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I Enjoy Being A Cum Slut

Bald Shaved Pussy

My favorite thing to do when I’m bored is talk about all my slutty sex experiences, I love telling really horny guys about all the times I’ve been rammed and stuffed. I’m a natural cum slut and love getting creampied again and again. Nothing feels better than getting bent over a couch or a table or a counter and getting my hot little hole filled with cock. Talking about all my experiences getting treated like a real whore gets me so horny all over again; I want you to touch yourself knowing that I can’t wait to feel your hard dick throbbing inside me, stretching me out and making me yours. I want to get fucked hard and filled deeply with your cum until my pussy is leaking all over from your massive creampie.


Group Sex After School Fun!!!

Group sex

I’ve always been a very bad girl, I love being looked at and adored. It was no different when I was a teen in high school. I had a teacher who I knew liked watching me walk in and out of his classroom, I would catch him staring when I bent over my desk to grab my books. Me and my best friend would make a game out of seeing who could distract him the most in class. One day we made the whole class laugh because we got him hard just by wearing no panties under our tiny little uniform skirts. We sat right in the front row spreading our legs so he could see our tight bald pussies! Everyone saw his hard cock poking through his trousers and laughed, he absolutely gave us detention. When we showed up after school, he closed the door behind us and started stroking his cock. At first we were nervous because I was sure there were people still around that could catch us but once he got us into his office we all started touching each other. Both of us sucked his dick, He took turns fucking our faces and making us gag. He loved licking and fingering our young twats, It was our first group sex experience. We let him fuck our tight teen holes, filling both of us with his hot cum again and again until we were all quite exhausted from the three-way fuck fest. Group sex is my favorite way to have fun!



Pissing Mommy


Mommy Elizabeths Pissing phonesex will make you dick so hard. And that’s exactly what I want. When a man calls and tells me to put a towel down, I know I’m going to be getting into some squirting fun or more commonly some toilet play. Mommy loves being your piss queen! Are you the kind of guy who needs mommy to piss in her panties so you can take them and inhale that sweet musty urine as your cock grows even larger than it was before. I love pissing right through my panties while I masterbate my clit. I’ll even put three fingers in my mommy whore pussy as you demand me to piss all over them. A pissing orgasm is the very best. As an experienced trashy mommy, I know that a piss play is why most men look for a phone perverts paradise whore like me. I have been known to pull those panties off and suck the pee from them. Many men have made me piss for them and I think it’s so dirty, yet it gets me all slippery in my tight milf cunt! Oh, I know that you wish you were here to make me suck your cock while I have these piss soaked nylon bikini briefs wrapped around your dick. Piss on my face and make me drink it before you give me that facial mommy so desperately needs. 

phone perverts paradise

Deep Throat BJ Me!

Mistress Phone Sex
I know your deep fantasy is to deep throat a ten inch Brazillian Trans bitch dick like mine! I’m the Domme Mommy you asked for, but I don’t know if you deserve. You’re going to have to earn this she cock sliding deep inside your little asshole. You have to work my cock and drain my heavy cum filled balls right down your throat. I’m going to face fuck you, and I’m not going to be fucking gentle.

I want to cover you in my cum. Prove you’re worthy of this TGirl Goddess before you. There’s nothing you won’t do to please me, so start off my rimming my perfect puckered asshole. Slide your tongue deep inside while I jack my thick dick. My hand fits perfectly around it, the same way it fits perfectly around your throat. Get up, it’s time to see if you can handle all this cock!

Bend over, and let me line my tip right up with your tight shit box. I’m going to fucking wreck you. This is what you earned, a rough trip to pound town with me. I’m going to bust a whole other load deep inside of you, so buckle down and get ready to fucking take it.

Phone Perverts Paradise

Raina Rules The Roost

Sissy Phone Sex

When it comes to Queens with cocks, I know you’re seeking someone sturdy. I’m a thin, blonde Brazilian bitch eager to bury this big dick down your throat or deep in your shit hole. While I was perusing the slut selection at iCandy the other night, I noticed a sweet sissy in the corner shyly stroking his small little prick under a short satin skirt. He was stealing glances at me, so I flashed him my fat cock and his eyes nearly rolled back in his head as he followed me up to the roof top bar.

It wasn’t long before I was buried balls deep in his little sissy hole. I know he couldn’t help but moan out my name, but I needed that bitch to stay quiet. I couldn’t afford to get caught fucking another fag on the roof of this club. They might not let me back until I took the boss’ big cock all the way inside my ass and that wasn’t going to be happening.

My sissy toy had his panties around his heels, and was struggling to stay standing. That only edged me on further and further to fuck him deeper, to make sure my cock blasted a hot load deep inside that fuck hole. I turned around to see security staring at me, his big black cock in his hand. Looks like my sissy had some sucking to do to keep me out of trouble.

Phone Perverts Paradise

Kinky Whore Wants To Play With You

kinky phone sex

I love being a little extra nuaghty for you out in public, I throw my skirt up when I bend over and flash my ass and maybe even my tits. I didn’t wear panties for today when we went shopping! I did it just so I can tease you enjoy looking at how your face lights up red! I can shake my ass for you back and forth and sit it right on your face babe! It feels so hot knowing your dick is so hard for me, that my pussy is getting wet. On our way home I shove my fingers into my dripping cunt and make a big squirting mess all over your back seat baby! Cum with me when we get home daddy!

Bratty Princess Gets Her Way

You know that your little slutty girl loves to get her way all the time right? So when I say I was a hard cock in my cunt then I better get a hard fucking cock in my cunt! I don’t care how many fits I have to throw daddy you will give me my way right? Because I’m your princess and I keep that full ballsack of yours nice and drained of your white milk that’s all for me to drink up! So daddy what is it gonna be? Are you going to take me home now? Bend me over that leather black couch of yours and ram the thick head of your hard, huge, and curved cock into me to hit all the right sweet spots right? If not then I don’t mind getting down right here in the middle of the store in front of the these other people, even the young ones, to get that cock off and a sweet taste of the baby better I have been craving.

little gir phone sexNo? Again? That just is not right! So I get on my knees so fast and before you can even blink I have my favortie to out and start to fuck myself with load moans and cries for more. You panic and immediately shut my up by shoving your cock into my mouth to silence the cries of pleasure that can be heard across the store! When we get off there is a crowd cheering, mothers covering he eyes of their husbands and teens and even some workers have their cocks out to jerk off while watching your little slut fuck herself and suck a dick. When we make it home I am happily and thoroughly fucked by my daddy on that same black couch and getting the honor of draining his balls all over again!

Dosing Daddy With Some Dick

Phone Perverts Paradise

Father’s Day is a great time to get Daddy what he really wants; some hard, ten inch cock ready to stretch and fill his little faggot hole. He’d never admit it to your trophy wife mommy, but we both know he wants to get used up like a nasty little slut.

You see sweetie, your Daddy loves it when your Mommy goes out of town. He gets to dress up, uninterrupted, in all her silky, lacy lingerie and heels. Daddy loves to take Mommy’s huge BBC dildos, which she has to keep around because you Daddy’s pathetic cock doesn’t satisfy even her, and shove them right up his shit hole.

Your Daddy is practicing for when he really does get to take a massive dick. He’s been practicing for me. I have ten inches of hard, throbbing girl cock ready to weasel it’s way into any tight little fuck hole. My balls are swinging heavy, and I have a massive load I need to desperately shoot out. I’ll pop out of the cake, no problem. I know it’s something your Daddy has always dreamed of!

The perfect birthday cock surprise popping right up and out of the birthday cake, dick in hand, and balls ready to blow. See you early, say ten in the morning?

Kinky Phone Sex

Phone Sex MILF and the Neighbor Boy

phone sex milfWhen I am home alone and horny, I put on something sexy and flaunt my mature body for the neighbor boy. I am a phone sex milf, and the young boys all want to play with me. He is home all the time now because it is his summer vacation. I love younger guys. I have long fantasized about this boy too. His young cock can rabbit fuck my cougar pussy. We have not fucked yet, but I know what young dicks can do to me. I am a cougar and I have had my share of young lovers. This neighbor boy is always stroking his cock in front of the window for me. I masturbate my hairy pussy for him too. He wants me and I want him. Every young boy wants a sexy mommy. My sex drive was so high today, I was not satisfied with mutual masturbation. I summed the boy over. It was his lucky day.

When he arrived, I yanked his boy cock out of his shorts, and started deep throating his horny rod. I could taste his yummy boy batter which was leaking out his throbbing young dick. He mounted me like an animal in heat. He was tired of jacking off for me too. I had cock teased him enough. A few pumps in my hairy pussy and he exploded. It was too quick for me. However, he had promise. He shot a large load for such a young man. Turned out he was a virgin. The way he jacked his dick and his bravado for showing it off to the milf next door, made me assume he was not one. I can make a dead man cum. I utilized my cock reviving skills and had his cock hard again in no time. As he was pounded my pussy, I oozed my milf juice all over his boy dick. He spent the day in my bed. The same bed I sleep with my husband. I know what I am doing all summer. Or maybe I should say, I know who I am doing all summer.

Your Vacation With Wet Pussy

bald shaved pussyDon’t you miss your sweet girlfriend back at home? You’ve been sent on a long vacation and miss fucking her tight wet cunt but you just can’t because she’s too far away. That’s what I am here for! You perfect little pervert girl for you to take over and dominate my sweet pussy and I love every minute of it. We meet at a night bar and you can not help but stare at my sexy body. What’s the problem with a night…or two or three? With me? You buy me a few drinks, we get a little high and head back to your room. I give you a sexy strip tease out of my white dress and out of my lacy thong and rub my ass all over your lap to feel that daddy cock grow. I rip off your clothes and kiss you all over and get that hard dick centered right under my dripping pussy hole and fuck you bare back! I go harder and harder and rub my tits in your face for you to suck on while I squirt and cum all over you. I get down on my hands and knees and start sucking away to get that seed of cum down my throat! I can’t wait for tomorrow night!

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