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Enema Phone Sex Fetish Anal Spray

Enema phone sex

There’s one fucking awesome way to worship a juicy big ass. Enema phone sex is very erotic and fun. I had this caller that had me kneeling on the cocktail table with a butt plug corking my ass after a nice warm flow of water was injected in my anus.

I was fighting hard to keep my rectum squeezing around this butt plug and holding in all the water. He had a furry friend with him too. I was servicing the big beasty cock of that four legged pet while the caller was behind me opening the flood gate of my butt plug corked ass.

His cock was throbbing hard and the head pushed in me as I still tried holding the ass juices in. As soon as the head of his hard cock pushed in the flow poured warm and wet all over his dick. I must say as a Phone perverts Paradise filthy milf, he gave me the best ass fucking imaginable.

I was sucking that red rocket as my ass was getting the plunge. He plunged his load in and got Rusty behind me. I took that beasties rocket in my ass next and feeling it balloon up was amazing. As the furry friend fucked my ass Mr. Caller was giving my clit some lip service. It was the best fucking time ever. I came like a fountain from both holes that call. What filthy fun do you wish to explore?

Giantess Milf Phonesex Pleasures


Phonesex Giantess mommy has been getting bored lately. This Milf is a sexy giantess, and I will offer tiny men (dick and all) an entirely new life through me!

Macrophilia (I.e. Giantess) is something that men like these only come have a taste of in their most wild and naughty nightmares and fantasies. Yes, today they are getting snatched right up out of their life, quite literally, as I pinch the seat of their tiny little trousers and shove them between my immense mommy tits! Only for safe keeping while I resume hunting for more tiny men toys! I hear him in my tight cleavage, struggling for air and wriggling around.

Then I take a peek down my shirt. He’s desperately working his way down my thighs, while hot drops of cum seep on my skin through his pants. I might have lost my first victim up in my womb, to be reborn again later! 

To the city! I will destroy all in my seeking for itty bitty men! My cunt dripped huge splatters and drowned some in the wake of a pussy tidal wave! The micro dicks start throbbing when they see my huge, tight pussy over them.

I will see just how tiny these dicks are by picking them up and pressing them up against my sweet pussy, rubbing them around my clit and pussy lips so that my new tiny man will be pruned up all over his body by my cunt!  Only when he is nice and lubed up will I start to insert him up inside of my tight wet pussy. Being able to feel them wiggle bodies and their little dick grinding against my walls is my favorite part. My Giantess orgy fantasies have only just begun as I destroy the city in search of every little man I can find! Are you ready to be shoved up inside me or smashed with Giant breast? 

Orgy fantasies

I like to wear diapers

diaper phone sex

Some of my favorite calls are for diaper phone sex. There is something so satisfying to hear the crinkle of a cue diaper, be able to mess yourself whenever you need to, have a Mommy or Daddy to take care of you. Daddy likes to pull me onto his lap and start playing with my kitty through my diaper until it starts sliding around with my cunt juices. He will then reach up and squeeze my tight nipples as he lays me down on the floor. He will then remove my diaper and onesie as he shoves his hard cock into my mouth for a bit. He loves to grab my hair and fuck my mouth and throat until he feels that he may come too soon. He will then stick that hard and dripping fuck stick into my tight twat and fuck me so hard that it leaves some bruises. He only fucks my snatch for a short time before he takes it out and shoves it into my ass. He likes to spill his baby batter all over in my colon or on my back. He will then lay down next to me exhausted and I will get a warm washcloth to clean up any messes that were made. The only thing is that my Daddy is away a lot and I get horny, does anyone want to cum take care of me?

Let Me Face Fuck You

Hot Phonesex

I have a new New Year’s Resolution this year, and it completely blows every other year out of the water. I want to have over 500 pathetic Sissy boys suck my cock by the time 2022 rolls around. The timer is going to start at 12:01 a.m. on January 1st, and throughout that entire year I guarantee you I’m going to shove my cock down at least that many throats. I was going to set a goal to stretch the most virgin assholes out, but I like to do that and it isn’t that much of a challenge. Now finding a nice married man who’s been craving a thick shemale fucking cock to choke on is a little more challenging,and a little more rewarding to me.
Look at me. I’m standing here, in my lingerie stockings and heels, dripping for you. The precum is oozing from the tip of my beautiful girl dick, and it is begging you to put it in your mouth. You know you need it too. You know you need to taste that amazing combination of salty sweetness that is my cock. You know you need to worship me. You know you need to have what’s in my balls, so open your mouth and open your throat, let me face fuck you and give you my hot sticky load.

I’m so anal

anal sex

I have become an anal sex whore! There is nothing like the feeling of you lubing up my asshole and then pushing a finger inside. You start a fucking motion and soon are working another one in. You hear me moaning and quickly add a third. By now my hole is loose and ready and so you pull your fingers out and replace them with your cock head. You put it onto the pucker and slowly start pushing. You tell me to breathe and to push out, while I did that you pushed the head in. You then stopped for a moment to let  me get used to the feeling and when you thought that I was ok you slowly pushed the rest of your cock in. You then began sawing in and out slowly and then began to pick up the speed. I was grunting and slamming back onto you while you reached over and started mauling my tits. I could feel your balls slapping against my clit each time that you were fully in. I could feel your cock growing in my shit chute and knew that you were going to blow any minute. I started tightening my hole and milked your fuck stick with it until you ground in one last time and released your load into my bowels. I felt you pull out and soon felt cum running down the back of my legs. I had a lot of fun and know that I will be doing this again- wanna play next time?


Phone perverts Paradise Holiday’s

Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts Paradise Holiday fun at my house is certainly a perverts paradise. I am so horny for some big jolly red p daddy Santa prick and so are my girls, and boys. They all love sitting on Santa’s lap and I invite all the p-daddy’s I know to come dress up as Santa for them. Everyone is happy. Even if Satan was Santa it would be fine in this house. We love Satan’s staff more than Jesus. The Christmas thing is only celebrated in my house a standard tradition and celebrating Winter and Family. I am not the best in following religions and don’t mind having a little fun with them. Santa and his elves visiting is a lot of fun for my household of fuck toys and we will not refrain from the debauchery and taboo fun anytime soon. Best drink some of that cum nog and join us.

Please Daddy more!

little girl phone sex

Tonight was my night to shine with little girl phone sex. It seems that there are a lot of daddies out there who enjoy having a cute little kitten like me at their side. I was in heaven with the last daddy who called, he took me out shopping and we bought all kinds of cute baby girl things! I got a pretty jeweled butt plug, and new pretty purple vibe and some “baby”doll night gowns hehe. When we got back Daddy carried me over to the couch and sat me on his lap for some grown up play time. He took my panties off and started rubbing my clittie and playing with my little titties. I leaned back enjoying the feeling of having my clit grow and my pussy was leaving wet marks on his pants. He then laid me back and put his mouth right next to my pussy before he dove in like a man starving! Daddy was making all kinds of funny moaning noises as he ate my box lunch. I started squealing and moving all over as I was being taken over the edge with my orgasm. After Daddy licked me clean he took his hard cock out and shoved into my tiny twat. He forcefully grabbed my tits and throat while fucking me as hard as he could. I heard him cum with a grunt and then when he rolled off I got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up. I’m on the lookout for a daddy who can take care of me like he does- hope it’s you!  

Bald Shaved Pussy Pissing On Dick

Some of you dirty men wanted to know how I got so dirty and corrupt. It was always in me. I was a naughty little girl and a dirty little teen whore turned breeder quickly. One day I walked in on my daughter in the bathroom with one of our neighbors. She was squatting with that bald shaved pussy over his cock in the bath tub, pissing. She was pissing on his dick and he was so hard and stroking that he didn’t even notice me come in. I just put my finger to my lips as my daughter was smiling at me and sat on the toilet. I started trickling pee in the bowl and he was immediately aware. He got nervous and the dirty little slut giggled and said it was ok. She was a lollidom too! She told him to go over to me and lap at mommy’s shaved pissy pussy like a good cunt licker. Only if he laps my hole clean will he get to pump into her hole. She is naughty, just like mommy!

bald shaved pussy

Welcome to My Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to phone perverts paradise. What does that mean? To me it means a pervert is King or Queen. I am a pervert too. I am also a nymphomaniac. I have been using my body to seek pleasure since I was a young schoolgirl. First, I had daddy wrapped around my finger, then I had professors. Now, it is my husband. He loves me. He accepts the fact that he will never be man enough for me to be faithful. Honestly, I do not think any man ever has because my sexual appetite is as big as the ocean. This is why I am loving having my son home with me. He just got off a 10-year tour of duty in Afghanistan and he had little pussy in those years. We are making up for lost time. He has been drilling my holes for weeks now since he is home. Not just my pussy and ass either. He is enjoying his sister’s pussy and ass too. My stepsons were here for a week too, which meant I had 3 boys fucking me every which way but loose. Oh, I loved it too.  I have three holes for a reason. Might as well fill them all up at once. My daughter knows that I miss that three-hole stuffed feeling since her stepbrothers left. She had a remedy. She called up some old high school friends of hers and invited them to a party with her whore mother. These are trust fund boys benched because Princeton is on a COVID hiatus. They do not need to work, so why not fuck and party with a phone sex milf like me? Would not be the first time I fucked trust fund boys or the last. They were as happy to see me as I was them. My son never minds sharing his mommy whore either. They fucked my daughter too. I had three 20 something boys competing to be master of my pussy and ass. I fucking loved it. My daughter has a new job now. She oversees the cock department as in she is responsible for getting mommy fucked.

So Many Fuckable Combinations

Hot PhonesexPussies and penis’ are like snowflakes.

No two are exactly alike!

That is why I plan on fucking as many throbbing hard cocks as possible!

You take the length, the thickness, head size, hooded or clipped,  and then add in lip smacking flavor….

There are endless possible combinations…and I want to try them all!

Don’t even get me started on those curved cocks…oh my god!

I mean, how do you know what you like the best until you try every single fuckable possibility!

My panties are already getting creamy and wet just thinking about spreading my legs for a juicy throbbing cock, pushing deep inside my hot dripping tight shaved pussy!

And you have to try them in all the different positions!

I love being on top,,,grinding my pussy down hard and deep on a short and chubby in a reverse cowgirl, which happens to be my favorite!

And everyone knows that long straight and narrow is best for being rode deep and hard with a hot little slut on top!

Trust me…this cunt has played host to a cock or two (sometimes at the same time!), so I know all about the best possible ways to to take it deep and hard for maximum orgasm potential!

But right about now…I am so damn horny!

My tight bald shaved pussy has been aching to be stuffed all day!

I just need to be fucked hard with something warm that is not afraid of drowning in an ocean of squirting pussy juices!


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