The Way You Lick My Tight Shaved Pussy

tight shaved pussy

I’m a city girl so I don’t usually go to dive bars, but somehow my girlfriend and I ended up in one a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the bar drinking my whiskey and this roughneck looking guy walked up and introduced himself to me. He was hitting on me, but I politely told him that I just didn’t think we’d be a good match for each other. That’s when he leaned in and whispered something in my ear. He said, “I bet you’ll think we’re a good match when you have your legs wrapped around my neck.”

He grabbed my hand and took me to the women’s bathroom and locked the door behind us. He popped me up on the sink, spread my legs, and stuck his tongue into my tight shaved pussy. He made me cum in like two minutes and it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Then he bent me over and shoved his fat cock deep inside me and pounded me. When he was ready to cum, he turned me around, pushed me onto my knees, and told me to open my whore mouth. I’ve been wrong about men like you my entire life and I have some catching up to do. 

I Whipped His Ass

fetish phone sexI got an email with nothing but a picture of a whip. I know what that means. He wants me to dress up like a dominatrix and make him my sweet slave for an afternoon. I find this quite fun and it makes my pussy wet thinking about all the naughty things I am going to do to him. We set up a time for Friday afternoon and he arrived as scheduled. I had on crotchless fishnets, high heels and a corset. I smiled as I grabbed my whip and headed towards him. I told him to take off all his clothes and kneel on the floor and I would be right back. When I returned, he was completely naked and kneeling on the floor with a fucking hard on. I just laughed. I sat on the desk and spread my legs and told him to eat my juicy hairy pussy. He crawled over and stuck his tongue in my hole and started licking my clit. I grabbed his hair and rammed his head into my crotch, grinding him until I came. I then had him lean over the desk and I paddled that ass until it was nice and pink. He thanked me after every smack. His dick was so hard by now and precum was spilling out the top. I told him I had a special surprise for him next and as he looked up the most fabulous shemale walked in the room. She whipped her dick out, smacked him in the face a few times with it and them rammed it down his throat. This is going to be a great afternoon.

Little Timmy Has Been A Naughty Boy

My naughty little son Timmy is a little girly slut. He’s been a naughty boy and that means mama needs to get him the punishments he deserves. He was given a bath where I fondled and squeezed his pee-pee and little ball sack until he whimpered. I then slipped my finger into his tight little boy bum. I had him throwing a fit but he needs to understand when he ruins mommy’s favorite lipstick he gets punished. I drained the bath water had him on his knees and shoved the enema tube in his little boy bum hole. I let the bag of warm liquid fill his belly and bowels. I put a clothes pin on his ball sack and occasionally slapped it around while the enema gave him belly aches. I told Timmy he was going to be a good princess for mommy’s friend and he would be calling him daddy.

The enema was finishing up when Mr. B came to the bathroom to see his little slut doll getting cleaned out. I didn’t even get to have fun with dressing Timmy like a little girl. His daddy was hard looking at that bum in the air with the tube spreading his hole. Daddy lifted Timmy out  of the tub. He yanked the enema tube from his little boy bottom. He sat on the toilet and shoved little Timmy’s bum on his big hard dick. Timmy screamed and cried as his filthy enema water poured out all over daddy’s cock as daddy penetrated, gaped and fucked little Timmy like a rag doll.

Sissy Phone Sex

Big tits and asses on Mommies

big tits and asses

Big tits and asses on mommies like me are what you’re searching for. Look no more, for you have found your mommy whore! Come be my son who needs all the cock attention he can get. 


My round ass and big milk filled tits are what you jack off to every night. I know what you need. My mouth wrapped around your dick as my tits bounce with the face fucking you are giving me. I love boy cock. I am a bit of a P-mom who thinks that all little ones should grow up with sexual education from their mommy. I know you best and want to make sure you cum for me your very first ejaculation. From there it’s all about you using my big ass as I ride you as that cock grows bigger inside of me every year. 

Whether its mutual masturbation or you taking all your aggressions out on this milf cunt, nothing is too much for mommy Elizabeth! 

You need a good incest fuck with me and your little sisters and brother. Let’s have a family orgy! You are my only concern, my son. What gets your cock off is what makes mommy happy! 

Hot phonesex Milf who needs her own sons cock! 

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Big tits and ass

big tits and asses

As I finished my workout the other day I went into the locker room to shower and change. I could hear a lot of giggling and some moaning coming from around the corner so I went to check it out. In the shower I could see a group of girls with big tits and asses all playing with each other. There were mouths on nipples, fingers in cunts, I even saw a couple down on the floor licking another ones cunt. I quickly stripped down and joined in. I had a finger digging into the wet pussy in front of me while another quickly put her hot mouth on my tits. After coating my finger with some girl cum I swiftly stuck that finger into the asshole of the girl beside me. That started another round of moans and groans as she was writhing on my digit and licking the nipples of her friend. There was an orgy of all girl parts being carried out inside that shower stall and I was in no hurry to leave. When it would seem that one would tire out and leave we would get another one stepping in. I really enjoyed all of the pussy that I ate, made cum and all of the asshole I got to finger. I tasted so many mouths, tits and assholes as I did my part to ensure that we all got to have fun that day. I am going back tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what happens!

This Phone Sex MILF Picks the Young Stud Every time

phone sex milfI am a phone sex milf. I will fuck anyone, male or female if they look good and smell better. I am a high class slut. I love getting laid, but I am no lot lizard skank. I am picky when it comes to appearances. I have aged well and kept myself in good shape. I expect the same from men my age. It is funny though, men 50 plus rarely look as good as women 50 plus, yet they are pointing fingers at women constantly for not being perfect. I do not play those games, so when I was out last night at this hole in the wall bar, I went for the young stud instead of the finger pointing 50 something man with a beer belly. He told me I would be prettier as a blonde. No I would not. Been blonde and I looked washed out. I love my natural black locks. The young stud was 22 and nothing but complimentary. Plus, he was buying me drinks. He was a gentleman and handsome. He made my pussy wet. The old curmudgeon was not happy. He called me a whore as I left with the young 20 something stud. I flipped him off and did not think about him at all. The only thing on my mind for a couple hours was fucking the stud I brought home. Turned out my Daughter knew him from school. She hit on him as he was leaving but he was like I prefer mature women. Score one for mommy. It is not a contest. My daughter and I share cock all the time. But it is nice to know some guys appreciate a milf phone sex woman

The Most Fucked Pussy In The World!

I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I made a New Year’s resolution for this year.

I don’t need to lose any weight or anything…I am perfectly happy with my perky firm tits, tasty hard nipples, and my juicy heart shaped ass!

And I just love playing with my sweet pussy!

I can’t get enough of it, actually!

It seems like every time I get the chance, I am playing with myself…gently brushing my fingers on the outside of my puffy lips until I am warm and moist, spreading those velvet lips apart and amusing myself with my dripping clit!

It seems so unfair that the rest of the world doesn’t get to enjoy all of this!

And so I have decided that I need to be more generous with my young hot body!

The first thing we learn as little ones is to share our toys!

I must spread the love (and my legs)!

Consider my cunt as your own to be fondled and fucked in any and every way you like!

I am opening up my tight shaved pussy to anyone who wants to fuck it…even if you just need a new place to dump your load….I am here for you!

Cum one! Cum all!

Stuff my slippery smooth wet cunt with that hard cock!

I want to have the most fucked pussy in the world!


Domme Mommy Is A Trans Girl Gift

Anal Phone Sex

Some men crave tranny phone sex, which works out for me. My thick, ten inch girl dick is throbbing and ready for you. I’m a top Domme Mommy, but that doesn’t mean I won’t let a hot cock slide inside my tight little ass pussy. All cocks ass fucking me have to be big cocks though! If I’m going to be your bitch for a night, you’d better at least stretch me out real fucking good. I won’t suck a little dick either. If this delicious cock of mine isn’t wanted in your mouth, the one you slide inside my hot, hungry little mouth had better be of a comparable size.

Any man who’s cock isn’t at least seven and a half inches can’t put that thing anywhere near my glory holes. I will, however, be letting you put this fat fucking cock of mine down your throat. Make sure you lube me up real nice, because this massive monster is about to pop that little chocolate cherry of yours. I’m going to slam the fuck out of you, pretty boy. I’m going to really make you mine. Bend over, and say pretty fucking please, Mommy. Before mommy turns you into my little sissy bitch.

He Spoiled Me And I Drained Him

fantasy phone sexI had been assigned a temp job at a local firm and my boss was not only hot and rich, but he was looking for a young plaything to take care of. I love money and I love older men. They really know how to take care of a girl if you know what I mean. He knew my slutty ass was interested so he handed me an envelope and smiled and casually walked away. I opened it and there was a hotel key, a credit card and a note. The note said to get myself pampered and buy something nice for dinner and something slutty for the night and to meet him there at 9. This isn’t my first go around with his type, so I knew what he wanted. A slick freshly waxed pussy and ass for his pleasure along with the normal manicure, pedicure and perfect hair. I would be his arm candy at dinner and his freak for dessert. I did exactly that and bought a hot dinner dress and some naughty after hours toys and costumes for the night. Dinner was wonderful as I lay my hand on his lap and gently started stroking his cock through his pants. I nuzzled up to his ear as I handed him a tiny blue pill to keep him involved in our late-night activities. As we walked into the room, the bed was covered with flowers and I gently removed my dress wearing only my bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. He handed me a glass of champagne and we got the night started. I left that man completely dry but still wanting more. Want to hear the naughty things I did to him?

Coke Whore P-mommy Breeding

Milf Phone sex

I am a freaky P-mommy. Yes I rent my brats out for dope money! I am a sick and twisted evil mommy sometimes. My son and youngest daughters have been used as pretty little pocket pussies and I enjoy every fucking minute of it. I have nothing left to give but my whoredom. I see my pussy and these little bitches should have to pay up too. I don’t care if they are screaming and moaning or begging mommy to stop. I indulge in a lot of nasty mommy role plays and I get off on using my tranny son and my little slut in training. Brats are only as good as they put out. I am a breeding whore, a P-mom who needs to be impregnated so you can have a brat right out of the oven. If the dope is good enough it won’t have an IQ worth shit and you can destroy her right then and there! The more i get fucked and fucked up and the more cum going in my young sluts fuck holes the better my pussy feels. I have no limits on the fucking raunchy play we can do, Trust me I get off on every fucking second. I wasn’t meant to be a house wife, i am meant to be a street whore with Brats to sell! Hurt me and make me you P-mommy slave giving up her young ones , I fucking deserve it! 

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