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Do You Want To Touch Her?

My little angel just woke up and is feeling frisky. Her grand daddy was enjoying her last night. You came by this morning so hard and horny for the little brat crew of your neighbors. I am such a dirty whore of a mommy. I walk you to her room. My deflowered little angel is sucking her thumb and sleeping like a princess. I pull the blankies away from her and gently pull her little girl panties down.

“Do you want to come in and touch her?” I ask in a whisper. The grin grows and you say that you want to do much more than touch. I smile and spread her legs. She starts to wake up and is receptive to that big cock of yours. Go ahead and let her suck it while you look at that newly gaped little pussy. I promised you could have it after her grandaddy popped her little cherry.

Little girl phone sex

Kinky Phone Sex Dom

I suppose to the average person, I look like the typical sweet girl next door!Kinky Phone Sex

But when the wife’s are away, that is when the men call me!

It is all quite hush hush.

I mean they don’t want their friends and neighbors finding out that they love being dominated by a sexy siren like me!

I only fuck the rich ones, I mean, they tip well so how can I say no!

But those tiny little dicks…they disgusts me and need to be put in their place!

But once I put the collar on them, their ass is mine!

And there are rules to being a good servant!

Do Not Speak unless I give permission!

If you are granted permission to address me, it will be as, “Mistress Grace”!

There will be floggings, lashes with riding crops, and spiked heels pressed into your miniscule little nuts!

And unless you have tipped me and paid for the ‘extra’ service, I had better not see that pathetic little cock get hard!

Now, get on your knees and take your place on the floor!





Be My Submissive Phone Sex Slave

submissive phone sex

On your knees. Yes, I meant what I said. You are just a lowly submissive phone sex whore and you’ll do whatever I tell you to do.  That includes sucking any and every dick I tell you to. I don’t care if you don’t want to and I don’t care if you say no. You can’t fucking overpower me and this strong, strapping man so just open your mouth and get to work, you nasty little cock sucker. I can’t wait to see if he can get the whole thing down your throat. You might gag, and that’s one hundred percent okay with me.

Yeah, I don’t really care if what I make you do causes you to be uncomfortable. You’re really just here for my pleasure and the pleasure of this big fat cock you’ll be playing with. I am going to stand behind you and slam my fat black strap-on cock all the way inside you. I hope you can handle being spit-roasted by us because you’ll be getting a lot of that. If you think you can handle being my submissive slut, then by, all means, get on the phone and give me a call. But I’ll warn you – it’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be fun. or me, anyway.

Phone Perverts Paradise Mistress

phone perverts paradise

Now that you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you’re going to soon see that you’re in a phone perverts paradise. I’m the kind of girl men will do ANYTHING for. And I do mean anything. And once you prove yourself to me, I’m willing to do just about whatever you want. Just in case you’re too dense to understand, I’m saying that if the price is right, I will be your total fuck whore. You can fuck any hole you want, whenever you want, and make you cum harder than your wife ever has.  I’m the slut that every man in the world has dreams of.

I mean, if you don’t believe me, you can just call me and find out. Or are you afraid that you’ll get addicted to me? It’s a much better addiction than drugs or alcohol. I’m at least something that won’t harm you – well, not unless you get on my bad side. Then it might hurt a little bit. Are you ready for a hot slut like me? Do you think you can handle me? I’m ready for you to find out, so don’t keep me waiting any longer, you dirty fuck. You better not hold back because I like it when men have no limits.

My Wet Dream

I close my eyes and I can feel your hands sliding down my firm young body!Hot Phonesex

Your fingers teasing my left nipple while your tongue flicks at my right!

My pussy is churning and a flash of heat and moisture surges in my smooth pretty pink pussy lips!

The thought of you stuffing your giant man muscle inside me is making my hips move as if they know what’s coming!

I can feel your cock grow long and hard between us and I reach down to touch you…wrapping my hands around you…pulling you closer to my sweet dripping pussy!

My body, feverishly aches for you as your cock grazes my lips, teasing me until I beg you to fuck me!

You know how bad I need to feel that hard throbbing cock, pushing deep inside my tightly clenched pussy!

Finally, with one slow deliberate smooth thrust, your massive dick fills my cunt and there is no going back!

My hips rise to meet yours, begging for every inch of you!

My nipples are hard and my skin red with a hot rush of head to toe electricity!

I can feel my insides turning as a flood of cum builds inside me, rushing to drench your cock in sweet stickiness!

Then suddenly, I wake up and realize it is just a very hot dream!

Now, I wait, powerless….as I wait to hear that voice that can send me back to that intensely erotic moment of dripping satisfaction!





Discreet Phone Sex Slut

discreet phone sex

I know that you pervs love talking to me, but it has to be discreet phone sex. I think that keeping things a secret from your prudish wife makes things even hotter, don’t you? I’ve become an expert at hiding from wives because I LOVE fucking married men. I don’t want to brag too much, but I am very popular in my hometown. Every time I go back for a visit, all of those old men who fucked me and spoiled me when I was way too young to be fucking always want a piece of the action.

Obviously, the guy who agrees to spoil me the most always gets first dibs on whatever hole he wants. I bet you’d want to feel my perfect lips wrapped around and sucking your cock, wouldn’t you? I have to say that I give really freaking great head.  But my pussy is also really tight and would fit you like a glove. I would probably even let you shoot a load inside me if you spoil me enough. So call me up and tell me which holes you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them. I’m waiting to hear your thoughts.

Best Phone Sex Lines For Filthy Taboos

The filthy taboos that you crave are right here on the Best Phone Sex Lines. You have entered a perverts paradise of debauchery when you call me. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy some filthy nothing off limits conversation that will make your cock ooze. I will be right here with ya rubbing one out and squirting sweet pussy juice on my sons or daughters sweet little mouths. Hungry little sluts they are for mommy’s cunt squirting’s. Secret: you can cum anywhere on or in these mommy cunt spawns. I don’t fucking care.

I raised my brats right, and many of my lovers will agree. I have lost a few of my lover’s to these sluts, but I won’t digress over it. I embrace it. I am always bored quickly anyway!

Best Phone Sex Lines

Best Friends Daughter

It was his best friends slutty little cock tease that he craved. He got a glimpse of that Bald shaved pussy and could not stop thinking about her. Her name was Annie and she was a cute young thing. Yeah, she had long red hair and the palest skin. He showed me pictures of her. He had been taking pictures of her as a favor for a special year’s Birthday. I am sure you can guess the sweet age of this little cock treat.

Bald Shaved Pussy

He reached out to me one afternoon. He had just finished doing a shoot with her and came across her pretty little panties. She had just changed into her bikini and there they were right on the bathroom floor. He was hard as could be and had to sniff them. He watched out the winder as she dove into the pool. The whole time he sniffed her panties and called me up to tell me all about this little tease. He wanted her tight pussy so badly. You know I was only fueling his desire the whole call. He accidently came in those panties! Could you even blame him?

Here Boy, Sit! Madame Raina Rules The Dick Lickers.

Sissy Phone SexI love taking strolls through the shopping malls in pretty little mini skirts, and sexy high heels. I like to flash the men I walk past, and pick good ones to train. Many of them get so excited when they see what tasty thing I have for them underneath my thigh curtains that they abandon whatever woman they’re walking with just to trail along behind me like little lost puppy dogs.

Once these boys catch a glance of my ten inch, thick Brazilian bitch dick they can’t think about anything else but that. These little hound dogs literally slobber all over, begging me to please let them pleasure my thick girl dick. How can I refuse when they shower me with such pretty gifts and line up literally down the block to choke on my cock.

Don’t worry sweetheart, each boy gets ten minutes to try and get me to blow a load, and then I take five minutes sterilizing this cock in between mouths. Gotta keep you little whores safe from this big bad virus while you’re acting like beta bitch sluts for my trans girl cock. Everybody knows I kept my balls for one reason; to keep pumping out hot spunk loads for these little dick lickers. Yeah, the ones that beg me to get a mouth full of my sweaty sac. I’m horny now, hon. Come by so I can cum by noon.

Phone Sex Addiction

Best Phone Sex Lines For Perverts

Best phone sex lines
When you are horny for filthy fun the Best phone sex lines are what you look for. I’m a milf. I have big ole milf titties and a juicy big ass. Guys love getting off in mama’s ass, between these tits and in my clean shaven cunt. My pussy is bald like a little girls. I have brats, yes, and they are pervert play toys. You have no need to be ashamed of the lust you have and I am offering you a play time paradise of kinks and taboos.

To let you in on a little secret, some of my favorite regulars are loving the filthy, blasphemous ways of my pleasures. Yes, that’s why this is called Phone perverts Paradise!! I love to get blasphemous and incestuous. I’m a pervert. I fucked my boyfriend when I was a teen, in the church at midnight. We went out to the graveyard behind it also, and fucked. We snuck into a catacomb thanks to his hoodlum ways. He picked the lock and we slipped into there and fucked on the alter. These were some hot times. I loved how he added his jizz to a fresh grave, and came on the tombstone of a young girls. I have fucked my pussy with a Mary statue and so on.

Truth be told my breeding crew of fuck toys are just as naughty as mommy. I had my son as a alter boy and he fucking Offered to suck the Priests cock! I was stricken with pride for this little cock sucking son of mine. What can I say? I just know when we hook up to play you will have an awesome fucking time. If you like Big tits and asses then you will love mine! I have it all. I am a brunette now, this is an older picture but I love it so much. I am such a fucking pervert, you should cum play in my paradise!

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