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Phone Sex Addiction for Furry Pussies

phone sex addictionIs a hairy pussy your phone sex addiction? It will be. I was with this young stud last night I picked up in Central Park. He was a college boy with milf fever. I love younger guys. You would think that the younger guys would be grossed out by a hairy pussy. They are the generation of bald pussies. All coeds wax and shave. But younger guys watch milf porn. They see sexy women from the 70s, 80s and even now with various forms of hairy pussies. Some of us have landing strips, or furry patches to remind our lovers that we are full-grown women. I have a full bush. I trim the sides, but I love being different. I love the look and feel of cum in my pussy hair too. This young stud ate me out for over 30 minutes. I thought he might get lock jaw. He was fucking my cunt with his tongue. Oh my! I was cumming all over his face. He was buried between my legs. He knew how to eat pussy. Maybe he had never had a phone sex milf with a hairy cunt before, but he loved it. I begged for mercy after a while. He had a huge young cock and I wanted it inside that hairy pussy of mine. I kissed him and could taste my own juices on his face. I loved tasting myself on his lips. His entire face glistened with my juice. He confessed that he saw his mother naked once when he was younger. She had a beautiful hairy pussy and that imagine was burned into his brain. That happens with most boys. They see some one in their family with a hairy bush, and it becomes a fetish for them. Plus, it reminds them of their mommy. He was a great fuck. He just may be my newest addiction too.

Your No Taboos Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionI love the idea of being your phone sex addiction. I am just addicted to phone fun as you are. These past couple years have limited my ability to get fucked as much as I want and need, but horny callers like you have saved me. Now do not misunderstand me. I still need cock. I get plenty of it, but I am an insatiable milf. I can never get enough cock. So, phone bones have supplemented my sex drive. I love to masturbate on calls. Many things get me off too. I can be the dirty mommy to a young horny boy. I can be the slut wife to a husband with dick issues. I can be the dirty milf next door to a sexually curious boy. I can be a sissy trainer. Honestly, I have always been a dirty and horny woman, so many things get me off. No limits phone sex with me always. I have experience in so many things. I am a dirty mom and stepmom. I seduced my daddy in the 80s when I was a schoolgirl. I am a slut wife who cuckolds her husband. I have had my share of sissy and panty boys too.

Over thanksgiving, my entire family was together. My daughter invited a friend from college to spend the holidays with us. I was excited to have another cock to feed my pussy with, but as it turned out he was more into dick. He just did not realize it yet. On day two of his time with us, I found him in my bedroom wearing my panties and playing with my sexy toys. Naughty boy! I was not mad. I was disappointed because I thought he was a young heterosexual boy with a thing for hot milfs. His thing was with a hot milf’s panties and her dildo up his ass. That did not mean I could not have my fun with him though. Just different fun than I had planned. I fucked him all weekend with my strap-on. I dressed him too. A sissy was born under my guidance. See. I told you, I can do just about anything, and nothing is off limits. And always discreet phone sex. Your secrets and fantasies are safe with this dirty milf.

Thankfull I am a Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whoreThis phone sex whore loves the holidays because it means all my babies come home to hang with their sexy mommy. My stepsons, two sons and my coed daughter are all home with us for a week. I love my family and I have missed them. My oldest son got married right before the pandemic hit and his wife is pregnant now. So, I will be a grandma again in 2022. My stepsons have a few rugrats, but they are not my blood. Does not stop me, however, from playing the dirty grandma. I am an incest whore. I started my life seducing daddy and now that I am older, I want those young studs. My husband is older, but he approves of the family fun. He likes to watch. My husband has always supported my cheating ways if I was discreet. He is a NYC lawyer, well known too, so I just could never jeopardize his career. I know all about discreet phone sex, so I have stayed off the radar of the police. My offspring are all legal age now, but they would never turn me in. They would not have even considered it when they were jailbait. They love playing with their mommy. My daughter is probably the one who loves fucking me the most. I bet you thought it would be my sons. Do not get me wrong, they love fucking their horny mommy, but my daughter has not left my pussy since she got home last night. She has been eating my hairy snatch for almost 24 hours. She is like a drunk coed who cannot get enough beer. She loves the taste of my hairy pussy. Sometimes that pussy is full of family cum, sometimes it is clean. She does not seem to mind either way. I am going to get eaten and fucked pretty much 24/7 this week and I will not even have to leave the house! This is why I love holidays.

Welcome to My Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to the phone perverts paradise that is my life. I am full of naughty tales. And my naughty tales go back to when I was a schoolgirl in the 70s and 80s seducing older men like my daddy. Now, I am a MILF tramp with an older husband and no young man is safe around me. I was at a friend’s house recently. She is a young grandmother. She is my age and has a young teen boy she is raising. Her daughter is in prison for killing the boy’s dad. It was a scandalous story in the news a few years ago. My friend stepped up to raise her grandson. I have seen him grow up a lot in the past few years. He is a sexy young man. My friend wanted to go on a weekend trip, but her grandson had no where to go, so I told her he could stay with me. Was I being selfless? Of course, not. I wanted to have a teen boy in the house again. My sons and stepsons are all grown up now. I miss having a hard teen cock around, and by the way the lad is always looking at this sexy phone sex milf, I was pretty sure he would love a weekend at my place. I did not make the first move. I wanted to, but I needed to be sure he was into me. I left the bathroom door open while I showered, and he walked right in stroking his cock. He took the bait. I felt like I was a young mommy again. He got in the shower with me and fucked me against the wall. I was cumming all over his young dick. I mean for three days he fucked me all over the house and in every position. I am hoping he can visit more often because I have missed young teen cocks.

Discreet Phone Sex

discreet phone sexI do not like discreet phone sex but not for the reason you think. I can keep a secret. I can be any man’s dirty trick and never tell his wife. I do not have any reason to tell your wife we fucked. I just like to brag about all my conquests. I have fucked over 1,000 men in my life. I may not be at Wilt Chamberlain’s level of fucking, but I get dick daily. Sometimes more than one and I have been fucking for over 40 years. I have a little black book that is full of names, ages and dates. If I do not know their name, I leave a description.  I also have info on their cock size, marital status if old enough to be married, and if they are good lovers. Any contact info I have, I put it in my fuck book. I do not have this info for nefarious purposes. I use it to remember. When you have fucked as much as I have, it can become difficult to remember every lover, even a great fuck. I like to masturbate and remember what a dirty whore I have been in the past. Sometimes, I see a name and I remember what a great fuck the guy was, and I try to run into him again for a repeat performance. Many of my lovers live in NYC. Some are just visitors, so I may never see them again. I saw Kevin’s name in my brag book last night and can remember his 13-inch black cock like we fucked this week. He was married and a former NBA player. We met at a fundraiser over a decade ago. He had never had much white pussy. And he never had older white pussy. I was 15 years older than him when we fucked in the bathroom at the Ritz Carlton. It was just once, but it was the kind of fuck you never forget. It is the kind of fuck that makes you stalk a guy on social media to fuck again. Wish me luck on finding him. In the meantime, this phone sex whore will keep on fucking and writing down information in my little brag book.

Hottest Phone Sex Milf and Daughter

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is taboo sex. Sure, I am a sex milf. I can get any boy I want. I can get about any man I want too. Men my age and older fuck me because I have no inhibitions. Some, fuck me to get access to my daughter. I like men my age who like younger girls because I like younger men. My daughter and I went out clubbing Friday night. We both looked hot as fuck in our micro dresses. Most people do not think we are mother and daughter. Not that they think we are sisters. I am not that youthful looking, LOL. They think we are friends or something. I have dark hair and darker skin because I am all Persian. My daughter is half, so her skin is lighter, and she is a dirty blonde like her father. These two guys were hitting on us. Like my daughter and I, one was older. I did not think father and son, but they were. We all showed our licenses to prove we were really related, then we laughed and had some cocktails. My daughter recently turned 21, so now we can club together. Before her 21st birthday, we hit frat parties on her campus together, but that was picking up frat boys. I could tell the dad was more into my daughter. That was fine by me because, I was into the young stud. I love younger men. My daughter prefers older men, so we were with the right two men. My daughter is like her phone sex milf mommy. She just loves to fuck. We took the father son duo home, and the boy ate my pussy while his father banged my daughter. The son came in my hairy pussy, and daddy came in my daughter’s ass. To get them hard again, my girl and I cleaned each other’s cum filled holes clean. Father and son had never seen anything like that before. We hear that a lot. This mommy and daughter share everything, especially the cum in each other’s pussies.

Family Group Sex is The Best

group sexI love group sex. My husband use to like it too. He is older than me and his cock is not like it used to be. He needs a little blue pill and a few hours for it to kick in to get his cock hard. And that is still not a guarantee that his cock will work when he wants it to work. I am in my sexual prime. I need men who can keep up with my libido. My sons and stepson can. They were all home at the same time this weekend for their baby sister’s birthday. She just turned 21. We took her to a bar. Her first legal drinks. I drank a bunch. I was in a celebratory mood. Got home, and all the men wanted to celebrate. No one wanted to wait a few hours for daddy’s dick to get hard, so I entertained everyone while he watched and beat his old meat. I had my two stepsons and my two sons. I got a cock in my pussy and in my ass, and two in my mouth. I finger banged my daughter’s wet bald pussy while I was being a cock whore. I can multi-task like a professional whore. My husband was trying to get hard, but he was only at half-mast. I did not need his cock, however. I was fucking our boys. They were giving me the hard cocks I needed. They gave their sister the birthday cock she needed too. My husband and his broke down cock watched his wife and only daughter getting fucked by family cock. I know he was jealous he could not be part of the fun. He was trying. But until his dick works, he is on the sidelines.  I did not need his cock. This phone sex milf had four working cocks to take care of her.

Hottest Phone Sex Milf

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex is with a sexy milf.  Guys tell me all the time after they fuck me that they wished they had fucked mature women before me. I am in my mid-50s, but I am hornier than any coed. I was in Long Island the other night. It is a much different vibe than upper Manhattan. It is a working-class neighborhood. I do not have working class roots, but I do love working class men. They appreciate a mature woman and her skills. I picked up this twenty something man at this working-class bar. He said he had never been with a woman this much older than him. I was persistent. I wanted him because I could see the bulge of his cock in his jeans, and it was enormous. He may have been talking like he does not like old hoes, but his cock betrayed him. He was hard for this phone sex milf. I was persistent and got my stud. We got a no tell motel because he did not want to drive back home from Manhattan. We could not go to his place because he still lives with his folks. He was probably feeling lucky to get any pussy. If I was a coed, I would not want to date a man who lived. In his parents’ basement still. I did not need him to wine or dine me. I just needed his young stiff cock. There was no foreplay. I hopped on his dick in this seedy rent by the hour motel. It is where hookers and cheaters go for some nookie, LOL. My husband knew I was slumming. He loves my sloppy seconds. This young stud had an Italian stallion in his pants. He was at least 10-inches. He filled my old pussy up too. I squirted on his dick. I left fingernail marks on his back too. He told me I was a wild fuck.  He loved my hair pussy and my skills and stamina. Do not count an old broad out quite yet boys. We are hellions in the sack.

Kinky Phone Sex MILF

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex is my favorite. I am a kinky milf. I get older and do just about anything. I have never had many limits. I have been a horny woman since my earliest memories. My husband likes to watch me with other men. He did not always like it, but as he ages his dick works less and less. He has been my cuckold since we got married. He knows I need more cock than just one. No single man has the stamina to keep up with me. None I have met yet, not even our sons. My husband has always appreciated having a horny wife. Usually, I pick up the men and bring them home. No guy minds fucking me while my older husband watches. Last night, my husband brought home two men for me. He never does that. It was a father and son too. He met them at work. He did some estate planning for the dad. The boy saw my picture on his desk and had to excuse himself. He went into the bathroom I guess and jacked off to this phone sex milf. I was flattered. My husband decided that the boy should get to see me in the flesh. Daddy was in on it too. When he came home, I was ready. He texted me to dress in something sexy because he was bringing home presents. Honestly, I was not sure what he meant. I figured it was cock though. I was pleasantly surprised to see two men well one man and a boy. The boy popped a chubby seeing me in the flesh. I took care of him first. Gave him his first head while his daddy and my hubby jacked off. My husband did not need a Viagra last night. He was hard watching a father and son tag team me. I think it brought back memories of watching me with our sons. I fucked that father and son most of the night and we all came many times, even my old husband with his broke down dick.

Do You Have a Phone Sex Addiction? I Do Too!

phone sex addictionDo you have a phone sex addiction? I know I do. It is no secret I am a sex addict. I have been fucking since I was a little girl. I was always horny. I came out of the womb that way. When I was in high school, I discovered some 900 numbers in the back of my dad’s dirty magazines that he kept hidden under the bed. That was the only way to advertise this kind of business before the Internet. I had no idea they were charging my parents’ landline for all my late-night sex calls. I was too horny to think things through. I was busted a month later after my parents got a $4,000 phone bill. Back then you were calling women in some foreign country, and it was like $6 a minute. My mother assumed it was my father. I heard them yelling. I did not want my father in trouble for what I did, so I confessed my love for phone sex. My mother had already taken me to a shrink for chronic masturbation. I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac and given some pills that did nothing but make me hornier. My mother was done with me. She was convinced I was possessed by a demon. I only had sex on the brain. My father and I had been fucking under her nose for a few years at that point, but he was upset with me too. He was more concerned with the money than the immorality of it like my mother. He told me I could talk to him. But I was not asking these phone chat women questions. I was eating their pussies and licking their asses. I was discovering I was bisexual.  When I told my father that, he got the biggest erection. After that day, I started bringing home schoolgirls to play with while my father watched and jacked off. I am still bisexual, just now I play with my daughter in front of her brothers, her father, and her friends. Almost 40 years later, and I am still a bisexual sex addict who loves incest.

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