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What is Your Fetish Phone Sex Desire?

fetish phone sexWhat is your fetish phone sex thing? I always meet men with fetishes and kinks. I think men who like outside the box things, love mature woman because we are more accepting of those kinks and fetishes. A couple days ago, my family went to a concert. Our first since Covid. I picked up a young man with a fetish for sloppy wet hairy pussy. He had no clue I had a hairy beaver. He just hoped I did. Now, where he was wrong was assuming my husband and I still fuck like a normal couple. My husband is too old to get his dick hard at the drop of a hat like a 20 something man. Now, my sons were with us. My young admirer did not know I was a dirty mommy, but my sons will fuck me in front of anyone. My husband will watch me fuck anyone. We brought the young man home with us for some hot phonesex memories. I mean if he wanted to eat a creampie out of my hairy beaver, who was I to stop him? I love having my pussy eaten. The young guy was acting like he had won the lottery. He did. He won the milf lottery. My two boys and my two stepsons fucked me. He would watch and masturbate, waiting eagerly for a huge creampie. None of my boys will eat my cream pie. My husband and my daughter will, however. And so will this young boy I picked up. Man. He was like 20. Still seems like a boy to me. He could not believe his luck. His fetish fantasy was cumming true. Now my daughter was jealous. She is my creampie slut. But this phone sex milf loves anyone between her legs eating the cream from her hairy snatch. Would you eat my hairy cum filled cunt too?

The Hottest Phone Sex Call

hottest phone sexI had the hottest phone sex call last night. I got to speak to a couple. The man wants to be a cuckold. His wife, however, did not want to stray from their marriage. She is a kinky woman, so she was willing to talk to me. My caller has a small dick. His wife never cums unless he is stimulating her clit. That is true for so many couples. It takes a big cock to give us those earth shattering G-spot cums. And every woman should experience that. One of the reasons I have so many lovers is because I love to cum. I spoke with the couple for over an hour. We even watched some interracial cuckold porn for masturbation. All three of us got off. His wife was amazed by the size of some of those black cocks. I was too. I have fucked plenty of black men and I shared that with my caller and his wife. I also shared how I cuckold my husband. He does not have a small dick; he just has an old dick. It does not work like it used too. So, I supplement with other cocks. My libido is too high for one man to keep up. I was hoping to awaken something in her like her inner whore. All women have an inner whore. It was hot to do a couple’s call. I rarely get them.  By the end of the call, I had the wife thinking. I mean it is not cheating if it is agreed upon. My husband and I have no secrets. That is the way to cuckold a man. Let him know about all your lovers in graphic detail too. Even let him watch and learn. Her husband was all on board. This phone sex whore did her job. Now my caller’s wife just needs to start spreading her legs for those hung studs. Maybe I can talk your wife into cuckolding you too?

Phone Sex Addiction for Mommy

phone sex addictionAre mom fantasies your phone sex addiction? I love working on Mother’s Day so I can talk to horny boys. All my sons are visiting for the weekend. My daughter too. She has one more week of college then she will be home for the summer. My two sons and two stepsons arrived on Friday. They wanted to celebrate the woman who gave them life. I never mind having all four boys and my daughter in the house at the same time. We went out to dinner Friday night, so I could work some today. But before I signed on just a bit ago, I was served breakfast in bed. I had no need for the French toast and fruit. I ate it, but what I wanted was cocks and pussy. My husband came into the room with his Go Pro. He was going to film us having group sex for breakfast. I love our home movies. I have quite a few over the years.  I am a natural on film. This morning began with my 4 boys and my daughter eating my hairy pussy. They love to make mommy feel good. They do it so well too. I love the feel of their tongues probing my pussy and ass. I must have cum a dozen times on their faces before we started fucking. My husband’s old dick was hard watching the love fest. My sons and daughters love worshiping the pussy they came from. I love it too. The orgy started after everyone of my offspring made me cum with their tongues first. Do you have family orgy fantasies? I think with Mother’s Day here, many of you are having family fun fantasies. My fantasies are experiences. I am grateful for holidays and special occasions that bring us together. They still love me. They still know how to take care of me.

I Have Orgy Fantasies

orgy fantasiesI have orgy fantasies. I think most women do. I am in my 50s. I was too young in the 70s to really understand the swinging era. But now that I know, I so want to bring back swinging. My husband is older. He remembers when swinging was popular. He was not as sexually adventurous as he is now. When we first got married, I made him a sex machine. He had a hard, working cock then. Now, he is almost 70, so he has some dick issues. He still loves to watch me in action. It has always sort of been his thing. When our sons were still living at home, he would watch me have group sex with the boys, sometimes their friends too. The only one at home now is my daughter, but she is in college.  My husband and I have gone outside the family to look for sexual entertainment.

Last night, I convinced him to go to this swingers’ party. I found out about this rich couple in Manhattan who like to swing. They are in their early 60s, but still fucking. How great is that? It is an elite club.  You sign an NDA. You must buy into the club, but you get your money back in a year if you have followed all the rules. I got us in. I passed all the screening, and we had our first encounter last night. It went well. My husband even banged a younger woman than me. He took a Viagra before we showed up, but there was a candy dish at the home with Viagra and Ecstasy. I fucked everyone there. I even ate some creampies I love to eat pussy too. My daughter can tell you what a great cunt licker I am.  The age range in couples ranged from folks in their 20s to couples in their 70s. We had kinky fun. I had a lot of dicks inside me. It gave me some hot phonesex stories to share.

My Phone Sex Hotline

phone sex hotlineMy phone number is a phone sex hotline for horny men in need of a slut wife. I am the wife most of you wish you had because I do things most wives do not even think about, like seducing young men. I am known for my hairy pussy. The other night though, I shaved it. I will let it grow back. I just wanted to trim the sails for bathing suit weather, but my daughter convinced me to do the full monty. She shaved my hairy cunt for me. It was pretty hot. I ended up rubbing my newly shaved cunt all over her shaved pussy. Later that same day, I was out in my back courtyard sunning my body. It was the first 80-degree day of the year, and I took advantage of it. The neighbor boy came home from school and started spying on me. I love to be watched. I took my bikini top down and played with my breasts. Then I showed off my newly tight shaved pussy. The boy has watched me masturbate for years. I could tell he liked my new look. I spread my legs wide and inserted a few fingers into my cunt. I love to masturbate for younger guys. It shows them how I like to be touched. I was super wet. I would plunge some fingers in my cunt then put those juicy fingers in my mouth. I was enjoying the show. I could only handle so much, so I signaled him over. He reminds me of my sons and stepsons when they were horny teen boys too. I fucked him in my bed. The bed I sleep with my husband. It is not cheating, not really because we have an open marriage. My husband loves to watch, so I turned on the nanny cam before the neighbor boy fucked my pussy and ass. Hot damn, he left a huge wet spot in the bed. I know. I am such a phone sex whore. If only your wife was a fraction as kinky as I am.

Phone Sex MILF and Her Daughter

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf was on a fucking rampage yesterday. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to go to the park and pick up as many men as I could. When you live across from the busiest park in the US, you can get a lot of action. One of the many benefits to being a woman is multiple orgasms. Women do not need down time. My coed daughter is home for a few days on a short recess from classes. She was down to see how many men we could bang together. I was in my early 40s when I had my baby girl. I could be her grandmother, but no one ever thinks that. Sometimes, they do not believe we are even mother and daughter despite the strong resemblance. We put on shorts and tight tops and went to Central Park to troll for cock. She likes older men and I like younger men. We know the park well. Different groups of people hang out in different parts of the city. I wanted to go to the skateboard park. That is where teen boys gravitate. My daughter wanted to go to Imagine gardens where you can always find men my age. I never made it to the skateboard park because we found a father and son who were perfect for us. Two tall hunks. One for me and one for her. They did not hesitate to come home with us. The boy was old enough to know how to fuck. He was likely no virgin though. They had never shared a mother and daughter together, however. I know that is just a fantasy for most men, but for those two, it was a dream cum true. Daddy loved my daughter’s tight holes. She is no virgin, but she is tiny. Looks younger than she is. We may have told those guys she was still in high school, because little girl phone sex fantasies are real and hot. Daddy banged my girl, and junior fucked the shit out of my ass. Like I mean that boy has a future in porn. When our lovers for the day left, my daughter and I did what we do best. We cleaned the cum from each other’s cunts.

Hottest Phone Sex Wife

hottest phone sexI like to think I give the hottest phone sex. I have been talking dirty since my college days. Not for money back then though. I had a few married older lovers when I was in college. My husband was one of them. I met him at a Bob Dylan concert when I was a 19-year-old coed. He was married. We had what I thought was a one-night stand. But he could not get enough of me. He would visit me at school and sometimes he would call my sorority house phone. This is back before cell phones. I would tell him how to stroke his cock for me. I loved talking dirty to older men. Now, I am talking dirty to younger men mostly. I eventually married my much older lover when he became a widower. That was almost 30 years ago. Our relationship is still strong. We had a date night last night. We went to see Pam Anderson play Roxie Hart in a Chicago revival on Broadway. She surprised me. My husband has had the hots for her since her Playboy days. She is still hot. Now, I know you might be thinking my husband got lucky when we got home. His dick is not like it once was. He is almost 70, but we have an open marriage. He likes to watch me. We went to this dive bar off Broadway after the show and he picked out a stud for his phone sex milf wife to fuck. The guy was in his twenties. He came home with us. My husband loves to watch me in action. I sucked the guy for as long as I could. My jaw started to ache after about 45 minutes because he was over a foot long. My husband always picks a winner. That young stud is younger than any of our sons. But his cock was stiff as a board. His dick was not the only one hard either. My husband got a chubbie watching his whore wife in action. He got some sloppy seconds after the young buck left. Great date night.

Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexI understand discreet phone sex. I can keep your secrets. Maybe your wife does not know your kinks and your fetishes. Maybe she does not know you cheat on her. Confess away. I have plenty of secrets of my own. When I got married, my husband knew I was a slut. He liked that about me and agreed to an open marriage. He just did not want me fucking his family or his coworkers. His sons became my stepsons. They went through their horny teen years with me in the same house. I could not ignore their hard cocks. For a couple years it was our dirty secret, but my husband found out. He was not mad like I thought he would be. He understood that I was just trying to help them be better focused for school by relieving their tension. Most of my secrets have come out, but I still have one he does not know about. My youngest son is not his. He will never know. He does not even suspect. I suspected when my boy came out a bit darker than expected. Now, I am Persian. I have a nice olive complexion. Most of my offspring look more like my husband in coloring, so when our youngest son was born, the joke was just that he looks more like me. The texture of his hair is different, so I had a DNA test done covertly and confirmed my suspicions. My husband is liberal thinking. He loves that his wife enjoys big black cocks. He even watches me. But the baby daddy was the teen son of one of his clients, an NBA superstar. I am never supposed to fuck any of his clients or their family because of the legal ramifications since he is their lawyer. I could not resist this young boy. He came on to me for the record. He had milf phone sex fever. I do not want a custody battle or any drama that might come from my dirty little secret since technically he the boy was jailbait when he knocked me up, so only you and I know. I promise you discretion. I told you my dirty little secret. Now, tell me yours.

What is Your Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy?

fetish phone sexWhat are your fetish phone sex needs? I have many. So does my husband. We are a kinky couple. Honestly, he is the perfect husband for a nasty freak like me. He is older than me, so his dick does not quite work like it once did, but he likes to watch. He kind of reminds me of a younger Hugh Hefner. Once about 20 years ago we went to the Playboy Mansion. Hugh was pretty old then. I think thanks to Viagra he could still get it hard enough to fuck his barely legal girlfriends. My husband and Hef talked about watching his girls with other men and how hot it was to simply watch. Since then, my husband has become quite the voyeur. Most of the men do not care if an old white man with a semi hard cock watches him fuck me. A few are like no way and leave. Fine by us because there are thousands of men in my city who would fuck this phone sex milf while her old husband watches. It has been my husband’s fetish for two decades now thanks to Hugh Hefner. Usually, he is a safe distance watching as not to infer with the action. Last night, however, I had two young ones over. A brother and sister. Jailbait siblings. How fucking hot is that? They were hanging out at the park when the rain hit, so I invited them inside my town home to stay dry and call one of their parents. As soon as I brought them home, my husband thought they were to play with. Once I finished the maternal mode, I went into predator mode and got them naked. I was sucking the boy’s cock and molesting the girl. I finger banged her pussy into a huge squirt while her brother came in my mouth. My horny husband was just about a foot away from the hot P action. I played with the siblings for an hour or so before their parents came to pick them up. It is our little secret. The dirtiest details of what I did to them are reserved for our hot phonesex call.

Horny Phone Sex MILF

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf woke up horny. I am used to that. I am in my 50s now and pretty much horny all the time. Nothing new, but the weather is finally nicer. That means plenty of folks in Central Park to entertain me. I needed entertained too. I had my pick of the litter. There were men and boys alike in the park. It is a huge park. I cannot canvas the entire park, but I know where to go for the young boys. There is a skateboard park that often has teen boys. I know where the stoner boys hang out too. The park is sequestered almost by group type. I am a lifetime New Yorker. Central Park is my pickup place. I can get anything young and old, black or white there. I went with young and black this morning. I got a young black stoner boy with some primo MaryJane too. Not that I need pussy weed. My legs open at hello, LOL. Seriously, I am easy, but I became a lot easier on his weed. In fact, he texted some of his fellow black stoner boys to meet him at my place. Most wealthy white women would never be cool with black boys knowing where they live, but I know they do not have to rob me. They just wanted to fuck my Horny, hairy pussy. My ass too. I had been fucking this black teenager for about thirty minutes when his friends arrived to gang bang me in my marriage bed. They loved knowing that they were banging a milf in the bed she sleeps with her white husband. They came on his pillow and laughed. They thought my husband was clueless. He was at work watching it all on his phone. I am my husband’s phone sex addiction. He loves to watch his nympho wife. In action.

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