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Mutual Masturbation with a Milf

Mutual Masturbation

I love to masturbate in the great outdoors. It is even hotter when I am sharing mutual masturbation with another pervert. I once was sitting on the park bench at dusk and enjoying the weather and the possibility of getting off outside. A fellow pervert sat down next to me and started commenting on my boobs and ass. He was trying to get a rise out of me and make me leave the bench. Seems his favorite place to jerk off also. I just asked if wanted to see my breasts, and undid my shirt and exposed my tits.

I reached over and started rubbing the outline of his cock. Soon enough he was fingering my wet twat right there at the park while I had my titties exposed. In turn I was stroking his dick off and talking dirty to him. Asked if he wanted to pump his cum on my titties. and guess what, Yep, I got a blast instantly on these tits. I got up and left then.

Anal phone sex adventure whore

Anal phone sexI’m an Anal phone sex whore and I love it. I’m not afraid to get my behind dirty with seed nor do I care if my anal fuck slot is dripping jizz by the money shot. I’m an adventurous girl who’s in this business to make men happy and I don’t shy away from even new or somewhat degrading acts. The fact that tonight’s fun got my roommate excited was only a bonus, and I enjoyed making things loud and squishy so she’d have lots of material to jill off to while I watched. I made sure to scoot on over and lick out that delicious pussy the moment I saw her will break and she opened her legs for me. I didn’t even wait to stop being fucked in my stretched out asshole, a Phone sex whore is always looking for new ways to have fun and I definitely managed to find a new way today that sated both my roomie’s lust and my own need to explore and learn from whatever’s in my way. I left the window open just the slightest so the other dorm rooms could hear her blissful moans and wet orgasm. I got great pleasure out of teasing everyone around with my roomie’s dripping pussy sounds and the man behind me’s powerful grunts as he unloaded rope after rope of cum into my packed ass. Then when I was done making her a greedy slut for my tongue and lips and exploring hands, I got back to being the center of attention for my Submissive phone sex partner and letting him drill me harder and harder by the second for my indiscretion. What can I say, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Especially the part where I found myself covered in pussy juice and hot cum and luxuriated in the feeling of my own personal sex bath.

Harder, Please

hot phonesex

Yes, bend me over and smack my ass while you call me a dirty fucking whore! Tell me I deserve to be fucked in everyone of my holes painfully while I beg for a release. You have me bent over with my ass up in the air just waiting for your big cock to be shoved right in. I wiggle my ass a little bit and that really gets you going. You shove your hard thick cock straight into my tight little asshole hard! You stretched me out so far with your thick cock and I screamed. I could feel your thick cock going in and out of my asshole and I beg for you to go faster while I rub my clit fast wanting to cum. I beg for you to cum in my tight little shithole. Just fill up my dirty little hole until it starts running out. We both cum at the same fucking time and it feels so fucking good baby!

Slut Doll for You

phone perverts paradiseI love being thrown around like a fucking slut doll. I want you to use and abuse me in every way you can. Make me feel your cock in every single hole fucking have and make me beg for it. I want you to make me get down on my knees and beg for you hard thick cock in any way you would give it to me. Please let me feel you deep inside of me leaving you hot thick cum load inside of me. I want to be your breeding whore who will breed as many times as you want. I want you to fuck my face raw and until my lips are bruised and sore for days. Use my pussy and ass hole as your personal cum dumpster. I will do anything for you baby just tell me what you want, and I will do it! Please use me like your fucking slave.

Fuck my Tight shaved pussy – Courtney

Tight shaved pussyI trim and shave my pussy every day to make sure I have a Tight shaved pussy with just enough puff to draw the eyes before my pretty pink catches the eye much harder and draws the hardest cocks around. I may be a school girl but I’m learning quickly and I’m already a bonafide whore with a daily maintenance routine to match so men like you have so much to enjoy about my heavy baby-making hips and otherwise perfectly smooth and lithe body. One of the most important things over here at paradise is how we can be perfect for any man’s desires that are thrown at us, and today I got to show that perfectly by spreading my cunt and letting a man work his tongue so deep I had to squeeze around his head and beg for more. A lot of men feel odd about wanting to explore my body, but if that’s what gives them the Hottest phone sex they could ask for then I’ll open up, beg, plead, play and spread myself wide for any and every desire. I don’t like to ask questions when a man knows what he wants, I’d rather get into any position he wants and let him lead me to his slutty paradise so I can cum hard with him. That man with his tongue deep in my cunt made me cum easily a dozen times today, and when he was done he pulled out his throbbing cock – engorged from our play – and pounded me so hard I was glad we weren’t in my bed because I’m gonna need to clean everything around our fuck session. It’s a mess of cum and girl cum and pussy juice and… To think he was a newbie unsure what to even do. I’m glad I could teach him How to phone sex with me.

Bet You Can’t Get Me Pregnant

Impregnation phone sex


I know a lot of guys like impregnation phone sex and that’s cool with me, I’m happy to take every load that cums my way.  They never get what they’re after, though.  I’ve taken shot after shot in my mommy spot and have never even had a pregnancy scare, not once.  No, I don’t use birth control and I think condoms are for fucking pussies!  I guess I’m just lucky that no one has ever managed to put a baby inside of me no matter how much cum they dump in my cooter.

It’s probably a mix of a couple of things.  For starters, and I mean no offense here, but a lot of you guys don’t really know how a woman’s body works.  If you fellas want to plan a family with a gal then you’re going to have to learn some stuff about female anatomy first.

Contrary to popular belief, you will never get a woman pregnant by leaving your pearly white dick deposit in her butt.  Sorry to tell you, but if that’s how you’re trying to make a young one, it’s just not going to work.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t stop you from trying.  You can gape my ass gash and fill it up as much as you want, but the only thing that will come of it is chocolatey, shit stained spunk.

Sperm also can not travel down my esophagus, through my stomach and all of my guts to my pussy and fertilize my eggs.  Does that even seem logical?  The butt stuff even sounds doable, by comparison.  You don’t have super swimmers with egg homing devices attached to their heads, they’re just regular little spermies.  Stomach acid and fecal bacteria are too much for those little guys even if they could magically find their way through my body.  I hope that isn’t too much science for you, Dude.  It’s pretty common knowledge.

I don’t just let my mouth and asshole swallow up all of the creamy loads I’m given, my cunt takes more than its fair share of cock shots.  I don’t know, maybe I’m barren.  Maybe every guy who bangs me up is sterile.  Whatever it is, I’ve never gotten pregnant no matter how much I fuck.  You can bust your nut in me and I’ll totally take any pregnancy test you buy.  I’m not wasting my money on that shit, though.  I’ll never have any rugrats to interrupt my life no matter how many creampies I take.  I’ll put money on it.


Impregnantion Paradise

Impregnation phone sex

You’re dreaming of cumming in my tight young twat, aren’t you? Every time you fuck my black twat you start begging to shoot your load into the depths of my wet goodies. I much rather have you spray it across my face or slurp out the last drop of cum but im ready to become a phone sex milf. as you push my legs behind my ears I tell you to breed my pink pussy until my hole is leaking cum. The thought of unloading inside of me is making your dick hard and steel! It feels like it has its own heartbeat and you cum so much inside of me that my belly gets full! I’m going to fuck you for hours and hours so that you breed my slutty snatch! It should not take too long before I’m impregnated baby. I want you to have a juicy pregnant pussy to fuck for 9 months! 

Fantasy Phone Sex Kinky Milf

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sex kink is a kind of thing that is impossible, implausible but extremely fucking hot. I’m a big fan of nasty cum soaked fantasy fun. There are so many filthy ways to blow your load and your mind at the same time. I like a good mind fuck giving and receiving.

You’re dirty mind can mingle with mine and we will weave the nastiest hot fantasy phone fucking rolepalys you could imagine. A big hard daddy dick needing tight young holes and a milf with big bouncy tits is exactly the mix up for a whip up at that man goo. I love taking my son’s young cocks and I bet you would entice in a little girly boy play too it’s not too far fetched. It’s my daughters with me often that really get those balls spilling the slick spermy snail stains all over the leather couch as you take on a mommy and daughter.

Fetish Cunt

Fetish phone sexYou ever been with a slutty ass nigger? A bitch that will satisfy your every need with no judgement? I am a fetish loving whore daddy! I love trying new things. Unconventional things. Sadistic shit. Nothing is too dirty or too filthy for me baby. I love being a nasty freak bitch and that’s what men like most about me. They love how free-spirited I am and most of all men love me because I don’t judge. Everyone has a fantasy and I make it my job to satisfy every one of them. Want to force fuck my youngsters? Want to call me your little dirty nigger? Want to get rid of a bitch? Want to pee or shit on me? Want to gangbang me with your friends? Want me to chop that fucking dick off? Want to creampie me and get me pregnant? I am the dirty whore for all your needs daddy. No topic is too much for me. I can be your morning cunt or I can be your midnight creampie dumpster. Your wish is my command baby. I aim to please you and whatever you’re into. A fetish loving black nigger like me will make you cum every way possible. I am that amazing cunt that will have you coming back for more and more. Let me be your favorite fetish whore daddy!! How about you give me a call. Let me see how nasty you can really get baby. Can you prove to me you can keep up?

Jessie Loves Fresh Meat

Little girl phone sex


Look, I like little girl phone sex as much as the next slit licking slut, but this new guy I’m fucking is proudly addicted to the fat puffy nips and pink little clits of tight teen whores.  I’m serious, I don’t even think addicted is a strong enough word for it.  It seems like hot little holes and beautiful budding boobies are the only things in the world that Jerk Off Jessie lives for.

His social media feeds are full of flat chested and big nippled nubiles and dewy little pussies with holes so tight that it’s hard to imagine that they would even be able to take a middle finger, let alone a big, fat, gash gaping cock.  They are super sexy blossoming sluts, there’s no denying that, but Jessie spends every waking minute curating, editing, posting and whacking off to all of the little girls he finds online.

His raunchy feeds are a P lover’s wide awake wet dream.  He has so many luscious little lass loving followers, it’s insane!  I had no idea that so many people like to look at barely used tiny little fuckholes and barely there itty-bitty chesticles to juice their junk.  I don’t consider myself to be naive, but judging by my reaction to his never ending list of followers, I guess I might be!  That’s also what made me feel safe enough to join in on the fun and start following him.

I’m just another profile on Jessie’s ever growing list of fuck freak followers.  I’m surprised he even responded to my dick hunting DM, but I did play up the fact that my pussy is super tight and wet and offered him the chance to get inside of it to test it out for himself.  He liked the way it felt and didn’t even mind that my gigantic jugs are way bigger than all of those tiny tits he usually ogles, but I couldn’t get him to blow his boner batter until I pulled out some butt naked pics of me as a tawdry little teen tease to show him how I looked when I was fresh meat.  Once he caught a glimpse of my glamorously glistening gash and pre boob job jigglers, he filled my like new cunt with so much cum that I thought I would never be able to push and squeeze it all out of me.

I don’t know how he does it, but somehow Jerk Off Jessie gets away with showing the world the prettiest young pre-whores that have ever been posted on the web.  Of course I had to let him put those old snaps of my snatch up for everyone’s enjoyment, I want them to jack off to me, too!


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