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hot phonesexHot phonesex begins here. I am a no taboos kind of woman. I have always been a nasty slut. I just get nastier with age. Incest? Yes, I have fucked everyone in my family. No one is off limits. Black cock? Yes, I cuckold my husband with big black dick anytime I can. Young Ones? Yes, I love bald cunts and hairless dicks. There is no one I will not fuck, except my husband. He is okay with it though. He is in his 60s now, and he is much more into listening and watching. He loves watching me with black men and our sons. This virus has made it more difficult to bring strangers home to fuck me, but our boys are around. I have two stepsons and two sons. This week, they were all home with us too. That is very rare. Most holidays, I cannot even get everyone together. Everyone was itching for some family time now that travel restrictions are lifting. My daughter has been home since colleges closed in March. I have had fun with her and a brother, but this week I had fun with her and all four of her brothers. My husband’s old broke down pecker got hard a few times this past week too. And he did not even need Viagra, LOL. That is the power of incest. I do not think there is anything hotter than eating my daughter’s shaved cunt while her brothers run a train on my ass. Daddy agrees, because when that happened, his cock was at attention as he watched. My hairy pussy is a cum trapper. So, when they were each done nutting inside me, my daughter buried her face between my legs to eat her brothers’ cum out of me. We have been enjoying a lot of family fucking this past week. My phone sex hotline is full of dirty stories.

Little Girl Phone Sex with My Daughter

little girl phone sexDo you like little girl phone sex? I have a sweet young daughter with a bald pussy. Her and I are super close. I am close with her brothers and half-brothers too. She is home with me and daddy still even though everyone else has flown the coop. My youngest son is 6 years older than his sister. I do not get to see him as much as I once did because of this virus. He managed to sneak in a visit this weekend. My husband was out of town visiting his brother who is sick. So, it was just me, my daughter and youngest son for the weekend. What do a sexy mommy, her son and her hot teen slut daughter do while stuck at home for a few days? We fuck. We fuck in every position and in every room. Sunday night, we were hanging out in the living room after dinner listening to old Beatles albums. I still have my entire original Beatles album collection I inherited from my father. We used to fuck to the Beatles when I was a young girl, even younger than my daughter is now. My son and daughter know how much music means to me. My son got between my legs and ate his mother’s pussy. I fingered my daughter’s bald shaved pussy and loved it. She was creamy and wet. She sat on my face while her big brother fucked his mom’s hairy pussy. Eventually, I sat on her face with her brother’s seed in my twat while her brother pumped more cum into her cunt. Any position we could get ourselves into, we did. We fucked like horny animals. Incest is animalistic; it is primal. To us, it is a way of life. I am worn out in a good way. Best weekend in a long time.

Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to phone perverts paradise. I am a pervert and I hope you are too. I enjoy sharing perverted stories. I have a long history of perversion. I was just a young girl in the 80s when I seduced my father. My daddy never would have made a move on me, so I had to do it. He rebuffed my sexy young body a few times before he gave in to his desires. When my mother found out, she hauled me off to counseling. I was diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. It is called sex addiction now, but I am neither. Both words have negative connotations. I just love sex. I love taboo sex, but there is a difference between wanting to fuck and needing to fuck. I embrace my sexuality. I love sex. I loved to fuck when I was a young girl and I love fucking as an older woman too. I know more things now and I can fuck them much younger too. I was no saint when I married my husband and I was also not against incest. I fucked my stepsons until our son and daughter were old enough to enjoy mommy’s affections. My son and daughter are legal age now, but we still fuck. My daughter is home from college indefinitely and we are having lots of naughty fun while we can. My daughter is a hot teen slut. She can pick up any man. We have this daily game we play. We take turns picking up an unsuspecting man and bringing him home to fuck us both. Men can never believe their luck getting to fuck a sexy mommy and her daughter. My daughter and I have shared a lot of men in our lives from her brothers to random strangers. My daughter is just like me when I was her age. Horny and wants to fuck just about anything on two legs. And there is nothing wrong with that, right fellows?

A Sexy Phone Sex MILF and a Young Black Man

phone sex milfI love being a phone sex milf. I can attract all kinds of men. I live in NYC and it has been crazy. Between this damn virus and protests, it is hard to go anywhere. I ventured out Saturday. I just wanted to walk around Broadway and downtown and see my city. I was hoping to pick up a guy too. I saw a sexy AF black man. He did a double take at my ass when I passed him. I turned around and introduced myself. I wanted to get to know him better. We walked around our city together. We both needed some comforting. NYC has not been its usual hustle and bustle city in months. I lived closer, so we went to my place. He was happy to discover that I do not discriminate. I love big black cock. I will take it whenever I can get it and lately, I have not had much cock at all. I have been fucking since I was a little girl. Daddy, then daddy’s friends, professors, my husband’s sons and his associates, my sons and their friends, random strangers. I am a sex addict. If I find you appealing and you have a decent sized cock, I am likely to fuck you. Melvin was 28 and hung like a porn star. He was excited to fuck a sexy mature woman too.  We barely made it into my house before I was sucking his big black cock. Big black balls slapped against my chin. I enjoyed his cock. Best cock I have had in a few months. He asked if he could fuck my ass. Most men do not ask, they just shove it in my ass. He spit in my asshole and drilled my sexy MILF ass. After a couple hours of fucking, I was cover in his cum. He left and I made my husband clean me up. It appears life is getting back to normal for me.

My Phone Sex Hotline for Perversions

phone sex hotlineI have a phone sex hotline for perverts. I love talking to guys from all walks of life with all sorts of perversions. I am a no limits whore. On the phone I am always no taboos. In life I am too, just have some things on my sexual perversions bucket list left to do. Last night, I checked one of the list. I have had sex with a father and son, but I have always wanted to play with a family not my own. A husband and wife and their little ones is something that has alluded me until last night. A random encounter last night made it happen. There are riots going on in my city, everywhere. I saw a family fleeing the chaos. I think they were just caught in the crossfires, so I ushered them inside. They had no clue the protest was in Central Park, lol. The roads were blocked. The city had a curfew, so I told them they should buckled down for the night. We have plenty of room in a 4 story brownstone. I was very hospitable. Made them a nice dinner. The adults drank wine and smoked some good weed while their little ones watched movies. We got drunk and my mouth started rambling. I am not modest about my perversions or experiences. The husband and wife were checking me out. I got a group sex vibe from them. I was correct too. A few more glasses of wine and the woman was eating my pussy while her husband fucked my mouth. After an hour of the adults fucking, their little one came into the room and no one batted an eyelash. The couple I rescued has a family like mine. I got to eat some sweet young pussy and get nailed by a little boy dick too. Not much sleep happened last night. My city could have burned to the grown and I was playing house with another family. It was even hotter than I had imagined all these years. We exchanged information because once this city settles down, we are hooking up again. Do you have family orgy fantasies?

Being Perverts Together During Phone Sex

phone sexPhone sex will never replace fucking, but during times like these, I will take phone fun over no fun. I picked up a new caller during this pandemic and he is a hoot. We push each other. We encourage each other and we get off together. Yesterday, we were both outside naked talking dirty. I was laying out soaking up some sun and showing off my hairy cunt. He was in his back yard jacking off to his neighbor girl. He has a hot teen slut who jumps on a trampoline all day.  She goes up and down and he goes back and forth, lol. And I go in and out of my pussy listening to him describe the neighbor girl’s sweet young body. The girl is oblivious to the effect she has on her neighbor. Now, my neighbor knows the effect he has on me. He drilled a hole through the privacy fence just so he can spy on me naked in my backyard masturbating. I have developed a phone sex addiction to talking to guys outside. I am an exhibitionist slut and a P woman. So, if I can masturbate while looking at my high school boy next door while listening to you describe the Lolita slut next door, I can promise you will hear me cum hard. My neighbor boy heard me moaning and scaled the fence like Spiderman to fuck his sexy MILF next door. If only my caller could have been so lucky. He was jacking his cock while the little slut looked over the fence with every jump. I know girls like that. My daughter was like that. Sexually curious. I encouraged my caller to invite her over. She saw his dick and did not scream for her mommy. He interest was piqued. He promised me he would tell me what happened next. After our call, I put my focus on my teen boy neighbor. He fucked me in my backyard with my family just a few feet away.

phone sex addiction

A Horny Phone Sex MILF

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf is a BBC whore too. I am not exclusive to black cocks, but I live in New York City. Finding a hung black man is not a problem. Not even during a health crisis. My daughter and I placed a Postmates delivery for booze. I never know who my Postmates delivery person will be when I place an order. I have the money, so why not order online and help someone else make money while staying safe. Most of my delivery people have been moonlighting until they can go back to work or find a new job. Yesterday’s delivery guy was a black boy. He appeared to be about my daughter’s age. He had a sexy Jamaican accent too. Been awhile since I had some dark meat and it had been since my daughter was living on campus since we shared a black cock together. I asked him if he could go offline a bit and come inside. He turned himself off and my daughter and I turned him on. She pulled out his cock and I grabbed it. He was more than a mouthful. He had a cock that two could share. I got on my knees to suck his huge nut sack into my mouth. My daughter worked her magic mouth on his throbbing shaft. He was moaning like he was in a porno. Maybe he was? I mean he was a black delivery boy in the very white and rich part of NYC. The Housewives of New York City could not fantasize something as hot as my daughter and I were doing. Our sexy stud enjoyed sharing a sexy milf phone sex slut and her daughter too. After he came in my daughter’s ass, I sucked his dick back to life. I never mind tasting my daughter’s girl goo on a dick. If trophy wives were smart, they would  get postmates delivery too.

milf phone sex

Big Tits and Asses are Popular

big tits and assesI answered an ad in a porn rag looking for women with big tits and asses. I was not sure if it was legitimate or not because of the times. They were offering $500 cash for what, I was not sure. I did not need the money. I am bored. I called the number and a guy said he would come over the next day. I asked a few questions but was unsure what I was agreeing to do, lol. I thought it was nude modeling. I just knew I would be perfect for the gig whatever it was. I have been gang banged by a fraternity house; I have fucked black guys; I love double penetration and incest. There is little I have not done. Whatever this dude wanted to pay me $500 for, I was game because I am tired of being cooped up with my husband. He is old with a broke down dick and I am in my sexual prime and horny.

I put on nothing but high heels and greeted him at the door. He was a nerd. Black rimmed glasses with coke bottle thick lenses. He was sporting a vintage Star Wars shirt too. He was cute in a nerd kind of way. I was thinking he wanted to cum on my tits or my ass. Maybe fuck me. He came inside and I asked him what he wanted. I was not prepared for the answer. He wanted me to shame him for his little dick and fart and piss on him. Now, I was disappointed. I wanted to fuck. At the least, I wanted cum on me. He had a small dick and a weird fetish even for a seasoned fetish phone sex slut. But guess what? $500 is $500 and cabin fever had the best of me. I laughed at his small willy, pissed on him then got my big ass in his face and did my best to fart on the loser. Turns out it was quite amusing for me. No mater how cute he was, he was a pathetic pervert with a shrimp dick. I would not have fucked him for $10,000. We talked a bit afterwards and I discovered he has a full-time mistress, but she will not see him right now because of the virus. He offered me $500 a session, so I guess I am officially a Covid relief mistress.

You Need The Best Phone Sex Lines Right Now

best phone sex linesThe best phone sex lines are what you need right now. Being under quarantine is likely making you crazy and horny. I know it is me. Most people think this has been easy on me since I work from home. The truth is it has been tougher than I thought. I am a social woman. I go all over the city many times a week. I go to bars. I go to yoga. I go to the theater. I go to Central Park and the local museums to pick up fuck buddies. My daughter is home with me, so at least there is that. My husband too, but he is still working from home and he is 15 years older than me, so he is no fun for me sexually. Normally, we are on a don’t ask don’t tell kind of sexual relationship. He knows I have lots of lovers but does not want to hear the details. He is home with me. I cannot go many places, so he is my trapped cuckold now. I invited this college stud I know over for Sunday funday. He went to high school with my daughter. I have fucked him for years, but he went to college in California and I have not seen him in over a year. He is home now until the Fall like my coed daughter. She has been chatting with him and he asked about her sexy mommy. I hit him up on Snap Chat. I sent him a spread shot of my hairy pussy he used to love eating and he came over yesterday to fuck me and my daughter. I made my limp dick husband watch a 19-year-old boy fuck his wife and his daughter. He enjoyed the show. His broke down old dick got hard for the first time in ions. He acted like he hated it, but his dick betrayed him by getting hard. My daughter sucked her friend’s cum out of her mommy’s hairy twat and fed it to her father. Now that was a kinky phone sex moment, I had to share.

MILF Phone Sex in the Park

milf phone sexMILF phone sex? Most men say hell yes to that because they prefer women with experience. Men say yes to me all the time off the phone too. I am a sexy mature woman with a hairy pussy, big tits, a nice ass and did I mention my pussy squirts too? Men of all ages love me. Even when I am not on the prowl for cock, it finds me like yesterday. I was at this local park to meet a friend for a walk. Honestly, I didn’t think either of us would get much attention because sadly, there just aren’t many people out these days. We can go to the park if not in crowds and we practice social distancing standards. The moment my hot MILF friend and I sat down on a bench, men flocked to us like vultures. It was like we were the only chicks left on earth. We chit chatted with the men that had gathered around us and even flaunted our big boobs. No one seemed to care about the partial nudity in the park, so we took it further and got naked. It was a little chilly, but the fresh air felt nice. The male attention felt even better. The guys sucked and pinched our tits. We sucked cock like dirty street corner hookers. Just we were not in an alley. We were on a park bench in broad daylight. It was just that there were so few people outside and this is NYC. We had a variety of men to play with too. A couple college guys, a back stud, some old guy and a teen boy. I was so happy that pussy trumped social distancing standards because me and my hot pal were horny for cock.  We bent over the park bench and took every guy surrounding us in our pussies and asses.  I was so busy being an exhibitionist slut, I didn’t notice the police officer watching us. My friend and I took care of him last. It was the least we could do for not arresting us.

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