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This Phone Sex Slut Enjoys Summertime Beach Fucking

Nothing like summertime beach fucking with a phone sex slut! My husband and I took a weekend get away to Brighton Beach in New York. Even though the beach is not located far from us, we packed up a suitcase and rented an Air B and B within walking distance to the beach. I felt like it was time to get the summer going. Plus, I am an exhibitionist who enjoys summertime beach fucking.

Although my husband does not practice public fucking or public masturbation like me, he enjoys watching his slut wife in action. And I love to be watched. A busy beach never stops me from having some sexy fun. My husband and I parked our lounge chairs in the middle of the beach and people watched.

This phone sex slut enjoys checking out the talent. And I have a way of enticing men to fuck me, even on a public beach. All I do is rub my hairy pussy within their view. So, I spotted a young hunk. Likely a college boy. Not that I care about age, but I am usually good at figuring out ages. The boy caught my eye. And he checked me out. So, I pulled my bikini bottom to the side and let him check out my hairy cunt. And he took the bait.

I Love Public Fucking, Even on a Beach. Do You?

You’d be surprised how much kinky stuff goes on in public that most people miss, even beach fucking. Folks are talking on the phone, surfing the net or texting. Not everyone pays attention. And they miss a lot of hot action like beach fucking. This stud walked right over to me. He did not care about my husband. No boy should. My husband loves that his wife is a slut. This stud stood close to me so I could see his boner. I looked around to find a more secluded spot to fuck.

If the beach had been less crowded, I would have fucked him right there. I love beach fucking. But I do not want to get arrested either.  So, this phone sex slut and her boy toy found an area behind a dune to fuck. And my husband stood guard. But he watched too. He loves watching me have random sexual encounters with much younger men. This stud had a huge cock too. And boy did it feel good. I was not just enjoying some summertime beach fucking. I was enjoying summertime beach squirting too.

The fucking did not last long. We both came quickly because of the public setting. But damn did his cock hit the spot! My husband and I need to come to the beach more often.

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Hottest Phone Sex Calls Explore Your Kinks and Fetishes

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex can be anything we want. We can explore a hot role play. Or we can talk about personal experiences. And we can even explore your fetishes. I am game for anything. Recently, I picked up a new regular caller. And he wants to be a cock sucking faggot. Since I never judge anyone, I am game to explore any fetish you may have. And Paul wanted to suck cock. Although it took me a while to pull the information from him, I got him to admit that he looks at cocks in the locker room and a couple times explored sexually with a male neighbor boy as a teenager.

I operate a discreet phone sex line. So, if your fetish or fantasy falls into the taboo category, do not fear. I am not here to shame you. Not at all. I want to help you. After discussing dicks a few times, I encouraged Paul to find some cock. And I even helped him navigate all the places near him to get some cock. Although I pushed for Grinder, he wanted something more anonymous. And nothing delivers anonymity better than a glory hole.

I Want To Help You Explore Your Fetishes

Paul felt nervous, so I jokingly said take me with you. And he thought that idea seemed perfect. So, I traveled along with Paul as he went to this glory hole, we found at an adult bookstore 20 miles from where he lives. Even though he acted nervously, he sucked dick while I listened. I coached him on how to drain balls, but lots of it comes down to natural ability and desire to please. And Paul wanted to please those random dicks.

Men possess the same advantage as women when it comes to giving head.  Women know how to eat pussy because we know what feels good to us. And it’s the same thing for men. I enjoyed listening to him gulp on one cock after another.  I think Paul might have been the belle of the glory hole last night. Although we enjoyed a long phone sex call, I know Paul felt it was worth it. I served as his life coach, helping him do what he always wanted to do. Now, I can help you too.

Phone Sex Addiction For Big Black Cocks Seems Common

phone sex addictionI want to be your next phone sex addiction. And I think you may be looking for a rabbit hole to go down too. Am I right? I am a no limits phone whore. But I am a no limits whore in my life too. Age play, mature fantasies, family fun, water sports, cuckolding with BBC… You name it, I have likely at least tried it. My newest fuck buddy is an 18-year-old bi-curious boy. Honestly, I think he may be more gay than bi. Although he fucks me well, he’s 18 and they all fuck well at that age.

He enjoys me pegging his ass more than he enjoys fucking my cunt. And that’s okay. As an open-minded phone sex milf, I told him I wanted to help him decide which team he batted for. Early understanding of one’s sexuality is the key to happiness. No one, male or female, should repress who they are for fear of judgement. If you think about sucking cock or get aroused at gay or interracial porn, let yourself explore so you know for sure.

With Mike being only 18, I thought he might enjoy getting a real cock to know if he is just a submissive male or if he is a gay male. So, last night, I took him to the adult bookstore. I wanted him to suck some cock and maybe get fucked. I wanted to see how he did sucking some random cocks before I knocked on a wall to get him fucked. And he seemed nervous. But I think he seemed more nervous about realizing he might be gay then sucking the dicks.

Let Me Help You Decide If You are Bi, Gay or Just Gay for BBC

Although he has only ever sucked my strapon, he managed to suck some large black cocks that came out of the glory holes. But I noticed something. He had less enthusiasm for the white dicks coming through the holes. So, perhaps he is not gay. But I would classify him as a black cock faggot. But then many men are. I watched him go crazy sucking those big black dicks. And turn his nose up at the little white ones.

I took him back home and fucked him again. Now we know. He does like cock, but only BBC. But unless you have some hot phonesex with a sexy MILF like me, you may not know if you are straight, bisexual, gay or just gay for big black cocks. Let me help you like I helped my 18-year-old fuck buddy.

Hot Phonesex with a Horny, Hot MILF Leaves Your Balls Dry

hot phonesexThis milf puts the hot in hot phonesex. I love my job. Although I do not need to work, I love to work. My job gets me in trouble. But the good kind of trouble. I went out last night trolling for cock. However, I had zero luck. Can you believe that? A sexy MILF like me striking out. I mean it was not because no one seemed interested in me. No one of substance appeared out. Although I am a whore, I still have my standards. I like young boys and men with big dicks. And I do not settle for less.

So, I came home and worked. I knew some of my horny callers would help me cum. Men enjoy mutual masturbation, and so do I. And I found a horny man right after signing in too. Sure, I prefer to fuck, but when that is not an option, I will masturbate with you. My toy chest contains over 100 different dildos and vibrators. A mature sexy woman always has batteries and sex toys. And lube too.

A Horny MILF Loves to Masturbate with You

Max and I decided on a scenario where he caught mommy playing with her hairy cunt and he replaced her fingers and sex toy with his fingers, cock and tongue. All right by me. I love mommy son role plays. I made the experience seem real for Max. My wild imagination helps me get off all the time. And it helps men like you and Max get off too.

Mommy encouraged her baby boy to come closer and check out her hairy beaver. And Max seemed full of curiosity. Before long, this sexy mommy had her son eating her pussy. I used my Rabbit vibrator to simulate his tongue going back and forth on my clit. And when this phone sex mommy came, so did Max. Sounded like his cock erupted with a volcanic load of cum. And according to Max he came harder than ever. So, did I.

I want to get off with you too.

Another Kinky Phone Sex Summer with My daughter

kinky phone sexI think I might say this is my kinky phone sex summer. And a lot of it has to do with my daughter. She is the spice of life for me. My mini me. Every bit as horny as I am too. Last night, I stayed in with my husband. My daughter went out with some friends. My husband and I watched a movie. After he went to bed, I thought about signing on and talking to some perverts because I was horny. However, my plans changed when my daughter came home with a guy.

I started to go upstairs to give them some privacy, but she stopped me. She wanted me to hang with them. Although her and I love group sex, not all men want to join a girl with her mother. But apparently, she bragged about her sexy mommy to him over shots at the bar. And he did not believe how close we are. So, we decided to show him. We kissed and fingered each other while he pulled out his dick. While my daughter ate my hairy pussy, I asked him if he believed her now. He just nodded and smelled.

My Daughter and I Share Everything, Especially Cock

She hopped on his cock. And I hopped on his face. My husband missed all the fun. He takes a sleeping pill every night, so I knew I could not wake him to watch. My husband loves to watch me and his baby girl with each other and with other people too. As my girl rode this dude’s impressive cock, I rode his face. He knew how to eat pussy. When my daughter came on his cock, she told me to take a ride. We switched positions. He did not seem to mind tasting his own cock on her pussy. A man after my own heart.

This phone sex milf and her daughter played all night with this guy. And we played all morning with each other. This might be my last summer with my daughter before she starts her adult life after college. So, I am going to enjoy it as much as I can.

Phone Sex MILF Esmerelda Films Her Daughter Getting Bar Banged

phone sex milfThis phone sex milf had a wild night. Every night I go out with my daughter turns into a wild night. She acts like a cat in heat on summer break. She has one more year of college. And I cannot believe the time has flown by. She’s my baby. But she is not a baby. However, she is a whore just like me. And we see nothing wrong with that. My mini me. However, she acts bolder than I did when I was her age.

Don’t get me wrong. I fucked a lot of men. But I did not brag about it. Nor did I fuck in public. Different times. My daughter recently joined Only Fans. And she wanted to film some raunchy content to boost her fan base so she can make some serious money. She was a little late to the game. The platform seems saturated now with college girls phone sex babes. So, she needs a niche. And she thought a bar bang with her sexy momma might boost her career.

I Encourage My Daughter to be a Horny Whore Like Me

We had a few drinks, and waited until everyone else seemed as lit as we were. She went first stroking cocks and blowing them too. I filmed it for her. I am proud of my sexually liberated daughter. She is my only daughter. And my mom thought something was wrong with me because I masturbated as a schoolgirl. She slut shamed me before I was really even a slut yet. So, I vowed to encourage my daughter’s sexuality and never shame her.

And I lived up to my promise. I proved it last night filming her blow, stroke and fuck a bar packed of drunk men. Eventually, I joined her in the fun. How could I not? It felt like I was watching myself fuck when I filmed her. And I felt so proud of her. Another girl in the bar filmed this phone sex whore and her daughter taking care of men together. By the time we returned home, the sun was out, and we were covered in jizz. Just another hot date night with my girl.

Hottest Phone Sex Babes Turn Your Wives Into Jizz Junkies Too

hottest phone sexI know how to have the hottest phone sex. And I can help your wife too. One of my fuck buddies is married. Now, I do not usually enjoy being a home wrecker. But this guy and his wife engage in a polyamorous relationship. Do you know what that means? They are happily married, but they each have a lover too. A wife and a girlfriend who both approve.  That’s like winning the lottery, right?

However, his wife lacks some enthusiasm in the bedroom, and he asked me, his mistress, to show her a few things. Most men tell me they wish their wives were more like me. But this might have been the first time a husband acted on his wish. His wife seemed eager to please. Her boyfriend complains about her too. She enjoys sex, but she just doesn’t respond like she does. So, men think she more like a dead fish counting ceiling tiles, waiting for it to be over.

I am a Natural Cum Whore and I Can Make Your Wife a Jizz Junkie Too

So, this phone sex milf taught her how to be a cheerleader for cock and cum. Men do love it when we act excited to taste their seed and suck their cock. Now, I truly love it. No faking with me. I am a cum whore. A total jizz junkie. But for some women cum can be an acquired taste. And I can teach women to fake it until they make it. I mean you want a woman happy to swallow your cum, right?

My lover seemed very impressed with the work I did with his wife. After a few hours with her under my wing, I had her on her knees begging for her husband’s cock. And when he spewed his spunk on her face she beamed with pride. I made her husband’s cock and cum her phone sex addiction. Just like it is mine. But I am a jizz junkie. Perhaps, I can turn your wife into a nasty cum whore in the bedroom too?

Kinky Phone Sex Fun Never Gets Boring for Me

kinky phone sexKinky phone sex feels perfect for me. I have never been a vanilla woman. Although I grew up privileged, I still enjoy working and earning my own money. And I enjoy fucking. Guys ask me all the time if I am an escort and I say no every time. I’ve never taken money to fuck. It is not that I am some morally upright woman. Far from it. I think I convinced myself if fucking became a job, I might not enjoy it anymore.

However, my phone job has not made me hate it and I have been doing this for about 6 years now. So, when Oscar asked me how much for a night with him, I knew he mistook me for an escort. He found me in a hotel bar. Now, I had no plans to pick up horny men. I had plans with my daughter.

She and I agreed to meet at this swank hotel bar near the restaurant we had dinner reservations at. However, she had to cancel on me at the last moment. So, this phone sex milf decided to enjoy some cocktails before arranging for an Uber to take me home. Oscar sat next to me and bought me a couple drinks. He seemed like a harmless fun man. I find out of town businessmen a lot of fun in bed.

I Got Mistaken for a Hooker and I Loved It

But he thought I was a pro. And I simply asked him what he thought a night with a sexy mature woman would be worth. And he mentioned an obscene amount of money which flattered me. So, I agreed to spend the night with him in his hotel room. I am almost 60, but Oscar told me he just turned 38. Young and rich. All I could hope for was that he was hung too.

And he had a decent sized cock. No dick issues that I could tell. Married man jonesing for a sexy MILF. He asked if he could call me mommy, and I told him mommy would take care of him. I never took money for sex before. But I get paid for phone sex all the time. I looked at it as a big tip for taking care of this horny man. And I drained his balls dry. In fact, he tipped me too. Told me no woman has ever made him cum more than once in an evening and I got 4. That’s because I am a mature woman with skills and a healthy love for cum.

I didn’t need his money, but it was fun being mistaken for an escort. And I guess the money just made me want to take care of him more. Who knows, I may take money to fuck again. It turned out to be hotter than anticipated.

Group Sex Turns This Sexy MILF On

group sexI enjoy group sex. Sadly, I missed the swinger craze because of my age. If my mom birthed me a decade earlier, I would have been a swinger and a fixture at Studio 54 in NYC. But I have made up for lost time. Many men who meet me, think I might be one of the wildest women they have ever met. And I never grow tired of hearing that. Honestly, it is the best thing you can say to me.

My daughter is home for the summer from college. And we have been going out every night to enjoy ourselves. You only live once, right? Her and I enjoy orgies and group fucking. Nothing we do not enjoy doing together. Nothing. So, on Friday she asked me if I would be her date for this house party a friend from high school decided to throw. And I was game. I miss the days of her teenage friends hanging out at the house daily.

We dressed provocatively and drank liberally. And we were not the only ones with orgy fantasies at this party. Most of her friends, especially the men, seemed happy to see this sexy milf again. Even though I had her later in life as my last born, I have always acted young at heart. And I have always fucked like a horny teen girl, LOL. Once my daughter and I began making out, boys pulled their cocks out. It did not take long before we all started fucking like wild animals in heat.

I Share Everything with My Daughter, Even Cock and Cum

Even the other girls at the party went wild. I will never say no to a teenage orgy. Some of the boys still attended high school. Baby brothers of her friends. Most of them still attend college with a few on to their post college life. But I was more than twice the age of anyone there. And I got more cock than any other girl too, my daughter included. But I love the attention young men give this sexy phone sex milf.

At one point, I had three young studs fucking me at once and a group of boys waiting their turns. Brought back memories of teenage parties at my house when my daughter still attended high school. My daughter and came home from the party with cum filled cunts. We played some together and fell asleep spooning. I love having my mini me back home with me. We are going to have so much fun this summer.

Never Too Old to Enjoy College Girls Phone Sex or My College Aged Daughter

college girls phone sexI am not too old for college girls phone sex. Nope. Not when I have a college age daughter. She arrived home for her last summer break. She will finish her senior year and graduate before long. Where does the time go? Some days, it seems like yesterday when I would eat her little bald cunt before high school. Or share her with some teenage boys. She is my mini me. My youngest offspring. We decided to celebrate her homecoming for the summer with a threesome.

One of her best friends who I fucked as a high school boy came over to play and celebrate her return. This boy goes to college too. But he attends out of state, so I rarely get to see him. So, glad she called him because her phone sex milf mommy needed some young cock. His cock looks as good as it feels too. He seemed as happy to see me as I was to see him. Boy, his cock has only gotten better too.

This Dirty Mommy Loves to Share Cock with her Daughter

My daughter loves to masturbate her shaved cunt while I suck and fuck one of her friends. What a good looking boy too. I rode his cock for a long while. We switched up positions often. At one point I was riding his cock while my daughter sucked on his balls and played with his ass. I love sharing cock with her. And she loves being my wingman for young studs. After I came on her friend’s cock, she sucked his dick. Polished that knob clean. She loves the taste of her mommy’s hairy cunt.

When he pumped his second load into my daughter’s tight pussy, I was right there to clean it up. She enjoyed me licking her cum filled pussy. However, I think I enjoyed it the most. That tight shaved pussy tastes so much better with a creamy load of jizz in it. We fucked all night long. Fell asleep naked in my living room. Woke up this morning and fucked some more. And now I am ready to phone fuck you.