Big Sloppy Titts

tight shaved pussy lillian

Every time my boy toy works late I masturbate-ok maybe I have someone come over to fuck me, but what’s the harm in the? It’s still masturbating just with someone else’s cock and hands teheheh. I mean, the way he’s been leaving at random hours I’m sure he’s being dicking down one of his workers using it as an excuse to leave. He can just have her come over to play with me too, but I guess he doesn’t want to share-that’s why you’re here! I didn’t expect you to walk in while I was showering because I was prepping myself for our fuck fest ahead. I pulled out my 8in pink dildo to mount to the shower floor while my 6 inch vibrator was shoved deep into my ass. I wanted to make myself cream alittle so you could have a mouthful to taste once I got out and spread myself out onto the fresh sheets. But since you came early- you can start by fucking my tits while the water glides all across my big tits. Fuck I love a hard cock to stroke and explode all over my face when I’m feeling lonely-makes me feel like a good fucking whore!

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