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kinky phone sex

Well the referee was still trying to tell my son that he had made a foul, which was my kinky phone sex slut cue! Mommy just had to get up out of the bleachers and remind my son that he was a fucking King. I don’t have any God damn shame as of P mommy, and I pulled my son’s throbbing cock out in front of the entire football stadium and let him slide right down my throat. I love nasty voyeur p-mommy shit! This Milf wanted them to know exactly how lucky my little son was that his sexy fucking mommy Elizabeth was constantly draining his heavy balls down into my throat. I made eye contact with the referee, and I never let my gaze fall the entire time at the throbbing purple head of my son’s young cock with bouncing off of my tonsils. I could see how hard that referee was, watching the way I was working up on my son but I was not about to give such a dirty mother fucker any sort of affection from me. I thought my son might be mortified, but his entire team started cheering him on and asking if they could come over that weekend. The team lost the game, but I think my son won the respect of his community that day. And Mommy will put her mouth to good work any day

Nasty men phone perverts paradise

phone perverts paradise

It’s a phone perverts paradise when mommy goes to the doctors office! It seems as if I get targeted by a Dominant gynecologist that knows all about my secret p-mommy lifestyle! I’m always being blackmailed by threats of examining my brats little holes and finding out what had been really happening at our home! I look in his eyes and I automatically  know he knows that mommy lets men fuck my son and daughters! I tell the doctor that he doesn’t need to examine the theme, and I get tied up in gauze bondage and he uses medical clamps on my milky nipples. My cunt gets so wet as I’m being tortured in the doctor’s office and made to tell all my p-mommy secrets! He makes an appointment to come by the house for a p-man house call later. Not before he opens my wet mommy pussy up with the cold speculum and sees how much cock I have taken in the last few days. “Elizabeth you really need a god clean out;” he says as he rams his dick inside of me and contributes the cum loads already up inside of me!

Son and daughter Sex Sandwich

kinky phone sexIt was the kinky thing to do for Sam. He wanted me to strap up and fuck my daughter in the ass and have my son fuck me while it was happening. He jacked off as he watched me open her hairless cunt and my son get in position behind me. The first thrust in my little daughter was met with a trust of my sons unusually larger boy cock right in my shitter. 

Sam is damn lucky I do the things I do for his pervert cock. My son was having so much fun he yelled “yeehaw” as Sam jacked his dick harder. My daughter squealed like a little piggy and that when My hot man decided to stuff her little mouth with his big daddy cock! That squeal was soon muffed out and replaced with gobbles and gurgles. I pumped that little as as my son did the same to mommy. I came hard as my sons cute but large young cock spurted quickly. 

Sam wanted a turn in my sons ass. Tit for tat as they say. And I wanted a turn in Daddy Sam’s pervert ass! 

It was so fun working my P-daddies’ anus over as my son took it in his little sissy ass so well! 

Cum see mommy for some daddy and bratkin anal play!


Mommys Boys

bald shaved pussyMommies bald shaved pussy wrapped around your cock as her sweet ones fuck her mouth and ride her face. I love men who are just into sweet boy cock as they are into tiny girl cunny! Little boys are effeminate by nature and it doesn’t make you any less a man to want to suck a little pink bald peen or have mommies strap up your ass as you do so.

Yes, most of my men, want me to fuck my son and get fucked by him as they rape fantasy up my young brat of a daughter. But still even that is as hot as hell when we play.

Can I milk that prostate as you do unspeakable things to my slutkins?

Are you a mommie needing little bad boy tonight? Or maybe you just a sick and twisted p-man who can’t get enough of forbidden bodies? My cunt is waiting on you and I want to make sure you fuck mommy too!

From P perverts to sissy phone sex addicts needing a hot milf, Ill make you cum hard! Sometimes you don’t have to choose and can have all your fetishes wrapped up in one mommy whore!

Mommy Beths play dates

fetish phone sexBasically this fetish phone sex milf was Abducted in from the doctors office parking lot. I took my brats in for a check up and this masked man decided I was his prime target. He held a knife to my throat as I bucked in my littles.

If I dared scream or my offspring he said he would slit my threat right then and there! He was so hard as he tied me to a pole and began to inspect my hot mommy body.

I offered him anything, I didn’t have much cash, but he could have my beater and a little coke I had under my seat. That wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to use me and make his rape fantasy cum true. But this man wanted a play date of a different variety today!

He took control cut me down and proceeded make me drive him back to my trailer home and give him the mommy and littles fuck show before he fucked each little pussy and boy ass! 

If your a dirty p-man with rape fantasies of a submissive milf I’m your mommy whore!

Impregnation phone sex Mommy

impregnation phone sexI had been grooming my daughter from my impregnation phone sex calls. My men love to tell me how they have bred those sweet youngsters and had babies with step daughters, nieces and little neighbor girls. I got so into the fantasies and confessions that it was time for my own little whorelette to be turned into a young mommy, just like I was. I had faith in my daughter’s abilities to please men, and found the right sperm donor for her little womb. Introductions came fast, as I told her that p-daddy was ready to breed her. What I wasn’t expecting was him to tell her that his seed was already in me, and that she would be having a little sister that he would breed as soon as he body produced eggs. I was embarrassed and my daughter was livid! But he soon rectified that by slapping her and pinning her down as he handcuffed us both to the bed. Now we both would take his cock as he sucked on her flat tits and then my milky mammaries. Mommy watched as he took that virgin cunt and made her offspring a little mommy slut!

Mommy and Daughter BBC Cum whores

phone sex whore

He wasn’t a sissy but he knew this phone sex whore loves BBC cum just like him! He made me and my teenage daughter withhold showers and panty changes for 4 days before our playdate. Then he promptly took us out to score lots of black cock cum for him. If we fucked during the week we were supposed to keep it in our pussys for him.  If we peed we were only to move our panties to the side or piss right through them. Our panties were going to be his gold mine before we went to whore ourselfs out for some black dick. Saturday came and we gave him our panties to sniff, and chew on as he jacked off telling us our BBC Agenda. I was going to the truck stop to make money by getting my ass and pussy filled up. He wanted mostly black cock cream but cum was cum, he told us. He was taking my daughter to the glory hole on the south side where his three black friends would fill up her young cunt. Then it was time for him to dine! I met him back at the no tell motel and there he enjoyed cleaning up dirty, pissy and cum filled holes until he was satisfied. easy enough for a dirty milf whore and her daughter to give him the cum eating he needed so badly!

Let this mommy be your next cum eating phone sex addiction! 

Cheap phone sex for perverts

cheap phone sex

Cheap Phone Sex with me is every perverts dream. I’m a super freak of perversions! You need a hot big breasted, fat ass mommy to carry out your naughty fantasies? That’s me baby. When I say no limits I mean no limits. I enjoy the really raunchy experiences only a certified pervert can give me. Yes, my own life as a white trash p-mommy fuels my conversations and helps me get off to men who love my nasty life! Yes I dress my son like a p-mans dream.

Sometimes ass less chaps and pink panties, sometimes a cute little hooker outfit. Whatever that P-cock is needing to give me cash or nose candy. My daughters, I have an older daughter who whores the streets with me, and a young slutkin who is every Chester the molesters fantasy, are fuckable!

I get so wet thinking of your cock in any of my brats! Just know that mommy has rent due and that I need some blow to numb me from the fact that I do these things. That combination means I’ll do anything to get a perverts cock off! Cum and let all your kinks out with your hot phonesex P-mommy Elizabeth!

Step On Me!

submissive phone sex

Would you like to step on me like my Master Wes does? He is a dominate man who likes to hurt mommies like me. A slap across my face if I’m not dressed properly for him, is well deserved! He expects the sluttiest whore when I worship his big fat dick! My tits are often torture devices for his hands and floggers. It’s a good thing this blonde milf whore has plenty of tit space for his punishments. I am a pain slut and if you haven’t guessed it by now I have a master who enjoys how much pain he can give me! If only because it makes me grip my pussy hard around his cock. My bare ass is in his hands and the whelps and bruises are worth it to have that hardcore mommy fuck! My hair pulled back as he fucks me doggy style in front of his girlfriend. It is so fucking pussy wetting hot. I love the thrill of knowing she will be the next one to use this bald shaved pussy! My new mistress will make me submit to My master Wes in new and fascinating ways!

Cum and step on mommy!

Mommies Pissing Group Sex

group sex

Would you like to come and Join this dirty mommy for a Pee Splash Party during a group sex scene? My daughters and a couple of her friends love to have cosplay sessions with me and they often turn sexual and include spankings and butt plug play. And if you’re lucky enough to be with us during one of these filthy Incest mommy play dates you be in tight teen pussy and mommy cunt paradise! My daughters are young prostitutes’ who enjoy sucking and fucking for money. And piss play is always so fun when you have a bunch of young sluts willing to do anything to make a cock happy. Guess the slut never falls far from the tree! I love drinking piss out of my daughters. What’s even better if I help your cock inside them and you piss in a tiny butthole. Ill make sure to give them a nice sweet tea enema so you can even eat that ass out beside me, or just have me eat baby girl ass! 

I can even put a butt plug in and cork those piss and cum filled ass so I can save my drink for later! 

And always remember even if you’re not into young ones I’m a mommy who loves piss play of her own! Let me piss my panties for you and finger fuck myself. 

Love your BDSM Queen, toilet slut and submissive P-mommy whore, 


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