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This Phone Sex MILF Picks the Young Stud Every time

phone sex milfI am a phone sex milf. I will fuck anyone, male or female if they look good and smell better. I am a high class slut. I love getting laid, but I am no lot lizard skank. I am picky when it comes to appearances. I have aged well and kept myself in good shape. I expect the same from men my age. It is funny though, men 50 plus rarely look as good as women 50 plus, yet they are pointing fingers at women constantly for not being perfect. I do not play those games, so when I was out last night at this hole in the wall bar, I went for the young stud instead of the finger pointing 50 something man with a beer belly. He told me I would be prettier as a blonde. No I would not. Been blonde and I looked washed out. I love my natural black locks. The young stud was 22 and nothing but complimentary. Plus, he was buying me drinks. He was a gentleman and handsome. He made my pussy wet. The old curmudgeon was not happy. He called me a whore as I left with the young 20 something stud. I flipped him off and did not think about him at all. The only thing on my mind for a couple hours was fucking the stud I brought home. Turned out my Daughter knew him from school. She hit on him as he was leaving but he was like I prefer mature women. Score one for mommy. It is not a contest. My daughter and I share cock all the time. But it is nice to know some guys appreciate a milf phone sex woman

My Phone Sex Hotline for Your Fetishes

phone sex hotlineMy phone sex hotline is not open 24 / 7, but it is open a lot, especially lately. I am a horny milf, a dirty mommy, a slut wife and a fetish queen. I like to talk dirty, share experiences and explore fetishes. I enjoy partying too. I am not a hardcore druggy, but I do coke periodically and pot daily. Coke is good when I want to stay up all night fucking. Pot is good when I just want to relax, masturbate and swap stories and experiences. The holidays have kept me busy on the phone. You guys have lots of hot stories to share and kinks to explore. I have this guy who calls me for domination phone sex. I enjoy it. I may not be a ball busting bitch or a professional dominatrix, but I am no submissive. I like to be in control. I like to guide and tell men what to do in and out of the bedroom. I have this one guy who  must call late at night after his ball and chain goes to bed. Honestly, I can tell him to do anything and he will. I tell him to put on his wife’s granny panties and piss in them. Then I have him whack his balls with a wooden spatula. I shame and humiliate him too. I enjoy making him do little tasks like running naked outside in the cold or sleeping in pissy panties next to his wife. His wife has no clue she is married to a submissive man. Too bad too because submissive men are so much fun. You can make them do anything. They can entertain you. They can clean your house and eat your pussy too. I have a submissive husband. He is a constant source of entertainment for me. I do not care what your kink is, if you are submissive to women, I want to be your next phone sex addiction.

The Hottest Phone Sex with a MILF

hottest phone sexThe Hottest phone sex is with a sexy MILF. Men of all ages love me. I am fun, sexy and uninhibited. Plus, I have a hairy beaver that men are attracted to. My daughter has been doing some nanny type work while home. She wants some of her own money, which I get. Her father and I are happy to support her, but she does not want to be a freeloader. She has this little boy she has been watching during the week. Normally, she is at their place which is a block away. Nice brownstone building. Same one John Lennon lived in and Rosemary’s Baby was filmed at. The boy’s parents are super rich, but almost never home. They asked her if the boy could stay with us for two weeks while they await COVID results since the daddy was exposed at work. They paid her and I agreed. It would be nice to have such a young boy around the house again. The boy has been curious about me. Stealing my panties, peeking in on me in the shower. You now, sexual curiosity rearing its head. This morning, he got up early. My daughter was still sleeping, so I fed him. I am a mother. I know how to take care of a sweet lad. As I bent over to check the biscuits in the oven, he got behind me to smell my ass. He did not even act embarrassed when he got busted. He just told me I smelled nice. I explained that is the scent of a woman and then I showed him my hairy pussy. He was in awe because the naked ladies on the Internet do not look like me. I had to give him a bit of a history lesson on the pussy. I gave him a female anatomy lesson too. I taught him how to eat my pussy and rim my asshole. This phone sex MILF plans on enjoying this boy as long as he is staying with us.

Phone Sex Hotline for the Holidays

phone sex hotlineDo you need a phone sex hotline this holiday season? I think we can agree that 2020 sucks. I can make anything better. I always say there is nothing some pussy and weed cannot cure. Sex and MaryJane are my coping skills. This year has been stressful, and I am ready to say good riddance. I have been celebrating the end of the year early. I went into the Bronx the other night. I slum on occasion because in comparison to the upper Manhattan crowd, the Bronx folks know how to have fun. There is this working-class bar I frequent because the bartender can get me the best weed in the state. I know he is over charging me, but I can afford it. Plus, it is an excuse to be in this bar where I have met some of the best lays of my life, outside my own family of course. It is not I am tired of fucking my sons or my stepsons. It is more that I can fuck their dicks raw because I have a voracious sexual appetite. It takes an army of lovers to keep this phone sex milf satisfied. And this working-class bar in the Bronx has lost of young hung working class heroes to make me a happy slut wife. I saw the bartender first to secure my weed, then the drinks were flowing. There were a few repeat customers there I have been intimate with before. A few shots of Jager and this New York housewife was getting gang banged on a pool table in the back. I entertained a few dozen working class Joes in the dark corners of that bar, then Ubered back home with a pussy and ass full of cum. My daughter cleaned up my fuck holes and my sons just dirtied them up again. I got fucked the way I needed; they got a bit of a reprieve. It was a good night.

Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addictionIs a hairy pussy your phone sex addiction? What about a fur pie? My daughter loves a creampie, especially her mother’s creampie. Last night we had some kinky family fun with her brother. It started out as just me and her brother fucking. She was out on a date. My husband is out of town for business and my son and I just stayed home and fucked like horny teenagers. His cock is never tired of his mommy’s pussy. Since he is now retired from active duty, he has a lot of time on his hands to fuck his horny mommy and figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. My daughter came back early, which meant one of two things. The date was a dud, or their plans had to cancel because things change daily around here. It was the first thing. Her Tinder date catfished her. He turned out to be a fat middle-aged man from the Bronx and not the lean young stud from Manhattan. This is why I am not on Tinder. I like to see what I am getting first, LOL. She came home so sad. Of course, I invited her to join the fun. By this time, my hairy pussy had big chunks of cum in it. I was still riding and grinding on my son’s cock when she got between my legs. She started licking my clit and sucking the chunks of cum off my hairy pussy. I encouraged her to rub her pussy while cleaning up the mess her brother made. Just hearing me talk that way to his sister, made my son cum again giving my girl a fresh batch of jizz to eat out of mommy. I was glad her date tanked. I had much more fun with her there. I enjoy group sex with my son and daughter.

Welcome to My Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to phone perverts paradise. What does that mean? To me it means a pervert is King or Queen. I am a pervert too. I am also a nymphomaniac. I have been using my body to seek pleasure since I was a young schoolgirl. First, I had daddy wrapped around my finger, then I had professors. Now, it is my husband. He loves me. He accepts the fact that he will never be man enough for me to be faithful. Honestly, I do not think any man ever has because my sexual appetite is as big as the ocean. This is why I am loving having my son home with me. He just got off a 10-year tour of duty in Afghanistan and he had little pussy in those years. We are making up for lost time. He has been drilling my holes for weeks now since he is home. Not just my pussy and ass either. He is enjoying his sister’s pussy and ass too. My stepsons were here for a week too, which meant I had 3 boys fucking me every which way but loose. Oh, I loved it too.  I have three holes for a reason. Might as well fill them all up at once. My daughter knows that I miss that three-hole stuffed feeling since her stepbrothers left. She had a remedy. She called up some old high school friends of hers and invited them to a party with her whore mother. These are trust fund boys benched because Princeton is on a COVID hiatus. They do not need to work, so why not fuck and party with a phone sex milf like me? Would not be the first time I fucked trust fund boys or the last. They were as happy to see me as I was them. My son never minds sharing his mommy whore either. They fucked my daughter too. I had three 20 something boys competing to be master of my pussy and ass. I fucking loved it. My daughter has a new job now. She oversees the cock department as in she is responsible for getting mommy fucked.

My Phone Sex Hotline is Open Even on Holidays

phone sex hotlineMy phone sex hotline will help you through the holidays. This is a much different Thanksgiving than ever before for all of us. Times are stressful, but that is what I am here for. I plan on getting my stuffing from my son and stepsons, drinking some gravy from my daughter’s cunt and then talking to perverts like me on the phone. Holidays I get to talk to different guys than my regulars usually. Men stranded alone on a holiday or men who just need a nice escape from their crazy families. I try my best not to leave men hanging alone on holidays, especially holidays during a pandemic. I am lucky to have my family with me. They accept me for the phone sex whore that I am. I never have to hide who I am from them. I feel sad for the guys who call me who have fetishes or fantasies that they cannot share with their families. Last year, I did a long call with a guy on Thanksgiving who long coveted his mom. He called me because my hairy pussy reminded me of his mother’s pussy growing up. That was the 70s. Everyone had a hairy pussy then. Holidays often invoke feelings for family: mommy, daughter, sister, aunt, maybe even mother in law. I am happy to be that surrogate family member for you. Trust me, you will be thankful for this mommy. I take care of my boys and my girl. I love sucking cock and eating pussy. I raised my daughter to be the family whore I am. I am trying to convince her to be a phonesex whore like her mother. She is helping me take care of her brothers this week while we are all home together. Even though I will be with my family this Thanksgiving, I will still have plenty of time for my horny callers.

Group Sex with My Family

group sexThis Thanksgiving, I am grateful for group sex with my family. Well, not my husband. I have not fucked him in ions. He is older and his dick just does not work like it used too. He loves to watch though. The family has slowly been trickling in. It was tough too because our governor has tightened the screws. My son has been deployed from Afghanistan. That was an early Christmas present. My son will be living with us again indefinitely until he can find a civilian job. My daughter has been with us since the pandemic first hit because she has been doing her course work virtually. That leaves my stepsons who will be here this weekend with their families. They both live in upstate New York and will travel down for a week. While we wait for their arrival, my son and my daughter and I have been fucking. Like all together while daddy watches and wishes he were man enough to join in.  My son, daughter and I fucked like rabbits last night. My son was supposed to quarantine for two weeks, but I have been apart from him for over a year now. I could not wait another two weeks. He showed me and his sister how much he missed our pussies last night. He has been without any female companionship for over a year. The best he could do was jackoff to porn and have phone sex with his mother and sister. It felt so amazing to have him licking my hairy beaver again. Felt even better having his hard cock inside me. I enjoyed that daddy was masturbating and watching. Even he knows his son is the real man of the house. And now he is back in his rightful place taking care of his sister and mommy. This next week is going to be full of hot family fun. And having my son back at home indefinitely, is going to make hibernating this winter all the more fun.

Hottest Phone Sex with a MILF

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex is what you get when you call a horny milf! Have you ever woken up so horny you would fuck the first person you saw? If you have, you will understand how desperate I was this morning for cock. It was a gorgeous New York City day too. Sun was out. Trees are still turning pretty colors. It was warm too. I put on a sexy dress and walked over to Central Park to score some cock. It was not even 9 am yet and I planned on getting some dick. I saw this NYU college boy on a park bench. At least he was wearing NYU gear. College cock was just what my pussy needed too. Since the city shut down my daughter is doing her semester online. I miss going to frat parties with her and getting gang banged together. This guy had his face in a book, but I tried flashing him my big boobs to get his attention. The park area we were in was a ghost town. I was hoping he had at least ten inches of cock meat for me. I saw the bulge in his pants when he saw my jiggling boobs. I brought him home to fuck. To fuck me in the bed I sleep with my husband. As soon as we arrived, I unzipped his pants. I shoved his cock down my throat like a greedy whore. I showed him how a sexy milf phone sex slut drains a pair of young testicles. I did not want him to bust his nut too quickly, so I edged him. I sucked slow, then fast, then would stop.  I needed fucked, so he had to last. He carried me to my bedroom and plopped me down on the bed I share with my husband of 30 years. I draped my legs over his shoulders, as he rammed his cock in my hairy pussy. He fucked me so hard, my pussy squirted. We fucked for hours. He did not last more than 15 minutes inside my tight pussy on round one, but one of the many reasons I like young cock is their turn around time. By the time he left, I had a hairy cunt full of cum. Maybe my husband will get some sloppy seconds tonight.

Only Discreet Phone Sex with Me

discreet phone sexGuys always ask if this is discreet phone sex. Of course, it is. We would not be in business if we sent things to men or advertised. I understand that not all spouses are as cool as mine. My husband and I have an open relationship. I get to fuck whoever I want, and he gets to decide if he wants to watch or just hear about it. Over the years we have had some rules. Well, he had the rules. I could not fuck his family or his law partners. He just did not want his business partners or brothers knowing he is a cuckold. His brothers are dead now and his partners are all too old to fuck. I play with their sons, however. Hell, the sons of the partners are older than my sons and daughters. Last night, I was in party mode. I did some lines of coke which I have not done in ions. Maybe since like 1992. Pot, I smoke daily. My daughter was on Facebook bragging about her sexy mommy. One of the partner’s sons saw her post and reached out. He wanted to hang with us. Now, he is married with a bunch of fuck trophies and likely a strong pre-nup. He is the son of a wealthy lawyer and a lawyer himself, but his wife is the heir to a fortune. She is the granddaughter of a major department store owner. I knew he wanted a discreet tryst. A chance to fuck a sexy mom and her hot young daughter. My husband did not need to know about this love connection. He came over with a big bag of blow and a hard cock. He is hiding a lot from his rich wife. Not only his cheating ways but his coke habit. That coke was his Viagra. His cock never went soft and he came in us each a few times. Do not be worried about discreetness. Be worried I will be your phone sex addiction.

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