Orgy fantasies of Little Breeders

My Holiday gatherings this year have one thing in common. The common thread are fulfilling orgy fantasies with p-daddies making little breeders out of the little girls Mama Irene brings around. My p-daddies love young pussy the most. I get together five or so little brats for the perverts fantasies.

Gathering young sluts can be easy. The pageant sluts and young girls that love dressing like hookers are so easy to sway. We play fashion show. I give them all special treats laced with yummy drugs. These treats make the girls really become uninhibited and slutty. I film them and make them act out the hot videos I play for them. They love the teeny bopper music videos and acting like big girls.

Orgy fantasies

I introduce a sexy man to the girls and tell them what they need to do. I tell them this is their acting debut and they will become big stars. Oh how these young impressionable little sluts in the making eat that shit up. Next thing we know there is an orgy going on and these little holes are being destroyed.

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I woke to him eating my kitty

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Im a deep sleeper, so I never wake up in the middle of the night. A particular night in the summer was pretty suspicious. I had the pleasure of having daddy wake me up to him licking my kitty.

I’ve watched porn, so I knew what it meant to have my nasty daddy slick my slit. Im going to be honest, daddy has quite an addiction to young sluts, and I happen to be in slut phase.

Daddy is like one of you dirty daddys who need their go-to phone sex number to get off and blow a big load. I’m sure he will miss his phone hoe, but I am now the newest slut.

Daddy has been groomin me oh so well.

James and the Giant Cock

Bald shaved pussy

James was ordinary. Nothing like the cocky, meat heads I’m used to fucking. But the print in his shorts made me take notice. I wanted to sit on his giant cock or at least get a taste. I asked him out on a date because there was no way I was waiting for him to ask me first and missing a chance at riding his fuckpole. He agreed to pick me up at 8. He suggested dinner and a show. Boring. Just like I thought. He picked me up at 8 and we made our way to a nice restaurant. I spent most of the meal listening to him go on about work while I fantasized about working his thick cock in and out my tight pussy. We left dinner and as soon as we got in the car, I put my manicured hand on his fat cock and told him that I wanted to lick him like a lollipop. He looked nervous but he agreed. I ordered him to drive while I unbuckled his slacks and worked his giant beer-bottle thick cock out of his boxers. When I freed his pet python I was even more impressed at its size. My eyes widened and I began feverishly sucked and slurping his dick as he tried to focus on the road. It was next to impossible to drive while I gobbled his dock. He pulled over and slid his car seat back as far as it could go. I immediately climbed over the armrest and positioned myself on his lap. I grabbed his cock and guided it inside my tight, wet pussy. I rode his fat cock hard and fast, gripping it with my tight pussy muscles. The wetter my pussy got the easier it was for him to slide his massive fuckstick in and out of me. I held the steering wheel and bounced up and down until he filled my pussy up with a huge load of milky cum. James is boring but I always have so much fun fucking his giant cock.

Cum dripping pussy

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My pussy was used as a cum dumpster. I have been sticking my fingers in there sucking cum off my finger tips since last night! It felt so good to get fucked by a group of married drunk men. I went to a Christmas tree lighting and the trees were not the only things that got lit. Turns out I was getting fucked by a group of men. My thong, bra, mini skirt and top were being used as ornaments. I had the hottest most kinkiest sex! I was on my knees getting my pussy plowed by 6 men. They used their cocks and anything on site to fill my holes. I had beer bottles, twigs and even candy canes inside of my pussy last night. Those men really used me up. I had to run to my car naked leaking of cum and everything you could possibly imagine. They sure treated me like a filthy slut and I enjoyed it.

Secret Santa: Making A Plan

Fantasy Phone Sex

The colder seasons leave me so horny for cock and there is no better time to get fucked than the month of Christmas! At the office we did a drawing for Secret Santa after our morning meeting. Of course I got my boss, I know exactly what his gift will end up being! Me of course! I’ll dress up super slutty for our office Christmas party so all the guys are drooling over me and when everyone goes home I’ll be left alone with him. I’ll suck his cock wearing my red lacy bra and panties with the Santa hat. He will get so hard from feeling my throat wrapped around his cock, He will unwrap me and get to pound my little cunt right there on the conference table just like he has always wanted!

I always help my husband find the sweet young things he needs!

Little girl phone sexLet me tell you, I am the absolute best wife there is. My husband just loves his sweet young thing, the younger the better, and I absolutely live to please my man. So I score the pageants I work at, the malls, wherever sweet young pussy likes to hang out. I entice them with all kinds of gifts only to bring them home, get them a little tipsy, and let my husband have his wicked way with them. He absolutely adores the look on their faces when he’s face fucking them into oblivion. And sometimes, if they are young enough, he even gets to take their precious V card. He makes them guide his cock into their incredibly tight, tiny little holes, and fucks them all night long. They love it! I’ve never seen young ones get off so fucking hard than when my husband is fucking them, especially from behind. He has a thing for asses, my man does. I sit in the corner and watch, hold them down if I have to, and rub my clit while he takes his time fucking their brains out. It turns me on so much to watch these little brats be put in their place, to be treated like the little whores they are meant to become! 

Piss Play?

fetish phone sexIt is Friday and what better day to let your freak fly. I got a friend over for the weekend and she is wild. I mean kinky nasty taboo wild. You will love her. Especially given you desire for the extreme. I told her how you are a fancy executive all week, with lots of responsibilities to work and your family but you come to me for humiliation and degradation, and I always happily oblige you. Tonight, I told her we would be having a golden shower night. Our pussies are steamed, bathed and ready for you. Jugs of water and juice just waiting to fill our bladders. What is that you say? You will be leaving work early? Of course, you will, the thought of you on the floor and two hot women pissing on you drives you wild. I think we will even let you jerk your cock while you catch are droplets. So, hurry up and get over here. The night is just starting, and I think the golden shower will just serve as the beginning. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the night has in store for you. Strap-on? Dildo’s? Ass eating? The possibilities are limitless.

Kinky phone sex Momma

Kinky phone sex

Who doesn’t love a kinky phone sex momma? A hot milf to bring all your fantasies and desires straight to the tip of your cock! Momma Elizabeth has big tits and a fat ass for you to fuck. If sensual kinky seduction is your game, then perverted Elizabeth is my name! Momma has a breeding womb, and a wild side that never stops. My pussy wrapped around your cock as you say make me cum mommy gets me so fucking wet! You need a mommy and brat threesome? Well, baby you won’t be discouraged here! I’m a dirty mom with all the P-mommy love I can give! My daughters and my sissy son know all about cock and with you helping, I’m sure there is more to teach them. Cock sucking, taking virginity, and abusive force fucks make mommy happy!  If you’re a baby boy needing mommies guiding hands and mouth, or a raunchy P-man, I have you covered! Hopeful cum covered, wink, wink! Bring Mommy Elizabeth that cock and your dirty kinky desires and we will have a blast as you jack off for me!

Phone Sex Addiction for Furry Pussies

phone sex addictionIs a hairy pussy your phone sex addiction? It will be. I was with this young stud last night I picked up in Central Park. He was a college boy with milf fever. I love younger guys. You would think that the younger guys would be grossed out by a hairy pussy. They are the generation of bald pussies. All coeds wax and shave. But younger guys watch milf porn. They see sexy women from the 70s, 80s and even now with various forms of hairy pussies. Some of us have landing strips, or furry patches to remind our lovers that we are full-grown women. I have a full bush. I trim the sides, but I love being different. I love the look and feel of cum in my pussy hair too. This young stud ate me out for over 30 minutes. I thought he might get lock jaw. He was fucking my cunt with his tongue. Oh my! I was cumming all over his face. He was buried between my legs. He knew how to eat pussy. Maybe he had never had a phone sex milf with a hairy cunt before, but he loved it. I begged for mercy after a while. He had a huge young cock and I wanted it inside that hairy pussy of mine. I kissed him and could taste my own juices on his face. I loved tasting myself on his lips. His entire face glistened with my juice. He confessed that he saw his mother naked once when he was younger. She had a beautiful hairy pussy and that imagine was burned into his brain. That happens with most boys. They see some one in their family with a hairy bush, and it becomes a fetish for them. Plus, it reminds them of their mommy. He was a great fuck. He just may be my newest addiction too.

Good Morning

fantasy phone sexGood morning baby I tell you as you awaken with my mouth sucking on your cock. The most perfect way to start the morning. You were already hard as a rock and now your wet with my mouth and the ever-flowing pre-cum. I lick it all up, not wasting one little drop of daddy’s hot juices. You moan as I take you deep and move my hand over to caress your tightened balls. Then I move my hands further back, back to that spot that drives you wild. My finger slowly slips inside your tight ass, and I feel you clinch around it. Then I feel your cock twitch in my mouth as you let out a loud moan.

Toes curling and your back arching you fill my mouth with your hot load. Don’t swallow love you tell me. I know what you want. I hold your goodness on my tongue as I come towards you, taking your face, and kissing you. Letting your cum fill both our mouths. I love the feel of your warm mouth as I rub my nipples against your chest. I feel your hand around my ass and then my thigh and then you rub your fingers up my slit, hitting my clit before pushing your finger deep inside of my pussy. What would you do with me next daddy?

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