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Orgy Fantasies Can Cum True With a Milf Like Me

orgy fantasiesDo you have orgy fantasies? I know I do. But I have orgy stories too. Have a new one to share. I went to visit my daughter on her college campus this week. I was bored. And it is impossible to be bored with my daughter. We get ourselves into some naughty fun every time we are together. Her frat boy friends love me. The coeds do too. I rented an Air B and B for us. One big enough to accommodate a party. I explained that I would be having a party and paid extra for it. My daughter invited a bunch of guys and some of her sorority sisters too. I was happy to be the hostess for all those college gals and boys. The night of the party, my daughter and I went shopping for sexy outfits and booze. It was not the typical frat boy party. Sure, there was booze and drunk coeds, but there was me too. This horny cougar loves a frat boy gang bang. The coeds were not going to be out shined by a horny cougar. The boys out numbered the girls, but I like those kinds of parties. More cock for me. I will have to leave a large tip for the Air B and B owners because I am certain there is cum all over the place. Places cum  has never been too, like the ceiling fan. Some of those boys were just spraying their seed everywhere. I was basking in the cum as was my daughter. We had to help some of her coed friends, however. This cougar can go wild, but some of those girls had never been a gangbang whore before. They needed a phone sex milf to show them how it is done. I could have handled all the frat boys on my own, but I like to help the younger girls be the whores they were meant to be. My daughter is the best whore there is because I taught her. Maybe you have a little girl I could train to be a good whore too?

Phone Sex Cuckolding is Something I Know a Thing or Two About

phone sexDo you enjoy cuckold phone sex? My husband and I have an open relationship. When we first got married, he struggled to believe that black cock was any better than white cock. So, I showed him.  We had only been married a few years. His cock was still working then, but I still wanted something bigger and different. He was not small, but he was no big black cock either. I am not a black cock whore or even a size queen. For me, it is about variety and sexual pleasure. I am a slut. I need more than one cock for the rest of my life. I also, wanted to let my husband know why I could not be complacent with his cock for the rest of my life. For some men seeing is believing. He was not my cuckold yet, but once I fucked my first black cock in front of him, he wanted the open relationship. He wanted to be my cuckold. It is a popular fetish phone sex request, interracial cuckolding, and thanks to my horniness and my husband’s suggestion, I am now a cuckold wife. I have been one for almost 30 years.

My first black lover was some random man I picked up at the park. He was down to fuck a married white woman while her husband watched.  I demonstrated to my husband how much bigger a black cock was than a white cock that day. I love a challenge. I made my husband stand next to my hung lover to show him the contrast in length and girth. My husband was sold when he saw me riding that big black cock. My hairy cunt was squirting everywhere. His cock never made me squirt. According to my husband, he never saw a woman enjoy fucking so much. I guess this phone sex milf had a look of pure ecstasy on her face. My husband is a good man. He knew in that moment that I deserved more than he could give and he knew he liked to watch. He has been watching me ever since with black men, white men and even boys. Maybe I can help you and your wife have an open cuckolding marriage too.

Phone Sex Addiction for Women You Look Like Your Mommy

phone sex addictionMy hairy pussy will be your next phone sex addiction. Men of a certain age were raised by mothers with hairy cunts. It was not a thing to see bald pussies until the late 90s and the 2000s. Men over 35 crave mature women that resemble their mothers. They crave the hairy pussies of the 70s and 80s porn movies and dirty magazines. Women nowadays have either a shaved cunt or a very small landing strip. Few women look like me below the waist. It is one of the things that attracts guys to me. I met a guy in a bar the other night. He bought me drinks because I reminded him of his mother. After a few drinks, he had the courage to ask me if I had a hairy pussy like a mature woman should. I pulled up some pictures from my phone sex site and showed him. He grabbed my hand from under the table and had me touch his hard cock. He liked my hairy pussy. I like a hard cock, so we were perfectly matched, I thought. I was in the Bronx. I am a Manhattan woman, but I like to drink in the Bronx or Harlem. Younger men always down to fuck a sexy mature woman with a hairy play station. I went to the back to use the bathroom. He followed a few minutes later. I was not sure he would follow me, but he did. I blew his cock in this little seedy bathroom and he fingered my hairy old cunt. He slipped a finger in my ass too. He was double fingering against a sink in a seedy bathroom and this phone sex milf was squirting all over the place. He was in awe watching my juice spray out of my cunt like that. I was in awe of his big fat cock too. He fucked me up against the sink until I squirted some more. It was a hot encounter. I may never see him again, but I doubt neither of us will forget this random encounter.

Hot Phonesex is What You Get When You Call This Dirty MILF

hot phonesexHot phonesex is the only kind. Sometimes, I am naughty. Now, when I am working, I am not supposed to have anyone in the room when I am talking dirty. It was super slow yesterday and I was extra horny. When I work, I am normally pretty busy. I masturbate with my callers almost always. But I was not getting off on so few calls. Since it was slow, I summoned the boy next door over to help occupy me. I could not leave my shift to look for cock, so I had cock come to me. The boy next door is still in high school. We have been fucking for a couple years now. His parents are clueless. I bet when you were growing up you wished you had a hot milf phone sex slut living next door to you. Anyway, I was blowing the boy when my phone rang. Of course, I went hours without as much as a heavy breather. Now that I had a young stud naked in my bedroom, I was suddenly busy. So, I did what any horny old broad would do. I swore the boy to silence and blew him while talking dirty. Usually, I am sucking on a dildo to simulate that I am sucking my caller’s dick. I love to suck a dildo on calls because my salvia is all the lube that I need to fuck my cunt with that same dildo. Anyway, this guy had a mom fantasy, and he did not know that I had a young boy in my room while we talked. He had no clue I was fulling two mom fantasies at once. That caller got off, as did I, but my phone kept ringing. I can multitask. I kept blowing the lad and eventually he fucked me on a call too. I put the pervert in phone perverts paradise! I guess you will never know now if I am blowing a dildo or a real cock when you call me.


Hot Phonesex with an Insatiable Horny Cougar

hot phone sexI put the hot in hot phonesex. That is because I am a sexy mature woman with a voracious sexual appetite. I always thought as women aged, their sexuality dwindled. I just get sexier and hornier with age. My husband is older than me, but age has affected his boners. Now, he likes to watch. He is like a pervert old man sitting in a corner stroking his meat as he watches his wife fuck some young stud. I had a boy over early this morning who had a fetish for older women. Most younger boys do. I met him at the YMCA where I work out most mornings. I have a gym membership at an upscale gym in Manhattan too, but I prefer to slum at the YMCA in the Bronx because that is where all the horny young men go. I like my lovers young. My husband likes my lovers young too. He will watch me fuck anyone, but the hottest phone sex to him is watching his wife with a super young boy, preferably a virgin who I teach to be a good lover. I came home from the gym with a young teen boy. He was at the gym before school hoping to pick up a sexy milf. I told him I would drive him to school even though I had to bring him back to Manhattan where I live to fuck him, then take him back to the Bronx where he goes to school. It was worth the traffic jams to get some young teen cock in my hairy milf pussy. When he saw my hairy bush, he fell to his knees to worship it. My husband retired from his law practice at the end of the year, so now he is home a lot to watch his phone sex milf wife in action. The boy did not realize my old man was watching. Younger boys get freaked out by an old man watching them fuck. My husband does not like boys though. He just likes knowing his wife is still hot enough to bang those young studs. It was a busy morning of fucking and driving, but it was all worth it. That young boy fucked the shit out of me before it was even 8 am. Now, that’s how I like to start a day.

Phone Sex Milf Esmerelda Seduces a Virgin Teen Boy

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf is always on the prowl for young studs. Over the winter break, I was meeting all sorts of teenage boys at Central Park. Once the young ones went back to school this week, however, the number of young boys out at the park dwindled. I do love being the mature sexy woman who gets a young boy addicted to milfs. I am a sexy milf. A hot mommy. A cheating wife. Young boys gravitate to me, and women like me. I met a cute teenage boy walking our dogs this morning. He was on his way to school, but I detoured him. I even called his school and posed as his mother to say he would be late to school today because of a dentist appointment. He was happy that a sexy milf phone sex slut was flirting with him. I brought him to my place and seduced him in one of my son’s rooms. My sons are grown up now and no longer live at home, but they still have rooms here for when they visit. The lad was nervous. Turns out he was a virgin. I have not had a virgin boy in forever. This was like winning the lottery for me. I was gentle on him. I sucked his cock first. Turns out it was his first head too. I was not sure why he was a virgin. He was a strapping lad. Good looking. Nice, buff body. Seemed to have great social skills. Perhaps he was lying because he thought it would be hot to pretend to be a virgin for a cougar. I ate it up though. Ate him up too and he ate me up, LOL. He wanted to eat my hairy pussy. He said my pussy looked like one of the pussies in his father’s old Penthouse magazines. I laughed because his father had to have a vintage stack of dirty magazines for there to be women with hairy beavers still. I fucked the boy for a couple hours and dropped him off at school while his cum ran down my legs. I think I just became his phone sex addiction.

Kinky Phone Sex Memories with My Daughter and My Sex Machine

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex memories are being made this holiday. My oldest son got me a sex machine for Christmas. I mean what do you get your mommy whore who has everything? It was not just a gift for mommy, however. I woke up this morning and found my daughter breaking in my new toy. She is home from college for a few more weeks. She wanted to jump start the fun. Her and I have a lot of kinky fun together. Usually, we are sharing cocks together, but today we shared sex toys. It was super cold outside from this winter storm, so staying inside playing with my new toy was all we needed. My girl puts the hot in hot phonesex. She thought I would be mad at her. Never. I was just jealous that my toy was inside her instead of my fingers and tongue. I crawled between her legs and started licking her bald beaver. Her little mound is puffy and smooth. Much different than my hairy old cunt.  Feels so good on my mouth. I had that bald cunnie all worked up too. Her little girl juices cascaded over my face like a babbling stream. I was just lapping it all up. I used the sex machine on her wet cunt to see if I could make her squirt. Something big and fast inside a woman’s pussy often makes her squirt. My girl’s legs were quivering. She was a bowl of Jell-O. When she used it on me, I was the same way. It was like my legs turned to rubber. I was squirting all over her face. She was basking in my love nectar. She loves mommy’s cunt. And l love her cunt and her ass. I think this sex machine is going to see a lot of action. It may be the best gift ever. It sure will make for some of the hottest phone sex moments.

Phone Sex Esmerelda Will Peg Your Ass for Christmas

phone sex milfThis horny phone sex Milf wants to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope you got everything you wanted. I sure did. I have my entire family under my roof again. It is like a flash to a Christmas past when my two boys were schoolboys still. My stepsons were in high school, and my daughter was in my belly. Now everyone is adults. No one lives at home still. But the holidays, birthdays and any special occasion, we are all together. Family matters. I love family time. When I first got married, I snuck around on my husband with his two young teen boys. Those boys are in their early 40s now, but they still love fucking their hot stepmom. They feel like my boys because I raised them, and I fucked them like a good mommy whore should. Now, their father knows and sometimes he likes to watch. It makes for the hottest phone sex stories. My husband is my cuckold, but he does not do anything with his boys. He did play with his daughter when he was younger though and his cock still worked. As close to fucking his sons as I can get him is watching. I tried to get him to fuck his boys when they were younger, but he would not go there. I fucked his boys instead. I do not mean I just let them fuck me. I fucked them in the ass with a strapon too. It is a secret fetish of most men, but my daughter and I know it does not mean you are gay because you like something in your ass. That is your G-spot. The prostate should be massaged often. So, mommy put on the strapon last night and fucked the asses of my two sons and two stepsons. I even fucked my daughter with it too. It turned into a family group sex orgy. It has been a great Christmas so far. How is your Christmas going?

How To Phone Sex This or That Kink of Fetish with a No Taboos MILF

how to phone sexGuys ask me all the time how to phone sex this or that kink or fetish. Men know that I am a no taboos woman with a lot of different experiences. I have been fucking since I was a teen girl. I have always had a curious mind too. I believe that I cannot know if I like or dislike something if I do not try it. I guess you could call me experimental. There is not much I have not tried. There is not anything I will not try when it comes to sex. I raised my daughter to be open sexually too. She tried something new recently and she could not wait to tell me about it. She is fucking one of her professors. She cannot tell anyone but her mother because he would get in trouble, and she would likely too. She has always loved older men. But she told me this professor of hers has a little girl phone sex addiction. He likes his girls much younger than my daughter, but he has never acted on it for fear of getting arrested. I hear that often from my callers. They stress that this is just fantasy when they call me for some P fun. My daughter dressed up for this dirty professor. She put her hair in pigtails, strapped down her boobs, and wore a little schoolgirl outfit with cable socks and did a daddy daughter role play with him. She told me she has never been asked to be younger than she is. I get it all the time, but she is 20. She is still young, but to a hardcore P man, I guess 20 is too old. My daughter looks and sounds younger than 20 though. She told me it was hot to fuck him pretending to be his super young daughter. She even called him Da Da. I was masturbating as she told me all about it. She is home for the holidays, and I think I will have some age play phone sex with my baby girl too. Maybe you can give me some ideas?

Fetish Phone Sex for Cock and Ball Torture

fetish phone sexI am known as a fetish phone sex freak. I am into all kinds of kinky things. I like incest. I like black cocks. I like anal sex. I like cuckolding. I even enjoy cock and ball torture. I am not sure why I like it. I am a lover not a fighter, but a couple years ago, a man paid me money I did not need to kick him in the balls. He was a stranger. It was a random encounter in central park. I figured if he wanted his junk to be sore, it was none of my business to question why. I mean my time as a phone sex whore has taught me that men have all kinds of fetishes and kinks. Some are just fantasies and others have real experiences with their kinks and fantasies. The guy never told me his name. He gave me the $500 first, and then in my high heels I kicked him hard in the crotch. He fell to his knees quickly and thanked me. That was like making $500 in 5 minutes. Easiest money ever. But it gave me a taste for CBT fun. I started going to BDSM clubs as a dominatrix. I enjoyed the clubs too. I would go in a latex outfit, or all dressed in black leather. I enjoyed being a mistress and a dominatrix. After a while, I got a reputation. Men would come to the club to see me. Men with small dicks, even men with big dicks, which surprised me. All kinds of men love cock and ball torture. I do CBT phone sex calls too, but in person, really doing it, is so much fun. The most fun. Covid happened, and I did not go t o the club for over a year. I went back recently, and they were lining up for me again. I sent one guy to the ER. He wanted me to bust a ball. I was hesitant because like I said earlier, I am more of a lover than a fighter. He got what he wanted though. Who am I to question your fetish, right? So, if you need some cock and ball torture, this phone mistress will put on her high heels and get ready to give you a swift kick in the balls.