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hot phonesex Come into mommies room, my sexy baby boy, and watch as your hot phonesex mommy is dressed in her black thigh high stockings, short black skirt, and sexy black stiletto heels that feed your shoe fetish. Mommy is slutty, horny, and dirty! Mommy ELizabeth’s sexual appetite take precedence, because Mommy wants your boy cock! I’m well aware that your hormones are raging 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that you are secretly watching Mommy fuck while you are trapped in the closet. I know that you wrap my cum filled and piss smelling panties around your cock at night while fantasizing about your dominating mommy. And you tremble when you get Mommy’s full attention for the first time. Mommy notices you peering under my skirt. So I cross my long legs to deny you access to that mommy cunt, making your cock even harder for me. This is my mistake. You want that slick milf cunt and you get up and with all your boy strength pull me down to start fucking my whore mouth! Where this goes is all up to your fetish phone sex desires!

Discreet MIlfs With Big tits and asses

big tits and asses

Big tits and asses on Milfs Make you so fucking hard, don’t they baby! I am not the girlfriend type, as many of you have found out. I could ever be tied down to one man. Its not anyone’s fault but my own whore nature, that I need to be able to fuck random men. I am a big tited and cornfed ass having mommy who needs to fuck! My offspring do not know whose DNA runs through them, Hell,  I have ideas about who sperm donors could be, but could never be sure! 

My point guys is that I will fuck you, even my regular Johns know that This Mommy slut is only  good for being a fuck slut and indulging in the nose candy. And that makes me horny for multiple cocks in itself! I fuck plenty of married men for a reason, I don’t give a fuck what they do after they leave my trailer, and don’t want to be interrupted when I am fucking for pleasure of money! I am the eternal single mom, but I will never tell on a man, because I don’t want a man, I just need cock! So horny men, if you need a dirty Mommy for some discreet phone sex, with a killer body, you know what to do!

discreet phone sex

Trussed and Fucked P MILF

submissive phone sex

Some Moms are meant to be a submissive cum dump! That would be this blonde milf phone sex whore right here. See, I know when a boy or girl needs punishment, as I am in tune with my own needs. I need a heavy hand at times to make me behave. Most of the time it’s being forced to do things I used to not even speak of. But now in the forum I can tell my p mommy confessions. I have always been the type that men confess dark and filthy fetishes too. I’m convinced dom men have a radar for submissive women they can treat however they want. And if that sub slut is a mommy, it’s almost 99 percent sure you can get her to do things with her offspring for you. If she wont, the bondage she seeks will be her prison as she watches you! Men like you seek poor white single moms who are needing to be punished for the things they allow in their household. The very things you want to make them do. To eat young cunny, suck a cocklette and then you in, she can never tell you not to fuck her brats!

Mommies Piss

Phone sex milfWhen this Phone sex milf comes in from her night of dancing and fucking you are right there at the door with a huge boner! Do you hope that Mommy will invite you to join her in the shower? Mommy peels down her wet panties, ass pointed at you and you see her velvet cunt. You know Mommy is ripe. Your thick boy cock is more evidence of how much you want to fuck mommy! Mommy puts her beautiful ass to your face. Wanna play with Mommy? “Yes, Mommy!” Well, then you know exactly what to do don’t you? You know Mommy needs to pee after a good night at the club. So I lower my beautiful ass and pussy spreading my lips to pee onto your face. “Drink Mommies pee, baby!  A mouthful of tangy nectar makes the cock even stiffer. Mommy soaks your face as your tongue finds Mommy’s asshole. Mommys boy takes control finally and stands up to pin me over the bath tub! Mommy’s legs held high, that thick boy dick goes deep in my pink puckered tight ass. A pungent aroma of sex and piss fills the air as a warm grip of mommy’s asshole surrounds your cock!

Mommies Diaper Man

diaper phone sexHe is mommies diaper man, always needing a tiity to suckle and a mommy cunt to kiss. I love getting to care for my big boy. Little dickie he doesn’t have, my boy has a big hard Fag pole! Sometimes a diaper man has a decent dick, he just needs a mommy to discipline him. Some men get to tame my whore nature. And some men like my diaper boy bring out the naughty mommy in me! The mommy who loves cleaning a stinky doodie and wiping ass finishing off with a big kiss to that fag pole. Why do I call it a fag pole? Because he only gets hard for boy butts and mommy having her lovers over so he can suck cock! On this day he asks mommy if he can be like her and maybe take acock in his diaper man ass? I tell him let me change his pissy diaper then I will check his bottom. I honestly think he is ready. But I need to check his buut hole and remove his butt plug. WIth a nice clean ass, I begin jerking my ABDL mans big boy dick and getting some of that plentiful Adult baby fag pole pre cum. I use his own body’s natural lube to work his butt plug out and explore with my fingers. I find my Diaper man’s prostate and I massage until I get cummies spurting up all over his belly as he cries out for mommy elizabeth. I know it’s time to gape that ass pussy and Mommy has just the lover in mind.
I do love helping out my diaper lovers. The seem to cum to me with a phone sex addiction!phone sex addiction

Mommy Gets hers!

submissive phone sex

What happens when this Milf gets what she deserves? Read on for this weeks submissive phone sex raunchy tale. 


The truth of it is I work at a low end strip club.  One of the best with virtually no rules and the Police on our payroll. Well they get Sex favors in exchange for letting us be completely nude and do sexual acts for pay in the back room. 


Now there is something you must know. The club owner runs an underground fetish room. ANd The pay can be unbelievable if he invites you over. 


Today his wife and I were going to get coked up and she was going to torture me for an audience. 


The electro sex wands had me cumminga dn pissing all over mysef as she laughed and told me that she knew all my dirty secrets. I had been letting men watch me and my offspring perform sexual acts and now My club owners wife owned me. 

I would be her slave, But as she whispered , my offspring belonged to her now too! 

Be careful what you get mixed up in.

Mommy Has Orgy Fantasies Too

orgy fantasies elizabethBet you never thought your own mommy has orgy fantasies like you do. Now, you may want mommy and a few other milfs to suck your cock and please you. I understand this definition of orgy for a growing young man such as yourself. But this mommy has very different orgy ideas in store for us. An erotic full on Caligula  type of incest and debauchery orgy is what this hot mommy is after. Writhing naked bodies of young ones and hot teens and of course your mommy leasing the way for all of our intense and remarkable pleasure. A full on secret orgy put together by this hot whore to make your every teen fantasy come to life! Sweet young girl and boys bodies peppered with the big tits and asses of a few hot moms for you to fuck! And don’t forget mommies lust for big Cock. You will have to bring some heavy hitters to our orgy so mommy can show all the hot young ones how nasty milfs love to get fucked. Are you sure you can handle the erotic and sweaty tangles of flesh? 

Phone sex milf Impregnation’s

phone sex milf

This phone sex milf needed the money for my coke fix, and I was going to do anything I needed to if it meant I’d get it. Evidently that included getting knocked the fuck up by my son! His cock has been throbbing for me since the day he realized what it was for. He knew Mommy was getting a little crazy from that coke low. I needed some blow, and he needed blown. That’s how that shit started! Me sucking on my son’s thick, dripping dick. But, my cock sucking skills are just beyond any bitch he’d ever had. He wanted more. My young boy wanted my Mommy pussy, and he wanted to pump a nasty cream pie into me so that he could breed me! He wanted to continue on the nasty P Mommy legacy I’d built for myself, and it was his cock exploding in me. It was then that I knew he wanted to stat an incest clan with his own mommy! And that is what he intended to do with my slutty dope mommy womb!

Cheap Phone Sex Milf

cheap phone sex This cheap phone sex milf has many freak fetish sides to her. Some may call me a switch, but I am still very submissive when it comes to men who are violent and predatory. I very much would love to become you piece of fuck flesh. Consider me putty all around your cock. I am driven by few things in this world. Your cock. That pretty baggy of snow, and sadistic seeking P-men and abusers.  Need a seductive mommy? You know? Like the one who molested you back in the day. I seem to remind men of that Milf molestation memory. How about a hooker whore mom who lets all the men fuck her. Now this one is pretty close to home. Do I give a fuck, not unless you don’t want to fuck…Pretty sure turning down prime time Cougar puss is a regrettable act! Especially a cougar who will party with you and beg you to tie her up and beat her. I know what I am, I am a pathetic submissive mommy whore to most. But every once in a while I get a sweet little sissy who wants to be just like my son. And then , I really love being about to use a sissy ass pussy! What Can I say, every whore has a couple different side, its all in how and who you want a Milf phone sex Hardcore fuck with! milf phone sex

Tranny Mom Pimps You Out

milf phone sexAs A Milf phone sex whore of a tranny boy I know what you are destined to be! Now let’s take it one step further for you tiny cocked fuckers. I’m adopting one of you little boys to turn into my tranny princess daughter. Mommy Elizabeth is going to call all of her girly friends and bring them over to play with you. Forget that boy name. You’re my Rosie now. Rosie, come here and let Mommy and sissy dress you up! We’re going to put you in pretty little stockings and panties while we force you to chain smoke Virginia slims like the perfect little faggot you are. While we dress you up even further, with a little clit cage, a sparkly butt plug, and a beautiful dress, we’re going to teach you how to service women. Our pussies all need to be brought to excruciating orgasm. When you’re all dolled up and we’ve all cum at least once, we’re inviting our big Alpha Bull boyfriends. You’re going to learn how to service men like the little tranny faggot sissy phone sex girl you are! And Mommy Is gong To pimp your boy pussy! Just like I do my own son!sissy phone sex

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