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I love when I meet a guy who loves Big tits and asses, he ends up coming to me for tranny ass and cock. First, they lie to their girlfriends about where they are going. Then they come to my house to suck my sexy twirl cock. “Please I am hungry for some dick all my girl has is a wet pussy”. ” I need a stiff cock to pound my holes” is all you say as I pull my shecock out.

“If you are hungry for cock meat, then eat bitch!” Are the words you needed to hear, to start sucking hard on my cock. Then your mouth sucked me down your throat like you have been starving. My favorite part is when I grab your head and push my ladycock to the back of your throat. I don’t care if you are gagging and or choking.

Big tits and asses

It actually turns me on when you are choking like a filthy slut. “That mouth of yours is not enough tonight whore”. “I will fuck that manpussy hard until you milk it” is what i say while i try to rub my cock right on your tight asshole. “Please fuck me like i have to fuck my girlfriend” you beg of me. After you said that i started fucking you harder and harder.

“Oh, yes I’m going to be deep inside you just like your girlfriend wants” I moan out as I stroke my dick deep inside you. Finally, I feel your balls tighten up and I know you are cumming all over the place. “That’s it, you filthy whore cum like your girlfriend does when you fuck her”. Are the words I say as I pump my semen inside you like you do your bitch waiting for you at home.

Daddy phone sex for milking my tdaughter cock

When I get on Daddy phone sex, I find a nasty daddy slut who wants a daughter cock. When you first see me your mouth drools over my curvy body and sexy tits. “Do you like what you see daddy?” your head nods in response to my question. Right away you want to kiss your little slut and grope her. Your goal is to get this big daughter cock hard and throbbing for you.

“Mmm daddy you need me to get hard, don’t you?” “Yes baby, that is what I want” you tell me as you reach for my shedick.  “Ooh daddy please get this girly cock hard, suck it too daddy” that is all you need to hear to make you want to eat my lady meat. As I think about you getting fucked like a little bitch by me i get too excited and almost explode. “Not yet daddy I want to fuck your daddy pussy”. It is what I did with daddy growing up.

Daddy phone sex

“Good girl” is what comes out of your mouth as you bend over. Finally, I am getting what I really want: a tight daddy hole. My ladycock pushes deep inside daddy and your toes start to curl. “Come on daddy bounce your pussy on my daughter cock like you used to” I moan out as I start to fuck you harder and harder. “Yes, fuck your daddy!” you scream as i continue to fuck you hard and deep.

“You are a good slut for your baby tgirl aren’t you daddy?” All I see is your head nodding in response and your pussy bouncing hard back on my dick. “That’s it daddy, you are going to make me explode”. Then my shecock started pumping inside you. Finally, you get to cum too daddy and i jack you off while still deep in your daddy Tight shaved pussy.

Big tits and asses lured you

I love when a daddy who loves Big tits and asses come to me and gets an extra big surprise. “You will come to be able to fuck your baby slut and end up getting fucked by her lady cock. First you grope my body, starting with tits. That always gets me hard. Then you notice the tent starting to form in my dress and you stop. “Don’t stop now daddy, you got me excited” is what I say as I grab your hand and put it on my shedick.

Big tits and asses

After you feel how hard I am, your trembling hand starts to stroke me. My hand goes on your cock too and you close your eyes. My hand moves up and down your shaft getting your daddy dick hard and ready. After I push you against the wall, I kiss the back of your neck while continuing to stroke that cock. “Daddy I will make you feel so good just trust me and take all of me”. While your body trembles I slide my lubed up shecock in between your cheeks.

  I continue to stroke your hard daddy meat as I force my lady meat inside your ass. My cock pops inside your man Tight shaved pussy and your dick starts to pre-cum in my hand. As I pump my lady rod inside you I whisper, “I will fill you up like my cum whore that you are showing me you are”. Finally, my balls tighten up and I start pumping all my semen inside you. I know you felt all of it because you creamed my hand all up. “Thank you for milking me daddy”.

Big tits and asses got my ladycock ready

When i am at the strip club Big tits and asses shaking always gets my tranny cock hard. But I rather fuck a tight man pussy and so I went fishing looking for a sissy whore to dip my dick in. Then I spotted my new bitch. It was easy to convince you to meet me in the bathroom. As soon as you came into my stall, I pushed you and started to kiss and grope you.

“Your cocky is hard for me baby” is what I whisper in your ear as I start to pull your hard dick out of your pants. “I bet you want me to suck your cock don’t you” I ask him as I stroke his dick. After you nod all, I do is smile and lift my dress. Then your mouth falls to the ground. I grab your head and start pushing it to my hard shecock.

Big tits and asses

“Open your mouth and suck me in you little slut” I demand while forcing my ladycock down your throat. My favorite part of my ladycock surprise is forcing you to love it. Your cock is still in my hand, and I can feel you are leaking. My ladydick pops out your mouth and I bend you over the toilet. While stroking you I forced my cock deep in your ass.

It was easy to keep fucking you. “Bounce your pussy back on my cock slut bitch” are the only words that come out my mouth. Finally, I start pumping my semen inside you. “You feel all my cum pumping inside you?” I ask you. You respond with your cock spraying all over my hand. Just like that I made you my new sissy bitch cum dumpster. 

Anal phone sex is perfect for sissy Bald shaved pussy hunting

I love humiliating a sissy bitch I find on Anal phone sex. You pretend not to need my sexy cock or to wear panties, but you do. If you come in your suit and tie, I will rip it off you and put some panties on. I will film you as you tell me how you want to be my sissy whore. “Oh yes I want to be all yours, I want you to expose me, so I have no choice but to be your slave whore” is what you say as I lower your mouth to my cock.

Anal phone sex

Then you see me zoom in with the camera “oh yes bitch I’m filming and I’m going to show my friends with big dick”. It will be for everyone to see so they can know what a slut you are. You moan and choke on my cock as I hate fuck your mouth. “You’re getting hate fucked because you didn’t come to me sooner and now I will expose you for who you are”. Look at that clitty start to leak the deeper I go in your throat. “Do you want to feel this cock in that pussy?” You nod and that is all I need.

After that I push you down and lift your legs in the air. Your panties are easy to move out the way so I can slam my cock deep in your sissy cunt. Beg for me to fill you up bitch. “Fill me up please mistress Kinley, please make me your cum dump”. That’s it whore you did it I started filling you up with every drop of my semen. I zoom in to your sissy Bald shaved pussy getting filled up and when my tranny cock popped out of your hole.

Discreet phone sex is where I got my ladydick milked

One day on Discreet phone sex I met an undercover cock sucker that ended up sucking me dry! He confessed he couldn’t fuck his wife’s pussy anymore and he didn’t know why. Don’t worry baby I will show you why. First my tranny mouth went on his cock, and I shoved my finger in his ass too. He doesn’t know I’m just getting him ready for more. The way I moved my lips up and down, was getting you close to busting a big load.

So, I stopped, you will be mine in every way. You pretend to not know what that means. Spread your legs open and beg me to fuck you! “Please fuck me with your big tranny cock, please fuck me”. Then I forced my wet tranny dick deep in your pussy. The way you moaned, made it clear that you have been needing cock. You are a sissy slut, and it doesn’t matter how much you hide. I will show you what you really are and what you deserve.

Discreet phone sex

Take all these nine inches of shecock, show me you are a filthy whore like I need. You didn’t hesitate after that; you bounce your sissy cunt on my cock like Big tits and asses bounce.  My lady dick really needed good milking and forcing you to be who you really are to get my balls milked was easy. Finally, when you feel the last drop of my thick load pump inside you, you explode all over the floor. Nothing like getting what you need in a discreet way. 

Tight shaved pussy on a sissy bitch is what i needed

I was in the mood for a Tight shaved pussy attached to a sissy bitch. They are the best to use to milk my tranny cock. It is easy to manipulate their body in any position I want. First, I want you on the floor like a dogslut with your ass in the air. Look at your horny sissy ass. you love when I control your sissy slut ass. Open your sissy mouth and get my shecock hard. That is all you need to start jacking my big ladydick with your mouth.

Then I use my pretty feet to stroke that little clitty of yours. “Come on you fucking slut suck my lady meat deeper down that throat” is what you hear when I grab your head and shove it deeper on my cock. Don’t hold back and swallow me like you are hungry. I can feel the nut building deep inside my big balls. You love it when I push you down and rip those sissy panties off. All you are made for, is to milk me like a whore bitch does.

Tight shaved pussy

With my foot on your back, your ass is high in the air and ready for me to fuck hard. I spit right at the opening of your sissy pussy hole. Then I ram my shecock in your asshole. You moan out but I just shove your face down on the ground even more. Shut up sissy whore just take my cock. If someone walked in, they would think I was beating you by how hard I was ramming you.

I am beating you, through your sissy cunt. Big tits and ass are hot to fuck but I really love ripping a sissy pussy open and using it to milk my cock. Finally, I felt my balls tighten up and I knew that my big load would fill you up. But I want you drenched in my jizz. After pumping a bit of my nut inside you, I pulled out and finished spraying your sissy whore face.

Big tits and ass gave you a ladycock surprise

I love when young cock males hit on me. All they see is Big tits and asses and it makes them want to pound you right away. Today when i was shopping one was hitting on me talking about my body. I giggled it off and even joked about his young age. “Where’s your daddy baby, he seems more like the age that could handle me”. Then he winks and slapped my ass letting me know he could handle anything I had for him. “Oh, you are very cocky I see” and winked back. “So am i baby, very big cocky”.

My ass switched as I walked towards the dressing room. There was no way he wasn’t going to let me go, so he followed me. Are you sure you are ready? He replied with a big smile saying he would do anything. I kissed his lips and pushed him against the wall, nibbling his neck from behind and putting my hands. Your moaning sounds and you saying you don’t normally get dominated, started to excite me. Look at you baby you are rock hard.


Big tits and asses

Then you felt me, I can feel your body tense, I get on my knees and spread your ass. Once you feel my tongue wiggling on your asshole, your body is so relaxed I know I could take you. I stood up and jacked your cock off while slowly forcing my cock in your young virgin ass. Don’t worry baby I’m going to take care of you are the words you heard before i was nine and a half inches deep in you.

Tell me you love me pounding you baby. My cock goes in and out of you harder and harder. Finally, you moan out that you want it, and my tranny dick can’t take it anymore and I start filling you up. That is all your body needed, your knees buckled, and you sprayed my hand. You were being held up by my dick still deep inside you. This is a first time you will not forget.

Daddy phone sex for daddy Blad shaved pussy fucking

Getting on Daddy phone sex is always so fun. I find the nasty daddies who have been needing to get their fix of daughter cock. Just like my pops, they want their tranny daughter to be all for them. Once daddy saw me in my dress, he took any chance he got to have me sit on his lap. Daddy wanted me to feel his hard cock poke me. He would even stroke my shecock under my dress when no one was looking. After a while daddy and mom didn’t sleep in the same room, so it was perfect for daddy to sneak into my room.

Daddy phone sex

His mouth would wake me up, when daddy would suck me deep down his throat. For a while I would come easily over and over, feeding daddy any load he wanted from me. Daddy would stroke his cock and bust from sucking his little tranny daughter off. My lady cock got bigger, and my appetite did too. I wanted fuck harder and deeper. It was more than daddy could take, even made him throw up sometimes. Daddy decided to give up his Bald shaved pussy to his tranny daughter. When I saw his man pussy it made me wonder how my big ladycock would fit in there.


 Since I was young, I didn’t know I could stretch daddy open. But I was going to find out. My instinct took over, my shecock felt daddy’s man pussy entrance and it was all I needed to push deep inside his tight ass pussy. It was a feeling I felt deep inside me, that caused me to pound daddy’s man pussy hard. Daddy moved and I put my foot on his back pinning him down. It made his ass go up and my tranny cock deeper. Finally, I busted my nut, just like I normally do inside his mouth. The feeling I got was nothing I had felt before and daddy loved me filling him up too, he still does.  

Anal phone sex for more than Big tits and asses

I found my new favorite bitch on Anal phone sex. He loves a tranny cock and will pay me to humiliate him and tease him. You are my filthy bitch who will end up dripping with my thick semen loads by the time I am done with you. His new job is to be my bitch and drain my shedick whenever I need it. What I want is you crawling around like a dog bitch in heat. I want you to know I am in full control. I will spank your little whore sissy ass until you whimper like a beat animal just wanting love.

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Only then will I let you taste my shecock. Open your mouth wide. I’m going to feed you something yummy. It is big and thick, and veins and I know you have been needing your fix. As soon as you taste my ladydick, your clitty gets hard. I can see it poking through your panties.

Big tits and asses used to make your clitty hard but now all you need is my cock in your face. You suck my fucking lady meat like if you were starving for a meal. I’m ready to feed you but what you don’t know is that you will be getting an extra big load of semen. You feel my shecock start pumping my semen in your mouth and I hear you starting to swallow.


But it’s more cum than you imagined, and you start to choke, and my cock falls out your mouth. My ladydick continues spraying and your face gets cummed on until all you could see was strings of gooey nut. You can’t wipe your face you must lick as much of my cum up while I take pictures of your cum dripping sissy face.