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How to phone sex starts with exploring your sex language

How to phone sex Ever wondered How to phone sex? I can teach you… Everybody’s got a naughty little kink that gets them horny. What’s yours? I like Sensual domination phone sex where I am guided through masturbation. There is nothing I enjoy more than giving a sloppy virtual blowjob! I enjoy the mystery behind every call… The unknown… Being completely triggered by a voice with no face and being able to fuck men from all over the world.

All the different personalities and the things I can’t just find next door are what keeps me yearning for another call. My Tight shaved pussy drips wet right now, as I think of how naughty my next caller will get… Use me as your escape from reality, a night away from your wife, or even just fifteen minutes. It’ll be worth wild!

Explore the depths of my Young bald pussy and the endless erotic sex stories for you to stroke your dick too. I am going to make you shoot the Biggest cumshot you have ever managed to shoot. I want you to drench my body in a massive load so I can then lather it into my soft skin. That is what Fantasy phone sex is all about, exploring those Deep dark fantasies you cannot just tell anyone about.

I am going to mind fuck you!

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I Used to Strip at a Phone Perverts Paradise

Phone Perverts Paradise was the name of the club I would strip at. People would come in to watch me pop my pussy and shake my ass. When you were coming into the strip club you see me in a slutty bikinin and 8 inch pleaser heels. You were staring at this fat black ass when you heard me telling my manager I needed more money or they’re going to evict me from my apartment. As soon as I’m back on the floor you grab me and ask for a private dance. 

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I bring you to the back and remind you there’s no touching. While I’m explaining the rules you try to pull out your hard dick. Then you take out a fat stack of bills. “I heard you need rent money. Get on your knees.” I’m the exact type of desperate, dirty whore that you thought. I get on my knees in front of your white dick and wrap my hands around it. You open my mouth with your thumb and force me to suck it. Then tell me to open that mouth wide. You push that salty dick in my mouth until my nose is pressed against your stomach. 

Fuck That Face and My Tight Shaved Pussy

You hold the sides of my head and lift my head. And then slam that dick to the back of my throat. Over and fucking over again until I’m gagging and choking on that dick. Fuck my face until my tits and face are covered in slober. Then you tell me to bend that ass over and spread that ass. That black cunt looks so fucking wet. You push that horny dick into that tight shaved pussy and slam that dick balls deep. You’re fucking the shit out of my pussy. You slap and squeeze this fat ass while you fuck me. Then pull out and nut all over my booty. You leave and take the cash with you. 

Thankful for Enema Phone Sex Before a Good Anal Fuck

I got the sweetest letter after we had some hot enema phone sex recently, this is how my lover for the night described as I inserted and played with lovers ass. Here it is, how sweet!

Enema phone sexWanted to shoot you a message about the other night! When you gave me an enema, I felt a warm sensation spreading through my body as the water filled my lower intestines. It was surprisingly relaxing, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure as it flowed into me. As you inserted the nozzle, I felt your fingers gently massaging my prostate, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my entire being. The feeling of fullness was both strange and arousing, making me even harder than before.

As you removed the nozzle and began to prepare for the next step, I couldn’t help but wonder what was coming next. You had been so gentle thus far that I wasn’t quite sure how much more of this newfound pleasure I could handle. The feeling of fullness combined with your skilled hands massaging my chest made for an intense experience; one where every nerve ending tingled with desire.

You took control completely, dictating the pace and depth of each thrust while occasionally pinching or slapping my nipples to add another layer of sensation. I couldn’t help but beg for more as you continued your relentless assault on my ass and cock.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity (but was probably only a few minutes), you pulled out of me, leaving me aching for more contact but also wanting to see where else this journey would take us next. As we moved onto other activities – kisses turned into bites which turned into gentle spankings – my mind kept returning to that feeling: the fullness in my ass coupled with the intense pleasure coursing through every fiber of my being when you hit just the right spot inside me… It was unlike anything else!

Phone Sex Granny Gets What She Wants

I have been lusting after my young muscular neighbor for weeks. i see him out in the yard playing soccer, I am sitting in my window rubbing my pussy just thinking of his long young hard cock in my aching pussy. I am so horny I want to have some phone sex so I sign on the line. I wish I could suck his cock and swallow every drop of his cum. I would lick it up and down like an ice cream cone.  I would ride his cock all night if I could lure him into my bed. I would hop up and down on that cock and rock his fucking world.  I am like a cougar watching her prey and waiting for the right time to pounce. The more I watch him the wetter my pussy gets and the more I need to be filled.  Suddenly, he sees me looking at him and he smiles and waves. He licks his lips and takes off his shirt.  He begins to walk towards my yard and I just know I am in for an afternoon of endless fucking.

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Bald Shaved Pussy Drives Little One Loving Cock Crazy

My Little One’s Bald Shaved Pussy is Always Teasing You

You love bald shaved pussy. And no cunt is balder than one that can’t even grow hair. You started fucking me because I had a fat ass and a nice body. But when you met my little ones you knew you had to lock it down. My daughters look and act like their slut mother. You’ve been wanting to sneak into one of their bedrooms for weeks. But I’m always around. Last night you got a call from me. I have to stay late for work and I’m desperately begging you to come over and watch the girls for the night. It’s finally your chance.

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You take my youngest and tell her it’s time for bath time. She starts to get naked in the bathroom. Her little chocolate body is making your cock hard. That bald shaved pussy is so tight and tiny. You put her in the shower and grab the soap. You scrub all over that little body. Her tiny little nipples and cute ass. Your hands start rubbing that little pussy and start massaging that little clit. She starts whining and moving away. You tell her you have to make sure she’s clean and pull out that perverted dick.

Mommy’s Away; The Little Girl Phone Sex Starts

She can’t see you stroking your cock. But she can feel your fingers pushing into her tight young pussy. Your fingers can barely slip inside that little sluts tight holes. She’s just so young. So you decide to try another one of those nigger holes. Your fingers are lubed up with soap and she’s turned around. Then you slowly push your finger inside of her ass. You feel the cum rushing up to your dick. You aim your cock at the back of her thighs and force your fingers knuckle-deep in that tight asshole. She doesn’t even notice you covering her in your sticky cum. You can’t wait for another round of little girl phone sex.

Little girl phone sex with an Asian Teen whore that swallows

Little girl phone sex Asian Teen whore in dire need of a facial creampie… I am the cutest Little girl phone sex Asian slut your mind could have ever imagined. Please shoot your creamy load deep inside of my Asian Young bald pussy. Use me as your Sex slave! I am a freaky, horny little slut looking to be inseminated and bred.

Fuck me in my ass, pussy and mouth…

I like to swallow cum and get fucked hard in my bunghole… Fuck me please, I am craving to be Creampied. I am going to give you the sloppiest Deepthroat blowjob until you fill my face with cum… Then I will prepare your cock for another round inside of my Tight shaved pussy.

Leave me with a drooling Creampie!

You can bring a friend along, for some double penetration fun. Use me as a Cum dumspter… My Tiny teen titties are puffy because I am ovulating… My hormones are raging and I cannot help but want to be fed multiple loads at once. I am in my prime and have a tasty Baby girl pussy for you to eat.

You need an Asian-style service to relieve your balls.

Shoot a huge cum shot all over my Teen sexy breasts, and watch as I drag my fingers over my perky little nipples and scoop up all the cum I can gather to slurp from the palm of my hand. I am going to have my legs spread and my pussy prepped for you while I wait to fulfill your Kinky Phone Sex fantasies.

Mistress Phone Sex Let Lillian Give Your Cock The Love It Deserves

I love a little or a lot of cocks that I get being one hot Mistress phone sex whore.  I can spot a man in a marriage needing my special charm.  By charm I mean my juicy pussy dripping its magic onto that nice hard cock that hasn’t been touched by your wife in months. After we dust the cob webs off and I let you feel around to remember what having a cunt in front of you feels like.

I love our secret meetings in your car. Some may think it’s trashy to ride a hard cock in the car for hours and hours- it may seem too long. However, I love knowing we don’t have to chat about finances or what our offspring have planned. We can exchange cum, have your cock and my cunt bond over the fact that we love cum and love when we explode in, on and around each other.

Being a cum dumpster as a mistress and knowing someone else gets the hard parts while I a literally just being used as a cum receptacle to dump loads of cum at will into my tight little holes.  Of course, I love being a dumpster when your cock starts throbbing and pulsating. A feeling you haven’t had since your wedding night.  Sometimes, I just show up to side of your house, bend over ass in the hair.

I wait for you to need to take out trash and call you over to me. It’s so hot to have sex as you throw me against the side of your house. I can hear your wife on the other side of the wall making dinner or some crap. She should’ve spent more time eating your cock and you wouldn’t need me to do it for her!Mistress phone sex

Phone Perverts Paradise is Dating a Crack Whore Mommy

Playing with my Little Ones is Your Phone Perverts Paradise

Living with a crack whore mommy who hates her kids is a phone perverts paradise. Especially if you’re a p-daddy that loves littles. I’m usually knocked out for hours after I get back from a bender. Leaving my girls all alone with you. Nothing stops you from going into my youngest’s bedroom and start getting Daddy’s favorite whore naked. You sit her on your lap facing you and the fun starts. Your hands lift up her shirt. You start rubbing and teasing her chocolate chip nipples. She knows there’s no point in screaming, so she just shuts her eyes tight and pretends like it’s not happening.

You’ve played with her so many times that she knows the routine. First, you start teasing and twisting those nipples. Then, you can suck on those tiny, chocolate tiddies. The cute little sounds that come out of her mouth make your dick twitch. You slide her back on your thighs and pull out your cock. She turns her head to look away from it. It doesn’t matter if she looks. You pull her cute little cunny up against your cock and start to rub her chocolate pussy against your dick.

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Daddy Phone Sex Pervs Love Young Black Pussy

Her wet cunt makes a mess on your dick. How could you not push it in. You lift the little one up and drop her down on that perverted dick. Fuck what I said. A phone perverts paradise is actually being inside of that tight young pussy. She covers her own mouth so that she doesn’t scream. But you can feel that tiny girls pussy gripping your dick. 

You use her body as a fleshlight. Bouncing her up and down on your dick and thrusting your cock deep in her shallow pussy. Your big white dick starts pumping your cum into that pretty pussy. You watch the white cream leaking out of that black pussy and then toss her back into her bed and close the door.

Bald Shaved Pussy is the Best Pussy

I got this date who like me because he says I remind him of his young niece. My tight ass, shaved pussy, and small titties remind him of her. He says he has always wanted to put his uncircumcised dick in her little pussy and tear her untouched pussy up. He brings this pretty, pink frilly dress with a big bow and matching bigger bow for my hair and has me put it on. He has me act like a little youngin and puts big dildos and butt plugs in my “virgin” ass and pussy to get ready for his throbbing big snake. He likes to force fuck my face until I’m crying and choking and spit and slob is everywhere because he says he has always wanted to do the same with his young, unused niece. My favorite thing that he does is he licks my shaved, oozing wet pussy just like he would his pretty pussy niece. bald shaved pussy



Hot Phonesex Whore Sucks Any kind of Cock

Hot phonesex fantasies make my black pussy cream over and over. I am a young, dumb, Cock sucking whore and love to remanence on all the different dicks I have taken. I used to be a dancer and gymnast, but I have graduated to being a stripper and escort. I am super flexible and can contort my body in all kinds of ways so you can reach every angle of my sloppy, wet cunt.

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I’ve had so many clients and experiences but, my specialty happens to be sucking dick. I am a cum guzzling black whore and I am proud of it. There is nothing better than kissing all on a man chest, then licking all over his hard nipples. I like to lick him all the way done to his dick and then I start to worship the dick. I kiss all on the shaft and lick up and down and all around. I make my tongue pay extra attention to the fat head of a dick. Sometimes I just slurp on it like a popsicle. It always makes one of partners go crazy!