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No limits Phone Sex Gets Down and Dirty

I love that we can have no limit phone sex without limiting our fantasies. I have a dirty dirty mind that I am always trying to bite my tongue in my real life.  Apparently it’s frowned upon to talk about how many cocks I had in my mouth or pussy at PTA meetings so having this outlet to share what a freak I am, it’s freeing.

Other places in life, we can’t share how bad we want to fuck our mommy’s and daddy’s.  I can finely talk about how wet my pussy gets when I talk about my family experiences and how hot they were growing up. And my guys can tell me about the dirty things they’ve done and on their mind.  Nothing turns me on more than a bad boy who thinks about things like I do. Kinky phone sex is so nasty and dirty that I am often changing my panties all throughout work.

What other job can you have orgasms all day and make your dirty little fantasies come to life over the phone?  When I fuck, I don’t want liimits. I want my pussy to drive my decisions and when I’m throbbing and horny, I get pretty nasty.  It’s not unheard of for me to take a guy I just met to the next room with his wife nearby and pull his pants down and start sucking his cock before I ever get his name.  I can tell when a guy is down by the look in his eyes.

I won’t apologize for loving that I’m a whore.  I love sex and love getting down with whatever. Come be down with whatever with me sometime, I promiise you won’t be disappointed. Whether it is ageplay, incest, bbc, sissy stuff,  you name it, I’m down! No limits phone sex

Mistress Phone Sex Does This Make Me A Whore?

mistress phone sexSo this situation happened recently where I thought of mistress phone sex only it was a real life situation.  I can’t help being around dicks that I can see getting hard and sit back and not try and take care of them. Maybe it’s the mommy in me wanting to nurture cocks all the time or maybe I’m just an abnormally horny woman but either way, I am not ashamed to be a mistress, I think it’s actually envigorating and makes it exciting for my cunt to get fucked by anyone anytime.

So I was at this neighborhood block party.  I noticed this new neighbor, so fit and delicious.  His beautiful young wife was chasing tots around and I was teasing him bending over in my sundress picking things up just to entertain him innocently. Of course, I never wear panties these days so I was giving him quite the show.  I noticed the outline of his cock in his pants and it was a monster.  Kept growing and growing. When he walked into the bathroom, I followed making sure the wife was occupied.  I made it to the bathroom at the same time as this stranger.

All it took was one look and he picked me up, carried me into the bathroom with my legs wrapped about his waste, sticking my tongue so far down ithis dude’s throat, I was sure I was going to make him gag.  My tight shaved pussy was rubbing against the oputside of his pants. I started reaching down and unbuckling his belt and then dropped to my hands and knees to suck on that cock like my life depended on it.

We were in a time cruch before our significant others noticed so he bent me over the bathtub and fucked my cunt so hard and so fast with a huge 11′ cock that I honestly couldve fucked the rest of the night.  I never even caught the dudes name but he shot his load so far up my cunt. I swear it was dripping down my leg the rest of the night.  Since then, he meets me at the park at night to bend me over and shoot his load up in me a few times a week the past few weeks.  Somehow I enjoy being his cum dumpster with no strings attached. I can’t help he is addicted to me pussy now, it happens.

No limits phone sex means yes to anything

xno limits phone seNo limits phone sex is what it sounds like, there are no limits. Unlike with other things in life, no limits means yes to anything.  Ageplay phone sex – any age goes.  There are no safewords when we get into a call, we are there to push the envelope to make those hard cocks throb and pussys squirt.  It will be a wild ride just as it is when I ride any cock, guaranteed.

Think of the most perverted thoughts you can think.  The things you would never even bring up to someone you just had sex with.  Maybe you are embarassed to let your partner know you have fantasies about your daughter getting down on her hands and knees in her cheerleading uniform and putting your cock in her mouth.  Or on the other end, you could have known you got the biggest boner for your mom since as long as you can remember. You’ve dreamed of fucking the shit out of her tight shaved pussy. Only, you know you can’t.

That’s where I come in. I’ll be your naughty little fantasy. I’ll be the taboo one who you could never mention to anyone else.  I know your dirty little mind because it’s the same as mind and I love watching dicks grow into rock solid monsters as we start fantasizing about the dirty things on our minds that no one else would understand.  Maybe you have a secret sissy fetish where you dress up in your partners clothes and have her take her strap on and have her way with your ass.  Anyone else may judge but I will stick that big strap on cock in there and milk that prostate for ya baby! No worries with me, I got you because you are me and I am you.  And together, we can be little perverts that no one has to know about.

Mistress Phone Sex Whore Lillian Loves Her Cheating Ways

mistress phone sexMistress Phone Sex when you have your dildo out and hearing the cock on the other end madly stroking away, waiting for that moment where you both come into this world of orgasmic bliss.  Oh my, just thinking about being your mistress makes my pussy immediately start creaming up.  I know many of you have wives, tired at home, not putting out.  That’s where I am here to help those balls get drained, down to every last drop.

You can take me out and wine and dine me. We can only meet in hotels or for a quickie where I straddle your cock in the car on your break from work.  I don’t come with a lot of needs other than the one that needs to be met in between my legs.  I get it because my tight shaved pussy starts throbbing for long throbbing cocks to enter it when I have gone a day or even a few hours, without something going up that pussy hole.  The feeling of finally getting the cock I’m after and being able to feel the pressure as it goes into my vagina walls and presses hard against my cervix as we enter this forbidden territory.

When you can’t come grab me for a quick fuck, or take me on a weekend away where we do nothing but stay in between each other’s legss,  then we must and I mean must, have phone sex every time we can.  If I can’t have your cock in me, or in my mouth then I need to hear that sound of you stroking that monster and having our mutual masturbation play out over the phone so we can hear each other scream in orgasmic pleasure by the end.  If she doesn’t make you happy, I know someone who most definitely will, me.

Fantasy Phone Sex Let Me Be Your Nurse

fantasy phone sexLately, my pussy is throbbing for some of my fantasy phone sex calls.  My newest thing, is being a nurse.  Ever since I can remember, I loved playing doctor.  I use to have friends over, bring them to my basement, and doctor Lillian would give them one of her famous exams.  Girls or boys, it didn’t matter.  Within a few minutes of having them over, I had their pants off and my fingers and tongue examining them all over.  It would start out real innocent. I would take the toy stethescope and listen to their little hearts.  I would make my way down to their belly, mimicking what I could remember from my own dirty doctors appointments.

As I got close to their waste, I would lower their elastic little britches and test out if they were cool with me going further. They always were.  I kept going and going until I got to the exciting part. Doctor Lillian always found the problems under those pants.  I made sure to do very very thorough exams with my tiny patients.  I would put my mouth down there asking if it hurt when I licked them.  The licking would turn to full on sucking.  Fingers were in cavities I had no business being in. It was all for a good cause though.

My patients started worrying about me at one point. They said they needed to do an exam on me since they didn’t want anything to happen to their favorite doctor.  Those little tongues licking my little clit, some of my best memories from those days. I mean, who doesn’t love a little doctor/nurse play.

So when I hear a caller want me to put on my sexy nurses uniofrm and give him an exam, I tell him, it would be my honor, I have a lot of experience in this area, you are in good hands!

Milf Phone Sex with the Basketball Team

milf phone sexMilf phone sex was all it we planned it to be.  What changed? So let me tell you about that one time where I decided to try and distract an entire basketball team with my little cunt and keep those boys banging all night long before my rugrats played in the regional tournament againt them.  Oh it was all pretty evil of me but boy don’t tell me I’m a Milf and expect nothing to happen.

These boys cocks didn’t rest a minute the night I got a hold of them. So much for keeping them on the phone the night before the big game. I kept them in my cunt all night, and boy that strategy was highly effective.  I knew they were showing me their big black cocks as I falunted my big tits and asses around them.  It helped knowing their hotel room that weekend.  I’ve never been so determined to suck cock and fuck all night than I was this night.

There wasn’t a hole free for hours as these players, representing their school, stayed inside me until the sun rose.  I lost track of what cock belonged to what face by the end of it.  I just knew I wanted my son’s team to win and making sure these boys didn’t sleep was all I cared about.

I was sucking cock for dear life. Like I was playing an instrument going from key to key as these huge throbbing thick cocks entered. mouth one by one. I would grab these monsters at the base, position them straight from my mouth, forcing them as deep as my throat could take it before I would choke and gag for dear life.  It was amazing.  These boys ate my bald shaved pussy until I was convulsing on the hotel bed.  We went through 3 sets of white hotel sheets that night of cum filled from not only this Milf, but the opposing team cocks as well.

Of course, the question is, did your team win with those tired opposing team’s boys having fucked the life out of me and not sleeping the night before? They sure did.  Pat on the back, mission accomplished.

A group sex experience with Lillian


                                 group sex                                                          
I’ve been fantasizing about group sex for a while. The thought of my slut hole being pounded one after the other, with different men’s cum dripping down me,  hot right? So when the chance presented itself in front of me, my panties were off in no time.

Like from a dream, I stood there with hard cocks all around . We started off just making out and rubbing my tight wet pussy on some guys. Kinda boring. I wanted them to destroy me. I had dreams of not being able to walk for weeks.  This pussy shit wasn’t cutting it. I could makeout at a bar. We were here to run a train on this whore. In all my orgy fantasies, making out was the last thing I thought about.  

I needed to bring the excitement level up “Who wants their cum drained line up to put your cock in my mouth.

Before I knew it,  had a cock plunging my mouth, one shoving itself hard into my ass and another underneath me in my soaked pussy. I stroked any dick within reach and was soon being rained on with sweet loads of cum. I had never been so turned or or so ravenous for cock. I came so hard I nearly blacked out, squirting all over his fat dick as his friend filled my ass with his load. This was more like the no limits phone sex calls I’ve had where they pounded me one by one. 

Good thing my mouth was full most of that time or they would have heard me screaming all the way down the street. Group sex has serious potential for some hot fantasy phone sex, don’t you think?

Impregnation Phone Sex Your Sperm Meets My Eggs

impregnation phone sexImpregnation Phone Sex calls thinking about that sperm leaving your hard fat cock, oh boy, I’m hot.  Well let’s backtrack a bit.  We just met, it’s getting a bit hot in here, is it not? You sure are quite the seductor, getting me up to your hotel room after only a few drinks.  Admiring your body, those tight belted bands that make your ass fill out so nicely.  You are big and muscular and have a confidence about you that makes me dreamy.  You are tall, dark, and handsome of course.  My type to a T.  You are someone who I’d have babies with just on the few things I know already.

So when we start getting down to business, as I’m sucking that cock rocket between your legs, quite impressed with the size and girth, I just keep thinking, he’s the perfect man to procreate with. I make sure not to swallow our future babies and leave you edging as my mouth leaves your hard dick and travels up to kiss you on the lips.  Nothing is hotter than seeing your kiss me after knowing my lips and mouth have been around that monster downstairs. Pre-cum lines my lips as I turn to you and make sure you have to lick it all off me as we passionately kiss.

You enter me and my world is officially rocked.  I don’t know what takes over me but I start screaming to cum inside me.  I beg you for it actually and you ignore my requests at first.  Then you must’ve realized it turned you on so you beg me now to let you squirt your load up my cuervix into my uterus.  In hopes of course that we come out with a baby from this hot night of passion.

The more we speak of this crazy idea of your sperm meeting my eggs, the more turned on we both get until we finally climax together.  Why does this turn me on so much? Please boys and men, give me all your sperm and let me have your babies. I can’t take it, I need it!

Anal Phone Sex – Welcome to the Darkside

Anal Phone Sex

Anal Phone Sex is one of the hottest parts of this job for me.  It reflects a lot of the feelings every little ass has before their first cock enters the forbidden hole. The anticipation of, “is it going to hurt?” “Will it fit?” or “Is it hard enough to get in?”. I replay those thoughts in real time with my guys and can feel the pressure of the big fat cocks entering anytime I’m on a call with someone who is all about entering the dark side, no pun intended.

I don’t know what it is about fascination from guys about fucking a girl in the ass but I’ve yet to meet one that doesn’t have it.  Here lately, I have been exploring that region with guy partners through prostate milking and learning  how to give a guy the best orgasm in their ass.  I may not have a dick but I can milk a prostate with the best of them.  I can make a guy squirm like he didn’t know was possible.  I love being open to making a guy happy with new things.

Through playing on the phone and in person with my multitude of lovers, I have learned how special the ass really is.  It’s taboo to some but it provides a certain stimulation that is next to none.  It provides a feeling that will leave you feeling on top of the world and ready for more.  They always and I mean always, come back for more.  I’ve had to get guys to be more open to it as like girls, they start out very shy.  However, once they experience what it’s like to be one of my lover boys, they know there is no going back.  I love getting guys to try new things and love when a guy will invite me into his taboo world of secrets. Together, we explore worlds I only dreamt of and most people never see.

Come into my world of no limits my love, once you go in, you won’t ever want to come back out.

Phone Sex Chat All Day All Night

Phone Chat Sex

Phone sex chats and phone sex calls, my kryptonite!  From the beginning, sex questions and discussing sex consumed my mind. Curiosity to explore all aspects stayed at the forefront of my mind at all times. From the time I gave that one boy a blow job on the playground. Ultimately, leading to my parents moving my school to keep me as a good girl. Moving on to later years, where playing doctor with friends was my favorite past-time. Talking about these sex fueled adventures is one of the best part of these memories for me.

Later years, I fell in love with sex talk, role play, living out fantasies, and more. The feelings of discussing sex related topics brought me so much joy. Lovers discussing their adventrures or strangers discussing their fantasies and fetishes. Ultimately, leading to where I find myself today, as a chatter of sexy thing 

My calls with my guys hide my nympho ways in the real world. Talking through our chat system is the same way. Some of my best clients, hide our talks from their wives. Lucky for them we have phone chat options. No worrying about getting caught.  It ends up being a win win. I am addicted to some of your voices as much as you are to mine.  Chat is a good option for my married guys that can’t talk but want to drain their cock with wifey overhearing them getting it on.

 In Conclusion, Calls and chats make my pussy wet.  Let me be your chitter chatter little whore soon!