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Blonde phone sex BDSM Mommy and Brats for a DOM daddy

Blonde phone sexWhat’s the best thing about fucking a Blonde phone sex milf? The fact that This blonde loves dope and being as pervy as she can be. I didn’t plan on July being the month that I spent in bondage while my brats played in the sand and sun. But here I am in pantyhose bondage and hog tied. Perhaps I should have made sure my brats outfits fit them right instead of teasing men at the lake and poll this year. They But My pussy does love a good BDSM scene, especially when my sluts are involved. Now my huge tits are leaking as My baby dolls are used, and my body is bruised from impact play! 

Blonde phone sex BDSM Mommy and Brats for a DOM daddy

As the day went by, my entire being craved a firm hand spanking my ass and ropes binding me. But my brats were oblivious, too cute and innocent to realize the chaos that soon would happen to them. My baby dolls played in the water as the sun set!  Unaware of the kinky intentions brewing with Mommy and a daddy she had been texting!  The more they frolicked, the more my body craved the electric jolts of pain and pleasure that only their naughty daddy could soften. It’s amazing what you can learn from blonde Mommies with Big tits and asses like Me.

I have taught my youngins to embrace all dirty daddy dick and help my deviant me indulge in the fantasies that we share. As I laid there, tied up and vulnerable, I couldn’t help but revel in the ecstasy of being a bad P-mommy. The sun beating down, the sand shifting beneath my brats’ tiny feet as they seduced in tiny swimsuits. It was a perfect summer day spun into an afternoon of debauchery. Mommy can hear her brats playing and splashing in the water. Mommy calls them in and As they reluctantly made their way back, I can see the confusion and worry in their eyes, but they knew better than to question their fucked up mommy!

Big tits and asses on Blonde mommies help Daddys get off

Now mommy instructs them to undress and lay on the bed. They do so without question, their young bodies trembling. Pulling out a small table and some restraints, making sure everything was in place for me and my brats’ dark and twisted games. Then our newest big daddy entered and our Phone perverts Paradise scene is just beginning!  MMM, Mommy knows her sluts are in for It!  Giving them a stern look and nodding to daddy, we begin our naught P-man and mommy sex! He steps forward and grabbing one of my brats, pulling her close and whispering in her ear. She trembles in fear, but I know she will do anything to please us! 

Hot Phonesex Milf trains her sluts and you to be Analingus acrobats

Hot PhonesexHot Phonesex Milf trains her sluts and you to be Analingus acrobats! First rule of any dirty sex games with me and my slutkins is ass sex. They must know how to get that tongue deep in any crack. My beliefs are that man woman or brat should all know the love of having a nice booty hole surfing. I’m talking about full rim jobs with a sucker of that brown eye pucker! I teach them by showing them how to get down in dirty in a booty hole slurry.

Juciy peaches are sued to show tongue action from them being way small! Now, when I get my ass fucked; I always have one or both of my Hot phonesex brats suck my dirty anal whore ass clean. Sometimes they are hanging off my backside like little monkeys! They are for all its worth my daring Analingus acrobats. Mommy knows that some men enjoy showing them just how he likes to eat sweetkins’ asses out too. I do recommend a nice slobbery ass eating before trying to stick your big p-daddy dick in a small tight ass.

Hot Phonesex Analingus acrobats! 👅

But that’s just me. Some men prefer to eat before and after anal pounding and that is 100 percent A okay with this milf whore! With little ones I must hold them in crazy positions. During our ass eating Hot Phonesex I need just to get your mouth sealed on that bottom just right. Ever ate a tiny tot ass while she was hanging upside down trying to eat mommy pussy? I have young acrobats that you can practice your Analingus (booty all eating) on. My ass is ripe for any mouth to ass as well. I know how to eat your ass as your fucking my sexy daughter and sons shitholes. I’ll clean that cock off and those sweet pink puckered asses out each time you change holes! Be a good ass eater and let me make my sluts a pretzel as we both go to town side by side on my limber young ones.  We can take turns fucking each other, and then I can clean you up with my tot’s tongue. You know you need the how-to of my crotch goblins Analingus acrobats!Hot Phonesex

Fetish phone sex Mommy is your BDSM Slave

 Fetish phone sexFetish phone sex lets you treat this whore like the bottom feeder she is! You heard me right, nothing makes my whore pussy come harder than being tied up and used by a massive mean prick. I’m begging for it rough hard and dirty call me or filthy fucking cummed up cunt. Turn me on by pulling my hair and I’ll be your bitch slave. 

Put the blinders on me so I don’t know what it’s coming next. My hands are bound between my legs only opening the parts of my body that you want to use. My big milky nipples dripping down on my belly after the flogger has flashed them a few times. I might be crying behind these blinders but I love every second of it.

Fetish phone sex Subby Mommy serves your cock

Your cock is very deep inside of me as you’re calling me a dirty whore. That’s right Big Daddy take control and use me! Just a thought of you telling me what you’re going to do to me without seeing is enough to have me screaming your name. Please I beg of you release my hands so I can guide your cock into my mouth. But there’ll be no touching you today only you usually me like the fucking pin cushion that I am. This milf is a filthy and insatiable BDSM whore. I won’t be happy until you have filled my Bald shaved pussy and flogged me several times. My swollen and puffy pussy lips bear your mark, as the rest of my whore canvas body should!

Bald shaved pussy Torture

If you’ve been looking for the submissive mommy of your dreams, I’m right here with no limits on how I serve your cock!  I want you to make me scream and beg for more. Take me to the limit and beyond. Make me your submissive mommy.

Enema phone sex clean outs for mommy and her pre-whores

Enema phone sex Enema phone sex always has my ass feeling like a firework has exploded my shitter! Why? Because every time I get a nice sweet tea enema I always end up getting my ass wrecked is why! My Slutkins are often involved in helping me shoot that warm sun tea with a bit of sugar right up my dirty ass! They love cleaning my ass so they can lick it before it gets fucked to hell and back! Most of my love to fuck some smelly little crap holes. 

Then have me suck their shit off that dirty daddy cock and puke it  back up! But for now, my ass is getting blasted with a nice soothing wash and my brats are enjoying my agony of cleaning out. But It’s the party weekend of the year and I have a couple of special guests coming over who love to blow off my booty hole. 

Enema phone sex clean outs for mommy and brats

Not so lucky for my brats. My first guest loves watching my ass get thoroughly filled and empty. What he doesn’t like is my little bitches enjoying mommies pain. He grabs my daughter and forces down her little Stars and Stripes swimsuit. The hose goes far up in her ass, so far I cry out, but he slaps me and says this isn’t his first time cleaning out a little pre-whore. Her cries awaken the mommy side of me,but Im instructed to get under her and catch all of her butt liquid.  

He slips his meaty meat-pole up my ass and proceeds to fuck the hell out of me, while telling my son to saddle up for the hose after my daughter fills it up again. And to think I still have to other Johns to fuck tonight! I hope they bring me an eight-ball or this will be brutal!

Diaper phone sex with Miss Elizabeth makes you feel good!

Diaper phone sexDiaper phone sex is a great way to experience a whole bunch of covered tushy sex play. Weather you need an ABDL momma or a woman who loves soiling herself we are sure to make each other get off real well! I dive into the women wearing age-regression realm. I love pissing in a fresh  diaper and then running my pussy in the warm musty piss.

I do indulge in scat diaper play and love to make messes. For this sexy milf being shitty and having my diaper ripped to the side makes ass fucking that much more nasty! Are you a fellow diaper boy who enjoys sharing diaper potty time together? 

Diaper phone sex Milf loves ABDL play and kinky Taboos! 

Mutual masturbation with two diaper lovers can be fun and help us both find creative ways to get off. My pussy dripping and feeling so squishy and naughty as this hot Milf makes you potty in your pampers. And I have stories about diaper discipline for my own slutkins who absolutely hate being confined to diapers and made to shit and piass on themselves as punishment.

The amount of dirty daddies who have begun enjoying young bitch and a young bastard in pampers astounds me. I’m so wet thinking of people molesting perfect pink pussy, cocklette and shitty assholes in diapers.

Sissy phone sex for little dicked P-men at Mommys hands

Sissy phone sexSissy phone sex with a mommy of a lady boy is what some of you naughty boys need. It takes a heavy hand and a good strong man to put me on my knees for him. You’re whining little bitch boys are so easy for a woman like me to manipulate. Sure half of you come around looking for the smallest holes for your dicks. Because your micro-penis can only feel good in something Brat sized! You little pee-pee motherfuckers better stay with little brat cunny and anal. Because there is no way in hell you will ever bring out my subby side! There is a very good reason I get strong men with a long, thick dick! I know that I can serve them the way they are supposed to be served!

Sissy Phone sex p Mommy

But, I can teach you the same skills that have made me the cock size queen submissive I am today! We can train you on my son’s little t-girl dick, and my big dildos first, of course. But then I am going to call in some big black boys from the basketball courts!  They will teach you how to be a true submissive, and you will be begging for more! You won’t be able to resist after training with this Mistress phone sex Milf!  Once they are done with your training, you will be nothing but a submissive cock slut and you will know your place! Your life will never be the same!

Phone sex Mommy loves degradation and the kinky side of life.

Phone sexPhone sex Mommy loves degradation and the kinky side of life. Men like my David have always brought out my extreme side. From a sensual mommy Rape fantasy of his Mommy Becky to going back in time to be the one who molested her young holes, we have always brought the filth out of each other.

I tell him that my son’s cock is the perfect fit for my pussy, and that he needs to cheat on his wife with a prostitute that has the same name and looks just like his mommy. I would stand in for her if I could, but he needs more than my voice this time. My David needs to take all of his pent-up mommy fucking out on flesh. 

Phone sex Mommy loves degradation and the kinky side of life.

For this Phone sex milf who has guided him these last few years, I know what he needs. I’m dealing with my own slutkins and the men who humiliate me for being a kinky P-mommy. Something That David’s mommy should have been for him years ago. I never mind that men call me names for giving up precious daughter pussy and fucking my son.

A Phone sex milf should always have your best interest in heart

It’s way past time for a sexual purge to happen. And if you want to make me feel like a worthless mommy for the things I do to my offspring, I am here for it. Whether you need mommy to strap up and fuck your sister, or to bounce on her sons cock. You can call me anything in the book. Tie mommy up and make her take your pain and punishment in some sexy Phone sex humiliation tonight! 

Phone sex humiliation is my kink! Is it yours? 

Phone sex milf

Hottest phone sex Bitch milks your cock with her darlings

Hottest phone sexHottest phone sex Bitch wishes to milk your cock and drain your balls expertly. A bitch such as I know how to pleasure you like no other. My only will is to make you cum harder than ever. But be careful, us Submisisves will get you addicted to her obedience. That sweet spot of being a mother and a diligent cum whore is deep within me. I know That my family and I belong to you, and nothing you want is wrong or denied.

Hottest phone sex Bitch wishes to milk your cock in front of her darlings

As your loyal submissive, I will do anything to ensure your satisfaction. I will crawl to you on all fours, begging for the chance to show just how hard I can make you cum. Bind me and restrict my movement as the belt lashes against my thighs! My pussy is whipped next, and you will make my pussy drip with desire! This milf gives you anything you want, even my sweet little whores. We talk about what you are going to do to them, knowing that only I can bring you the ultimate pleasure.

I’ll lick and suck on your dick, asking you how badly you want to fuck my daughter and son. Then, I’ll take you deep inside my throat, feeling your cock hit the back of my throat and gagging to add more intensity to your pleasure.

With every thrust, you’ll feel myself gripping your cock tightly, milking every last drop of cum from you. As my family watches, they’ll be jealous of the pleasure you’re receiving. They know they can’t compare to the obedience and devotion I show towards you.

Big tits and asses deserve to be punished by your wife.

Big tits and assesBig tits and asses deserve to be punished by your wife.

The best part of being a submissive Milf is sometimes my Daddy dommes come with a mistress bitch that wants to make me pay for my sins of being a stupid filthy fuck whore. Men who are training wives to be a Mistress to their sluts have me wrapped around their fingers. 

When My couple showed up, they had a list that I was supposed to have followed. Enema, douche and an outfit that would make them horny to see me in. Garters with the stockings, a sexy lingerie top paired with a few restraints and torture devices were all in place. 

I knew the idea of his wife being in control and doling out punishment turned him on. It filled me with a strange yet thrilling sense of submission.

The idea of controlling and disciplining a whore flaunts their assets with no regard for the feelings of men’s wives is very appealing. 

Big tits and asses deserve to be punished by your wife.

When my blonde mistress got her hands on me, her husband let her punish my tits first. She slapped them hard, leaving bright red marks as evidence of my transgressions. The pain was exhilarating, and I could feel my Tight shaved pussy quivering with each strike.

My nipples hardened to painful points, aching for more attention. She grabbed them roughly, twisting and pinching the nipples until they were hard and red. Her fingers dug into the soft flesh, leaving bruises that would serve as a reminder of her authority. With each torturous touch, my body shivered in response to the intense sensation, and I could feel the wetness building between my legs.

“You’re a filthy cum-slut,” she growled, her voice thick with desire. “You crave the attention of these men, don’t you? All their dirt and grime, covering your perfect skin… you love it, don’t you?”

Then, she moved on to my ass, spanking me with a ferocity that took my breath away. Each swat echoed through the room, punctuating the air with a sharp, resounding sound. I writhed in agony and ecstasy, desperate for the relief that would soon come.

She grabbed me by the hair, forcing me to my knees, and secured my wrists behind my back with a pair of heavy metal cuffs. Her husband stood behind her, his eyes becoming evil.  I knew what would come next would be hours of her torturing my Bald shaved pussy and forcing my ass to take her strap-cock! Along with her husband’s big dick in every hole! 

Discreet phone sex with a step daddy who trained his girls

Discreet phone sexDiscreet phone sex with a step daddy who trained his girls to take care of his big cock is amazing! Being able to hear how Blair and Brook have evolved into such cum sluts really makes my dirty p-mommy day! Blair got married recently, and Step daddy was there to show her how much he loved her in her final moments of being single! 

Yes, huge dick stepdad Johnny now has his oldest married off he started off with her even titty fucking and sucking off him on her big tits in her wedding dress Blair got her hair held back by her bridesmaid so she wouldn’t make too big of a mess sucking daddy cock!  She deep throats him and gagged on his thick cock. Daddy moaned in pleasure as he fucked her throat. He eventually pulled out of her mouth and shot his load all over her wedding makeup. Needing her makeup retouched before she married her man. Her man, who will never be as good as daddy, By the way ! 

Good thing he married momma and had two girls develop Big tits and asses just like mommy! 

Now his Youngest slut Brook is asking “can I masturbate you daddy?”  How cute and sexy it is that she keeps asking if she is doing it right!

When step daddies cumms she says  “Yay I did it! Ropes shooting on to her young face are so cute “you’re going to cum I can feel Your cock jerk daddy!”

Discreet phone sex with a step daddy who trained his girls

Her friends cum over Kenzie to watch her jerk daddy off, that’s my girl, recruit your girlfriends to share that nice big thick daddy stick! 

“My big daddis dick is going to blow for us!!!”

“Watch as he blows all over my face”

“OMG Is he is going to cum now?” 

Why yes, Yes, Step-daddy Johnny is going to keep blowing for his sexy step brats and friends!

How this Milf whore loves some dirty p-man Daddy phone sex! Shhh, I’ll keep your secrets forever!