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Anal Phone Sex Whore Lillian Loves IT Hard and Rough

Anal Phone Sex Whores like me who love getting their ass pounded, its so hot to watch but better to be the one inside that tight ass, huh?   Big or small cocks, it’s one of the things she’s known for is taking it hard up the ass. hard to make this ass hard, round and perfect for a guy to grab onto as he thrusts that monster between his legs into that dark hole for the first time.

There is quite literally nothing hotter than while my cunt is getting fuked than for a guy to tell me he wants to stick that big fat cock into my ass.   Sometimes just saying it is enough for him to explode inside me.  Watching warm cum drim from my pussy to his hard cock and using that lube to then stick it into my tight ass.  Don’t you love the way the tightness feels around that throbbing hard cock of yours?  You love the struggle of getting it in that tight shit hole?  Or how nasty it is that your cock goes in the same hole shit comes out of, if you are into the nastiness of it all, that right there is nasty as fuck.

And getting fucked in the ass can hurt like a bitch. I have screamed bloddy murder when a big black cock pushes its way into that hole.  Begging for a vibrator to play with my clit because I know it will make it feel better.  In fact, soon enough, I usually am begging for it harder and harder.  You get use to the pain and just start craving the feeling of that cock iAnal phone sex

Pick a Hole In Lillians Group Sex Party

We had been saying we were going to invite others over for some hot group sex. I was craving a big fat black cock to fill me up.  Being suck a good cuckolding boyfriend, you will sit there playing with yourself while I get filled up with cock after cock.  I want all of them inside me.  Fill me up now and make me a little cum whore that has her cunt stretch out over big black cocks.  Really any cock I can take and make you watch, in any hole, it makes my cunt wet and sloppy.

And let’s not forget about those moments when we switch roles – me riding your face while another man takes my ass or pounding into both of you at once. I love creampies in my pussy and then transferring them to you to slurp out of me.  Of course I’m an equal opportunity cum sharer.  I love cleaning off that cock off after sluts cream down your shaft onto those aching balls.

My favorite is usually my man watching two big BBCs take me at one time.  He gets so worked up watching me be a real BBW whore. He goes crazy watching my pussy get stretched out and pounded without any regard but to make that big black dick fGroup sex

Those are some of my most cherished memories! There’s something so intensely erotic about feeling completely owned by two men at once; knowing that they can take whatever they want from me because I willingly give myself over to them under your watchful eye makes every inch even hotter than before.

Little Girl Phone Sex And Daddy’s Special Girl

little girl phone sexerrerAs a little girl phone sex slut, the thought of my daddy fucking me was both terrifying and exhilarating. I remember how his rough hands would grip my hips tightly as he pushed himself inside of me, stretching my tiny hole wider than it had ever been before. The pain mixed with pleasure made me squirm underneath him but also yearned for more – an unspoken desire that only fueled his lust even further.

His voice was gruff as he whispered dirty words in my ear while slamming into me over and over again; each thrust causing fresh waves of discomfort yet also bringing about a strange sense of satisfaction deep within me. It felt taboo yet so right at the same time; like this was something we were meant to do together despite society’s rules against such acts between parent and child.

As our bodies moved together in rhythm, sweat dripped down our faces as evidence of just how intense this encounter truly was becoming . Our moans echoed off the walls around us creating an intimate atmosphere filled with raw passion and primal need . And when he finally released himself inside me , filling every crevice possible , there was no going back from what we had done . We were forever changed by this forbidden act – bound together not only by blood but also by our shared secret desires. From that moment on, our relationship changed drastically . He became more possessive over me , demanding obedience but also showering me with gifts and attention like any loving father would do . Meanwhile , I found myself craving his touch more than anything else in the world . It wasn’t long before we began sneaking around behind closed doors again , lost in a world of lustful pleasure where nothing else mattered except for satisfying our twisted desires for each other .

Years passed by quickly under these circumstances ; secrets were kept hidden beneath layers upon layers of lies told to friends and family alike about how “normal” things were at home when really…we were living out dark fantasies together night after night. But even though it felt wrong deep down inside , there was something undeniably addictive about being wanted so badly by someone who held so much power over you – your own daddy!

Little Girl Phone Sex Call Lillian Shares Some Deep Dark Secrets

I know my callers love some little girl phone sex especially when they can be my daddy. I love being their little girl and they can decide whether we punish me for being a naughty little whore.  Or maybe I’m just as innocent as I sound and they are going to tell me how they need to teach me to be a big girl.

So many different roles we can play out with me as a little girl.  I have a lot of real life experience to pull from as I was a little girl when I first had my little pussy played with.  Starting with some family friends who would bribe me during parties to come down and get my mouth on their cocks.  The first times I had to get a stool because I wasn’t even tall enough to reach their dicks.

My parents were always throwing parties so every week I had new cock in my mouth. Before I knew it, we added fingers in my cunt which was a favorite thing, it tickled so much.  I watched other little girls like my beautiful sister and some of our neighbor girls take cock from the neighborhood dads for the first time.  They passed us around like a bunch of little rotten spoiled brat whores.  We were just happy to stay up late and do grownup stuff.

But I always say it’s why I love what I do now becuase I became a hyper sexualized freak at a young age. I had to keep having more and more sex in crazier ways to satisfy my desire to get off.  I need dick in me at all times and usually get what I want, if you know what I mean.  When you are ready to give me what I want, give your girl a call.Little girl phone sex lillian

Lillians Bald Shaved Pussy Has A Lot Of Fans

Bald shaved pussyMen love a bald shaved pussy because it’s smooth, sleek, and sexy as hell. There’s something about the visual of a perfectly bare slit that drives them wild with desire. It makes their cocks twitch and their minds race with dirty thoughts. The feeling of the soft skin against their fingers or lips is electrifying, heightening every sensation as they explore your most intimate folds.

But it’s not just the look that gets them going; there’s also an element of control involved. A shaved pussy signifies submission and vulnerability, which can be incredibly arousing for some guys. They want to take charge and show you who’s boss by filling up your tight hole with their hard cock – claiming what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Another reason men love a bald shaved pussy? It feels amazing on their dick! The lack of hair means less friction during penetration, allowing for deeper thrusts and more intense pleasure for both partners. Plus, when combined with other forms of stimulation (like clitoral play or anal penetration), the experience becomes downright mind-blowing!

In short, A bald shaved pussy is like catnip to guys – irresistible, alluring, and oh-so satisfying in every way possible!

Cumming in a bald shaved cunt feels incredible! The tightness of the walls gripping your cock as you release your seed inside is unlike anything else. It’s an intense sensation that leaves you panting and wanting more. Plus, the warmth of the liquid against your sensitive skin only adds to the pleasure.

As you pull out, watching your cum ooze out of her perfectly smooth slit, there’s a sense of accomplishment mixed with desire for round two. You can’t help but want to dive back in and explore those delicious folds all over again – tasting her sweet nectar on your tongue as you push deeper into her hungry hole.

The sound effects are also noteworthy; hearing that satisfying “slosh” as she takes every last drop makes it even hotter than before! And let’s not forget about how good it looks – seeing all that creamy white stuff covering her beautifully bare mound… It’s enough to make any guy lose control completely!I

Come Inside My Tight Shaved Pussy

There is something about a tight shaved pussy that just leaves men salivating for more.  I love a smooth little cunt myself, makes licking clits a lot more enjoyable when you have a nice smooth surface to lick and suck around.  You can’t tell me it doesn’t get you super turned on to look down at a bald tight cunt and watch the head of a dick tease its way around.

Nothing I anticipate more than seeing that hard throbbing cock at the head of my pussy knowing it’s about to push it’s way deep inside me. Who doesn’t love that feeling you get when a hard cock pushes inside your pussy walls and you feel that bulging head of it push against your cervix?

Some men prefer some bush and for the right guy, I’ll groom as he likes.  I’m a fan of the line down that middle with hair, something about that screams “fuck me” as the hair points to where your cock needs to be inside, asap really!

I first realized how much guys love a s shaved cunt when I was fucking my best friend from schools  dad while we were on summer break.  He would sneak me into the garage to give him head. I loved how dominant and controlling he was. One day he was so turned on by how I was gagging on my cock he reached under my private scohol skirt and was playing with my pussy while his cock was still in my mouth. He almost immediately blew his load. I was a bit shocked because it was his third one in like an hour and he came hard!

Well he ends up telling me he hasn’t felt a bald cunt like mine ever and it reminded him of fingering a little girl when he was a young boy. He was obsessed with my cunt ever since! Tight shaved pussy

Anal Phone Sex Fucking with Anal Sex Whore Lillian Loving It In the ASs

Anal phone sex Anal phone sex whore Lillian loves getting it in the ass. The feeling of being violated in my ass was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It burned and stretched, but there was also an odd sense of pleasure mixed with the pain. As he thrust deeper and harder into me, I could feel myself getting wetter by the second – a reaction that confused and terrified me at the same time.

“You like this, don’t you?” He growled down at me, his eyes filled with lustful anticipation as if he knew exactly what he was doing to my body and mind. And maybe he did…because it felt too good to be true! Every time his hips slammed against my prostate sending waves upon waves of pleasure coursing through every nerve ending in both our bodies while simultaneously making sure not to miss even one inch inside this newly claimed territory known only as ‘mine’.

With each passing moment spent together like this – bound together by our twisted desires – something changed within me: acceptance perhaps? Or maybe just resignation knowing full well there would be no escape from undergoing such torment until either him or myself found release first hand .

As the day wore on, we continued filming our twisted pornography. My body ached from being used in ways it never had before, but still I couldn’t help but crave more of his rough treatment. He was relentless – fucking me in every hole until they were all stretched and sore from the constant invasion.

“Cum for mommy,” he demanded over and over again as he thrust deeper into my ass with each passing minute while simultaneously fingering my pussy or rubbing against prostate gland located deep within rectum area causing unbearable pleasure/pain mixed signals to confuse any sense rational thought process left standing after hours subjected to such torment . And yet somehow…I did cum again…and again…and again! Each orgasm stronger than the last as if drawn out by his brutal domination alone.

Thankful for Enema Phone Sex Before a Good Anal Fuck

I got the sweetest letter after we had some hot enema phone sex recently, this is how my lover for the night described as I inserted and played with lovers ass. Here it is, how sweet!

Enema phone sexWanted to shoot you a message about the other night! When you gave me an enema, I felt a warm sensation spreading through my body as the water filled my lower intestines. It was surprisingly relaxing, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan of pleasure as it flowed into me. As you inserted the nozzle, I felt your fingers gently massaging my prostate, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my entire being. The feeling of fullness was both strange and arousing, making me even harder than before.

As you removed the nozzle and began to prepare for the next step, I couldn’t help but wonder what was coming next. You had been so gentle thus far that I wasn’t quite sure how much more of this newfound pleasure I could handle. The feeling of fullness combined with your skilled hands massaging my chest made for an intense experience; one where every nerve ending tingled with desire.

You took control completely, dictating the pace and depth of each thrust while occasionally pinching or slapping my nipples to add another layer of sensation. I couldn’t help but beg for more as you continued your relentless assault on my ass and cock.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity (but was probably only a few minutes), you pulled out of me, leaving me aching for more contact but also wanting to see where else this journey would take us next. As we moved onto other activities – kisses turned into bites which turned into gentle spankings – my mind kept returning to that feeling: the fullness in my ass coupled with the intense pleasure coursing through every fiber of my being when you hit just the right spot inside me… It was unlike anything else!

Mistress Phone Sex Let Lillian Give Your Cock The Love It Deserves

I love a little or a lot of cocks that I get being one hot Mistress phone sex whore.  I can spot a man in a marriage needing my special charm.  By charm I mean my juicy pussy dripping its magic onto that nice hard cock that hasn’t been touched by your wife in months. After we dust the cob webs off and I let you feel around to remember what having a cunt in front of you feels like.

I love our secret meetings in your car. Some may think it’s trashy to ride a hard cock in the car for hours and hours- it may seem too long. However, I love knowing we don’t have to chat about finances or what our offspring have planned. We can exchange cum, have your cock and my cunt bond over the fact that we love cum and love when we explode in, on and around each other.

Being a cum dumpster as a mistress and knowing someone else gets the hard parts while I a literally just being used as a cum receptacle to dump loads of cum at will into my tight little holes.  Of course, I love being a dumpster when your cock starts throbbing and pulsating. A feeling you haven’t had since your wedding night.  Sometimes, I just show up to side of your house, bend over ass in the hair.

I wait for you to need to take out trash and call you over to me. It’s so hot to have sex as you throw me against the side of your house. I can hear your wife on the other side of the wall making dinner or some crap. She should’ve spent more time eating your cock and you wouldn’t need me to do it for her!Mistress phone sex

Little Girl Phone Sex From a Daddy’s Girl Slut

Little girl phone sexBeing Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex Whore to my callers always reminds me of my own time being my daddys wet wet as he use to call me.  That’s because I was so wet and he would say he never thought someone so young would be as wet as I was when his cock was inside me. He said that mommy was never so wet and that I must love his cock more than the other women, which was so true.  He knew my pussy so well and how to make his little girl squirt all over the place.

Mommy would think I was peeing in my bed because I soaked so many sheets but it was from daddy’s late night visits to punish his little girls pussy.  He told me my teachers said I’m creaming on the chairs at school and so he would need to get the creamy stuff out so it doesn’t happen again.

He was so good to my little girl cunt, how lucky I am to. get the poundings I did from such a sweet well endowed cock like my daddy’s.  I was his secret naughty little whore and to this day, he still whispers in my ear when he meets me outside places and I’m riding his cock in one of our cars before rejoining other family.

To this day, whenever someone new tries their luck with getting inside me, all I can think about is how much better it would be if it were daddy filling me up again instead. So many memories of daddy inside my cunt. I loved being his little cock whore although nothing little about that cock.  He made me the whore I am today so of course it’s natural to want his cock in me.

Like most girls, the one that took your virginity is always on your mind and boy daddy stays on my mind.  I can’t help but fantasize about being back home with daddy – feeling his rough hands grip my hips as he takes me from behind while I moan out loud for all to hear. The salty sea air mixing with our sweat as we grind against each other like animals in heat… It makes me wet just thinking about it!