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Hottest Phone Sex Calls Explore Our Fetishes

hottest phone sexHottest phone sex calls to me allow us both to cum and explore our fetishes. Sometimes, we find common ground. I get a lot of fetish calls because of my hairy pussy. This pussy looks like a pussy should on a mature sexy woman. Young girls have shaved or naturally bald pussies. However, mommies and milfs sport hair. Most of my callers like me because my pussy resembles the pussy they spied on as young boys.

Even in my personal life, I meet men who love my hairy play station. And yesterday I met one who I brought home with me. He combined two fetishes. He loves a sexy mommy with both a hairy pussy and pretty feet. I explore a ton of fetish phone sex calls, and feet ranks up there with my more popular fetish calls. And I suspect with the warmer weather, I will be able to spot the foot fetish guys quickly. I will always sport pretty toes in the warm weather.

I Love to Combine Fetishes on Calls and In My Personal Life Too

Marvin wanted to fuck my hairy mommy pussy and cum on my freshly pedicured feet. And I said, why not. He seemed like a striking lad. I am not sure he gave me his real name because Marvin is a name for men my husband’s age. And this guy could not have been any older than my college coed daughter. But names seem irrelevant to me. I remember cocks and sexual prowess. Oh, and I remember fetishes. Marvin will forever be filed in my brain as foot fetish bush boy.

Normally men his age do not go crazy for a hairy beaver because their moms shaved their cunts. But foot fetish bush boy appreciated two things beyond his years. He ate my hairy pussy, fucked it for about 30 minutes, then pulled out to cum on my toes. Good stamina for his age. And stamina is something a phone sex milf appreciates at any age. I left his cum on my feet long after he left. I think his cum just added to the nourishment my feet required. But I am a fetish queen. So, never be afraid to tell me about your fetish. Foot fetish bush boy Marvin was not afraid, and he left my place a satisfied boy.

Phone Perverts Paradise Allows Us to Exchange Our Dirty Secrets

phone perverts paradiseWelcome to the phone perverts paradise. All your secrets stay safe with me. Perhaps, I will even share some of my own. I do not need to work. Between my inheritance and my husband’s money, we live a comfortable life. However, I enjoy working. Although I doubt, I would enjoy a vanilla job. I am too horny for that. Plus, I enjoy getting men off. And I always will.

Since I live in NYC, I rarely drive. We each have a car, but parking will always be a nightmare in any big city. So, I take Ubers and taxis when I want or need to go somewhere. In NYC, you can still hail a cab. Although cabs rarely let you share a ride, my cabbie yesterday did. Two of us hailed him at once, and we decided since we were on the same route, to share the ride.

This Sexy MILF Loves Random Sexual Encounters

But this phone sex whore felt frisky. In the back of the cab, I exposed my hairy cunt to this young Wall Street type guy. He looked yummy to me in his business suit. I do love a sharp dressed man. But a guy in jeans and t-shirt can be just as hot to me too. My fellow cab rider loved my hairy bush. The tent in his pants after seeing it, confirmed it. Our cab driver seemed super focused on the streets of NYC. So, I became super focused on my fellow cab rider’s hard cock.

At first, I just massaged the outside of his pants, but I did not want him to stain his paints. He appeared to still be working. If he had a meeting to get to, it would not be a good look to have a wet stain on your crotch. So, I liberated his cock from his pants. What started as a harmless handjob, turned into a harmless blowjob. By the time we got to my place, this phone sex milf had a mouth full of a random stranger’s jizz. Best taxi ride ever. Would you let a sexy milf you did not know blow you in the back of a cab?

Hottest Phone Sex with the Hottest Slut Wife

hottest phone sexThe hottest phone sex includes me. Now, I know I am biased. But I am honestly a no limits woman. My libido rivals any man. I think I have out fucked ten porn stars combined. And I did it all for pleasure. When I was just a teen girl, my mother caught me humping this huge stuffed animal that my daddy won for me at Coney Island. She thought something was wrong with me. Took me to a shrink and everything.

However, nothing was wrong with me. Perhaps my mother and the shrink did not think so, but I just had a thriving sex drive that began early. Back then, the doctor called me a nymphomaniac. Today, I would be called a sex addict. My husband knows he married a cat in perpetual heat. And he loves his phone sex whore wife. And I love him. But with the age difference and our boys all grown up, I now need to look outside the house to find lovers. And my husband does not mind at all. In fact, he encourages my wanton ways.

We went out last night. Date night. But even at an upscale fancy restaurant, I attract men. Maybe it is my confidence. Or perhaps I just ooze sex appeal, but anywhere I go, men hit on me. Last night, it was our waiter. A young man, college age, I suspected. To test the water, I dropped a fork in front of him. When he bent down to get it for me, I spread my legs so he could see my hairy wet pussy.

I Love A Date Night That Ends With My Husband Getting Cuckolded

He came back up sniffing the air with a huge smile on his face. After dinner, my husband left him a huge tip, our phone number and address too. The boy showed up after his shift ready to fuck this slut wife. And boy did he fuck me too. Ate my hairy twat and fucked me for hours in front of my cuckold husband.  My husband even spitted shined the boy’s cock after it looked like a glazed donut from fucking my hairy play station.

My husband rarely ever sucks cock, but this young buck made him clean his dick off. Mocked him for having a limp dick unable to satisfy his hot wife and phone sex milf. I sure do love date nights that end like this one did.

Phone Sex Addiction for Hairy Mommy Pussy

phone sex additcionA sexy milf with a hairy pussy quickly becomes a man’s phone sex addiction. I remind men of their mother with my vintage pussy. Although I have tried the bald look, it did not feel right to me. Not as a mature woman. Women have hair down south and young girls do not. It is that simple.

Last night, I attended a party with my husband. A few men my age started talking crudely about women within ear shot. They appeared intoxicated and likely thought no one could hear them. But I have canine ears when men start talking about pussy. Basically, these guys debated pussy preference. One guy lamented that no woman young or old seems to sport a hairy bush anymore. And one guy told him that was a good thing. And they bantered back and forth until this phone sex milf interjected.

phone sex milfThese guys doubted me. So, I took them to a spare room and showed them my hairy pussy. And let me tell you, they looked at my beaver like they had just found the Holy Grail. No one could speak. But the one guy who seemed to be a hairy beaver hunter went crazy. He pushed me on the bed and started eating my pussy. In my defense, I did not mean to start an orgy. My husband was nearby. Although I am a slut, I try to respect my husband at his events.

Women Have Hairy Pussies and Young Girls Do Not. It is That Simple.

But this guy could really eat pussy. And his enthusiasm over my hairy snatch made it too difficult to stop him. My entire body started to shake and convulse as I came on his face. I knew this would lead to group sex. The other men watched us with their cocks out of their pants. Even the one guy who did not like hair on pussies wanted to fuck me.

Although my lovers are mostly much younger than me, I had a point to prove. I wanted to show these men, especially the hater, that a mature woman with a hairy twat can fuck them better than some coed with a shaved pussy. Those men filled me with their seed and went back to the party smelling like my cunt.

No one even missed us or suspected what we had done. Not even my husband. When my husband and I got home, he wanted to fuck. His old dick rarely works, so that was a shock to me. But I let him think my pussy was just that wet for him.

Phone Sex Milf Esmerelda Believes Charity Starts at Home

phone sex milfFucking a phone sex milf is what all boys need.  Technically, at 58 I am a cougar. And cougars are older, hornier and wilder. My sex drive went into overdrive when I turned 40 and that was about 2 decades ago. The older I get, the less inhibited I become. And I never suffered from inhibition.

Plus, at my age, I still like to try new things. Well, this morning was no different. This college boy showed up at my door doing a charitable collection of coats and warm clothing for the homeless. A good-looking boy with a philanthropic streak in 2024? That impressed me. Most boys his age only have pussy on their minds. I never seduced someone knocking on my door for charity. However, there is a first time for everything.

He appeared to be a religious boy on a mission. I mean, he had a Bible with him and some brochures about finding Jesus. But I had a mission too. So, I went into my bedroom to get some old coats and stuff for him. But I slipped out of my clothes and came back with a bag of clothes for him naked.

This Dirty Old Cougar Loves Corrupting the Young Ones

His jaw fell to the ground. Before he could protest or anything, I had his cock out of his slacks. His young cock looked at me like a lethal weapon. Long, hard and ready to shoot. I told him, “Charity begins at home.” Then I slithered down his body and took his cock in my mouth. And he looked at me dumbfounded. But he never said no. He wanted this milf phone sex whore.

My old cougar mouth managed to work every throbbing inch down her throat. His pre cum tasted good. I wanted to milk his cock right into my mouth, but I knew I had to fuck him. Especially after he admitted he had never engaged in sexual intercourse. He even spoke like a good church going boy. A college aged virgin? I didn’t know they existed. Sure, I could go to hell I told myself for corrupting a young, innocent boy. But I also told myself, hell was more fun.

I pulled him down on the floor with me so we could fuck. For a virgin, he had amazing staying power. I fucked him for over an hour before he came. No nerves. No fear. Every moment he thrust his young cock inside my hairy milf pussy, he appeared to love. This phone sex whore corrupted another young lad. And I think he loved a mature sexy woman draining his balls too. I love being charitable.

Kinky Phone Sex with a Coed and My Husband Made My Night Great

kinky phone sexI enjoy kinky phone sex. Most of my callers enjoy the fact that a mature woman has no hangups. I enjoy sex more now than I did when I was younger. Plus, I am much wilder than I used to be too. Last night I went clubbing by myself. Not something I do often, and I rarely go out in the city solo anymore. The town is not as safe as it once was. Although I went out looking for young cock, I found young pussy instead.

Thanks to my coed daughter, I am a bisexual woman. I could not fuck her brothers and ignore her. She spoiled me for young pussy, so when this cute coed hit on me, I brought her home for some hot phonesex. Cute blonde girl. No tits and no fur on her pussy either. Just how I like them. She told me she was bisexual. And I told her I was too. I felt like such a naughty cougar. But I like that feeling. Sometimes I act predatory towards cute young things I see that I like. But this girl came on to me first.

This Sexy Cougar Loves Pussy Too

Back at my place, she ate my hairy pussy, and I fucked her with a strapon. Of course, I ate her pussy too. Why would I not? I love eating pussy. And the younger the better because the younger a cunt is the better it tastes. And I know. I have licked and probed lots of young pussy in my older years. My husband woke up because my plaything was a moaner. But he was not upset, and my girl toy did not seem to mind an old pervert watching us.

My husband’s old dick sprung to life watching me finger bang this cute girl into a body convulsing orgasm. And honestly, I enjoyed it. Her sweet nectar sprayed out of her snatch all over me and the couch. My living room still smells like her cunt.  After we played for a few hours, I paid for an Uber to take her home. Then this phone sex milf took care of her husband’s rare boner. Any night I get pussy and cock, I consider a great night.

Phone Sex Humiliation Because I Enjoy Laughing at Small Dicks

phone sex humiliationI enjoy phone sex humiliation. Perhaps it is because as I have aged, I know that a hard cock is a terrible thing to waste. I need big stiff cocks. Although I am not like a super-size queen only fucking big black cock. However, this sexy milf needs a working cock. This is why my preferred sexual partners are always younger than me.

My husband is older with a broke down dick. His old pecker only works sporadically and only after he has digested a little blue pill. So, he understands my need for working cock. Although most of my lovers appear significantly younger than me, I find myself attracted to men my age and older too. But if they are anything like Richard, I will play phone sex games with them.

As I Have Aged, I Only Fuck Hard, Young Cock

I met Richard at a house party. Not like an orgy or anything. This was a party on Friday night for my husband’s law firm. My husband is mostly retired now, and he passed the torch on to a man closer in age to me. But Richard thought he could help himself to the wife of the man who he essentially replaced.

Initially, I thought he might be a fun fuck. But then I saw his loser dick. It looked so small, I needed to put my glasses on to look. He appeared all potatoes and no meat. That’s what women say when they encounter a dick that is all balls and no cock. But Richard did not like me laughing at his short stack. Perhaps because he is good looking and rich, girls overlook his small apparatus.

Not this phone sex milf. I fucked his son instead. And in front of him in his bedroom. Junior had something I could feel. Plus, the stamina of a young buck appears off the charts. That loser Richard sat on the edge of the bed watching his own son make me squirt. The boy and I will keep on fucking too. I do not care what Richard thinks. His son is the only man in his home. So, he is the only one who will get any pussy from me.

Do You Have a Phone Sex Addiction for Mommy’s Hairy Pussy?

phone sex addictionIs hairy mommy pussy your phone sex addiction? You should never feel ashamed for liking mommy’s hair pussy. I keep my full bush because my sons and stepsons love it. Of course, I am almost 60. My generation, all moms had a full bush. I was already married when bald became all the rage. A trend started in porn. But my husband liked my hairy snatch, so I kept it. Plus, I am not a follower. I am a leader.

And my hairy pussy continues to draw fans from all over. My youngest son paid me a visit this weekend. He lives in upstate New York and the weather has not been the best to come to the city for a visit. But at least we have a 3-car garage, which is rare in the city. So, he hopped in his jeep and came to visit his folks for the weekend. And he brought mommy a present. A young friend who has a fetish for a phone sex milf with a hairy play station.

Who Wants a Bald Mommy Pussy When They Can Have a Hairy One?

And this boy looked good to me. Both my son and his friend are in their mid-30s. And both boys remember looking at dirty magazines their fathers had with naked women with hairy bushes as centerfolds. Young boys today may never understand the joy of jacking off to a centerfold, as most dirty mags are digital now. And of course, no one has had a hairy pussy in the past 20 years.

Which is why my son brought his friend to meet his horny mommy. Last night the two took turns eating my hairy pussy until my fur appeared drenched in cunt juice and saliva. My son and his friend ate my hairy asshole too. But as much as I enjoyed them worshiping my hairy fuck holes, I am not hedonistic. I needed them to fuck me. But I am afraid we kept my husband up past his bedtime last night with all the noise we made.

They had me moaning and screaming with every orgasm. What can I say? I am a sucker for two hard cocks in me at once. And those boys clearly enjoyed fucking me. Who wants bald shaved pussy when you can have a hairy wet one?

Kinky Phone Sex Games Enhance the Fucking

kinky phone sexI am down for kinky phone sex always. Why? Because the older I get, the kinkier I get. During Covid, my husband had a stripper pole and stage built in the basement for me. It is right off the work out room. We were bored during Covid shutdowns and getting on each other’s nerves. I would go down in the strip room and practice my moves and watch porn. Makes a great she shed down there.

Now, that the world has opened back up, I take lovers down there for some foreplay. Who doesn’t want a private lap dance from a sexy MILF? Every young man I pick up sure does. Yesterday, I met a handsome teenager in the skate park. I go there trolling for young men about once a week. And I always bring home someone. Even in a snowstorm, there will be boys hanging out even if not skateboarding. Travis knew of me, even if I did not know him.

Once back at my place, he told me he has heard rumors of a phone sex milf who hunts in these parts. Made me feel special to know I am urban sex lore. But I am no myth. I wanted to show this stud what great shape this 57-year-old woman is in. Because of his age, I knew he had never been to a strip club. Some days, I think I need to show up for amateur night at a gentlemen’s club. My skills improve every week.

A Stripper Pole Serves as Foreplay for Sex with This Horny MILF

That young lad stroked his cock as he watched me work the pole. But the real entertainment began when I worked his pole. His cock distracted me anyway. Young and hung, just like I enjoy my playmates. He seemed more impressed with my cock sucking skills than anything. He came quickly in my mouth. Although he seemed embarrassed, I told him his young dick is no match for my milf phone sex mouth. Plus, it was part of my plan.

I enjoy making boys and men alike cum quickly the first time. It’s a trick most mature women employ so the man or boy lasts longer when fucking them. This boy rabbit fucked me for 36 minutes, so my trick worked. I think my pussy has skid marks from how hard he fucked me, LOL. Hopefully, he will be back for more. They usually always return for seconds.

Phone Sex Games on Social Media With Young Boys

phone sex gamesPhone sex games turn me on. I like being a fantasy mom and flirting with younger boys on social media. Most younger men feel attracted to sexy MILFs like me. I do not pretend to be some young girl on social media like men do to lure young girls away. MILFs do not need to hide who they are because young men want mature women.

A MILF is a woman with experience who can teach them so much. Since I am in my 50s, technically I should be called a cougar, but I answer to either. Friday, I got on Instagram and Snapchat and hunted for horny young men near me. How do I do that? I look for friends of my youngest daughter. She has plenty of friends with younger brothers still in school. Plenty of friends who would enjoy a phone sex milf. I just clicked on profiles and looked for younger boys to seduce.

When I found the boy I wanted, I sent him a PM. Zach is the younger brother of one of my daughter’s high school friends. It would be nice to seduce this young teen boy, just like I did his brother 5 years ago. He responded immediately to my PM. A little chit chat then we were sexting and sending nude selfies.

A Sexy MILF Can Have Any Young Boy She Wants

When I invited him over, he hopped on his bike and was at my front door 30 minutes later. He looked even better in person. A young virgin boy who needed my mature hairy pussy and my big mommy knockers. I gave him his first blowjob. He just barely had pubes coming in. He did not know his dick could feel so good.

I made his growing cock feel really good. We fucked like wild animals in heat. I made a lot of sexy moaning noises as his young dick went in and out of my pussy so fast, I thought I smelled smoke, LOL. He grunted with each thrust too. Boy was my pussy wet. This was not the first time I seduced a young boy. And it will not be my last either. I am full of hot phonesex stories with boys way too young for me.