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phone sexWhen I started this job, I was not sure enough men would want to have phone sex with a woman in her 50s who had a hairy pussy still. I was surprised when my first week I was busy and almost two years later, I am still busy. I think the reason is that men 35 and older had mothers that looked like me between the legs when they were young. Mommy is often the first woman a boy sees naked. A glance in the shower or an accidental walk-in while changing. Maybe the lad even spied on mommy and daddy fucking. Porn stars of the 70s and 80s all had bushes too. So did the women in daddy’s hidden stash of dirty magazines. Somewhere in the 90s, women started shaving their cunts. I was in my late 20s when the 90s decade arrived. I was already married and banging my two stepsons. They loved my hairy beaver, so even though bald was the trend, I stayed with the bush. I trim, but my hairy snatch sets me apart from most milf phone sex sluts. Most mature women cave to the pressure to be bald, but not me. I have never been a follower. That is a good thing for the men in my family too because if I had been a follower, I never would have fucked my sons or my stepsons. I might not have been a slut wife or a cougar whore either. I love my hairy pussy. Do you?

Hot Phonesex MILF

hot phonesexI love hot phonesex especially after a hot work out. I have started doing hot yoga. There is a studio around the corner from where I live. The bonus is the instructor is super hot. A young buff stud who appears hung. We are in a 100-degree room, so he wears a Speedo. You can tell a guy’s religion in those things. I decided to pay for a solo session, which has been a pandemic option.  I wore little booty shorts and a sports bra. I have a good body for a woman in her 50s. I was enjoying stretching with him. He has been working on my flexibility. This morning I finally got flat on the ground leaning forward. My big boobs flattened on the floor in front of me. My head was between his legs and I could see his cock twitching. I was hoping he was straight or at least bisexual. I stretched my torso just enough to press my lips against the snake that was growing in Speedo. He thrust his crotch in my face, and I acted like a crazed horny animal in heat. I ripped his speedo off and devoured his cock. I sucked every inch in my mouth, even though I was struggling to breathe. Sometimes it is worth it to suffocate on a big cock. We were still in a hot room on a big sticky yoga mat. We got into some strange positions, so it was a workout. Good thing he worked on my flexibility. His cock was bigger than I had anticipated, and the warmth of the room added to the experience. We had a hot fuck in a few different ways. He filled me with cum and I went home to have the hottest phone sex with lots of men. I love playing with my cum filled pussy on calls. Great start to my day.

Hottest Phone Sex with a Slut Wife

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is something I am good at. I think most mature women are good at it too. I am not knocking young girls. They are shiny and new, tight and perky. But they just do not have the experience and knowledge that mature sexy women do. I have been fucking longer than many young girls have been alive. I am knowledgeable on all sorts of fetishes. Personally, one of my favorites is cuckolding. I have never been faithful to my husband. Now, he has always known I was a sex addict. He is older than me and his libido, even in his prime, just could not keep up with mine. My sex drive has been in overdrive since the get go. I have blatantly cheated on him with his sons from his first marriage and I have been more covert about it like letting him eat my sloppy seconds without telling him what was really in my pussy. My husband is a wonderful man. I love him. He is a good husband and father. And he is a good sport. Few men’s egos could handle the kind of fucking I do daily. He likes to watch. The pandemic made us closer. He was working from home and I was fucking from home. So, I had to prepare my Tinder hook ups that my husband was in the house and sometimes he likes to watch. Most men did not care because they were still getting free pussy. I am a phone sex whore, but I am not a real whore. I do not need the money. I do, however, need the cock. The young, hard cock that can fuck me like a jack hammer. Most men just nail me and leave. Which is fine by me. That gives my husband time to clean my pussy up before the next lover arrives.

I was Born for Phone Sex

phone sex Phone sex is the perfect job for me. I have always been a horny slut. I was masturbating long before most girls. I remember being a schoolgirl and experimenting with masturbation. I might not even have known the word masturbation yet. I had this life size Pink Panther that my father won for me at a fair. I got on top of it and humped it. Not sure how I knew to rub my pussy against it. It was instinct for me. I had an orgasm but did not know what at happened. I think I thought I peed myself. I kept rubbing my pussy against all sorts of items like a cat in heat. I used shoes, stuffed animals, and the shower massage. Any chance I had, I was playing with my pussy. I did not know most of the names for sexual parts and acts that I now know either. When I hit my teen years, I seduced my father. It was not easy, but I did. And once my father caved to my sexual charms, I had him wrapped around my little finger. My mom found out and took forced me into therapy, but her pride would not let her tell the psychologist that I was fucking my father. She just said I was a chronic masturbator. My mom was certain I was a deviant. The head shrink labeled me as a nymphomaniac, but said it was hormonal and I would grow out of it. I never grew out of it. I am still a horny woman who fucks who ever she can. High school teachers, college professors, friends’ husbands, stepsons, sons and boyfriends and friends of my daughter were not off limits to this horny seductress. I am married, but I am still a cat in heat fucking every stray male I meet. Being a phone sex milf for horny boys is the perfect job because I can play with myself at work. And I am always masturbating.

Being a Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. It is liberating. When you are a whore, you have more fun.  So many women are sexually repressed. I mean they do not know how to cum. I have this milf friend who confided in me that she has never had an orgasm from sex. She is married to an attractive man too. He is rich and educated. She is a trophy wife, but with a hot husband. I had to ask about their sex life. I quickly ascertained that the issue was him. Handsome and rich yes, but apparently hung like a hamster. And when you have a tiny dick, you should overcompensate with things like finger fucking and cunt licking. He does neither. Sadly, he blames my friend for being frigid when he cannot or will not put the effort in to make her cum. I got her drunk and got her laid. That is what friends are for, right? I know she signed a prenuptial agreement, but discreet phone sex is my thing. I arranged for the entire rendezvous in my house. Her husband was out of town on business, and I invited her over to spend the night. I told her wine and movies. I also had my oldest son home with me, and he has a thing for milfs. He has a big dick and because he lost his virginity to his mother, he knows things. Clearly, he knows more things than my friend’s husband. Enough wine in any woman and you can convince her to try anything. It took 4 glasses of Chardonnay before my son was making her scream and squirt. Hot damn, she looked amazing convulsing on his dick. Her first orgasm from a cock. And even though my boy could make her cum with his dick, he still ate her pussy. That is because I raised him right. My friend is not frigid. Her husband is inadequate.

MILF Phone Sex Fun

milf phone sexA milf phone sex slut will never want for cock. Yesterday was the first day of Spring and Central Park was bustling with hot and horny boys. I put on some Daisy Duke shorts and a form fitting top and went to see what kind of trouble I could find. I saw three black boys skateboarding. They had their shirts off and boy, did they look fine. Teenagers, but that has never stopped me. I like them young. I am like Matthew McConaughey’s character in Dazed and Confused. The thing about high school boys is that I get older, and they stay the same. I sat on a bench in front of them enjoying the eye candy. I hoped I would get their attention and I did. They started showing off for me doing tricks on their skateboards. I asked them if they wanted to come back to my place for a meal. They looked like they had a huge appetite. I was hoping I could just feed them my pussy. When we got back to my town home, they wanted food. They wanted pussy too, but food first. I made them some mac and cheese, then I made them hungry again. I love cuckolding my husband with black boys. They were a fraction of my husband’s age, but bigger with better stamina. He was home. I knew he was which is why I brought the black boys back with me. I wanted them to fuck me in front of my husband. Remind him what a man is supposed to do for his wife. Do not feel sorry for him. He likes to watch. It is his fetish phone sex thing. He loves me to cuckold him, especially with black teenagers. Those lads pumped me full of cum and forced him to clean up my creampie.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Phone Sex Addiction for Masturbation and Cum Eating

phone sex addictionI want to be your phone sex addiction. I am in my 50s now, but I have decades of fucking and kinky experiences under my belt. I know a little bit about every fetish there is. I really enjoy jerk off instructions as well as cum eating encouragement. Something about a man cleaning up the mess he made turns me on. I eat my cum all the time. I lick every dildo clean, even when it has been in my asshole. My youngest son loves to eat his own cum. I trained him well. When he was a young teen boy just discovering that his cock was his best friend, I helped him learn how to masturbate. I love guided masturbation. I would play with my pussy while he stroked his cock, and we would cum together. He shot big loads then and he shoots big loads now. Last night, this phone sex milf and mommy edged him for hours. We played Red Light, Green Light. I masturbated with him. I played with his ass too. The poor boy had blue balls by the time I let him cum. What a mess he made too. I swear, some of his cum hit the ceiling. Just like he did when he was a young teen boy, he licked up every drop of his seed, even the cum that fell on the floor. Then he crawled over to his horny mommy and ate my pussy. He licked the alphabet on my clit and penetrated my cunt with a few digits. He knows how to make his mommy’s pussy squirt. His long lean fingers hooked inside my hairy pussy with his tongue on my clit and I am spraying him and the furniture. He ate his cum and mommy’s cum like a good boy. Do you need some mutual masturbation fun with mommy too?

Anal Fetish Phone Sex

fetish phone sexDo you like anal fetish phone sex calls? I am very anal. I trained my sons and my daughter how to rim my ass when they were young. My husband never liked ass play, but I did. When I was a teen, I seduced my father. He was afraid of knocking me up, so he fucked my ass instead. I loved it. In college, I was the only girl I knew letting frat boys and professors bang her ass. Flash forward 20 years, and I was still an anal whore. Since my husband never wanted to rim my asshole, I trained my sons and my daughters to be my ass salves. They have great anal skills now thanks to me. I was feeling kinky last night. Only my daughter and husband were home. My husband cannot do anything for me, and he will avoid my ass like the plague. My daughter, however, will do whatever I want. I texted her to come in my room. When she arrived, I was naked on the floor in the downward dog position. My ass was up in the air and she knew what to do. She crawled over to me and buried her face in my heart shaped ass. She tossed mommy’s salad just the way I like it too. With a tongue in my ass and a few fingers in my cunt, my daughter made me squirt all over her face. I loved every minute of it too. No one eats my ass better than my daughter. After she drained my juices, I rimmed her ass. I even fucked her ass with a strapon and made her cum so hard. I think being anal phone sex whores is in our DNA. She loves her ass played with as much as her mommy does. Mommy and daughter ass slaves. Maybe that will be what I name our next homemade porn.

Hottest Phone Sex is Fetish Sex

hottest phone sex

I consider a lot of things I discuss as the hottest phone sex. I am a fetish woman. When I was a wee girl just discovering my sexuality, I masturbated with shoes. My mother was a trophy wife and she had so many designer shoes in the 80s during my formative years. I loved the smell of the leather soles. I enjoyed the feel of the leather on my bald pussy. I would grind my pussy on the leather. Eventually, I graduated to penetrating my cunt with the heel. I was home alone after school most days and that was my play time. Daddy was always at work. And my mother was always out spending daddy’s money. That left me home alone for a few hours each day. I played dress up with my mother’s sexy things. That led to masturbating with her shoes and wearing her lingerie. I was wearing her sexy black garter belt and stockings and a pair of her black pumps when I seduced my father for the first time. I was curvy as a young teen girl. Only difference now is my pussy is no longer bald. I now have more than a fetish phone sex fondness for shoes and hosiery. My daughter caught me masturbating with a pair of my new heels. There are no secrets between my daughter and I. She just had never seen me like that before. I was completely lost in lust with a shoe.  She grabbed the other shoe and followed my lead. Mother and daughter, side by side, masturbating with designer leather heels. It was incredibly hot. We came together, then seductively fed each other the cum soaked heel to lick clean. I love that I can share my fetishes with my daughter. I want to share them with you too.

I am Grateful for Phone Sex

phone sexI want to let you all know how much I have appreciated phone sex with you this past year. I love to fuck a hard, working dick but I will masturbate when I need too. I needed too a lot this past year because of the pandemic. My husband is a lot older than me and I could not risk giving him the virus. I am a promiscuous wife. It is sort of funny that STDs never really stopped me from fucking around. Neither did pregnancy. But a respiratory infection made me stop hooking up with random strangers. I had two sons, a daughter, two stepsons and a neighbor boy to keep me company. It was not like I was having zero fun this past year. My husband got his second vaccination this week and that was my green light to fuck like the whore I am. I have not yet been vaccinated but my husband is protected and hell, I can fuck with a mask on, right? And my lover can wear a mask while I blow him, LOL.

phone sex milf I went to the park to see what kind of trouble I could get into. It is still hard to get laid. I get it. Guys fear strangers. I do too, but my main concern was my husband. Now that I no longer need to worry about him, I can take care of my sexual needs like I used to do. I found two young college age studs skateboarding in the park. They were hunky looking, so I sat on a bench and watched them. They showed off for me, and eventually mustered the courage to talk to me. I laid it all on the line. I said I lived across the street in a brownstone. I was married but a horny slut wife. I told them my husband knows what I do and sometimes likes to watch. They were down to fuck a phone sex milf and followed me home. My husband was home, so he got to watch two college guys double penetrate his slut wife. He loved it too. I am back in the game, boys. My sons are worried I will fuck them less now, but the more I fuck, the more I need to fuck. I will be fucking everyone more now that I can.

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