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My boy’s best friend came over looking for him one night! But he is out of town with his father. I went ahead and invited him in noticing just how grown up he had become. As it always happens my boy’s friend often stares at my massive tits. Blush so bright red it’s kind of cute. When I have the chance I want to seduce them. Those faces want a ride into my bra to play with these giant tits. If they suck my clit and lick my nipples just right they might get a nice little surprise. I love having new fuck toys over (boy toys that is). I just led him right by the hand upstairs to my room after he confessed his crush. We began fucking so hard and nasty that my moans were shaking the walls.
I just happened to wake my daughter who was sleeping. She was curious and frightened that I was being hurt by this young hard dick. I don’t know where to make sure that she knew I was okay. I showed her his dick and my pussy and how good it made me feel. I even took her little hand and guided his cock right in my pussy. my son’s best friend was a little uncomfortable and not just a little freaked out. I told him it was for the best. She has to learn. I was saying I noticed him staring at her sweet young body. I did about any good p whore would do. I undressed her and tempted her with her sweet tight soft body. That’s right this boy becoming a man fucked my little girl. It isn’t that what you need a milf to give you that little girl phone sex your cock so desires?

Big tits and asses on Mommies

big tits and asses

Big tits and asses on mommies like me are what you’re searching for. Look no more, for you have found your mommy whore! Come be my son who needs all the cock attention he can get. 


My round ass and big milk filled tits are what you jack off to every night. I know what you need. My mouth wrapped around your dick as my tits bounce with the face fucking you are giving me. I love boy cock. I am a bit of a P-mom who thinks that all little ones should grow up with sexual education from their mommy. I know you best and want to make sure you cum for me your very first ejaculation. From there it’s all about you using my big ass as I ride you as that cock grows bigger inside of me every year. 

Whether its mutual masturbation or you taking all your aggressions out on this milf cunt, nothing is too much for mommy Elizabeth! 

You need a good incest fuck with me and your little sisters and brother. Let’s have a family orgy! You are my only concern, my son. What gets your cock off is what makes mommy happy! 

Hot phonesex Milf who needs her own sons cock! 

hot phonesex

Coke Whore P-mommy Breeding

Milf Phone sex

I am a freaky P-mommy. Yes I rent my brats out for dope money! I am a sick and twisted evil mommy sometimes. My son and youngest daughters have been used as pretty little pocket pussies and I enjoy every fucking minute of it. I have nothing left to give but my whoredom. I see my pussy and these little bitches should have to pay up too. I don’t care if they are screaming and moaning or begging mommy to stop. I indulge in a lot of nasty mommy role plays and I get off on using my tranny son and my little slut in training. Brats are only as good as they put out. I am a breeding whore, a P-mom who needs to be impregnated so you can have a brat right out of the oven. If the dope is good enough it won’t have an IQ worth shit and you can destroy her right then and there! The more i get fucked and fucked up and the more cum going in my young sluts fuck holes the better my pussy feels. I have no limits on the fucking raunchy play we can do, Trust me I get off on every fucking second. I wasn’t meant to be a house wife, i am meant to be a street whore with Brats to sell! Hurt me and make me you P-mommy slave giving up her young ones , I fucking deserve it! 

Giantess Milf Phonesex Pleasures


Phonesex Giantess mommy has been getting bored lately. This Milf is a sexy giantess, and I will offer tiny men (dick and all) an entirely new life through me!

Macrophilia (I.e. Giantess) is something that men like these only come have a taste of in their most wild and naughty nightmares and fantasies. Yes, today they are getting snatched right up out of their life, quite literally, as I pinch the seat of their tiny little trousers and shove them between my immense mommy tits! Only for safe keeping while I resume hunting for more tiny men toys! I hear him in my tight cleavage, struggling for air and wriggling around.

Then I take a peek down my shirt. He’s desperately working his way down my thighs, while hot drops of cum seep on my skin through his pants. I might have lost my first victim up in my womb, to be reborn again later! 

To the city! I will destroy all in my seeking for itty bitty men! My cunt dripped huge splatters and drowned some in the wake of a pussy tidal wave! The micro dicks start throbbing when they see my huge, tight pussy over them.

I will see just how tiny these dicks are by picking them up and pressing them up against my sweet pussy, rubbing them around my clit and pussy lips so that my new tiny man will be pruned up all over his body by my cunt!  Only when he is nice and lubed up will I start to insert him up inside of my tight wet pussy. Being able to feel them wiggle bodies and their little dick grinding against my walls is my favorite part. My Giantess orgy fantasies have only just begun as I destroy the city in search of every little man I can find! Are you ready to be shoved up inside me or smashed with Giant breast? 

Orgy fantasies

Hot phonesex P-mommy Pays the rent!

hot phonesex

As your hot phonesex mommy I have a duty to let you in my naughty world. A place in paradise for men who need tight mommy ass and sweet playthings, AKA fuck meat to use as your cock so desires!  I have a huge coke and cock addiction. This p-mommy is the rent prostitute. My own landlord will accept my slutkins holes as payment. I make sure every cavity gets used! Our P-mommy and p-daddy secrets make sure we don’t get evicted. He has a wicked pissing fetish and I am so fucking filthy that it turns me on! A little nose candy will make me a slut for toilet sex any day of the week. Plus I really love soaking wet panties on my brats after they piss a river and I am made to drink it up like a good kinky phone sex mommy! Hell, he loves when we all get in a line and pee in his mouth, the nasty bastard! We piss all over his cock because he loves how hot and wet it feels as he jacks off for us! He can drink our pee and devour our asses if it means another rent free month! Oh, and this whore does get his piss right back as he wets me down in his golden showers before he deposits a finally load in the rent whore mommy cunt and/or ass!

Xmas Kinky Phone sex Milf Slave

Kinky phone sex

As a p-mommy and most importantly a subslut I never have the day off! That’s why this kinky phone sex mommy will be making the rounds this Christmas eve and Christmas to serve all your dirty daddy, bad boy son and extra kinky cocks! Now as a mom who loves her party favors, coke, cock and cum, I will be taking new years eve off to get my holes blasted ad maybe some really dirty mommy incest too! My favorite Holiday revolves around getting fucked up and cum filled. Plus one of our real life sugar P-men has offered me a wad of cash for his female friend and him to use us that night. In the spirit of the season, I know closet p-women also need to use my sweet little tykes and my son is ready to be used by another woman! This dirty mom can’t fucking wait! I am using my new Play toy fucking my cunt as I write this because I’m so horny for this randevu! I know of her, someone who has pent up frustrations and needs sweet dirty mommy whore release! I am just ready to be fucked hard, fucked up and used! 

Happy Hoe-a-days from your nasty, 

Milf phone sex Elizabeth!

milf phone sex

Submissive Phone Sex Milf Presents

Submissive phone sex

Your mommy of submissive phone sex wants to offer you presents hanging for ropes and all crossed crossed like a candy cane. Whip me and make this subby whore mommy yours! 

It started so innocent, I wanted to make gingerbread cookies for my brats. Even a fucked up mommy like me needs to feel like she is Suzie homemaker sometimes. I could not resist the tinder message of a man who said he wanted to fuck my brains out though. I explained it was mommy and her brats night. He seemed really interested in having a good time with us and maybe i had a little too much wine but I invited him over and told my brats we had company coming! 

More wine, more cookies in the oven, the house was a mess and My offspring were wired on sugar. A knock on the door as a man who dressed in all red with a knap sack of goodies with him. This must be my date “Nick” from tinder. Surveilling my home scene he was a bit gruff. Throwing his knapsack down and lifting me up and yelling for my girl and boy to follow me! 

He said I needed a lesson since i was a bad mommy and as he slammed me down into the bed he dared me to move. My pussy was soaking and I reached for his cock. Not until you open your presents Elizabeth. He threw the sack over and it was full of bondage gear! Ordering my munchkins to undress me and making me undress them we sat in the middle of my bed shivering. Nicks big cock came out and he made my daughter stroke him as he expertly stang mommy from my bondage hooks in the ceiling. He said I would be his ornament as he took out his cane pole and whipped me while he made my munchkins suck him off twice! The night would last forever and holes would be filled with cream and left raw. But all in all the Cookies we made for Ol’ Dirty Saint Nick were a hit after he had left us all with his good Cheer, um i mean cum! Happy Holidays My perverts! 

Love dirty Milf phone sex Elizabeth! 


Cheap Phone Sex P-mommy breeding

cheap phone sex


Is breeding a cheap phone sex mommy on your mind? I have the big tits and big hips to carry another offspring. I need your semen coating my insides all over! Fertilizing me as you ream my mommy cunt. Seed me and I will produce the brats you love so much. Well, you cock loves. DO I blame you. No, not one bit. Because in one of my drug induced binges I was really horny and I picked my son up and went to change him and saw his erect llttle penis and had an Idea.

I spread my legs and pulled my panties to the side and rubbed that tiny Weiner all over my clit. I got off so hard just by how taboo it was, and feeling my son’s little penis against where he had been born from. Now That my little ones are a little older I long to be pregnant again.

To have you cum give me another sweet one to use as a sexual perversion. I know what you are thinking, but My babes are made for the trailer park whore lifestyle. I wish to serve you filthy perverted cock. My girl is a sweet one but I am sure we can do some incest breeding with her and my boy! (you can be my boy)


Submissive phone sex mommy Gift for you

submissive phone sexMeet your submissive phone sex mommy. I just want to give you all of me. Every pore I have. You are all that matters in my world. My Midgets are second to you and your cock. Some say I am dead inside because of all the abuse I give my chittlins. I am alive inside, what please me is to be submissive to a Master who wants to use me and is attracted to my bebes. I know you look at her and get hard. It feels right to love on her small body and take his cock. I should have fucked all the men in my family and attached them to me. I wont make that mistake again. If you come into my life be prepared to let me give you my most precocious possessions. Duct tape and forced orgasms while you are manhandling them. They are not scared because mommy has taught them well! I am the submissive Mommy whore who gives you the never ending gift of her womb. We can enjoy my gifts together, or you can make me watch and beg you to let me free. My boy loves his mommys pussy and my daughter enjoys serving both of us. I want to give you all of me it is up to you to make me! 

Hot Phonesex Tranny and Mommy! Boy asses and Boy cocks!

hot phonesexMy little tranny son needs some hot phonesex Sissy training! Do you think you could help with his little boy pussy? I know Lady boy Raina can! She is the fucking hottest chick with a dick to make my son a little tranny slut sandwich! Can you imagine a hot mommy making sure her boy turns into the biggest Shemale whore around.
Well My sexy seductress of men Raina Is helping me turn him out for you. Many men want to fuck my daughters but my lady boy in training is got the smoothest back side and tightest little boy pussy around. Sissy Phone Sex
Raina comes over to fuck him in his hot little hole and make my son suck her off about once a week. She says it’s her debt to her own mom for making her a nasty whore she is today! Just look at that dick and cock sucking skills on this hot Tranny Bitch! I know your mouth is watering and your dick is leaking for this hot bitch! My son’s tight backside and his bald dick appeal to you for so many reasons. You want to suck him and fuck him don’t you. Well, Raina wants too suck and fuck you just like she does my boy. We can make a sandwich out of you with my sons ass and Raina’s Big cock. whether you a P-daddy who needs help fucking a sweet boy or a sissy phone sex lover, we can milk your cock and prostate together!phone sex whore

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