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phone sex milfThis phone sex milf is always horny. My husband has been no good to me for years. That is what happens when you marry an older man and you stay married. You age together, but as you hit your sexual peak, your husband’s dick begins to deflate. That is why he is my cuckold now. I do love him. He was a great lover for many years. One man has never been enough for me, however. When we were first married, I had his two sons to entertain me. A decade or so later, I had a son who helped too. At one point, I had two stepsons, and a son and a daughter to supplement the fucking I needed. My stepsons are in their late 30s now and no longer live at home. My son is overseas.  My daughter is home with us, but she has no cock. I do love eating her pussy, but this horny old woman needs cock. I need lots of cock. Since there is less working cock under my roof these days, I bring lovers home and fuck in front of my husband. Last night, I had three young studs. All hung like horses too. My daughter brought them home for me. Friends of hers from college who live in the city and are frequent flyers of milf phone sex. She told them they could meet a real milf phone slut and fuck her. She even showed them my site. She said they went ape shit seeing my hairy pussy. She did not tell the boys I was her mother until she introduced us. They whipped out their cocks so fast, I almost got whiplash. My husband was there too. I told them he was my cuckold. I was surprised, but they new all about worthless husbands. They fucked me and my daughter like dirty whores while my husband tugged on his broke down cock. This is our new normal. My days are now spent fucking big cocks and shaming my loser husband,

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As a single mommy it’s sometimes difficult to keep on top of everything. There’s always a fantasy phone sex scene with my girls and me involved. The other day I was on a rural country road with the three girls and I ran out of fuel in my car. I completely got sidetracked with feeding the girls and forgot to fill up. It was a chaotic day. It’s always total chaos with my little brats. I my daughters friend with us too. I was unable to get decent cell reception and had to flag someone down. I got a farmer that happened to have some fuel in a can and offered it to me. But I needed to earn it first. He wanted to fill up the little holes of the three girls and to give my breeding whore cunt a good injection of that impregnation juice. He was a young farmer and was able to pump all three of us full of breeding seed and the girls got so stretched from that big fat man meat. I sure do hope that at least one of us is carrying soon.

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Hot phonesexI am not the take home to momma, have 2.5 kids and drive a mini van kind of girl.

I want to have fun while I am still young enough and hot enough to do so.

So I find myself at that point again, it’s time for me to fly.

I found this cute little town and a place to crash but the rent was a little steep and I didn’t have the full down payment.

But I knew by the tiny tent in his pants that arrangements could be made.

I slid my skirt up around my waist, running my fingers in gentle circles on my curvy hips.

Watching him, I unbutton my shirt letting it hang open exposing my bare tits and hard nipples. I hop up on the counter and spread my legs.

The heat from my pussy is intensifying the sweet smell of sex that is floating lightly on the air,

And my head tilts back, breaking my stare as I slide my fingers into my panties and start fondling my clit.

He is starring intently at the movement behind the thin fabric and starts to stroke his own hard cock.Phone sex whore

He cant stop watching as I continue to fuck my wet cunt, sliding my long fingers into the depths of warmth and slippery cream. This magical maze of muscles seems to pulse and clutch in some unknown rhythm, drawing my fingers in even deeper,

Still standing in the doorway, his cock is hard, swollen and almost purple with anticipation!

I pull my soaked panties to the side and tell him to cum on my cunt!

Still jacking off, he stumbles closer and I slide my cum covered fingers in his mouth, letting him smell and taste the sweet creamy wetness that dripped from deep inside me.

Then he unleashes a flood of cum, drenching my cunt on a blanket of thick white cream.

He stumbles back and falls against the wall. Breathlessly, he tells me the keys are on the counter by the fridge and I can move in anytime!

With a huge smile, I hop up, grab the keys and thank him with a quick kiss on the forehead before dancing out the door.

I left the door open, leaving him with his soft cock still in his hands, still  leaning against the wall with his pants around his ankles wondering what the hell just happened!




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phone sex whoreBeing a phone sex whore is so kinky and naughty! I try to be the nastiest freak that any guy has ever met, even on the phone! I have zero limits and will talk about absolutely anything! There is nothing that makes me hesitate or think twice, when it comes to being a freaky bitch. I get soaking fucking wet talking about all of my sexual encounters with random dicks. Sometimes, I go out and get fucked just so that I will still have cum in my worn out cunt while I talk to my callers. I love being bent over and having one hard cock forced into my asshole while another slams into my wet pussy. If a guy wants to shoot his load into my asshole and have me squeeze it out all over his chest while I blow him, I will gladly be his little cum slut! After getting fucked and pumped full of sticky jizz, I come right home and start taking calls while I play with my cum soaked hole! I know how much guys love a cum crazed whore to have wild and nasty fun with!


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fetish phone sexFetish phone sex with an experienced slut is the best. There is no type of fetish that will cause me to even miss a step. You want a hot role play? I can give you that. Want me to dress you in panties, put on a strap on and fuck your tight little cherry ass? Gladly. Want me to spank your ass and jack you off with my feet. No worries. I got you. Hose fetish? I have an entire drawer just waiting for you. I have thigh highs, nylons and fish nets. Nothing feels hotter than some nylons rubbing up against your cock now does it. Maybe you want something a little tabooer. Want me to tie you up and use you for my pleasure? My pussy is just soaking wet thinking off all the fun we are going to have when you give me a call. So, dig deep baby, way back into your most desired fetish and give me a call so we can play.

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phone sex whore

I don’t feel any shame at all about being a phone sex whore. I fully own who I am as a person. But what YOU need to know is that I don’t spread my legs for just anyone. If you want to slide your hard cock inside of this promised land, you’re going to have to pay up. I don’t care if you think you should be able to fuck whoever you want for free. That just doesn’t apply when we’re talking about a gorgeous Queen like me. If you don’t pay, you don’t play. It really is as simple as that.

If you have to sell one of your prized possessions to be able to afford me, so be it. I’m not going to compromise who I am for the likes of you. You don’t even deserve me, anyway. The only reason you’ll ever get the chance to talk to me is that you’re paying dearly. I hope you know how blessed you are when you get to hear my voice. Just think of all the poor schmucks who can’t afford me and will likely never get to talk to me. You CAN afford to talk to me, so what are you waiting for?

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cheap phone sex Your tramp mommy loves our cheap phone sex calls. How else would I be able to connect with like minded p-men like yourself? I came home after a long night of hustling, aka whoring and My rug rats were on the couch playing with my newest vibrator. I had been waiting for this bad boy to come in and wasn’t even the first to use it. Not that I mind my little twink son and daughter pleasuring each other in my absence! It just lets me know I am doing my job well. My son was right on top of that little pussy. The toy was going squish, squish inside of her. She was laid back with ecstasy in her eyes as he licked and sucked and pushed that new toy back and forth! Little moans were purring out of her! My sons ass was in the air and you know mommy wanted some that tight little twinky sissy ass! He was making his sister feel so good and serving her sweet bald cunny so well! I was really proud of both my sluts at that moment. My mouth went on his sweet little ass hole. My tongue went as far as it could and I licked his balls between my tongue fucking of his rear end. It was a real family fuck fest for this Milf phone sex whore. I was so impressed with that sister and brother fuck skills! I am so lucky to be their naughty P-mommy!Milf phone sex

I had to punish him

kinky phone sexMy son was being a little asshole this morning. I had a guy coming over that wanted to fuck his sweet lil ass and my son was acting like a little anal was gonna kill him or something! It was over the top ridiculous so I grab that little boy and yanked down his pants and pulled him across my lap. Then I proceeded to give him a spanking he won’t soon forget! I beat that ass until it was cherry red and he was a sobbing mess and then I grabbed my biggest dildo and shoved that up there dry too. He was screaming and crying and begging me to stop but he needs to learn that when I am gonna make money off that ass he is not allowed to say no ever! Let me tell you, by the time that dude showed up to fuck him, my son’s attitude was much better. He knew that that old guy was gonna be way nicer than I would be and he fucked him just as sweet as could be.

I Don’t Mind Being The Mistress

fantasy phone sexI met him on an app and after some heavy sexting, lots of nudes and finally some cash in my cashapp I decided to meet him. He sent me the information for a beautiful five-star hotel complete with some more money to buy a dress and anything else I wanted for the weekend. I got my nails done, my girly parts waxed as soft as a bunny and some hot lingerie. He sent a driver to pick me up with a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne and a lovely card in the back seat. As we drove, I sat back loving this life. He was married but I didn’t care. He needed a little strange in his life and what better than a hot young thing. I was a little early but went ahead and checked in. the room was nicer than I had ever seen. I decided to give him a welcome present. I changed into black thigh highs with matching panties, heels and bra. I looked in the mirror and knew he would be pleased. I poured two glasses and when I heard the door open, I stood in the hallway, waiting just for him. It was hot and heavy, and I took great care of him. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I did to this man before the night was through and all the hot kinky things, I would like to do to you.

Bar Bathroom Beta Buttfuck

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When he offered me his number at the bar, I sauntered away with a grin. My shemale surprise was getting rock hard, tucked inside my pretty panties as I led this pathetic simp the bathroom. “What do you want me to do to you, mija?” He asked me, groping at my pert pretty tiddies. “Come mi culo, come mi mariposa.” I ordered him sweetly; eat my ass, eat my butterfly I told him.
He dropped to his knees, eager to obey. In my blood red lace thong, he found my ten inch she-sausage. His mouth fell open, chin dropping to the floor. I took my opportunity, gripping him by the back of the head and slamming my pocket monster right down his fucking throat.
He tried to protest, but it was no use. Madame Raina gets whatever the fuck she wants.
I was letting him slurp up my ten inch ass plug when another man walked in. Well, don’t you know he walked right up to my little cocksucker, pulled off his jeans, and slid his huge BBC right into my little submissive’s shithole? We spit roasted that little fucker. In the end, he came all over the floor when that BBC hit his prostate. I came down his throat, he got his ass filled, and I went home with that big black python to have a little prostate massage of my own.

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