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Orgy fantasies of Little Breeders

My Holiday gatherings this year have one thing in common. The common thread are fulfilling orgy fantasies with p-daddies making little breeders out of the little girls Mama Irene brings around. My p-daddies love young pussy the most. I get together five or so little brats for the perverts fantasies.

Gathering young sluts can be easy. The pageant sluts and young girls that love dressing like hookers are so easy to sway. We play fashion show. I give them all special treats laced with yummy drugs. These treats make the girls really become uninhibited and slutty. I film them and make them act out the hot videos I play for them. They love the teeny bopper music videos and acting like big girls.

Orgy fantasies

I introduce a sexy man to the girls and tell them what they need to do. I tell them this is their acting debut and they will become big stars. Oh how these young impressionable little sluts in the making eat that shit up. Next thing we know there is an orgy going on and these little holes are being destroyed.

Little girl phone sex

James and the Giant Cock

Bald shaved pussy

James was ordinary. Nothing like the cocky, meat heads I’m used to fucking. But the print in his shorts made me take notice. I wanted to sit on his giant cock or at least get a taste. I asked him out on a date because there was no way I was waiting for him to ask me first and missing a chance at riding his fuckpole. He agreed to pick me up at 8. He suggested dinner and a show. Boring. Just like I thought. He picked me up at 8 and we made our way to a nice restaurant. I spent most of the meal listening to him go on about work while I fantasized about working his thick cock in and out my tight pussy. We left dinner and as soon as we got in the car, I put my manicured hand on his fat cock and told him that I wanted to lick him like a lollipop. He looked nervous but he agreed. I ordered him to drive while I unbuckled his slacks and worked his giant beer-bottle thick cock out of his boxers. When I freed his pet python I was even more impressed at its size. My eyes widened and I began feverishly sucked and slurping his dick as he tried to focus on the road. It was next to impossible to drive while I gobbled his dock. He pulled over and slid his car seat back as far as it could go. I immediately climbed over the armrest and positioned myself on his lap. I grabbed his cock and guided it inside my tight, wet pussy. I rode his fat cock hard and fast, gripping it with my tight pussy muscles. The wetter my pussy got the easier it was for him to slide his massive fuckstick in and out of me. I held the steering wheel and bounced up and down until he filled my pussy up with a huge load of milky cum. James is boring but I always have so much fun fucking his giant cock.

Cum dripping pussy

Blonde phone sex

My pussy was used as a cum dumpster. I have been sticking my fingers in there sucking cum off my finger tips since last night! It felt so good to get fucked by a group of married drunk men. I went to a Christmas tree lighting and the trees were not the only things that got lit. Turns out I was getting fucked by a group of men. My thong, bra, mini skirt and top were being used as ornaments. I had the hottest most kinkiest sex! I was on my knees getting my pussy plowed by 6 men. They used their cocks and anything on site to fill my holes. I had beer bottles, twigs and even candy canes inside of my pussy last night. Those men really used me up. I had to run to my car naked leaking of cum and everything you could possibly imagine. They sure treated me like a filthy slut and I enjoyed it.

No Limit Phone Sex Slut Wants To Play

Phone sex whore

You’ve called around looking for a horny phone sex slut with absolutely no limits. The outcome left you unsatisfied and wanting much more. You read my nasty blogs and jacked your dick to my sexy pictures. Now you know what you’ve been missing. You want a kinky phone sex whore that isn’t afraid to explore any fantasy. You want a sexy voice who’ll say the most disgustingly freaky shit you’ve ever heard.You want someone who isn’t judgmental or close-minded to act out your wild, filthy fantasies with. Well here I am. There’s nothing too taboo for my kinky ass. Fist me, slap me, breed my bald wet cunt. I want to be the nastiest, dirty phone sex slut you ever ear-fucked. Cum in my asshole then make me lick your giant cock clean. Your perverted fantasies are the very thing that makes my pussy throb with desire. I want to rub my tight, pretty pussy and cum for you while you talk nasty in my ear.


My Tight shaved pussy got rammed

I was in a perverted paradise this morning!!

Blonde phone sex My hotel room service workers are men I guess! I overslept and my check out time was overdue!!! So the perverted room service employee walked into my room when he wasn’t supposed to. He was claiming that he was checking if I was okay?!! But I knew from when I checked into this hotel that he wanted a piece of this grown meat! While I was asleep he removed the blankets and found himself a treasure!!! I always sleep butt naked in my stomach with my ass arched up!! That’s how I get comfortable!! From his view he could immediately access my cunt, I felt fingers rubbing on my pussy but I thought I was just having a wet dream!! Then all the sudden I got a feeling of sudden tingles all over my body!! My head got woozy and my skin got goosebumps!!! I then opened my eyes and looked back at a massive cock penetrating my pussy!!! I asked no questions!! I just moaned and moaned to the rhythm of his strokes!! The sex was so passionate that we just fucked and fucked!! LOL He might lose his job!! But he earned himself a girlfriend with benefits!

Tight Shaved Pussy For Perverts

My perverts are so worked up on these Holidays. Especially thinking about the Tight shaved pussy that makes them hard. Throbbing cocks at Thanksgiving dinner is always going to escalate to something super dirty. I love to instigate perverts to do all kinds of kinky things. The little sluts in the family are not safe when the pervert is around and I am that pervert also!

So hot to have a p-daddy play with me and my girls and boys this year! We will certainly have quite the incestuous orgy today and tonight. The perverse ideas I have built into this Holiday. The creampied desserts and yummy pumpkin filling. The juicest pieces of dark and white meats. So many little holes lined up for a good goo basting and best of all impregnating this mama hole, and my teen daughters cunt. We will be enjoying a great sexual feast and a smorgasboard of great food after all our energy is spent fucking.

Tight shaved pussy

Cheap phone sex with a tight shaved pussy

Blonde phone sex

I am a cheap and nasty milf who can still fuck really good! I’m so cheap that I don’t even charge for dick!!! Right now, I want to go up to this group of men that I’m currently staring at from across the street and open my legs up for them. In my head I’m being a perverted slut that I am and it’s actually getting me super wet! The stuff I would say and do to these men just for them to cheaply fuck me on top of the dumpster! Oh my god I can see their dick prints and they are very big!! Oh fuck it, I need a taste! In broad daylight all out in the open I walked up to them and began to suck their long juicy cocks…My knees were bleeding from all the shoving and head grabbing they did to me! They made me scream that I was a perverted cunt who just takes any dick! They slapped me with their dick to discipline me and I didn’t seem to get any worse the more they slapped me and trashed me the better I fucked them!! Yeah, I can be cheap but I know my worth! Nobody can be as good as my wet juicy sex that I make men feel…I’m the cock soaker queen! Come and fuck with this cunt!

My Hottest Summer Job

Tight shaved pussyI will never forget how it felt the first time my pussy ever squirted. Like most broke high school sluts looking to make money, I started babysitting the little brats in my neighborhood after school and during the summer. The young couple down the street had just had their new little bundle of joy and was looking for someone to help out. They explained that they needed someone who understood their unique family needs. They not only needed a babysitter but also needed a hot blonde with perky tits and a perfect round ass to play with. I knew this opportunity would be perfect for me. The thought of being their teeny, blonde fucktoy made my pussy moist with anticipation. I told them I would accept their kinky offer. Before we made it official the wife told me she needed to check one last thing. She licked her full, pink lips and winked. I stripped out of my shorts and tank top, sat down on the edge of the chair and opened my legs wide. The wife started licking and kissing my bald pussy lips while her husband watched. She held open my wet pussylips and drew circles around my clit with her tongue. She licked and sucked my clitty while my thighs rested on her shoulders. My tight teen pussy had never been licked like that before. I felt my body start to tense up and shake. His wife worked her tongue more intensely in and out of my pulsating kitty. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My teeny pussy did something it’s never done before. My sweet nectar dripped down the wife’s hot face. She smiled at her husband and he let me know I was hired. It turned out to be the hottest summer job I ever had. 

Cheap phone sex with big tits and asses

Blonde phone sex


What would I do without sex?


I honestly couldn’t be enjoying this life without perverted men. The way they want me and scope me out is very amazing. I just have a thing for older men who like young women! I love bringing the youth back into a man’s heart. Older men are always my go to especially if they are perverted and naughty. Those men are the most experienced.


They give the best sensual sex ever. I love an experienced cock! I don’t care about the size. I only care about the motion in this wet pink ocean. Fuck me and make my eyes roll back. Hold me by the neck and call me a whore. Pull my hair and spread my butthole. I love you king…keep looking at me like that and cum to me, but just make sure you call me and let me know what you would want to do to me!

Mistress Phone Sex Goddess

mistress phone sex

Men like you need mistress phone sex with a Goddess like me because you’re stupid. Yes, I said it. You’re so stupid that you don’t know how to conduct yourself and you have to have a woman like me to show you how to live your life. You treat women poorly and I’m just not going to put up with that nonsense. One of my favorite things to do is show a man what it’s like when they get fucked against their will. I KNOW you’ve forced a woman in some way. Whether you blatantly assaulted her, or you just guilted her into it somehow.

Either way, she didn’t want to fuck you and now I’m going to show you what that feels like. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll use lube. But if you catch me when I’m feeling sinister, I’m going to force into your fucking cunt with my strap-on cock and show you what it feels like to really be someone’s little bitch. After I’m done with you, I can guarantee that you’ll start treating women better. I will put so much fear into you that you won’t have a choice. 

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