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phone sex whoreI love being a phone sex whore. I have enjoyed it more this past year because my access to cock was curtailed to keep my much older husband safe. I enjoy cock. I have never been one to discriminate either. Old cock, young cock, married cock, black cock, white cock, average cock or big cock…I just love cock. I am in my 50s. My days of getting pregnant are over. Men love being able to bareback a woman. Some, I let think I can still get knocked up because it turns them on. The younger guys, especially, enjoy the thought of knocking me up. Older men know I am about past my prime for getting pregnant, but young boys they have no clue about age and biology yet. I picked up these two young brothers yesterday. I was just walking the dog when I realized I had some young creepers following me around. I love stalkers, especially the young and full of cum ones. I turned around and confronted them. They were not as sly as they thought they were. I invited them back to my place. They thought maybe I was going to call their parents or something. I let them catch a flash of my sexy boobs just to assure them that I was no narc. I am a phone sex milf predator. I love young cock. Once inside my place, I stripped naked. They followed suit. I had them stroke their young peckers for me. I wanted to watch them grow. I got on the floor, spread my legs, and had them pump their hard dicks into my hairy milf cunt. They asked me if they could put a baby in me. I thought it was cute, so I told them yes. They thrust their little peckers fast and hard telling me they were giving me their baby batter. Clearly, they have watched impregnation porn.  They nutted in me and left. As they left, I told them I was sure they had given me a baby. I sure do love fucking the young.

Hot Phonesex Story About Giving a Vet a Handjob

hot phonesexHot phonesex stories are created by me daily. I am a dirty old woman. I get older and kinkier. I am a generous woman though. Generous to all kinds of men, but especially to Vets. I have a special place in my heart and pussy for veterans because my first-born son is career military. He just came home permanently from Afghanistan last year. He is still trying to find a job but has not been successful yet because of Covid. He is volunteering with veterans at the VA. I went with him yesterday, on Labor Day to visit hospitalized Veterans. I broke off from him and ended up in this one Vet’s room. He was young and handsome like my son. He recently had his leg amputated steaming from an infection that developed from shrapnel lodged in his leg. I wanted to cheer him up. I sat with him, and we got to talking. His girlfriend left him because he had to have his leg amputated.  I told him it was her loss. The more we talked, the wetter my pussy got. It was not pity. He was a handsome man with big cock. He had a tent under his hospital gown. He told me I reminded him of his mother. He then proceeded to tell me how he beat off thinking about her every night. His confession was like a hot phonesex fantasy with one of my callers. While he was telling me about his hot mommy, I gave him a hand job. Least I could do for his sacrifice, right? He gave his leg for his country. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him feel special. He was a Vet, and he was in the hospital alone. He never stopped me as I jacked his cock. His cock was huge. It was like a leg on its own. I was jacking him fast as I told him to pretend that I was his horny mommy. That made him cum quickly. I gave a Vet a hand job in the VA hospital with people not very far away. I could have been caught and excused of molesting a disabled veteran. Nothing disabled about his big hard cock! He gave me the biggest cum shot between my fingers and another hot phonesex story to share.

hot phonesex

Hottest Phone Sex MILF

hottest phone sex

The hottest phone sex is with a milf. I love being a hot milf, especially in New York City. There are so many folks out and about any given day. Tourists, young folks, locals. So many options for a horny milf. I live across from Central Park. Any day I need a cock in a hurry, like this morning, I put on something sexy and walk across the street. I never have to wander around long before someone hits on me. I can make the first move no problem, but I rarely need to do that. Guys of all ages want me. Younger guys love a sexy milf. Men my age never turn down free pussy. I picked up two young Italian tourists this morning. Teen boys who did not speak much English, but they knew enough to understand what I was offering them. I brought them home and got tag teamed by two Italian teens in my marriage bed. I did not understand much of what they were saying. Rosetta Stone never taught me the Italian dirty words. It was all okay though. I just had to point where I wanted cocks, fingers and tongues. They had big cocks for their ages too. Honestly, I had no idea if their parents were near by or if they were just in the city alone for the day. They could have been exchange students too. Their big hard cocks filled me up though. Having both in me at the same time made me feel like a phone sex whore and a porn star. They had stamina beyond their years. My guess is they have fucked mature women before. They knew how to make love to my pussy with their mouths like seasoned men. After a few hours of passionate fucking, they left. I took a nap in a huge wet spot. A wet spot that my husband will sleep in later tonight as I tell him all about the two teen boys, I picked up today.

Phone Sex MILF Gone Wild

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf has a voracious sexual appetite. Guys call me every day who have wives my age. Sexually, their wives are the polar opposite of me though. They keep their legs closed for their husbands. My legs may be closed for my husband, but they are spread wide for everyone else. I am the town tramp. I live in New York City, so I know I am not alone. There are lots of tramps and plenty of horny, undersexed men in need of some fun. I was at a dive bar and met my soul sister. A mature woman like me from the upper Northside. Educated, refined, rich, married and a total tramp. We bonded over shots of Tequila. We had our choice of men as we were the only women in a packed bar of horny working-class men. Her and I started making out on the pool table in hopes the men would gather around us and jerk off. They did better than that. They wanted to fuck us. We were down for that.  We leaned over the pool table with our panties around our ankles. Men lined up to gang bang us. It turned into one hot phonesex story. We knew no one. We never got names or ages. We just got cock and cum. Plenty of both. We were side by side so we could kiss and fondle each other’s tits. The guys were fucking us from behind. Cocks in our assholes and cunts. Cum running down our legs. There was a huge pool of cum underneath us. I bet we would have made porn stars blush with our nasty antics. We both slithered home to our husbands and families with a ton of cum in our cunts and assholes. There was so much jizz inside me, that as I slept last night, I drenched the bed with my creampie. My husband slept in the wet spot I got from banging random men in a seedy bar.

Group Sex with My Family

group sexI am always down for some group sex, especially if it involves my family. My stepsons and sons, along with a couple nephews are visiting for my husband’s 70th birthday. How excited was I to learn everyone was coming to stay for a long weekend? My daughter is here too. We went out to eat Friday night at my husband’s favorite restaurant then saw a Broadway musical. My husband loves plays and musicals. His birthday was not over yet when we came home, however. I planned a hot sex show for him. You see my husband has dick issues. With his age and medicines he takes, his dick is not as randy as it once was. He discovered that he likes to watch his slut wife in action, especially with our offspring. We sat him in a chair with a full view of the bed. My daughter and I started sucking her brothers’ cocks. Just from the oral his wife and daughter were delivering to his boys, his broke down dick was twitching. My daughter and I love sharing cock together. The boys were taking turns on our mouths. There were 6 boys and just me and my girl. We like it when there are more cocks than cunts. That means we always have three cocks in us. I love it when my boys make a sandwich out of me. My husband’s limp cock was rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. He was enjoying his birthday surprise. So was I. Fuck, we all were. Do you have family orgy fantasies? Family fucking is a way of life for me. I love it when everyone is together under the same roof. My husband had a birthday cum. First orgasm in years.  He said it was the best birthday present ever. I must agree. It was like we all got a present.

This Phone Sex Whore is a Nympho

phone sex whoreI am a phone sex whore because I am a whore. When I was a young schoolgirl, my mother discovered me masturbating. She hauled me off to a shrink who diagnosed me as a nymphomaniac. The psychology world no longer uses that term. I think they call women sex addicts now. I am not an addict. I just have a high libido. I always have. I was sexually active way before any of my friends. Now that I am older, my sexual prime has made me hornier than a group of teen boys. I am always on the prowl for cock. Old cock young cock, I do not care. When I was a young girl, older men wanted into my panties. They wanted my young bald pussy. Now, men my age and older want girls my daughter’s age or even younger. But their sons all want me and my hairy pussy. My husband has a friend with a teen grandson. The grandson is a few years younger than my daughter. The boy is with his grandpa for the month while his parents travel for work. His grandpa has no clue what to do with a teen boy, but I do. I invited him to stay with us for the weekend. I thought we could go to a movie and maybe an Escape Room.  We have all the video games too. I was hoping if he was hanging around, he might get a whiff of my hormones and want to bang this phone sex milf. My daughter got to him first. She normally prefers older men, but she caught him jacking off and discovered that his dick was big, especially for his age. I got jealous. I usually am not, but I had set the weekend up so I could fuck him and my baby girl beat me to his cock. Last night was his final night with us, and I broke up their little twosome. I made it a threesome he will never forget. That teen boy got to fuck a coed and a cougar who were mother and daughter. My girl and I love sharing cock. I did not stay mad at her long. He did have a huge cock that could make any woman greedy.

Porn for Masturbation

I watch a lot of porn for masturbation. I always have watched porn. Back when I was a schoolgirl, I would peek at my daddy’s porn collection. He had Playboys and Penthouses, and a bunch of porn DVDs. I started masturbating young. I was diddling my kitty long before I fucked my daddy. I think I was inspired to seduce daddy by watching his secret porn collection. Honestly, I thought daddy might have had a thing for me because most of his videos were Lolita seductions. Young girls being seduced by older men, and sometimes in his movies the girls called the guy daddy. It sure got me thinking of daddy’s dick. My father played hard to get, but I broke him down. Once a man has a young pussy, he cannot pass it up ever again. Fast forward a few decades, and I still watch porn. Just now, what I am getting off to is older women with younger guys. That is what happens to women as they age. When they are young with bald pussies, they want daddy types. Older men to spoil them and teach them about sex. When the women become milf phone sex stars, they want young cubs who can keep up with them and not have erection issues. I found myself alone last night. I should have gone out looking for dick, but my city was muggy as fuck. I just wanted to stay indoors where it was cool. I started watching the old 80s porn Taboo about a mother and her young son fucking for the first time. I was lost in masturbation when my son came home early. He knows that video well. He was naked and stroking his cock before I realized he was there. We recreated the seen in the hotel bedroom, and it was one of the best cums in a long time. I love that my sons still want to fuck their mommy. They are grown up now, with lives of their own, but they always have time to fuck their mommy like a whore.

Phone Sex Milf

phone sex milfI love being a phone sex milf. Many men love a milf with a harry pussy because it reminds them of their mothers when they were young. Men who grew up before the 90s all had mothers with hair on their pussies. When they would spy on mommy in the shower, she had a big old bush. Her panties had little curly hairs in the crotch. Those panties smelled muskier too. I grew up with a mother with a hairy pussy. I shaved my pussy in the 90s, but when I started fucking my stepsons, they told me I should have hair because I am a mature woman. I was in my 30s then. They convinced me to grow it back. They love eating my hairy twat. All boys do. I had this one guy I dated in the 90s who said I would never get a man with a hairy pussy. I shaved my twat for him, but my stepson reminded me that the hallmark of a mature woman is that hairy pussy. Never once have I encountered a man who thought I was unattractive because of a hairy pussy again. Most men love it because it takes them back to being young men who jacked off thinking about mommy’s bush. I hooked up with a man in his 40s last night. We met on Tinder. When he arrived at my place, he called me mommy and shared that I looked just like his mother below the waist. That made me feel so good. He ate my pussy and licked my hairy taint too. We enjoyed fucking. He was about 12 years younger than me but calling me mommy made him feel 30 years younger. I still fuck my sons and my stepsons, but I do miss those younger years when they were fascinated with mommy’s hairy snatch.

My Hairy Pussy is a Phone Sex Addiction

phone sex addiction

I will become your phone sex addiction with my hairy pussy and high libido. I woke up horny with an empty house. I hate when that happens. But when you are a sexy MILF in a big city and it is summer, you never have to go far to find some cock. I put on a sexy outfit that accentuated my boobs and left the house to troll in Central Park for some young boys to fuck. When a cougar is on the prowl, she gives off a scent that horny boys pick up on quickly. I did not even have to walk across the street to get action. Two boys whizzed by me on their bikes and quickly turned around. They got a whiff of my horny hairy pussy and wanted some is my guess. I invited them inside. They parked their bikes in front of my brownstone and followed me inside. I recognized them from the neighborhood, but I did not know them Biblically. Not yet at least. I went into the kitchen for some MILF and cookies. They wasted no time. I was gone 5 minutes tops. When I came back, they were naked stroking their young cocks. They knew what they were there. They wanted the MILF, not the cookies. I buried my face between one of the boy’s legs so I could suck on some boy cock. My big round ass was twerking in the air as I sucked on that little boy dick; so, the other boy helped himself to my ass. He slid his hard dick right in my ass as I continued to suck his brother’s cock. I was living the milf dream with two boy cocks inside me at once. Those brothers were horny dogs too. They could not keep their hands off me. They fingered my snatch, pinched my nipples, licked all over my body and fondled my boobs. It was just what I needed to pass one of the dog days of summer.  They have not been gone long, and I already want more boy dick.

Orgy Fantasies Cum True

orgy fantasiesDo you have orgy fantasies? I am a swinger. It is just a polite way of saying I am a whore down to fuck. My husband is more of a sidelines guy. He likes to watch. My orgies are more like gang bangs. The one I had last night got my old husband’s broke down dick hard for the first time without the aid of a little blue pill. Honestly, I was amazed. It started out as a hook up with me and this younger guy. He is still in high school, but my husband hired him to landscape our yard. It got pretty ugly after a year of us having to do it ourselves. I thought he hired the boy to mow my lawn, you know what I am talking about? The boy was checking me out. I checked him right back. It was my birthday. I thought he was a birthday gift from the old man. I fucked him. My husband came home with three young studs for me to fuck. They were my birthday present. Me bad. I was fucking the lawn boy who had no clue he was getting a hairy pussy for mowing our yard. The other boys knew they were coming to fuck a phone sex milf. The more the merrier is what I am always thinking. I was in heaven. Four young teen boys with hard cocks wanting to fuck me? Hell, yes. Happy birthday to me. My husband was watching, and I could see his dick growing. The last time he watched me with four young guys, I was fucking our sons and his boys from his late wife. He loves to watch me with the boys. This was bringing back memories of me with our schoolboys. These boys were about the same age as our boys when I started letting them all fuck me at once. It was a happy birthday for me. Now, my boys are visiting me, and we are making new gangbang mommy memories.

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