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Submissive phone sex

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I know when most people hear Mistress phone sex they think of a Domme, but we are going to take it in another direction. You are the poor neglected husband and I am ready to be your nasty little side piece slut.

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Bald shaved pussy

I saved my naughty Bald shaved pussy for when I put my bestest boy to sleep. My son has always been the center of my attention. He’s my one true love. I think the universe bought me him and all I had to do was let his father nut inside of me. He is the little fighter I think of when my naughty mommy pussy gets wet. Since he was a teenager mommy has been saving all of my naughty moments for my specialist little boy.

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Daddy phone sex

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I got ready for our Daddy phone sex today. My hair is in cute little pigtails, and I have on my pink panties with the lace and ruffles, I have on white thigh high socks and my school girl uniform. Are you ready to be my P-daddy?

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