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Hottest phone sex ever!


hottest phone sexLast night, I had the hottest phone sex that I’ve ever had! My caller had my tight teen pussy soaked for him!  He has a huge cock and loves to spew huge loads of cum for me.I rode my big, fat dildo and made my kitty squirt for him so many times! I loved listening to him stroke his cock as he told me about how he wanted to turn me into his little cum whore. He wants to pick me up and wrap my legs around him. Then he wants to slide me down on his huge cock and bounce me until his hard throbbing cock can’t take it anymore. I want to feel that hard dick throb as he cums deep inside of my slutty fuck hole. I would be the perfect slutty cum rag for him to dump his loads into whenever he felt like it. My little whore pussy is still wet thinking about all of the wild and kinky ways he wants to fuck me!



No limits phone sex slut

no limits phone sexBeing a nasty no limits phone sex slut is what all the guys love about me. Everyone knows that I’ll do anything to be completely glazed with that hot sticky jizz. Just last night I had a wild and nasty time with a hot older guy that I met on a hookup app. He wanted a nasty, freaky slut and I made sure to show him what a nasty, freaky slut is. I let him fuck me in my perfect tight asshole before I turned around and sucked his hard cock clean. Licking and slurping every bit of my sweet juices off of him. Once his cock was soaked from me gagging and drooling all over it, he forced it into my tight little cum hole and fucked me hard until my pussy was gushing and juices were dripping off his balls. Once again I turned around and sucked his hard cock clean. I even sucked and slurped on his balls as I stroked him. I made that fat cock throb as warm cum cascaded down his hard shaft. I caught every drop in my hands and licked it up for him as he played with my soaked kitty. I hope that I find someone to have that kind of wild fun with again tonight!


No limits phone sex freak

no limits phone sex

I’m a no limits phone sex freak who craves cock and cum. I will do whatever it takes to make your hard cock shoot loads of hot cream for me. At a very young age, I became a cum slut. I was pimped out to support my Daddy’s habit. I became a little cum dumpster and was traded to all of the crack dealers around town. It wasn’t long before Daddy started making me smoke with him so that I would keep fucking and sucking to get him his fix. I’ve been a wild and freaky party slut since then. Every night I get fucked up and do whatever I can to make sure I get a hard cock to cum for me. It isn’t hard to find some random guy willing to throw me a little cash or some dope to bounce on his dick. Guys love a tight young slut willing to make them cum for a little bit of nothing. My callers know that I’m a kinky whore. They love to listen to me rub my clittie and tell them about my dirty and nasty sexual experiences.


Kinky phone sex whore

kinky phone sexI’m a wild and kinky phone sex slut who can never get enough cum! My favorite thing to do is to ride a fat cock and take every drop of jizz my slutty pussy can handle! Once my cummy kitty is stretched out, you can shove your hard meat stick up my tight shit hole and keep pounding me like a slut. I will never say no to a fat hard fuck rod. My pussy is always wet and ready for a thick cock to rip it open! Invite your friends over so that you can run a train on my whore pussy! You can even double penetrate my slut holes while I suck 2 cocks at the same time. I want you to be as nasty as you can with me. Force me to suck your shit covered cock after you fuck my asshole. Make me drink your piss and beg for more. My pussy squirts so hard when I’m being fucked like some kind of nasty, junkie whore!

Kinky phone sex

kinky phone sexI know with everything going on in the world right now, a lot of people are having kinky phone sex for fun. My phone has been ringing off the hook with hot studs who want to drain their big balls into me. I love being able to have wild and sexy fun from the safety of my home. My kitty is constantly soaked just thinking about them stroking their big, hard cocks for me. My favorite type of calls are the roleplay calls. I love to be your little whore daughter who gets caught sneaking out and has to be punished with a hard spanking. I can even be your sister who catches you in my room, stroking your cock in my dirty panties and has to record you as blackmail. Whatever you want to play, I’ll be here finger fucking my juicy cunt and getting your cock to throb for me. I can’t wait to see what kind of hot and wild fantasies my callers have for me tonight!

Tight shaved pussy

tight shaved pussyI knew when my step daddy came into my room last night, that he wanted this tight shaved pussy. I had already been teasing him at dinner. I sat across from him at the table and used my foot to tease his cock through his pants. I had him rock hard, stroking him with my foot, as I ate dinner like everything was normal. I knew that he was going to come to my room later and fuck my brains out. This isn’t a new arrangement between us. Most of the time, after my mom leaves for work, he comes to my room for some fun. Last night was super hot. He came into my room and forced me onto the bed. He held my hands above my head as he tore my panties off of me. He force fucked me hard as he called me a little slut and told me that’s what I get for teasing his cock at the table, like a whore. He stretched my holes as he forcefully fucked me. He filled me with cum and then laughed as he called me a cum whore and told me to go clean myself up. He knows I love being treated like a cum whore.


phone sex whore

phone sex whore

Kinky dirty cum slut is what everyone knows me for being. I can’t help it. I’ve always had a thing for being covered in sticky streams of that milky cream. Anytime I get the opportunity, I make a thick, hard cock throb and pump jizz all over me. I meet guys all over the place that turn me into their cum dumpster jizz whore. Yesterday, I ran into my neighbor’s son. I haven’t seen him since he left for college. I decided to go over and say hello. I could see him from across the street, working on his car. I slipped my panties off and walked over. I stood over him and called for him to slide out from under the car and say hi to me. He slid right to where I wanted him and looked directly up my skirt. I squatted on his face and let him lick this tight, juicy fuck box. He tongue fucked me good and had my pussy gushing. When I was soaked and ready for his cock, I pulled it out and bounced on him. I grinded my wet kitty up and down on his huge hard dick. I fucked him good right there in the driveway. I even sucked his cock clean after I squirted all over him. He loved feeling me deep throat his stiff fuck rod. When he was ready to cum, I told him to give me that hot shot right to the face. He tensed up and unloaded so much cum all over my face. I was covered and dripping with it, just like I love to be. Sticking my tongue out to lick up every drop as it rolled down my cheek. I love being a cum whore and being glazed by a young hard cock.

Discreet phone sex

discreet phone sex  Everyone who knows me, knows what a cumslut like me craves. I am a total cum junkie and I crave that white sticky jizz all over my body. I can never get enough. When I’m not covered in hot, sweet cream, I’m sneaking away for some sexy and discreet phone sex. Just thinking about a big thick cock, shooting that gooey warm nut all over me, gets me so wet. I will play with my soaked kitty as you stroke your thick cock and tell me how you’re going to cover me in your cream. Tell me how you’re going to invite more guys in to stand over me and stroke their cocks with you to help cover me in cum! I want that sticky cream dripping all down my body in little streams and rolling down my belly and into my pussy. I’m going to finger my whore holes as all of those cocks cum for me over and over again. I love being a cum addicted slut and taking all of those hot loads right to my face!


No limits phone sex

no limits phone sexBeing a no limits phone sex slut comes natural to me. It would have to if you’ve been a cum slut for as long as I have. I started really young when my older brother would sell my tight little body for drugs or cash. He always told me that I was making him proud by being a little cum dumpster bitch and that I had the potential to make him a lot of money. He would have me practice sucking his cock so that I could get really good at it. Once I got really good at sucking his cock and could swallow his cum like a pro, he taught me to take cock in my tight little whore holes. When I got a little older, I realized that I could sell myself all day long and never have to work a real job. I love taking cock and getting pumped full of cum like a gutter slut. I make plenty of money and can get any kind of dope I want. Guys buy me all kinds of expensive gifts and take me on trips. I really am living my best life being a cum slut.


Fantasy phone sex whore

fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sex is not the only thing I am good at. I am also a major cum slut. I love to take huge hot loads from as many guys as I can. Getting covered in that warm, sticky jizz is the best feeling ever, next to getting fucked. Last night I had a very special encounter with a few of my guy friends. I got on my knees and had the four of them stand around me and pull their huge cocks out. I stroked, sucked and licked each of them until they were hard as fuck. I rubbed those big hard cocks all over my face and lips as I sucked them. Then I let them fuck me. I was taking cock after cock in all of my slut holes! I love the feeling of being stuffed in all of my fuck holes at the same time! The best part was when they started to cum for me. First one told me to get on my knees so he could cum all over my face. I loved feeling him glaze me. Then the others were ready to cum. I stayed on my knees and looked up as they shot their hot jizz all over my face and tits, being covered like a total cum dumpster. I was covered in all of that hot sticky cum and I loved it. I used both hands to rub it around all over my body. All of the guys seemed to love watching me massage my tits and rub my pussy with their cum all over me. They started to get hard again and I knew they were going to cover me again. Being covered in cum gets my pussy so wet! I was so happy to get glazed over and over by all of those hard cocks!

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