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Phone sex turns into House call

Phone perverts Paradise My neighbor found out I work for one of the best phone sex lines in the industry.. Just my luck, He was surfing the web and came across Phone perverts Paradise.. He saw my profile picture and recognized me instantly.

I had no idea, I had been doing sessions regularly with him because he was using a gift card. That was until I phone fucked him so good that he rang my doorbell, I opened the door to him standing there with his 10 inch cock in his hand.

I was totally stunned, that was until I heard my voice echo into the phone. He pushed his way in and we wound up finishing up our Impregnation phone sex session right in the hallway of my home. The front door was wide open and I was howling so loud with my headset on.

I got fucked for 3 hours straight and my pussy pumped with warm creamy cum at least 5 times. Bald shaved pussy Of course, I made him pay for the time he used.. not only did I charge him $2 per minute but I also made him leave a $150 tip. Sex sells and I have no problem selling it. During times where the world didn’t know what to do because of a pandemic my Phone sex hotline was blinging! People can get sex anywhere but its better when the person you are fucking has studied the cock to the point of risk taking.

Don’t you love the rush?

 Now go hide in your walk-in closet so you can call me.. your wife wont have any idea!

Teaching Granny How to Lick My Young Cunt

Phone sex granny

I love getting fucked by older women, especially older grannies who are looking for a good time. There was one time where I was working as a maid for a rich, older woman. She would often tell me about how many men she fucked and I would always have to listen to her stories. One time, she told me about a woman she wanted to fuck when she was away on a trip. I was intrigued by this story as she had never mentioned wanting to fuck a woman. She told me that the woman was beautiful with long hair, a big ass and huge tits. She was described as sex on wheels. When I asked why she didn’t fuck her, she said that she didn’t know how to fuck a woman and did not want to be embarrassed. I told her it was easy and I could teach her how to pleasure a sexy woman. She tried to brush me off, but I pulled off my top in front of her so she could see my sexy tits. I lifted them up and let them drop, knowing this would turn her on and turn off her rational thinking. I told her to suck on my tits and her tongue felt amazing on my hard nipples. I got on her counter top and told her she needed to lick my clit and use the tip of her tongue to lick the inside of my pussy. After a few minutes, she was a certified pussy eating expert. 

Bald shaved pussy like mine is always soaked

Bald shaved pussyMy bald shaved pussy was soaked thinking about what I’d be doing while I sat at the restaurant booth with some schmuck who honestly thought he’d be getting lucky later tonight. He was feeding me, boozing me, he’d spent a pretty penny already on some top shelf nonsense with intents to get me so drunk he could actually have some fun. Thing is, unless he was willing to pin me down and get rutting he wasn’t going to get inside me. I had a boyfriend at home I wasn’t telling him about, a guy who’d be reaming me while he watched if I had anything to say about it. I love bringing guys back to cuck while I have my fun. My boyfriend and I have been waiting for a baby you see, which means no extra sperm gets inside me unless it’s tricky enough to take advantage of my significant other’s lax attention and make me a Milf phone sex expert itself.

This man? This man was far too focused on the me part to be man enough to do what needed to be done. If he was willing to take advantage of me by force he’d have had me leave the restaurant with him an hour ago. He’d have poured a drink the moment we got to his place, laced it with something so I didn’t have a chance to leave and go home. He’d have swept me up in the moment and made me forget safety is my place. Instead he kept ordering me more drinks and never objected to going to my place. The poor fool, imagine spending several hundred dollars just to get cucked. I was so damn soaked, my insides needed hard cock, and it wasn’t going to be his that fed my mistress phone sex needs.

Enema phone sex w/ baby Timmy

Phone perverts ParadiseAdult baby Diaper phone sex with my favorite diaper lover was so hot and steamy.. Haha, Literally! He always makes sure to take a laxative a few hours before he calls.. Once he feels his stomach boiling up and he’s ready to poo.. He gives me a ring, He loves sensuality so I always make sure to be the best Mommy I can be..

Today, we got a little nastier than usual.. We were just so worked up, invested in the moment.. We wound up trying something new. My boy scooped up  his log of shit and smashed it all over his pecker.. He jacked his cock off for hours with mommy while I encouraged him to tuck a vibrating butt plug in his shitty ass and stroke his stinky shit covered cock. Plus, the messier we got the more mess I would have to clean..

He loves when I pull out my warmed rags and drag it up his baby soft ass.. His favorite part is when I am applying desitin.. Because I always bury my finger in his ass and feel around just to make sure he’s clear of any bowel movement.. When he gets through having an anal orgasm, I powder him up and tuck his winky into a nice organic cotton dino diaper..

I then have him latch onto my lactating tits and rock him to bed. He loves having me as his personal Phonesex mommy. He’s my Adult baby diaper lover and I am his Phone sex addiction! 

Phone sex addiction turns into Real Life Pleasures



Phone sex addition


Once or twice my phone sex addiction has changed my life in the most amazing ways. Since I was very young I knew touching my pussy felt so incredible. It seems some people aren’t as in touch with touch 😉. I started sharing my erotic pleasures virtually early on. Hearing another’s breathe, knowing you are excited gets me every time. But the other day I just had to do something about it. My dildo just wasn’t doing it for me after the 3rd orgasm. Thankfully there was my neighbor coming back from walking his dog. He’s one of the best neighbors I’ve ever had. Always willing to cut my yard and blow on my clit. We have to be super careful because his wife doesn’t know anything about us. As much as  I’d love to eat her pussy, she’s just such a nice church going lady I don’t think she’s going to want to share his yummy cock. Before I knew it I was riding his yummy cock to my asses pleasure. This job gets me so excited I can’t help but submitting to every man and even then taking the nice lady’s husband away. But what’s a cum bucket like myself supposed to do?

The Biggest Whore in Phone Perverts Paradise

Phone Perverts Paradise


Welcome to Phone Perverts Paradise! I’m Everly, your gracious hostess and the nastiest, sluttiest, kinkiest pervert here! I’m a hedonist by nature and fucking is my favorite activity I like to indulge in. I love to have my holes pumped and dumped, cum oozing out of every fuckable orifice like a jelly donut, cum all over my chocolate skin like glaze. There’s not a dick—nor a pussy, for that matter—that I won’t lick and suck like a sex starved whore, prisoner to desires of the flesh. I have no taboos, meaning I’m game for any and all fetishes; as long as there’s orgasms and cum involved, I’m game for anything! If you think you can handle me sucking your cock as though I’m sucking the bone marrow out of the last chicken bone at a family barbecue, throwing my big fat ass back on you like an escort trying to make rent on the last day of the month and riding your cock as if I’m a jockey trying to win first place at the Kentucky Derby, with my pussy creaming on your meat rod like sexual napalm…give me a call. I’m a hell of a good time and you can use my body as your personal sexual wonderland.

Phone Sex with Kate’s Little Girl Next Door

Little girl phone sex

A hot single daddy just moved in next to me with his adorable daughter and she told me that she was looking for a job to help out with the bills, so I’m giving her lessons on how to get paid big bucks having little girl phone sex with horny men.  She’s a perfect tiny teen slut and really loves her old man so I thought it was only right to be a good neighbor, show her the cum covered ropes and teach her how to please her pop and bring home the bacon at the same time.

I met her in the hall one day as she was taking out her trash.  I introduced myself and found out after just a few minutes that she was living that latchkey life because her daddy has a couple of jobs and he’s gone all day pretty much the entire week.  There’s a soft spot in my heart for lonely little guys so I told her she was welcome at my place whenever she wanted to come over.  Of course, that’s been every day since then and I fucking love it!

I don’t hide my lifestyle, I’m fucking horny all the time and have sex toys in every room just in case I need to work one out real quick.  She noticed my little vibrator on my end table and started asking me crazy questions about sex, like is there a maximum amount of times a person can cum in their life and how do we know if we like boys or girls more.  I just patted her on her pretty little head and told her I’ll teach her everything she needs to know then shoved a dildo in her mouth.  As any aspiring sugarbaby should, she started sucking that fake fuckaroo like she had done it hundreds of times before.  She’s a real good girl!

I’ll introduce her to some of my sugar daddies as soon as her pussy gets plenty of practice.  When guys are providing for you they expect you to take whatever kind of pounding they want to give you.  Luckily for her, she’s been showing her daddy all of the things I taught her and practices taking creampies tight shaved pussy while she rides his rock hard cock.  I can’t think of a better way to help your old man relax after a long work day.  Just wait until he sees how much money her cunt is going to make them!


Kinky Medical Assistant Everly

Enema Phone Sex


I have a new job as a medical assistant and I can’t help but be naughty. Seeing all those bare asses and bald shaved pussies makes me want to take advantage of my position, or at the very least have enema phone sex. I love seeing people at vulnerable stages of undress and having access to their genitals. There’s one woman who came in for an OB/GYN appointment and she was so fucking sexy…she had blonde hair and a nice tight pussy that was just begging to be fucked. She spread her legs in the stirrups and I stuck two fingers inside her under the guys of helping the doctor with the exam. She was so fucking wet, I knew she was down to fuck. She moaned while my fingers explored her insides and did kegels on my fingers, maximizing her pleasure. I shoved a third finger in and used my thumb to massage her clit. She was purring like a kitten while I finger fucked her and when I went in for a taste, that’s when she really lost it. I had to put my hand over her mouth to keep her excited cries muffled as I licked at her; she tasted as sweet as I’d imagined! I wound up giving her an enema just so I could have easy access to her ass as well and she chomped at the bit to have me play with her backdoor. I used my finger and tongue to relax her starfish and slide the nozzle in her ass, using the long enema tube as an extension of myself, an honorary dick for which to fuck her. I thrusted the tube in and out of her while she moaned, eventually turning on the water pressure to soak her insides. She came so hard on the exam chair that I was certain we’d get caught, but thankfully we didn’t! I look forward to her next visit and wonder just how far I can take this…

Hot Phonesex is What You Get When You Call This Dirty MILF

hot phonesexHot phonesex is the only kind. Sometimes, I am naughty. Now, when I am working, I am not supposed to have anyone in the room when I am talking dirty. It was super slow yesterday and I was extra horny. When I work, I am normally pretty busy. I masturbate with my callers almost always. But I was not getting off on so few calls. Since it was slow, I summoned the boy next door over to help occupy me. I could not leave my shift to look for cock, so I had cock come to me. The boy next door is still in high school. We have been fucking for a couple years now. His parents are clueless. I bet when you were growing up you wished you had a hot milf phone sex slut living next door to you. Anyway, I was blowing the boy when my phone rang. Of course, I went hours without as much as a heavy breather. Now that I had a young stud naked in my bedroom, I was suddenly busy. So, I did what any horny old broad would do. I swore the boy to silence and blew him while talking dirty. Usually, I am sucking on a dildo to simulate that I am sucking my caller’s dick. I love to suck a dildo on calls because my salvia is all the lube that I need to fuck my cunt with that same dildo. Anyway, this guy had a mom fantasy, and he did not know that I had a young boy in my room while we talked. He had no clue I was fulling two mom fantasies at once. That caller got off, as did I, but my phone kept ringing. I can multitask. I kept blowing the lad and eventually he fucked me on a call too. I put the pervert in phone perverts paradise! I guess you will never know now if I am blowing a dildo or a real cock when you call me.


My Phone Sex Hotline Keeps Me Busy

Phone sex hotline

My horny phone sex hotline keeps my cum filled cunt so busy that I don’t have much time for the sexy men in my day to day life.  It makes me feel bad, but I have to take care of all of my cream craving callers, too.  They need attention just as much as every other guy and when you got a job to do, you gotta do it well.  

It does take a lot out of me.  I have so many orgasms while I’m on the line with all of you wild wankers that my pussy almost can’t keep up.  All of you have super sexy voices and I can tell that, if you were here with me, you’d use my hot holes however you wanted and would make me cum harder in person than you do when you’re on the other end of the phone with me.  It’s all in how you talk to me, I know a real man when I hear one.

After a full shift of phone whoring, all I want to do is cuddle up and relax on my couch.  Sitting in my office all day and slamming my snatch with a fat dildo while I talk to tosser after tosser with the most terrific, nut chasing tones in their voices is really tiring.  If one of my boyfriends comes over to get laid, he’ll have to do it while I just lay there and take it.  All of those phone sex games that my callers like to play make it so that the only thing I’m good for when I get off of work is being a cum catching fuck doll.  I don’t mind if they don’t.