Breeding Fetish Phone sex Mommy

fetish phone sex Mommy Elizabeth has an uncontrollable need for bareback, fetish phone sex, and I can’t stop myself. Breeding milf cunt has to be one of my all-time favorites, and I believe the innate need to reproduce is particularly strong in the heat of the moment. “Please put your baby batter in me,” I whisper in your ear. I’m in desperate need of your seed. “Help mommy get pregnant.” I’m Ovulating and in prime condition for Breeding a new little brat to play with! Perhaps its a little taboo. I am but a breeding cow in your mercy! When I think about the thrill of potent sperm shooting right up against my cervix with the intent to knock me up, all kinds of forbidden thoughts run through my mind.
The excitement of having sex with someone I shouldn’t be having sex with, someone strictly forbidden like a horny son or other impregnation phone sex fantasy, will make us both cum extremely hard and the most you ever have! Please! Baby, pound the hell out of my whore holes! Make it hurt so I know its working! I’m putting your brat in my mommy womb! Forced or willingly, My shaved, wet, enticing pussy begs to be implanted with your semen. Inject your love juice baby batter deep inside my brat making canal! I need as much baby making juice as possible from your cum-filled balls. I’m desperate to be bred, and I need your big fat son cock to make this fetish a reality! I’m all set for you to saddle up and take me for a spin and dump your hot fertile jizz in mommy

I Was Ready

fantasy phone sexWell, I got in a little trouble a while back and had a court appearance this morning. Nothing serious just a traffic violation but unfortunately, I have a few of those so I needed this one dropped. So, I did what any hot ass hoe would do. I set up a meeting with the prosecutor to go over the documents. I dressed in what could be considered business slutty. Some heels, thigh highs, short skirt and blouse. His secretary took me to a room to wait. I decided I wasn’t even going to bother with a lame explanation. I prepared for a full-on offense. He knocked on the door and as he walked in, I was bent over showing him my pantiless cunt. He smiled and walked towards me. I pushed him into the chair and went to work on his cock. Unbuckling his pants and pulling that beast from his boxers. Then I kissed his thighs, sucked his balls and finally pushed his throbbing cock deep inside my mouth. He grabbed my hair in his hands and pushed my head between his legs, fucking my face hard. I gagged and choked and finally he held me tight as he filled my mouth full of his warm creamy cum. He told me to not swallow and pulled me to his face, opened his mouth and had me let his cum drip from my mouth onto his tongue.

Group sex scouting

Group sex scouting is so much fun. My daddy tells me to pick the hottest friends for a wild night. I like to befriend hot girls who are willing to be nasty whores. Sometimes is fun to corrupt a good girl. I won’t lie. It is actually hot as fuck to make a goody two-shoes bad.

A nice group fuck will turn any church girl into a whore. Even the primmest and propper girls get turned out once they join one of our parties. It is quite genius. I came up with the best ways to scout.

I obviously am in cheerleading, and that’s one way I bring some extra sluts, Als I do some modeling, and I have made girls think that I would get them a foot in the door and once I have them weak and wanting to learn how to get a big break I make them join in on the fun to be more likable. The truth of the matter is they will be getting their holes filled with cum, not headshots.

serenity means calm!

Mistress phone sex

my name is supposed to mean calm. Ha! I am totally the opposite

I love all the older men I take care of, and that’s why I love taking care of the men who call me on the
sugar baby phone sex lines. They send me presents and always take care of me, and that’s what I love.
When someone sends me a gift from my wish list, it’s almost like I feel them licking my happy little cunt!
I have a lot of sugar daddies in my neighborhood.
Their wives don’t know!
Can you blame them? All six of my sugar daddies have wives so full of basic bitch bullshit they don’t
have any time for their men. Their husbands love a tight little sugar baby like me, with a hot, young cunt
always ready for their cocks.
They love that I never say no to them. Do they want to fuck my mouth and pump their yummy cum right
down my throat? No problem.
Do they want to fuck my tight teen cunt until I’m screaming? Until their cum drips all over my thighs? No
problem. That’s what a sugar baby is for!
Do they want to shove their thick man-meat right past my little puckered asshole and fill my ass with
their nice, hot cum? No problem at all.
I give my sugar daddies what they need and they shower their happy little slut with gifts their basic bitch
wives wish they could get.
I wonder what sugar daddy I’ll talk to tonight on the sugar baby phone sex line. I know he’s going to be
generous, and I know I’ll never refuse him, no matter what he wants! I am the perfect teen whore!

Phone Sex with a Hairy Milf

phone sexWhen I started this job, I was not sure enough men would want to have phone sex with a woman in her 50s who had a hairy pussy still. I was surprised when my first week I was busy and almost two years later, I am still busy. I think the reason is that men 35 and older had mothers that looked like me between the legs when they were young. Mommy is often the first woman a boy sees naked. A glance in the shower or an accidental walk-in while changing. Maybe the lad even spied on mommy and daddy fucking. Porn stars of the 70s and 80s all had bushes too. So did the women in daddy’s hidden stash of dirty magazines. Somewhere in the 90s, women started shaving their cunts. I was in my late 20s when the 90s decade arrived. I was already married and banging my two stepsons. They loved my hairy beaver, so even though bald was the trend, I stayed with the bush. I trim, but my hairy snatch sets me apart from most milf phone sex sluts. Most mature women cave to the pressure to be bald, but not me. I have never been a follower. That is a good thing for the men in my family too because if I had been a follower, I never would have fucked my sons or my stepsons. I might not have been a slut wife or a cougar whore either. I love my hairy pussy. Do you?

When I Drank Too Much

Mutual MasturbationNow that covid restrictions are lifting and people are going out more I decided to go out and get some drinks. I was dressed like the perfect slut. By the bar there was a sexy black man staring at me, I walked up to him and we had more drinks. Any chance I got I rubbed my hands by his cock trying to feel it’s girth and size. I was feeling intoxicated so I excused myself to the bathroom. As I was in the stall, I felt my cock getting hard. The drinks had gotten to me. Then the door swung open and it was the sexy man I was having drinks with. Without a word he shoved me against the wall and lifted my skirt.  he spread my ass open and shoved his cock right in, he covered my mouth with one hand and groped my tits with the other. As he kept fucking me with his massive throbbing cock, my dick just kept getting harder. I should be hating this but this rape fantasy he is fulfilling was feeling good. As he pounded away at my ass, I started stroking my cock and playing with my balls.  I could feel his big fat cock starting to pump in me as I started cuming all over the wall. He pulled his cock out and left. I got myself together and left as well, that didn’t stop me from going out it made me want to do it more often.  

Hot phonesex Mommy Fuck

hot phonesex Come into mommies room, my sexy baby boy, and watch as your hot phonesex mommy is dressed in her black thigh high stockings, short black skirt, and sexy black stiletto heels that feed your shoe fetish. Mommy is slutty, horny, and dirty! Mommy ELizabeth’s sexual appetite take precedence, because Mommy wants your boy cock! I’m well aware that your hormones are raging 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that you are secretly watching Mommy fuck while you are trapped in the closet. I know that you wrap my cum filled and piss smelling panties around your cock at night while fantasizing about your dominating mommy. And you tremble when you get Mommy’s full attention for the first time. Mommy notices you peering under my skirt. So I cross my long legs to deny you access to that mommy cunt, making your cock even harder for me. This is my mistake. You want that slick milf cunt and you get up and with all your boy strength pull me down to start fucking my whore mouth! Where this goes is all up to your fetish phone sex desires!

babysitter fun cums full circle

fantasy phone sex

Once upon a time, I learned how to be a complete little slut. Fantasy phone sex is especially nice with tempting tempest because she has all sorts of dirty adventures and fascinating experiences.

You’re probably wondering what is a good one and how did something so sweet become so sinful. Well, my very first babysitter when I was a wee one showed me how to suck cock and show off my twat. Her boyfriend had a thing for little sweets like me.

I was groomed to suck his cock and spread my little butterfly for him. That’s what they called my pussy. I was coached into every step by my naughty babysitter. Eventually, it became a routine that I was obsessed with and wanted and craved. I learned all sorts of dirty things that I still, till this day, show other little sweeties now that I’m a babysitter.

Recently out of coincidence, I began to be the babysitter for the youngins of my old babysitter. Life comes full circle cause now I’m the babysitter that’s corrupting my old babysitter’s wee ones.

Stretch My Tight Shaved Pussy

tight shaved pussy

I love it when a guy slides his fingers inside my tight shaved pussy while going down on me.  It’s almost as good as getting my clit licked while getting fucked. Just looking down between my legs and watching that is one of the sexiest things ever. When a guy makes me cum like that a few times, it’s a good warmup for this hot little pussy. I mean, if your dick is super big, it might need a little extra help sliding inside me. Do you have a nice, fat cock like that? I bet you would love to fuck me with it, wouldn’t you?

I want to lie on my back so I can see your thick cock slide inside me. The sight of my pussy lips stretching out around that juicy cock is enough to make me cum all over you. I know that would turn you on as much as it turns me on. I hope you want to shoot your load inside me, because watching it ooze out of me is so freaking hot. Why don’t you get on the phone and tell me what you want to do to my tight little hole. I’ll be waiting for you.

Do You Want To Touch Her?

My little angel just woke up and is feeling frisky. Her grand daddy was enjoying her last night. You came by this morning so hard and horny for the little brat crew of your neighbors. I am such a dirty whore of a mommy. I walk you to her room. My deflowered little angel is sucking her thumb and sleeping like a princess. I pull the blankies away from her and gently pull her little girl panties down.

“Do you want to come in and touch her?” I ask in a whisper. The grin grows and you say that you want to do much more than touch. I smile and spread her legs. She starts to wake up and is receptive to that big cock of yours. Go ahead and let her suck it while you look at that newly gaped little pussy. I promised you could have it after her grandaddy popped her little cherry.

Little girl phone sex

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