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The Life Of A Phone Sex Whore!

Phone Sex Whore

I learned how to live the life of a dirty phone sex whore by being addicted to daddy’s cock and making money from his phone sex addiction! I learned everything I needed to know about phone sex perverts from my sexy daddy. He was the one who made me join him on 2 girl phone sex calls; I’d listen to him and stroke his cock and say the nastiest things while he came to cheap phone sex. Naturally when I grew up and started working, I wanted to do fantasy phone sex to make money and think about all the hot group sex I’ve ever had with my daddy! Daddy is really proud of his little phone sex whore and I live to make my phone sex hotline the freakiest and most fun!

Jayla has collage friends!

2 girl phone sexHis cock was average size, so I couldn’t do a whole lot of bouncing on it I thought. But I
was able to lean over and give him a hand job that would end on my face. As I bent over I was free to
swallow and spit out his cock. I bobbed my head up and down on what now was his big ass cock. I began to go faster and faster. It seemed to get larger and larger. At that time I knew I would need to call a friend in for help. No problem for my collage roommate, she always lends a helping hand when I have to big a load to handle. Together we suck and tug at this cock tower until we milk him good. Thanks Ruth!

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I am a naughty and very sexual daddy phone sex girl. I love my daddy so much! He takes the best care of me, always eating my tight little cunt out and sucking on my nipples. He also lets me lick his enormous daddy dick and suck on it as much as I want until he gets so hard, I beg him to fuck me.

I just cannot get enough of his delicious daddy dick. Oh, and when he brings his friends over that’s even hotter! I get all of those cocks to myself and just get to go all around the world and suck on them until they either squirt warm cum all over my pretty face, or they decide to fuck me too. Daddy is always first though so they have to ask him if they can fuck me after him.

Of course, daddy is super nice, so he passes me around like the spoiled brat I am. I just love getting to sample all the different daddy cocks there are out there. Sometimes his daddy friends will bring their daughters to play too. I always love eating out their perfect little pussies. It’s a sweet treat for me when they decide to bring them over.

Daddy is super strict about cumming in my sweet little cunt though, he is the only one allowed to. He wants to be the one to impregnate me, he has always said that its best kept in the family when it comes to reproducing, and I agree I hope to have his spawn in me soon, that would be so fucking hot!

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Bald shaved pussy

I saved my naughty Bald shaved pussy for when I put my bestest boy to sleep. My son has always been the center of my attention. He’s my one true love. I think the universe bought me him and all I had to do was let his father nut inside of me. He is the little fighter I think of when my naughty mommy pussy gets wet. Since he was a teenager mommy has been saving all of my naughty moments for my specialist little boy.

Before we started playing on a regular basis I would occasionally find a reason to be in close proximity of his cock. It was so easy being his mom. I wonder if back then he thought of me the way I thought of him? I guess we will never know because as soon as I realized my baby was getting hard ons I found every reason I could to play with and touch his cock. I had him in many sports so he was a nasty boy and only mommy could shower him off the way he needed to be showered off. Only mommy could exam his balls and cock. Somehow he just kept getting hard and mommy just had to help him out in anyway I could. Mommy has special trick I showed to my handsome man. Ones involving mommy’s wet mouth. He never knew I knew how to do these things, and because we kept him so innocent he had no clue it would feel as incredible as it feels.

Phone perverts Paradise Staycation w/ Kinky Milf Irene

Phone perverts Paradise is a decadent staycation of bliss. By staycation I mean you stay where you are at any time and need that pervert bliss to overcum you until you spurt.

With me I love when you are out perving about. Jerking your cock off in public. Being a nasty p-daddy and needing to talk about it.

Most of my calls are pretty fucking hot. The dirty needs and my dirty deeds are what this is all about. Use my brood of brats for your pleasure. If you want something special my trashy whore ways will bring that special treat to the party.

Nothing is off limits with me. My nasty p-mommy pussy is being licked right now by that naughty taboo thing with four legs. Such a good boy too.

Phone perverts Paradise

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Phone sex addictionMy Tight shaved pussy pulsed while staring at the bulge in his denim jeans.. I’ve never been a shy kind of gal.. When I want, I have to have and nothing can stop me from going for it.. Not even his girlfriend that stood next to him in line.. I saw him get up to go to the restroom and what man can deny a hot chick giving them a blowjob.. none, exactly! So, I followed him there.. I greeted him standing against the wall biting on my bottom finger and rubbing on my pussy beneath my sundress.. HE sort of just waved and continued into the bathroom.. I walked in behind him and squatted with my jaw dropped.. “Your cock belongs in here” I stuck my tongue out and showed him the back of my throat.. He shook his cock off and laughed. An attempt to pull up his jeans was stopped by my manicured hands.

I grabbed his dick and started stroking it.. “She doesn’t have to know” I said while giggling… My Bald shaved pussy throbbed as I eased his veiny dick into the back of my throat.. I had made a huge mess of saliva from the sloppy blowjob I had given him. He shot his load into my mouth. I spit it out and had him watch it seep down my chin onto my hard nipples.. When I was leaving the store I sucked my finger and waved.. I know his girlfriend was pissed but she has no idea how good of a blowjob I had just given him.. Lucky for her he is smiling now.. Your newest Phone sex addiction awaits you…

Bald shaved Pussy is what Father craves on Sinday

Bald shaved pussy is truly the thing that my Pastor and daddy craves. Yes, I am a blasphemous milf that was raised in a Catholic household by a pastor.
You see, I was an orphan and a very deviant little slut that was passed around early. The households they placed me in just couldn’t manage me.

Then Mr. Pastor of the do good Church took me in.
So, it seems there was ulterior motives. He wanted me for his private little fuck slave. It was understood that I was a little cock tease. And the wives of the men that took me in caught on. They knew I was more than a daddy’s girl type.
It’s true I do love that daddy daughter incest and I am always a good whore.
Obviously I did require divine intervention. And I was indeed violated by the cloth.

Bald shaved pussy

Playing with my roommies’ Bald shaved pussy

Bald shaved pussy“Mnnn…” Laying here, soaked and bald shaved pussy and sweaty face, my tits out and my breaths struggling to be caught, I had a simple lonesome thought. “Wow, roomie, you’re missing out hard.”

“You too.” I heard her say. “On all the lessons to be learned around here.” I could hear her spoon clanging in a bowl of cereal, while I was coming down from the wonderful afterglow of my fifth orgasm of the day. Somehow, I felt like she was definitely the one missing out. “But you find me a studly study nut and I’ll get his nut.” I rolled over at that, rolled my eyes and contemplated just how I was going to have her on her back with her legs spread so one of my many boyfriends could pop her cherry and leave his seed planted deep inside her. It’s a wonder I was paired with he when college girls phone sex was such a big part of my life. I had a guy coming in an hour to bust his nut deep in my cheeks, and she had a guy coming in a few to turn some pages and go over theorems.

“Fuck it.” I sat up, taking a deep breath and eyeing her. “Get on the bed, I’m eating you out.”

“Is that a question?” She asks, raising a brow as I got up, “because I don’t think anyone’s ever said no to that, that shouldn’t be a-”

“Bed!” It took her only a few seconds to realize exactly what was happening, and another to forget her cereal entirely and plop down. It wasn’t unprecedented for me to take some of my lusts out on her. No one says no to oral, no one. But it may have been the first time I interrupted a conversation with it. She just, fuck I needed to get her creampied. Maybe I could keep her occupied the whole hour with my best hot phonesex.

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Fantasy phone sexDraining a dick makes me feel so alive. I’m here to be a fantasy phone sex slut, and that means I want all the hardest, neediest, hungriest cocks in my face. Every night I take a few guys and I tell my story, and I get them nice and hard, and then I get slurping. There’s not a lot of explanation to that, a lot of the time I don’t even tell them that’s my intent. They’re listening, they’re being so nice and cute, they’re really attentive listeners that have such fascinating fantasies and stories of their own that they share so freely. And then the moment they start explaining, I pull out their cocks, and I get sucking on that fat need. Sometimes they stop and question me, and I have to roll my hands to tell them to keep going before I wrap them around his fuck meat and give him something else to think about. Technique is more important than a blowjob, so a lot of the time if a man’s big enough I’ll think of awesome ways to keep him happy instead of just getting deeper. Like a tongue bath for his balls, a nice massage, jerking him off with both hands while I bob. Sometimes that’s not enough, and I end up pulled down to the base, gurgling on hot cock. I’m okay with that too.

Tight Shaved Pussy Mama Irene – Kinky Phone Sex Milf

It’s this tight shaved pussy of mine that Mr. Goodman wanted. He was always all over me when he held my daughter back after classes. He would call me up needing to discuss something about her. It is often about the same things.

My daughter has a need to go without wearing panties often. She will wear her short uniform skirt and sit in the front center of the classroom and spread her legs in his class. She knows exactly what she is doing and loves the way it arouses Mr. Goodman.

You could say my daughter has a crush on her teacher and her teacher has the hots for me. So obviously what needed to happen is the three of us getting together. I bet we could have a hot roleplay and Mr. Goodman’s name could change to yours and you will need to pay us a visit at my home.

Tight shaved pussy