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Your Mistress Makes It Better

Mistress phone sex

If it weren’t for mistress phone sex then all of you guys with bitch ass wives would go fucking crazy, no doubt!  Where else would you go to relieve the stress that day to day life builds up in you?  Yeah, you could vent to your friends and I’m sure they can even commiserate, but I don’t think you want them to help you blow off some steam by blowing a few loads, do you?  I didn’t think so.

You can tell me everything without worry, your cuntbag wife will never find out.  I know I’m not going to say anything.  Loose lips sink ships, what you tell me stays between us.  Just like what we do together, how we fuck is our business and no one else’s.  I mean, I might tell a girlfriend or two, but I won’t mention any names.  Even if I do, they don’t know you.  And even if they do, I don’t really care.  They’re cool.

I love doing things to your body that your pushy prude of a wife would absolutely hate doing while you tell me how annoying she is.  I get to see the stress lift off of you like a weight while I ride your rod like a cowgirl in a horse race.  I can tell she’s the furthest thing from your mind, at that point.  Plus, there’s something about having my tongue buried deep in your butthole that makes her nagging a little bit easier to take, isn’t there?  I thought so.


Phone perverts Paradise Orgy of Sin

I love a good orgy don’t you? Over here at Phone perverts Paradise is where the party of fucking is at! I will take on as many cocks as I can in a day. Fucking, cumming and pissing is all a great time with me. My brats are also up for grabs.

The other day I was shopping for clearance swim suits with my two girls. I love a good end of season sale. While we were changing in the dressing room we decided to give the security cameras a free show. I went down on my younger daughters bald cunt while my older girl went down on mama. We were licking cunts and cumming before changing into the suits.

Once we all came my girls tried on a couple of bikinis that were a couple of sizes too small. We all went out to the three way mirrors to check them out and parade in front of whomever was around. It was soo hot and we got the attention of a couple of studly security guys.

We were escorted to a room and there were a couple of local cops there. We worked a sexy deal out with the four studs and the three of us left with new pervert magnet bikinis for our trip to the beaches to cum.

Maybe you can be a dirty cop working out a deal with this naughty milf and her brats?

These four guys all packed some fully loaded pistols that really grew big seeing these bald cunts. I just fingered my girls some more and we all sucked them off. Those cocks really needed some relief and I spread my milf pussy for them all to use. My ass got destroyed as well. But I won’t even mention how the jail bait holes of my daughters got the brunt of all that force. 


Phone Perverts Paradise

Hot Phonesex at the Airport

Hot PhonesexAn hour before my flight and I had nothing to do but fantasize about Hot Phonesex. I was sitting around listening to moms talk on their phone and checking my phone over and over in the hopes that someone would at least send me some cock to fantasize about. I was a bit delirious from my dick drought of the past day, getting ready for all this had made me hungry and thirsty for sweaty balls slapping my chin. Some girl started talking about her kids, and inner cockslut desires started to make me rub my thighs together and hope for something better. That was when the intercom rang on, and my flight was announced delayed another two hours. I didn’t wait a moment longer for my fill and need, I got my Phone sex whore ass up off my seat, found myself the first big dick I could see, and dragged him away for my own super fun cock loving time! It doesn’t get more primal than a wavering need begging after a day of boring, dry, travel. My insides were soaked, I knew I’d need new panties by the time I got back home, and two hours wasn’t going to be enough for me to stuff my fill but I’d make do somehow. I could smell him already, feel his strong muscles, and felt my knees buckle in advance for the raw dicking this random dude was surely about to destroy me with. This wasn’t some Little girl phone sex, this was about to be a wrecking ball of pussy destroying fun and unlike the plane this was going to go off without delay. I had needs to fulfill, a swollen hot set of folds to please, and the perfect place in mind to do it. I’d been eying the hiding spot to get stuffed in since I arrived.

Pump Me Full Of Whatever

Enema phone sex

Enema phone sex isn’t just to make sure you don’t get poop on your dick when you fuck the everloving shit out of your cum filled companion’s ass!  Yeah, that’s totally part of it, but there’s more to it than that.  Some guys really get into the whole process of pumping gallons of the fluid of their choice into my chocolate cum cave then watching it spray out all over the place.  They like it so much that sometimes they shoot their junk juice while my cornhole is spitting out all of that liquid they filled me with.

My rectum has been pumped and primed with so many different kinds of concoctions that there’s no way that I can remember them all.  Warm, soapy water is milquetoast.  I’ve had my lower colon flushed with milk and toast!  Hot and sticky syrup and orange juice, too.  My butthole has been part of a balanced breakfast on multiple occasions.  Name a soda and my pooper has dispensed it.  Lemonade, limeade, Gatorade, I’ve had all of the -ades in my ass!  Brown gravy?  You know it.  White gravy?  Turns brown, but I’ve had it in me.  Marinara, salad dressing, strawberry fucking pudding.  All of it, and a lot more, has been inside of me, delivered in enema form.

Some guys will piss in your ass and tell you they did it just because you’re a whore.  Some men make you do the whole fluid transferring process yourself because they want to observe for “research.”  Some cum loving pervs just want to clean you out so they can fuck a clean asshole.  It doesn’t matter to me, I think enema phone sex feels asshole-lutely amazing!


Phone perverts Paradise with young girls

Phone perverts Paradise

Phone perverts Paradise is where I go to help men like daddy, please their thingies and let them touch my kitty! Daddy puts my webcam on and shows me how to play with my little kitty and big tits! He gives me my favorite toys and tells me to choose which to play with first while all of the perverts watch my young kitty drip so much juice for them. I put my favorite princess wand inside of me and pushed it iiiin and out of my Bald shaved pussy. It felt soooo tingly I just wanted to keep doing it forever! All of my Lolita juices was pouring everywhere! It was all over my thighs and wand and the bed! So many daddies sent me money and got a close up of my little kitty! It made me so excited! I rode my wand faster and then… I squirted all over daddy and the camera! Hehe!

Fuck my Phone sex whore pussy!

Phone sex whore“Fuck!” I cried out of my Phone sex whore mouth, unable to contain my voice while he roughly fucked into me. My consciousness bleeding back into reality every other thrust, and the bliss threatened to throw me back under constantly. I wasn’t expecting vaginal, I really wasn’t, I hadn’t meant for him to take my invitation so literally but he had no intentions of stopping now that he was inside and as much as I was afraid of what his babies would do if they managed to worm their way deep inside my womb, the fear made his cock pumping deep all the hotter. With his balls slapping my ass cheeks hard enough to clap, and using his hands on my thighs to help pump into my Phone sex # folds. “Girls are meant to be knocked up!” He groans, rapidly treating me like a toy, fucking hard into me and leaving me whimpering. “Gonna cum!” I knew it was too late to stop him but my hands still landed on his chest, pushing, trying to do anything that might make him change his mind and spare me the sopping, cum drenched cunt I was about to have. It was meaningless, all of it a pointless endeavor. He took my lips, held me close, smashed his hips against mine and unloaded a hot, rich cream so deep I couldn’t help it. I spasmed, I came, I covered him in girlcum and lost myself in the moment. It was too much, was always going to be too much, vaginal is so hot I can’t handle it with thick loads like this without cumming my brains out! Because moments like this are hotter than they have any right to be and I’m a Phone sex addiction slut! Nothing I could do against it now, except feel it seep into me, and hope orgasms are the only thing being made in my belly today.

Phone Perverts Paradise is the Place to Cum

Well this came to mind to the theme of Green acres is the place to…. well Phone perverts Paradise is the place to be and better than Park avenue! Now you know I am just very fucked up right now as I had just taken a couple of my son’s young black male friends on with a little fun.

I am that naughty mommy and the boys and girls love hanging out at my house.  Truth is I have the goods and am the funnest Milf of them all. The joy is in teasing these young ones and make them interested. Once I catch them peeking at me or jerking off in my panties, well they are mine to use!

Anyway these three came by skipping school looking for my son. They were under the impression he was also skipping. But he has his eye on some girl at school and went. That left me with 3 young black boys to myself. They expected to cum hang out since my son often skips school and stays home.

These young men are just coming into sexual awareness and have become very aware today. Obviously this makes me even a little sore after these three were caught by their father’s. having had all three big black daddies at my door soon, there was no denying them either. Goodness, I finally finished with them and really should shower but I was scheduled to work!

Phone perverts Paradise

Sorority Girl Slit Licking

College girls phone sex


I fucking love hanging out, wildin’ out and eating out college girls!  Those creamy little coeds really know how to party and are always so fucking horny that they practically advertise the fact that they’re willing to let anyone who wants a to give their fucklips a lick get as much cunt juice out of them as they desire.  I like to gulp down gallons of the sweet and sticky stuff so, you can imagine, I’m really popular in certain circles on several college campuses.

The most surefire way to find a slew of slutty teens all packed together is to simply head down to sorority row and search out the houses.  They’re so fucking full of tight shaved pussy having teens and their sleazy slimy slits that you don’t even have to try to find a fun little female to eat out, they come right to you!  All you gotta do is get in the door of just one of them, the rest is as easy as hair pie.

Here’s a tip; if you show up to any Greek party with booze and weed and tell them you’re Taylor’s aunt, you’re good to go.  Frats and sororities, alike.  “Which Taylor?” will be their question and your response should be something like “I guess you’ll have to find out.” or “Wouldn’t you like to know?”  That’s it, easy-peasy-pussy-pie.  As long as you’re cool and show them all you can hang, you’re good for the duration.

I like to find the girls who seem like their muffs haven’t been messed with very much but are obviously dying for some oral attention.  I like showing them what a true tonguing should feel like on their tiny twats and what they should expect from everyone who ever goes down on them.  I tell them not to be shy about letting their licker know what they like and to be a little forceful when they tell someone how they want their pussies to be eaten.  I even show them how to angle their assholes up so that a flicking tongue will slip right into them when they want it to.

School girls are funny and the studious wannabe sluts I seek out are just so eager to learn all about the wonders of having their tight holes kissed, licked and sucked.  If you’re going to give my methods a try, just remember what I told you.  And, above all else, remember this when you’re going down on all of those sleazy sorority schoolgirl sluts; if you don’t eat the ass, you’re not really eating the pussy!


its a phone perverts paradise

Phone perverts paradise

Daddy enjoys watching me dress up for him. I end up wearing such cute outfits. I’m always using that as a reason to go shopping. I know that he can’t get enough of me. Daddy loves to watch me in all kinds of cute things. His eyes light up when he sees me, and I enjoy being the one who turns him on the most. Mama has let herself go, and daddy loves fucking a tight hot body. Now nana, on the other hand, looks fantastic for her age and lets my daddy have his fun with her too. My family isn’t like others, and I’m happy about that because it makes me enjoy myself more and has me ruling daddy’s head. Mommy has no way of pleasing daddy anymore. It’s up to me, nana, and my hot aunt Maddie. Its a phone perverts paradise to be a fly on the wall in our house.

I Double Penetrated Myself On My BF’s Cock!

Fantasy Phone SexOne of my many fuck buddies has started calling himself my boyfriend and I think it is adorable! Little does he know that at almost any moment I’m out of his sight I’m getting fucked with lots of other cock. My cock cravings have been out of control ever since I’ve been playing the sweet perfect girlfriend, me and my new “bf” fuck all the time but I feel like something is missing… I had a brilliant idea when he was fucking me this morning; he was balls deep in my cunt while I rode his cock and I could feel myself so close to cumming, I saw my glass dildo in the nightstand and couldn’t help myself! I grabbed that dildo and shoved it up my own shit hole while my pathetic BF pounded my pussy. Feeling that dildo stretch me while his cock was stuffing my cunt full sent me spiraling over the edge. I came so hard I squirted, I soaked my bf’s cock and balls in my squirt juices as that dildo was left sticking out of my ass!

No Limits Phone Sex