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Little Girl Phone Sex

Blonde, big tits and a beautiful round ass and tight pussy make for some hot times. Especially when I am naturally submissive and an advocate for little girl phone sex. I’m the mommy who loves to be put in bondage and forced to offer her young ones up to a dirty P-man. Maybe it alleviates the fact that I am so turned on by you molesting my young ones. If I have no choice, then is the guilt off me? I get so turned on when I am used like the filthy piece of trailer trash mommy that I am. And if you happen to come back to my trailer for some more partying and hardcore fucking nasty things will happen. You see my brats half-naked and know it is time to collect on the money you spent on my pussy and the party favors we inhaled tonight. Pushing me back to my room you notice I make my offspring; a girl and boy share a room. The other room is for mommies’ torture chamber of sexual bliss. I am soon strapped down and gagged. You have no idea how many times this has happened to me before. I enjoy it.  There is a reason I am the p-woman of milf phone sex. I want you to hurt me and them, my sweet daughter and son are yours! Your cock will have so much fun fucking us all!

T Ball P Mommy Phone Sex Whore

Phone Sex Whore

I love seducing men and young boys with the tiny tight outfits that a mommy should not wear in public. I admit it I am a dirty P-mommy phone sex whore. I love watching little boys cocks get hard when I flash my bald pussy and tits at them in the grocery store. Sometimes I would lift my skirt and piss in front of them just to make myself cum latter thinking of those innocent faces. Those other mommies are too busy to notice what I am doing to their little sons. My greatest adventure was at t-ball last year with a P-daddy who matched my nasty side. I found him so sexy as the coach of my Little boys T-ball team, but he had an affliction for boys and sometimes girls. The younger the better! He would sit in the dugout and I wild send the most feminine little boy in to suck his big P-daddy cock while I made sure he wasn’t interrupted. In the next weeks, we would set up play dates as I offered him, my son and daughter, to use as pin cushions. I would even find him the neglected young ones that he could use to fill up with his daddy cum. What can I say In real life and here, I do love a nasty milf phone sex session with a perverted daddy!

Explore Your Own Phone perverts Paradise Fetish

phone perverts paradise

I invite you to explore every type pf phone perverts paradise fetish there is. Trust this wet mommy pussy when she says she loves getting out of her element. I have disciplined a few man sluts in my day and my son loves when I have had enough of the bondage and torture and desire to really lay into him with some BDSM play. I have made him into my very own little tranny pet and he takes the cock just as well as mommy. And these men who come to fuck him like me to get a little dominatrix on their ass as well. I have straps in all sizes and my son has a nice large young shemale cock that can make you a mommy and Boy sandwich.  He loves when my callers want to fuck him hard and leave cum drooling out of his young ass.  And this p-mommy loves to get feisty and make you her man whore and make your ass nice and open and full of cum for me. I think you will enjoy our dirty kinky play and cum back for more.

Kinky Enema Phone Sex Lessons

enema phone sexIn the world of being a subby whore, the inevitable enema phone sex story is bound to come up. Imagine having a Mommy who is your complete submissive slut and you get to do whatever you want with her. And you know there is a price you can pay to have her son and daughter too. What I don’t expect is that you show up with all the supplies for an ass cleaning for mommy and her brats. Now the thing is I have cleaned my ass out before for some extreme anal play followed by severe impact play. But my youngsters have never had the pleasure. I undress them and show you that flat chest, little cunny, and pee-pee. Your cock goes up and you want a blow job with all three of us. Then it is time for this subslut whore to put her brats through a little pain for your pleasures. The enema bags are filled with warm salt water and hung as I insert them in them and me. I know the cramps will come; I try to explain the sensations but my littles get the short end of the stick. Those tummies bloat and then the mess begins. I am trying to comfort them but its not enough. I didn’t expect you to enjoy this part, most men don’t even like the cleanout aspect of this. But your cock is so damn rock hard, and you come to the tub and ask for dirty little faces and bodies to be presented to you. We are now cum and shot covered and you tell us to bend over so you can fill up our ass holes even more! All I know for some reason it makes my bald shaved pussy drip with wetness at being this kinky for you!

Worthless Cheap Phone Sex Whore Elizabeth

cheap phone sexI am your cheap phone sex whore. I brought you a toy just like you wanted. She’s A small one, red-headed freckled, smooth flat chest and tiny bald cunny. I even dressed up for you so you would pay me attention for once. But you thought It was ridiculous get-up and slapped me so hard in the face and asked where your present was. I told you that she was naked on your big bed waiting for you and your big cock. This made you suspicious and you ask if I had played your new toy. I said a little and you slapped me so hard this time that I fall to the floor. You call me a worthless whore, that I never get anything right. Just a cheap whore that you only keep around to be your accomplice bringing you young things for you to fuck. You go to play with her and discover that I have already penetrated your sweet fresh with my fingers and tongue. At this point grab me by the throat and slam me down and backhand me until my lip bleeds You make me get up and hold her legs like a wishbone so you can go balls deep and force fuck this sweet innocent little girl. I sit my hairy wet milf pussy on her face to dampen her screams of agony. This wasn’t the first time we tagged team a sweet Lolita and would not be the last time.little girl phone sex

Group Sex P-mommy

group sexI will never be shy about my group sex activities to my littles. They must understand that one man or woman will never be enough to sexually satisfy them. My father hates that I made my son into a little tranny sissy, but men pay well to prolapse his little ass pussy and suck his sweet boy dick. I get off on the way men use him and my daughter. If Daddy only knew the things this p-mommy was doing with her young offspring… My Chitlins know the taste of some good white and have smoked a bowl with me a time or two. Making men hard and accepting loads of cum daily is going to be the best education for my Brats. The more cock the better, We have serviced four men in a 24 hour period before! I love them I do, but I love molesting them and turning a profit on their little holes and, mouths much, much more. My Son knows that he can come to me anytime and I will be his sexual slave, I am a fair mommy slut if nothing else. I make sure to give as much as I take from those bald, hairless littles! I think every little should be used just as my brats are.

Mommy Whore Phonesex freak

fetish phone sex

I am your mommy whore BDSM phonesex freak. I love to be bound, tied and gagged. I am no stranger to being made a toilet slave, or a naughty P-mommy to men who pay for such things. I enjoy being used in ways you can only imagine and attract men with big dicks who like to use littles. My son is a nancy most say, he has had more cocks up his ass than I care to count. The coke I snort helps numb any real parental feelings I have about such things. As long as I get to be the fuck meat of the night I don’t really care. My daughters, well They love the attention of serving cock as mommy is helpless and tied up. It’s unusual for me to be fucked alone. I know how dirty and nasty it is and I fucking get wet for the dirtiest sexual activities. My funbags are yours to piss on and whip, My offspring are just mere pawns in my sexual perversions. Won’t you join me in some nasty submissive phone sex?

Give it to Your Submissive Phone Sex P-mommy

submissive phone sexThere are so many things you can do to this submissive phone sex milf ass, pussy and thighs! Think of it, your mommy has been playing with your sisters and you with men for money. You are a little older now and you see that your whore mother is nothing but a trashy P-mommy and has been finding ways to torture and humiliate you and herself for years. Now is the time to use her as she is supposed to be used. Your ultimate breeding harem is at your fingertips. Although at first you just want to hurt her, and her ass is ripe for your cock, electric punishment, and hooks. Your cock is instantly hard as you sneak up behind her in the kitchen and push her to her knees. Her blonde hair twirled around your fist as your pump her throat and tell her what a good mommy she has been. You also tell her your plans to impregnate your sisters and her so you can have your own little fuck dolls! Mommy will serve your cock, and mommy will pay dearly for the way she has used your ass and mouth to service rich old farts perverted pleasures. This will be a milf phone sex adventure you never fucking forget! milf phone sex

Phone Sex Humiliation Of A subslut MILF

phone sex humiliationSpreadeagled, tied to the four-post and vulnerable for your phone sex humiliation. That’s the way our calls should always start, you ask me to relive when my teen slut found me and wanted to take her anger out on me for giving her up. Well, I sold her at a young age to a couple who would go on to use her as a house servant and force fuck her every day. I told her that I couldn’t believe it was a forced fuck after a few days. She is a whore like her mother and even little bald cunts feel good when they get fucked. So I am half passed out when the ropes are tied to me and the pantyhose is over my face with my ball gag in place. She is telling me what a stupid slut mommy I am and that she can’t believe I really get off on little girl phone sex and molesting my little darlings. I try to hold back my admiration of my stupid cunt daughter. She whips my pussy and fucks me with my own strap-on. I see my youngest darlings enter naked as the day they were born and I know they have come to masturbate and watch mommy be humiliated the way she should be.

Kinky Phone Sex Submissive Games

kinky phone sexBoy, do I have a kinky phone sex story for you. I have been put into the submissive milf finals. My master has paraded me in the Cali sun and I have been shown to the truest BDSM men and woman as a good mommy slave. I am so proud of my new collar! I loved the showing last night between rounds. My pretty pink puckered mommy ass and pretty pink milf pussy were spread wide open so the Judges could rate me with big fat cocks sliding in and out! My soft curves from having four brats were bruised as fingers grabbed me and shish kabobbed me as I was fucked and gagged by the biggest Master cocks around. Some of the other subs were Jealous but those young sluts had nothing on this kinky mommy! This has been my life and my master, and a few others know they can fuck me and my chitlins anytime they want too! I will always be the naughty subby mommy and flaunt my wares proudly! Would you like to try to tame this sub slut mommy!

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