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Kinky phone sex

Listen I know you need a kinky phone sex P-mommy to lead you to the extreme pleasures that make you explode. You cock is what I serve. I love to get fucked up with you and tell you how nasty I get with my tykes. I find the same pleasure in using those young bodies as you do. DO I use them to perform acts to get my dope sometimes yes, and the extra benefit is making you cum from that story. I am fucking filthy and I am still hot after popping theses brats out of my cunt. Yes my belly that got rounder and stretched out but that is what makes me a hot milf with cockette and cunny available for penetration and molestation of all kinds. Yes, I adore bondage and pain from a strong hand. But I can be very sadistic in the play with my youngones as well. Ripping sweet holes and sticking two cocks in my girls gets me off. Now my own home play might not be that violent with them, but  mommy does use them for personal gain My cunt and money for drugs. I love all extreme play as a P-mommy seeking to make your cock explode!

Mommy Slave On The phone sex Line

Kinky Phone Sex

How does a mommy whore like me end up bound and watching you fuck my offsprings mouths while I watch? The date was going great until I could keep that vial of white powder hidden away. A little too much coke and a couple of shots had me spilling out what a p mommy I am. Well, enough to give you clues, that is how I see what men would love to do with a brat given the chance. I slipped my hand under the table and felt that cock. I had brought my a game but the drugs made me feel like just my body wouldn’t be enough. So I started talking about my two brats and my oldest daughter and how I had, maybe, sold her when she was younger. You brushed me off and laughed, saying you were going to be the gentleman and bring me home. All thoughts of what I had tried to do left me, but when we got to my trailer you put your hands over my mouth and grabbed my wrist behind my back! You demanded to see my littles as they lay sleeping in their beds. The cough syrup hasn’t worn off. Mommy can’t afford a babysitter so they lay peaceful in underwear and panties. “Wake them and bring them to your bed, now whore!” You definitely are not the docile man I thought you were! On the bed they cowered and cried as you found my BSDM ware. Bound and gagged you have full access to groggy brats who are scared of you. You don’t even speak to them as you grab blonde curls and drag them to your pants. You are sadistic in the way your big hard cock chokes my brats! I am trying to get free, but now you have my daughter bent over as she cries out for me, Mommy has brought another man home to hurt my littles!

Hot Phonesex Mommy Cravings

Hot phonesex

His cock pumped Rage fueled our hot phonesex mommy call. Dave is a man who has been in torment over his lust for his own mother’s body since he was so young. I have written about him before. His mommy spread her legs inches from his little boy face to trim her bush as he sat in the bathtub and played. (Tell me she doesn’t have some P-mommy attributes,)  Every fold and curve of her hairy pussy burned into his brain from there on out. She would be passed out and he would jack his cock off beside her for hours. He tells me how much he needs to fuck his mother, how he has gone every day since his cock got its first hard on having her body, tits and pussy in his mind. It is the only thing that makes him cum. Every female he has ever fucked is his mommy. Even his wife. 

He hasn’t gotten around to many kinky phone sex calls with mommy Elizabeth, because he needs to edge his cock for hours thinking about mommy pussy before he gives me his cum load. Not much alone time these days.  His pregnant mommies pictures of him inside her lad out. The last time his cock was inside her, that was what he needed. If he could go back in time to molest her so she would molest him he would do it in a heartbeat. Force cock on her so she would be fucked up enough to be like me and fuck her own son. He tells me that I am his porn mommy goddess and as much as he worships and needs my perverted mind, he wants to tie me up and beat me all over with his big hard cock. 

I’m his mommy Goddess who gives birth to sons perverted enough to fuck mommy! My pussy is dripping and wishing I could be his mommy and any man who needs me like that!

Mommy Whore Breeding

Hot phonesex

Breeding during Hot phonesex makes my heart beat fast,  and my pussy gets so dripping wet and tingly.  I need you to pump me full of that hot baby batter and make me a P-mommy whore all over again. But my two sweet daughters are also getting where they need to practice getting that dick so they can be bred out whores just like me! Plus a man like you would pay for a sweet young one to open up and fuck the holy hell out of it. Even make a sexy porn out of it, but I need to have a new slut if you’re gonna make them a slutkin porn star. SO fuck mommy Elizabeth first damn it! Tie me up and use me as your personal rope bunny, just as long as I get to be fucked by your beautiful cock. I even heard that you can purchase some little whores n that Shopping site like a fucking cabinet.  International slutkin trading oh my. I am just a poor mommy with a cock and drug habit who is a major whore. But if I had a lives goal it would be selling girls into sex slavery! That shit makes me throb and wish someone would buy one of these brats like that. Mommy needs a few grand for her habit and to keep the lights on! Pump me out a few more to use in your video and make you can sell the whole girl and/or boy brat on the internet just like Cunnies  are us!  I think your cock needs a kinky phone sex break, so grab your favorite daughters panties and use me!

P Mommy Is A Cheap Phone sex Pervert

cheap phone sex

“Elizabeth Is a dirty cheap phone sex whore.” I guess the neighbor’s wife knows what I do now. I was in the grocery store trying to hurry for some last minute things. I had just rolled out of bed, and my nipples were poking out of my shirt, Bra-less, some tiny daisy dukes no panties, But my brats wanted cereal and milk and some snackies. They are being rewarded for the punishment they went through last night.  The most covering thing was my mask, and I wanted to just be naked outside like I was last night. If only these ladies saw what happens in my daily life. My brats had locked me outside and I was completely caught unaware. My sexy male neighbor (her Husband) had came over to help me, I mean naked, and not even dark yet. The woman talking shit had no idea that her husband jimmied my lock and let me in and wanted payment for helping me out. What he really wanted was to fucking use me and punish my two youngest offspring for locking mommy out. His cock taught them that mouths were made to be choked and ass holes were meant to be gapped.  And Guess what I am the one who got whipped and spanked, because the fact this slut is a naughty mommy! But I will take name calling at the grocery store and keep my secret any day! I love being A Filthy kinky phone sex mommy who has secrets!

Hot Phonessex Dirty P-mommy

hot phonesex

I have no say in what nasty p-men do to me and my young ones. I get so fucking wet just thinking about my hot phonesex tikes for you. I have a beautiful smooth skinned little boy who I dress up as a faggot and let men fuck for money.  He has the perfect oink little cock and tight little ass that I love to finger when we are alone. I suck him off like any naughty mommy would love too. The men who use him are not the sadistic ones all the time, just your local chester the molester types. The ones who want my sweet baby girl and/ or my little tranny wanna be son, are the mean ones. The ones who force me into bondage and treat me like the druggy whore pain slut I am. My pussy gets wet as I am forced to be humiliated and give my sweet brats up to these demented p-daddy types. My tits subject to pain and my pussy fucked to prime my p-mommy pussy.  Not that I don’t deserve every second of torture and pain. I crave it. I’m the mommy who enjoys seeing holes gaped open and the young cries of my daughter and son. Plus I get to lick those wounds of theirs  and get high after we are done being used. I know you want to hurt me and my brats and I want you too! 

Force My Cheap Phone Sex Mommy Cunt

Cheap Phone Sex

If I wasn’t such a cheap phone sex whore you wouldn’t have to punish mommy. You know that I make men cum all night and your cock has been neglected. Walking into my room and watching me finger fuck myself as I get another man off on the phone makes you irate. You have a big hard cock and it is time I pay for being such a mommy slut. As I hang up You get on top of me and hold my hands above my head and spit in my face. Its your turn you hiss at me. You are not the little boy I molested anymore. You have a raging boner and as it pushes into my thigh, I buck up at you. My mind says no but my body says yes. I will do anything for you to fuck me. But it won’t be that easy will it? You roll me on my back and spread my ass cheeks. One big teen hand goes around my throat as you call me a worthless whore. I am crying and you yank my hair back as soon as you ram my mommy asshole. I scream out causing you baby sister to run in the room.

Her pink panties are wet against her cunny. You pump my ass a few more time sand make me grab her and tell me that if I don’t let you open her up, then you will expose me for the nasty and raunchy p-mommy That I am. I don’t want to give you her, I try to run but you slam my body into the wall and throw her on the bed. I watch helplessly as you grab the Vaseline and smear her bald puffy cunt. Your cock doesn’t fit but you make it and all this hot phonesex whore can do is watch! I don’t want you to stop.

Hot Phonesex P-mommy Tales Of Naughty

hot phonesex

You’re a naughty p-man with intense hot phonesex fetishes for mommy and youngsters. You love watching me through the window as I pee.  Wiping my bald cunt and helping my little ones potty train. Your cock is hard and you want to be our toilet paper. You smoothly wiggle my door lock free in the middle of the night and summon my littlest to the potty. She is half asleep and doesn’t even ask if you who you are. She is used to mommy waking her up to go T-T in the middle of the night. What wakes her up is your mouth on her sweet pee flavored cunny after she goes. She screams for me and I come rushing in. The knife to her throat stops me. My cunt starts to drip down my legs as you throw some handcuffs at me and tell me to cuff myself to the sink and you will not hurt her. You command me to piss. I do because I am a little scared. My other brats are still in my bed asleep. I might be a lot of things, but I am still a mother. You can have holes to fuck I say just please don’t hurt my offspring. But what you want is to be my human piss bucket first. By the time you are done you will be filled with all of our golden nectar and We will be filled with cum as you leave under the rising sun, promising you will be back. I make sure to tell you we will all be willing next time no need for violence, we will offer up pink tight holes and all the golden showers you can drink.

Incest & Kinky Phone sex Blog For A Foot Faggot

kinky phone sex

This nasty P-mommy has a kinky phone sex story for you. My pussy squirted so hard recently at the amount of gay incest My nephew disclosed to me. Now I gave this hunk of a nephew a fantastic foot fetish when he was just a boy. I really thought I was one of his first sexual experiences. At a family meal, I took off my shoes and rubbed his cock with my panty hose covered toes until he exploded under the table all over these beautiful toes. Well, I know he loves sucking toes , and I really wanted to get him riled up this weekend so I snuck in his room to plant some dirty panties and stockings in hope that he would come to me. I have wanted to fuck him for so long.

Well, I found some porn on his computer, I was going to write a sexy little note, it was open and unlocked like he wanted me to find out some things. There was so much incest porn, foot porn and well, Gay porn. Gay men getting fucked and foot fetish shit. Something called a foot faggot caught my attention. Humiliation and feet, hmm. I sent a picture of my toes covered with lotion to him when I got home. I knew he would run to his room.  I face timed him right when I thought he would be hacking off. I said so you’re a foot faggot?

His face turned red and he showed me his cock sticking straight up. I said you’re a faggot a big ol” Foot loving faggot! I don’t remember a time when I said that as much. And do you know what my nephew admitted to me? In my years of hot phonesex I never thought my own brother has forced fucked my nephew for years. And my other nephew fucked his brother between girlfriends. So Between me and his make kin we made him the foot loving fag he is today!

Your Fantasy Phone sex Milf


Wouldn’t you love to tie up your wife and make her the one who performs the things we talk about during fantasy phone sex?  She really should be your partner in crime for your perverted fantasies. A man like you shouldn’t have to come to me to experience the tight little asses and cunnies. But I damn sure I will let you know all the P-mommy slut things I do with my own brood. You are by no means alone in your wants and desires.Fantasy Phone Sex

  You really should get a freaky momma like me, I can do a mundane thing like run for a loaf of bread and run into My Ex Tommy who needs his cock sucked.  Its my huge bouncing rack and round ass that keep them coming back for more! And the next thing I know I am in his basement tied up as he humiliates me for being such an incest whore and collecting money to have men come and piss and cum on me. I don’t mind sucking

Tommy’s cock it isn’t that big, and I tell him that my rugrats miss his cock. That makes his cock spring to life as he asks what I want in return, I tell him just keep this milf phone sex whore fucked up and let me play with him and my brats.  Maybe ask a friend over so we can have a mommy and P Man play date? Doesn’t that sound hot as fuck? I know it makes me so damn horny to tell you all about it!

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