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Little Girl Phone Sex, Not Just for Men

little girl phone sex Mature women can enjoy little girl phone sex just as much as men. I promise you that I am just as attracted to young, innocent girls as you are. Perhaps, I might even have an easier time picking up a hot teen slut than a man too. It’s not uncommon to see a cute little schoolgirl hitting on a mature woman either. In fact, many young girls prefer mature women because of our experience. And our gentleness too. Plus, I cannot knock up a schoolgirl pussy like you can. Sex with me equals safe sex.

Young girls like the idea of an older woman taking them under her wing and teaching her how to cum. Schoolgirls know that mature women understand how to please a pussy. Sometimes, we can pleasure a young bald pussy better than a man too. While it might seem a little unorthodox, this phone sex milf prefers to get to a young pussy before a man does. And you will thank me if I get to a pussy before you too. Because after a sex education lesson from me, a young girl’s oral skills skyrocket.

I Love Eating a Young Bald Pussy

Mandy, a hot teen slut, recently found herself in the company of an experienced older woman. Me. I am that woman. I picked her up at the park. Technically, Mandy hit on me first. She wanted to be with someone who understood her body. And I assured her I could teach things no man could. Sorry men, some pussy I break in first.

Mandy asked a lot of questions about her body and wanted to know if her boobs would get as big as mine. She also wanted to know if I had a hairy pussy. I told her I needed to show her. So, I took her home with me. And I even went so far as to eat her bald pussy and coax her into eating mine. After that, I think I turned Mandy gay.

She ate my pussy for an hour while I just basked in the pleasure of her skills. I also broke out my strapon to pop her cherry. Are you jealous? I might have turned Mandy gay. She enjoyed kinky phone sex with me so much, she wants to come over again. And I am going to let her come over all the time. Our sex education just began.

Hottest Phone Sex is Mommy Sex with My Boys

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex occurs after my son visits me. My oldest boy spent a decade after college over in Iraq. My solider boy came home for good a couple years ago and works in a prison in upstate New York. We see each other when we can. But I understand that he has a demanding job. And we make the best of whatever time we can get. He knows I never go long without cock. But nothing feels better in my hairy cunt than a cock I gave birth too.

Perhaps that makes me a dirty mommy. I do not care. Nothing will stop me from fucking my boys or my daughter. My offspring did not make me a whore. My daddy did in the 80s. But that’s a story for another day. Today, this phone sex mommy wants to talk about her first-born son and how good his cock makes me feel. When he arrived, he brought me my favorite Starbucks drink and a bouquet of flowers.

Mommy’s Pussy Tastes the Best

A son always knows how to make his mommy smile. We hugged, and kissed and caught up a bit before he ravaged my hairy mommy pussy. He loves to dine at the Y. Do you? My son gets lost in my hairy pussy for hours. He enjoys making me cum a few dozen times before even allowing me to touch his beautiful cock. When he lived at home still, mommy used to be the one spending hours on oral gratification. Now, he focuses on mommy’s pleasure.

But I get pleasure from sucking his cock too. My favorite position would be the 69 position because I can give and receive at the same time. We got there eventually, but he made me focus on my pleasure for an hour first. I must say that my boy drained me dry. And he plans on staying the week. His idea of a vacation involves his tongue in my phone sex milf cunt all week long. However, I plan to get my share of oral time with him too. This mommy loves sucking her sons’ cocks.

Phone Sex Games Can Be Fun to Play with a Dirty MILF

phone sex gamesI enjoy all sorts of phone sex games. I am a sexy milf. One of my favorite games to play on and off the phone is guess who’s cum is in my cunt. It might not be a game for you, but it is a game a lot of men unknowingly play with me. When you are a slut, your pussy is always full. And because I have a hairy twat, the cum shows up much better.

I cuckold my husband. We once enjoyed a great sex life full of adventures like public fucking and swinging. But when you marry a much older man, his dick stops working long before you want to stop fucking. Simple solution to that problem. You keep fucking. My husband knows he married a woman with a higher libido than him. So, he rolls with the punches.

This phone sex milf is not done fucking yet. Not by a long shot. In fact, I fuck more now in my 50s than I did in my 20s. And, honestly, I did not think that was possible. My husband and I attended a political fundraiser last night. Black tie affair. I looked fabulous. So fabulous that many men wanted to fuck me. And they wanted to fuck me right there at the swank fundraiser.

I Take Cock Anywhere, Anytime

My husband saw the way some of his former clients and associates looked at me. At these sorts of soirees, we often see the same people. I often fuck the same people too. This time, I changed it up a bit. I saw a younger man who caught my eye. Apparently, I caught his eye too because he followed me to the bathroom. I knew who he was because his father is a member of Congress. All I cared about was how good he could fuck me.

He never asked my name. He raised up my expensive dress and slid his cock deep inside my pussy. I felt every inch of him too. The senator’s boy felt hung like a horse. Of course, I went back to the soiree with cum dripping down my legs. Good thing I wore a long dress. Once back home, I made my husband clean up the mess between my legs. And boy that guy left a big mess too. I love kinky phone sex games. When I told my husband who’s cum was in my pussy, he just buried his tongue deeper in my hairy twat.

Phone Sex Whore Esmerelda Loves Hotel Gang Bangs

phone sex whoreThis phone sex whore had an amazing weekend. My husband and I went upstate for a romantic weekend away. Now, I know what you are thinking. Although you likely think my husband and I fucked like monkeys. Not the case. However, I fucked like a monkey. And my husband watched. However, we did do some other things like shop and eat out.

I cannot help it if men find me attractive. I am down to fuck anywhere and any time. Even when out of my normal hunting ground, I have no problem finding men. We were near Cornell University, and the college boys are back in session. On Friday, we went out to eat. The restaurant appeared packed with parents and their college students. You know I had the attention of every boy in the place. Even some of the daddies.

This Sexy MILF Loves Teenage Gang Bangs

My husband noticed that his phone sex milf wife looked popular to the young people. He suggested that I slip my number to a few boys. What a kinky idea. So, I did. I slipped my digits to ten cute boys, hoping at least one would take the bait. Guess what? All ten college boys took the bait and showed up at my hotel. This sexy milf participated in a gangbang. If our hotel room could talk!

My husband watched ten frat boys run a train on his horny wife. Those boys loved my hairy play station. And my tight holes for my age appeared to surprise them. However, their hard cocks that bounced back quickly did not surprise me or my husband. My sons and stepsons had cocks like hammers when they were in their teens and early 20s.

Some of those college boys enjoyed shaming my husband for his flaccid dick.  Although, he did take Viagra. But by that time the boys had left to hit a frat party. Not a problem. My husband had a few messes to clean up. Even though he did not participate in the group sex, he got to watch and clean me up afterwards. So, for us, that was a great night.

Phone Sex Hotline is Always No Taboos and No Limits

phone sex hotlineA phone sex hotline should be no taboos. I mean horny men, I think, should confess to us anything they want without judgement. I had a hot caller last night who got himself banned from another company because he likes to talk about little girls. Honestly, his confession left me flabbergasted. I am considered an adult worker. Although I am not a porn star, I am naked on the Internet. Also, I am a whore. I like younger ones too. The fact that some companies want to be vanilla in the year 2023 just left me shocked.

When I married my husband, he knew what a slut I was. At that point in my life, I liked older men. Hence why I married a man 20 years my senior. But our union made me a stepmom to two young teen boys. They made me the phone sex whore I am today. Because of them, I like them young and hung now.

No Judgement Zone

After the first time those boys fucked me, I knew I liked them younger too. So many men and women like age play. Some of us have real experiences too. I do not understand why a company would censor a guy who likes to talk about those bald little pussies. Well, he found me, and we shared stories for over 4 hours last night. My typical call is not that long, but this guy needed to talk. I was happy to listen.

My company will never judge a man for his kinks or fetishes. Most of us phone whores have our own kinks and fetishes too. I masturbated my hairy twat as my caller shared one dirty story after another about the young girls he has fucked. I shared a few with him too. My daughter was once a young girl. And I ate and fingered her sweet bald mound. A lot of her friends too.

I work for the phone perverts paradise. What do you expect? Of course, I am a dirty old woman with as many dirty stories as you. You do not get into this kind of work if you are a choir girl. I won’t judge you. But I bet I will cum hard to your naughty stories and fantasies.

Phone Perverts Paradise Best Describes My World

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to my phone perverts paradise. I am the kinky milf of your wet dreams. And of my husband’s wet dreams. Our sex life is better now that we are older. But I do not really fuck him anymore. Once upon a time, we had a great sex life. Now he is almost 70. And his dick needs Viagra and that is not even a guarantee that he will get hard.

Do not feel sorry for him because I am a slut wife. He loves me because I am a whore. He enjoys watching. Black men, young boys, our sons…it does not matter if he can watch. Last night, I brought home a young stud I met while out for my night run. In the summer, I wait until the sun goes down to run so I do not stroke out from the heat.

The guy I brought home looked older in the dark. He sounded older too. The boy possesses a deep voice, but my guess was that he was still in high school. Not that age matters. This phone sex whore loves taboo fucking. The boy did not care how old I was. Nor did he care that a man old enough to be his great grandpa wanted to watch.

My Husband Likes To Watch

Nothing better for a mature pussy than a teenage cock. Fucking this boy reminded me of fucking my stepsons when they were that young over 20 years ago. This teen boy could out fuck a rabbit. I nicknamed him Thumper. He hammered my pussy so fast, I though he might leave friction burns on my pussy wall. I could see my husband on the couch stroking fast as he watched us. Although the boy was lost in my pussy, he still managed to slam my husband for being too old to satisfy his hot wife.

Normally, a young boy just keeps his mouth shut while he fucks me. But this boy got into teasing my husband for having a limp dick in the presence of such a sexy phone sex milf. This boy, I wanted to keep. I hope he will be back. Most boys come back for more of this mature pussy. My husband got a tasty treat after the boy left. My husband is the best.

Kinky Phone Sex Date Night with My Cuckold Husband

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex, I am no stranger to. I think I put the kink in any sex, phone or otherwise. My husband and I had a date night last night. He took me to a fancy roof top restaurant. We try to go out once a week. Despite the fact that I rarely fuck him, I love him. We have been married over 30 years now. We have 2 sons and a daughter. Plus, I raised his sons from his first marriage.

My husband knows who he married. I am a nymphomaniac. I have enjoyed sex since I was a young teen girl. Even though I told myself that I was not going to flirt with men on date night, that did not happen. The men hit on me. In droves too. My husband loved the attention I was getting too. He told me that he was with the sexiest woman in the place. I am a hot phonesex wife. I get older, but the men into me get younger.

I’m a Slut Wife

Even though I told myself and my husband that I was not bringing home a man to fuck, I could not help myself. Our waiter was a sexy young black man. When he poured my wine, I could see the huge outline of his cock in his pants. I thought I might pass out when I saw it. My husband noticed it too. He could tell I was trying to honor my word. You want to know why I love my husband? Because he invited that waiter back to our home for me.

Well, for us. My husband enjoys watching. According to him, I am better than Viagra. My chocolate stud did not mind my old man watching either. This guy’s cock was more like a forearm. Yes, it was that big. I choked on it. I had to swig some olive oil to lubricate my throat. However, I did not need to lubricate my cunt. It was drenched when he entered my old pussy. My husband had a chubbie. First one in a few months.

This phone sex milf fucked for hours. I am sore today. My husband did eat my cunt to soothe it some, but I think I just need an ice pack, LOL. Best date night ever.

Group Sex, Swinging, and My Husband Watching Me with Other Men

group sexMy husband and I love group sex. In the 70s, when swinging was the newest fad, I was just a schoolgirl. But when swinging made a comeback, no one was more excited than me. My husband and I swing. Even though he loves to watch his wife in action with other men, he has been pulling back from the swinging world lately. It has nothing to do with jealousy though. My husband is old. He is 20 years my senior, and I am in my late 30s.

Life can be unfair. Women get older, and hornier. Men get older and develop dick issues. My husband loves me. He accepts that I am a slut wife. I can still swing without him. It is not quite the same for me without him though. So, last night, I brought home two younger men. I schooled them on my kinky lifestyle, and they were down to tag team this phone sex milf in front of her husband.

Initially, I struggled to find two handsome guys up for the challenge of fucking this slut wife. I met a few guys out who just did not measure up. I do require at least 7-inches to cum. Even though I need something I can feel, I am not a huge size queen. I know women who demand 10-inches or more. Or women who only fuck big black cocks. That’s never been me. I am too horny to be that selective. I just want a cute guy with a hard cock most days. And it helps that he enjoys a hairy pussy.

I’m an Exhibitionist and My Husband is a Voyeur

The boys I brought home were coworkers out celebrating some game app they developed that recently sold. They bought me expensive wine and danced with me. Cute boys. Guys my husband would enjoy watching fuck me. At first, they thought I was joking. But once they understood I meant it, we Ubered back to my place. Do you have orgy fantasies or even swapping fantasies? Most men can admit that they do to themselves. Where they struggle with honesty about it is with their wives.

Both young men were single, hung and loved my hairy pussy. They ate my pussy for what felt like eternity. My husband watched in the corner, rubbing his old dick. I let both guys fuck me at once. A sexy milf, can handle two dicks in her. Although neither guy lasted long in my pussy or ass, my husband enjoyed the show. He came harder than either of my lovers. This was more about my husband nutting than me getting a hot tag team. I love my husband. And I will do anything for him. Even bring home to guys half my age to fuck in front of him.

Fetish Phone Sex for Mommy Gets My Hairy Pussy Wet

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex calls are among my favorite kind. Although I enjoy a variety of fetishes myself, some men find me their fetish. Mature women with a hairy bush reminds men of their mothers. I resemble their mothers from the waist down. Many callers find my hairy twat a selling point. Trust me, I am good with that. Mature women love being mommy to younger men.

I went shopping at Whole Foods the other night. Honestly, I looked like a regular mature woman. Sporting shorts and a concert tee shirt, I ignored the crowd around me. However, I did notice men checking me out as I walked by. Some young man asked me if he could squeeze my melons. Initially, I thought I would ignore him. But then he said I reminded him of his mother. Now, that hooked this phone sex whore. He had my attention. Do I remind you of your mother too? I noticed the boner in his pants and invited him home with me.

Every Boy Wants a Sexy MILF

Sexy mature women hook younger men with their resemblance to their mothers. You cannot be a cougar and not expected that some men need to work through their mommy issues. I am no cock tease. That boy got to call me mommy. When he saw my hairy pussy, he almost came in his pants. This was yet another way I resembled his mother. She denied him when he was a little boy. Not me. I don’t deny boys. My fetish is being a fantasy mom.

He worshiped my cunt and ass for hours. How can you be a phone sex milf and not expect that? I came on his face a few dozen times before he buried his cock in my pussy. He confessed that he still jacks off to his mother’s hairy beaver. Did you jack off to thoughts of your mommy? I hope so. And I hope she had a hairy snatch just like me.

Phone Sex Whore Esmerelda Love Masturbating for an Audience

phone sex whoreThis phone sex whore is an exhibitionist too. Sometimes, I wished I was a West Coast woman because California is full of nude beaches and things like that. My city officials frown upon me jogging in Central Park naked. If they had their druthers, I would not be naked in my backyard either, but that is legal. So, that is what I d0. I garden nude. I sunbathe nude. Sometimes, if I have a voyeur, I masturbate nude too. My backyard. My body. I should be able to do what I want in my courtyard.

This heatwave makes me irritable. Masturbating or fucking helps take off that edge. I have three neighbors. There is a family with some teenagers to the right of my brownstone. A couple with a college age boy to the left. And behind me is a young married couple. To afford one of these brownstones, they must come from money. They appear too young to afford one of these brownstones. My guess is the woman is a gold digger and snagged her a trust fund boy. She possesses a sexy trailer park vibe.

I Love To Masturbate

By the way, that is not a judgement. Some of the hottest phone sex I’ve experienced was with a rode hard put a way wet type of woman. I would fuck either of them. Hell, I would fuck them at the same time. I started masturbating, getting lost in the fantasy of fucking a young couple. My hair pussy became wet with my juice. Although my eyes were closed, I sensed eyes on me. I know when I am being watched. My legs opened wider. I slid my fingers into my hairy cunt deeper. As I masturbated, I became more vocal. Sexy moaning noises were echoing off the fences.

Suddenly, the sun went away. I opened my eyes and realized that my new neighbors came to visit me. Well, the wife did. I was ready for some girl-on-girl action. This sexy milf loves eating a smooth bald pussy. With my hand still on my hairy muff, I asked her if she wanted to have some fun. Well, my fantasy did not cum true. She scolded me for masturbating where anyone could se me.  Now in my defense, this sexy phone sex milf was in her back yard. Not everyone could see me.

I told her my body in my backyard. I kept playing with my snatch in front of her. She left in a huff. My attempts to corrupt her did not work. But I never never give up easily. I will continue to work on her. The husband might cave easier than her. Most men cave to free pussy. Perhaps, I need to set my eyes on him. This is not over yet. After all, I am a mature sexy woman. I always get what I want.