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caught in mommies panties

sissy phone sex“You are caught in mommies panties and bra again aren’t you! Filthy and naughty brat you are! Come and let mommy spank that bum and don’t you dare get that pee-pee hard you hear me! Don’t touch it!”
‘Whack, whack goes mommy Elizabeth’s hands as she spanks that soft young bum! I feel a pee pee getting hard on my inner thigh, so I raise a leg up and put it on your back. But that makes it worse, you can smell my wetness, momies musky scent! You start humping as I’m spanking your little motherfucking ass!
‘Your fucking nasty do you really want to fuck your own mommy!”
I also found your spank bank of milf porn in your room. “But why are you wearing my panties if you want to fuck me?” I question. Maybe panties should be replaced with a diaper for your little sissy slut ass! 
I already know my son is a fucking dirty sissy who needs punishment, I understand I really do! This dirty Milf is going to make you fluff my boyfriends big black cock!  And then, and only then, will think about letting you fuck me!

Elizabeth’s Little girl phone sex

little girl phone sex Want to talk about nasty little girl phone sex with me? I have a caller who we will call Kent! He is an extreme p daddy for little boys and girls! He demands all of his slut victims to be popped twice before he gets his nut off. He is a very bad man and I can’t help but be attracted to his mean daddy fuckmeat!
WHat can I say Im a nasty bitch with some deep dark desires of incest brat fucking! My own little whores are nothing but purchase power in my eyes. Not that I don’t masturbate while he is defiling my littles in the most horrific of ways! He wants me to tell everyone what a nasty and perverted whore I really am! (as if y’all didn’t already know that! I know his taboo secrets too like driving around and exposing himself to little black girls and cumming all over them when they are out in public alone. He even wipes his cum on sweet girls in car seats while mommy is pumping gas and leaves the windows down for a moment! I might know his secrets, and he knows mine. But we are filthy people who understand each other here at phone perverts paradise!

Daddy Needs Easter eggs!

kinky phone sex It’s Easter morning and your little girl is being sent into your room naked. Mommy told her that Daddy has a special easter surprise under his covers for her. But she has to go in naked! I give her an empty basket and promise her that you have the biggest easter eggs of all time. SHe might have to work for some of the Easter bunnies cream, but I’m sure daddy will help her figure out that part! You wake sleepy as your daughter is naked beside you feeling under the blankets! When her hand wraps around your cock and your eyes adjust you know this mommy sent in her slutkin to make Daddys easter the best one ever! I walk in naked behind her and tell her it’s okay, it’s time she learned that the easter bunny is daddy, and daddy wants her sweet little fertile easter eggs! There is only one way to get them! Daddy has to put his big carrot in her tight bald pussy!

Milf masturbations

milf phone sex This milf phone sex blog goes out to David and all the men who have Milf fantasies to the extremes! David is a naughty boy who sends me a wank shrine of his own mother. Now as much as I would love to post his jizz covering laminate pictures of his mommy, I just can’t! Instead I drag out my wand and think about how close he has been to fucking his whore of a mother several times. This milf masturbates thinking how some of my men want to have rough sex with mommies who have teased them most of their lives. Legs spread I think of my son and how i wish he would take control of me and fuck my brains out. How I wish I had a son with a big dick who knew how much this mommies pussy ached for his massive meat! What I got instead was a sissy slut femboy who will have to make his living as a shemale hooker. But mommy does love fucking and sucking him, even so! Cum masturbate with this whore mommy! Mutual masturbation while you live out your mommy desires!

Stripper mommy and brats!

phone sex milf

I had a very interesting night. Even though I am a phone sex milf I still enjoy being an on call stripper for hire. I thought this retirement party was going to only need one stripper but when they called me and asked if i had a younger friend I was at a loss. These men sounded drunk already and I only had my son and daughter available at the time. WHen i asked how young, he stopped and slurred out the words…”we hear you have a certain reputation… ”

And boy did I understand that! A man who has busted his ass at the same company for many years deserves a little youngone pleasure! I dress my ladyboy son and tiny teen daughter up just mommy as belly dancer strippers! Boy did we have fun with all those hard working cocks. There was dope, lots of drinking an plenty of P-man fucking. I know they will remember it even through that hangover. but they can always tell themselves it was just a dream fo big tits and asses! We all know they got some little pussy and boy ass wink, wink! You know this sluuty P-mom will never ever tell those dirty man secrets!!

Dominate Your mommy

submissive phone sexMommas should be submissive to their own sons, submitting to that cock with passion. We know my youngest is a little femboy tranny in training and he brings much joy to mommy when he is seving cock like me! But my oldest son, well let’s say he has a lot of pent up anger towards mommy. Ill happily be his subby Milf to take his sexual aggression’s!  And when he told me he wanted to try bondage with one of his bitches, well guess who volunteered to be his practice slut? That’s right momma Elizabeth did! A son needs his momma to practice on, plus I love bowing down to that dick and gobbling his fuck rod in a nice juice blowjob. Being tied up and humiliated for him is just a bonus. You know the things I’ll do for my own pleasure with my offspring. There’s no place like mommy’s pussy to call home. Are you a motherfucking pervert who needs to take over your mommies body for a while. Dominate me just as you would your own mother!

Subby Momma and BBC

submissive phone sexHe was an extreme P-daddy. He wanted my brats at all times, and all stages of their lives. I hated him so much. But he always took what he wanted and never backed down. His dope was good, and his cock even better. But the things he did to my sissy son and little girl were horrible and he would have to restrain me as I screamed and cried for my brats! I wanted his cock, he was too violent with my sweet hearts. I would move so he couldn’t find me. But soon I would break my no contact and go back for his massive Black cock and good crack. And every time he would get really high and go after my sweets! I ended up gagged and beaten and tied so painfully tight that I thought I would die every time. He would leave me like that my brats holes were gaped and sore and even bleeding. My own slutkins would have to let me free! Yes, My pussy would be dripping with his BBC cum and my babes would clean me up. Of course I lick and suck them clean too. I am a momma after all!


Mandingo… Nobody does it like you do! 

MILF big tits and asses

big tits and assesAre you a MILF hunter who needs big tits and asses? My best friend once told me that her son was obsessed with big tits and big booties. I laughed and told her probably because he has a mommy fetish. She spit her beer out all over and asked me to repeat myself. I told her it was normal and natural and that I had my little sissy boy trained up right, Not only does he like milfs he adores a nice cock too! SLiding closer to me she asked if her son wanted to fuck her. ANd how she could go about not just fucking her son, but making him suck a grown mans dick for her. I laughed and asked just what the fuck she was fantasizing about.

She said she had walked in on her oldest son getting ablowhjob from his much younger brother. While that was hot, she wanted to see if her little by would suck a dick and have her older son fuck her right there. Someone has been having orgy fantasies about her sons. What a incest whore! I love it, and want to make it happen for her!

Diaper phone sex Auntie

diaper phone sexMy nephew and I have an awkward relationship and he still wears Pampers! If your into diaper phone sex I can tell you this dirty mom is experienced in both sides of thai fetish as you soon will see.
I wasn’t in his life for his first few years and when I finally came around he was older than a boy should be and still in diapers. Oh, he tried to hide it and I could tell he needed a diaper change when he came over to spend the night with me. My sister acted like she didn’t know he was in a diaper. Weird she must be too busy to notice her own boy putting on a pamper and pissing in it all day. I watched him stand at the corner of my porch and try to hide in the bushes as his face got bright red. I have brats of my own and I know that face! He was shitting in his pants. This sexy kinky phone sex scene gets nasty as I take care of an older boy in Pampers. It was good thing he was wearing a disposable diaper, I laughed and got his stiff from my sister who took off lighting fast! And then, soon as we were in the house I went through my nephew’s bag. Sure enough two new diapers were in there and I knew he needed a change. Having my own littles, I had plenty more and some good smelling wipes and baby powder to last us all weekend. I had to wrestle him to the ground and force him to wipe his dirty stinky doo-doo off his ass and balls. I had a surprise for him though! I put on some of my adult diapers and we masterbated in our piss and shit the whole weekend! I know a few boys who love diaper and ABDL Milf phone sex just like my nephew!

Mommy Issues

phone sex milf

This phone sex Milf knows that many men have major mommy issues. Now this isn’t a bad thing for me at all. In fact I know where your mommy issues stem from. A mother who was attracted to you and did slightly naughty things around you. Like put her leg up on the side of the tub to shave her hairy bush ( “1960’s Baby let that bush grow!”)  right above her young son’s head. Did I mention he was in the bath naked at the time?? A little boy bathing and every detail of his mothers pussy is imprinted in his mind forever. To the point he is fucking his mother and his mother is sucking his cock, and now every women he fucks he thinks of his own mother, His women have been older, his lust has condemned him. And it’s all Her fault! That’s right his mommy did this to him. She wanted to fuck her son as a little boy, a sweet little man going through his change of life boy, and a teen boy. I bet good money she still wants to fuck him. 


Men with mommy issues come to me for how to phone sex. How do I get mommy to fuck me. How do I stop seeing my mother in every women I fuck? Sometimes me being a stand in mommy slut will do the trick once and awhile. Even adding some Insight into your mommy desires can help too. I am a MILF, a Mom and A woman above all. I can dissect these encounters and tell you if if mommy wanted to fuck you and how you could have forced the situation to your advantage. I often think of the Mother of one of my favorite callers. I wonder why she denied her son her pussy for twenty odd years!  All the almost fucked my son times, all the catching my youngone jacking off and stopping her self  from helping her boy!   How hot it is that!  My pussy tells me that mommy wants to fuck her son still today!  And I think she might be willing to say fuck it now to her resistance of fucking her son since she is older and wiser!  

Love always, 

ELizabeth, Your Milf phone sex whore with zero limits!