a cock as she started gumming my shemale dick. I never had a granny mouth sucking me off before so I was ready to cum but she stopped and bent over. I saw her saggy wet pussy lips and I just started pushing my female cock inside her. She didn’t lie, her cunt was tight. I made sure to slide my dick in deep in her guts. I fucked her good while rubbing her clit. If she was going to go soon i wanted to fuck her brains out. When I felt her granny cunt squeeze and cum on my cock, it  made me explode a huge nut inside her tight pussy hole. Good thing she is a granny slut, can’t get her pregnant.

Super Hot Diaper Mess

Diaper phone sex


What do you do when a super hot woman wants to have diaper phone sex with you?  Hopefully you do exactly what I did and go fuck the shit out of that prime pull-up wearing pussy!  I don’t give a damn how much shit and piss she’s dumped in that dipey, I’ll clean it up really quickly then cream her cunt super slow like to make sure that she wants to have me back over to take care of her some more.

Last night, the hottest house wife I’ve ever laid my eyes on sent me a video message asking me to come over and play with her.  My tight little pussy got so wet at the thought of teasing her ticklish parts that I soaked my sofa cushion before her naughty clip was even over.  Once I changed my panties and freshened up a bit, I was on the road headed for fun!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I arrived she was just going about her business, doing chores like a normal wifey, only she was wearing a big, white, puffy diaper as she did them.  She greeted me with a big smile and hug then invited me in with a slap on my ass, then led me to the kitchen where she was finishing up the last bit of dishes.  That horny house whore washed and rinsed as she told me about her life, with a big focus on her inattentive husband, giggling and humming in the spaces of the conversation.  When she was drying a big frying pan, she paused for a moment as her eyes got a far away look in them.  After a couple of seconds of silence, she grunted real big and let out a loud fart as the back of her diaper puffed out.  It did its job fairly well, but some of her pee leaked out and trickled down her leg as she finished filling her nappy.  That was my signal.

I went over to her and gently led her to the changing station set up in the next room.  I laid her back, undid the adhesive closures and pulled down that diaper to see what kind of mess that smoke show made for me.  It was not good, I can tell you that.  It smelled like rancid garbage sludge and was somehow both thick and creamy and really runny at the same time.  I kept my cool, wiped her down and discarded the soiled shit catcher, then started licking her freshly cleaned, sopping wet snatch.  

I made sure that shit liquid wasn’t the only thing she was going to give me.  I ate her pussy for hours, fingering her tight twat and dirty asshole the entire time.  We fucked and licked all night long, not even stopping when her dipshit of a husband wandered into the room to see what was happening.  I won’t hesitate to go back over there again, only next time she calls I think I’m going to take my own diaper bag.  


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