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group sexI enjoy group sex. Sadly, I missed the swinger craze because of my age. If my mom birthed me a decade earlier, I would have been a swinger and a fixture at Studio 54 in NYC. But I have made up for lost time. Many men who meet me, think I might be one of the wildest women they have ever met. And I never grow tired of hearing that. Honestly, it is the best thing you can say to me.

My daughter is home for the summer from college. And we have been going out every night to enjoy ourselves. You only live once, right? Her and I enjoy orgies and group fucking. Nothing we do not enjoy doing together. Nothing. So, on Friday she asked me if I would be her date for this house party a friend from high school decided to throw. And I was game. I miss the days of her teenage friends hanging out at the house daily.

We dressed provocatively and drank liberally. And we were not the only ones with orgy fantasies at this party. Most of her friends, especially the men, seemed happy to see this sexy milf again. Even though I had her later in life as my last born, I have always acted young at heart. And I have always fucked like a horny teen girl, LOL. Once my daughter and I began making out, boys pulled their cocks out. It did not take long before we all started fucking like wild animals in heat.

I Share Everything with My Daughter, Even Cock and Cum

Even the other girls at the party went wild. I will never say no to a teenage orgy. Some of the boys still attended high school. Baby brothers of her friends. Most of them still attend college with a few on to their post college life. But I was more than twice the age of anyone there. And I got more cock than any other girl too, my daughter included. But I love the attention young men give this sexy phone sex milf.

At one point, I had three young studs fucking me at once and a group of boys waiting their turns. Brought back memories of teenage parties at my house when my daughter still attended high school. My daughter and came home from the party with cum filled cunts. We played some together and fell asleep spooning. I love having my mini me back home with me. We are going to have so much fun this summer.

Mutual masturbation: Cum Together, Lovelies

Hey there, my horny af friends! I’m super wet tonight and thinking about some mutual masturbation action. Orgasms are so much hotter when we cum together, so whaddya say?

I’ve got my hands on my juicy pussy, just waiting for your commands. Help a girl out, huh? Tell me how to stroke and touch this dripping wet cunt, and I’ll be your little slut, obediently following your lead. while you describe how you’re running those hands up and down your thick, hard shaft.

Damn, that’s fucking hot. Hearing you moan as I finger my clit makes me even wetter. I wanna get a taste of that fat dick too. I’ll lick it like an ice cream cone, up and down, ’til you’re begging for mercy. And when you’re ready to blow, I want you to shoot that load right down my throat.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. After you’re satisfied, I’ve got a little treat for you. Watch me spread my legs and let your tongue do its thing. Taste my pussy, make me moan, and show me what a skilled little lick-master you are. Cum for me, and let me cum for you. Together, we’ll set this place on fire!

Bald shaved pussy is often overrated but sloppy together.

Bald shaved pussy            Bald shaved pussy is often overrated but sloppy together. Have a group of people cum. Lots of cum, bald pussy’s and cocks galore. Suddenly a hairy bush appears to be in the mix. Moping up the cum. Soaking it in. Bodies slapping together. Those tight pussies being filled with big thick cocks. You have the masturbation with the hairy fingering themselves, toys at the ready. Comes in all kinds of pussy, tight, sloppy, bald, land strip, among others it’s the pussy control. Pussy control.

            The tighter that they are the more you beg. As soon as you see the bald shaven cunt you know that you need it. Wadding between the other cunts, shaven, bare, tight, a bush, cock throbbing for all the pussy. In Group sex you need some bushes with the slippery, sloppy fuck holes, makes for very exciting orgasms.

            Cum flowing freely. You have entered the realm of Paradise. Where you come in with a hard cock and your balls are drained so very completely that you have been sated by the pussy’s. Finally, as a group collectively you collapse. Drained by your will. Balls empty. Sleep takes over. The cock has been sated. For now, at least.

How to phone sex starts with exploring your sex language

How to phone sex Ever wondered How to phone sex? I can teach you… Everybody’s got a naughty little kink that gets them horny. What’s yours? I like Sensual domination phone sex where I am guided through masturbation. There is nothing I enjoy more than giving a sloppy virtual blowjob! I enjoy the mystery behind every call… The unknown… Being completely triggered by a voice with no face and being able to fuck men from all over the world.

All the different personalities and the things I can’t just find next door are what keeps me yearning for another call. My Tight shaved pussy drips wet right now, as I think of how naughty my next caller will get… Use me as your escape from reality, a night away from your wife, or even just fifteen minutes. It’ll be worth wild!

Explore the depths of my Young bald pussy and the endless erotic sex stories for you to stroke your dick too. I am going to make you shoot the Biggest cumshot you have ever managed to shoot. I want you to drench my body in a massive load so I can then lather it into my soft skin. That is what Fantasy phone sex is all about, exploring those Deep dark fantasies you cannot just tell anyone about.

I am going to mind fuck you!

Bad Daddy’s Heaven: When Phone Sex Gets Wild

You had a shit week, huh? That’s where I come in – no limits phone sex with the one and only bad Daddy. I’ll make sure your worries fade away and your pants get real tight.

Yeah, I know your wife’s a real pain in the ass. She never wants to get freaky, but that’s cool – I’m the total opposite. I’m the naughty slut you’ve been craving, always down to fuck and suck as much as you can handle. Let’s talk about how I can make you feel better.

Picture this: you bend me over and give me a good, hard spanking. Then, you ram your big cock deep into my ass. I’m talking about rough, no-mercy pounding that’ll make your cock throb and my body quiver. And when I can’t take anymore, I’ll beg you to stop – but you keep going, because we both know that’s what gets me off.

My shaved pussy’s always wet and ready for your throbbing shaft. I want you to fuck me so hard I squirt like a fountain. And when you’re done with my cunt, I’ll get on my knees and show you what my mouth can do. I’ll suck you dry, Daddy, and swallow every single drop.

But wait, there’s more! I’m not just a submissive little slut; I’m a wildcat with a craving for the taboo. Dominate me, roleplay with me, or just let me pleasure you. I live for the dirtiest desires, and there’s nothing too kinky for me.

So, whiskey tango foxtrot are you still reading this? Grab that phone and call me up! We’ll have phone sex so hot, you’ll cum harder than you thought possible. I promise you won’t regret it!

Sucked, Fucked, and Dumped at Phone Perverts Paradise

I Used to Strip at a Phone Perverts Paradise

Phone Perverts Paradise was the name of the club I would strip at. People would come in to watch me pop my pussy and shake my ass. When you were coming into the strip club you see me in a slutty bikinin and 8 inch pleaser heels. You were staring at this fat black ass when you heard me telling my manager I needed more money or they’re going to evict me from my apartment. As soon as I’m back on the floor you grab me and ask for a private dance. 

phone perverts paradise

I bring you to the back and remind you there’s no touching. While I’m explaining the rules you try to pull out your hard dick. Then you take out a fat stack of bills. “I heard you need rent money. Get on your knees.” I’m the exact type of desperate, dirty whore that you thought. I get on my knees in front of your white dick and wrap my hands around it. You open my mouth with your thumb and force me to suck it. Then tell me to open that mouth wide. You push that salty dick in my mouth until my nose is pressed against your stomach. 

Fuck That Face and My Tight Shaved Pussy

You hold the sides of my head and lift my head. And then slam that dick to the back of my throat. Over and fucking over again until I’m gagging and choking on that dick. Fuck my face until my tits and face are covered in slober. Then you tell me to bend that ass over and spread that ass. That black cunt looks so fucking wet. You push that horny dick into that tight shaved pussy and slam that dick balls deep. You’re fucking the shit out of my pussy. You slap and squeeze this fat ass while you fuck me. Then pull out and nut all over my booty. You leave and take the cash with you. 

Fantasy phone sex with Jayla and BBW

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sex can get so crazy sometimes. I had this date today, and she happened to be a woman. I mean that wasn’t the crazy part, when I got to the room, I seen a big 350-pound woman sitting in the bed wearing a pink thong and panty set. She told me that she planned on setting up a threesome with a guy she met on Craiglist, but he didn’t show but she still wanted to have some fun.

I had never been with a woman this big, but I was up to play. 

She has a full course meal of cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, French fries, and a chocolate Sunday. She had me feed her each part of her meal and while I was feeding her, she had a vibrator massaging her pussy. When she was stuffed to full capacity, she had me get in between her legs and I started  to lick on her fat pussy. Her clit was so big and fat it looked like a little dick. I sucked on her pussy and then she had me get on top of her and do a 69. I even started kissing on some of her rolls and she had some of the ice creme from her shake left so I put it all over her fat rolls and ass and licked it off of her rotund body.

I never knew fucking a fat woman would feel so good.

 Something about how squishy and soft her body was felt so good on mine. She was warm and even smelled so nice.  I asked her to sit on my face. All of her big juicy ass and luscious thighs was on top of my little 120-pound body. I ate her pussy and ass until I felt like I was about to suffocate. When I told her I couldn’t breathe she just squatted on my face and bounced up and down on my tongue like it was cock until she came. All of her cream and juices from her squirting were all over my face. I licked as much of her cum as I could. Her pussy juices taste like all the sweets she eats. Who would of known BBW girls taste so good!

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex

2 girl phone sex is so much fun and double the pleasure. You never know what may happen. The two of us are college girls and I’m sure you know how we like to party and experiment sexually. I love making out, and girls kiss so passionately. Kiss my earlobes and down my neck; that makes me crazy horny.

                Bring along some of your friends and we can have some group sex. We could go to a swinger’s club and fuck each other while everyone else is fucking too. I love to watch sometimes, but I want to get fucked doggie style tonight. I’ll bend over for you so you can see my tight little cunny from behind. I’ll reach around and pull my ass cheeks apart to get ready for you to fuck my tight little asshole too.

                I reach under myself and start to finger my pussy and rub on my clit so I can get myself wet and ready for you to happily violate my asshole. I feel the head of your cock touch my hole and I beg you to be rough, not gentle. Please rape my asshole baby!

Submissive Phone Sex Whore Needs Dom

Submissive Phone Sex

I love being a Submissive Phone Sex whore! It makes my pussy soaking wet just thinking about coming home at the end of a long day at work, knowing that my Dom is waiting for me to take good care of him. All the fun that we’re going to have together. Recently he surprised me by blind folding I sat on the edge of our leather sofa; I could hear 2 people whispering quietly.

“Sir?” I called out, my body quivering in excitement. ‘Yes, my dear?” He said, as I could feel the warmth of him in front of me, someone else’s hands grabbed me from behind, and pulled me backwards making me lay down in between them.

“Sir, is someone else here with us?” I managed to stammer out as I was being forced down. 2 hands started to grab at my tits, while the other pair of hands was pushing my legs open. I had no idea who was who, who’s hands were which. All I knew was I was about to get used like a good little whore. Someone brought their lips up against my ear, sending shivers down my spine, I heard if whisper in my ear, “Be a good little whore, and suck my fucking cock!”.

Before I could even respond, I felt his cock being forced down my throat. He grabbed a handful of my curly blonde hair and started fucking my throat so hard I was gagging and gulping for air. Fuck, I was getting so wet. Tasting this stranger’s cock was such a turn on. While he fucked my face, I could feel Sir between my legs, his face buried between my legs, licking and sucking on my juicy cunt, making me wiggle all over the place.

Sir had known that it had been a fantasy of mine to get 2 cocks at once, and he was finally giving it to me. The strange man pulled his cock out of my mouth and switched places with Sir. My pussy dripping all over the sofa, my body shaking because Sir had just made me cum in his mouth. My blind fold still on, not being able to see what was going on.

Just as quickly as Sir had made me cum, this strange man was between my legs. He was shoving his thick throbbing cock deep into my tight little cunt. Forcing every inch of him inside me. I moaned so loud. I could feel his cock stretching my cunt open nice and wide.

Why don’t you give me a call so I can play with my little bald shaved pussy, while you make me submit to you?

Daddy phone sex is where daddies get big girl cock

I just get in a mood to fuck a daddy in his hole like I used to do mine. So, I get on Daddy phone sex to find a whore slut to pound. “Let me show you how well I can worship you” you beg as you crawl to me like a bitch in heat with your ass in the air. “Eat my fucking lady cock bitch” I say as I slap you with my cock. “Worship my cock with your mouth like you said” I laughed and teased.

Daddy phone sex

Then you start choking on my cock like a pathetic slut. You’ll do anything to get a cock to use you. Once my ladydick is down your throat, you start to moan and your clitty gets stiff. “Come one bitch you can do better than that” I say laughing as you keep choking on my girl cock. I could see my cock poking out from your throat. “Bend over I know you can worship my ladycock better with your sissy hole than your mouth” I say teasingly.

Of course, you want me to bend you over that is why right away you spread your ass for me. I can see your clitty is leaking all down your legs. Therefore, I tease you with my ladycock in the entrance of your man cunt. “Please fuck me” you beg while trembling. I scoop some of your leaking pre-cum and lube my cock with it. Then it was easy to smash my tranny cock in your ass. After you let out a moan, I start pounding you like a used up blow-up doll.

Your body shakes as I pound you and you reach down and rub on your sissy clitty. “Worship my tranny cock with your sissy asshole” I moan out as I keep pounding you. That is when you started fucking my cock back like a drugged-up slut. Finally, my lady balls tighten up and I start spraying inside you. After I spray in you your clitty explodes all over the ground. “Thank you for letting me worship your big beautiful ladycock” you say to me as I pop my cock out of your cum leaking hole. That is why i like nasty daddies like the one that raised me.