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I will fuck your wives Tight shaved pussy with my tranny cock just to watch your mouth water. First I start by teasing you both with my big girly cock. Your wife hasn’t gotten a cock like this before. Since yours looks like a big clitty. “Don’t worry hunny you will make it fit. ” I say winking at her. Then I walk up to you and I rub my ladydick on your lips.

“Get it wet for your wife’s cunt” I demand of you. With your mouth trembling you start to suck my girlcock meat. Your wife watches while starting to play with her cunt. Weather she was getting wet from how big my cock was or the way i was fucking your mouth, all i cared about was making you both submit to me. “You’ll be next” I moaned as I looked at her. After I signaled her to suck my cock, you both were on your knees sucking my ladycock.

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Once my cock started leaking pre-cum, I made sure to rub it on your lips and make you both kiss. “Bend over and spread your cunt open for me”. “Better yet, you need to open your wife up for my tranny cock. I wasn’t surprised by how wet she actually was. “This wet wife cunt is excited to get a big girlydick” I laugh in excitement. Then you watch me as I ram my tranny cock inside your wife’s wet pussy.

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You jacked off to the rhythm I was slamming my tranny cock in her. “Fill me up” she moans out as she creams my ladydick. “She has never moaned that way for me before,” you moan while spraying nut all over your hands. “All that jizz tells me you like me fucking your wife better than you like fucking her” i moan as i start to fill her up just like you wanted to see.

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If you get in the mood for some big lady cock you go on Discreet phone sex. That is because you know you can get fucked like a nasty slut and no one would know. “You look like you are hungry” I say teasingly knowing you have been waiting for my juicy meat in between my legs. As you get to your knees I pull my juicy girly cock out. When you see my girth, your mouth opens wide right away.

Therefore, I shove my cock meat deep down your throat with every lump you moan like a fat kid eating cake. Even your sissy cock is stiff. “That’s it bitch eat my cock” I moan as you suck my lady dick. After a bit more pumping my she cock started to lick precum. So, I rubbed my leaking juices on your lips like lip gloss. “Bend over I am ready to show you what you deserve” I instruct you to do.

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Like an eager horny slut, you bend over right away. It doesn’t take much forcing for you to take every inch of my tranny cock. “I’ll have you limping home ” I moan as I ram my she dick inside you. I even put my foot on your back to leverage myself to jack hammer your man pussy.

I was pounding you so hard into the ground, your head was thumping the ground. You were even squealing like a pig. Finally, my balls tightened up and I started to pump my sperm inside you. Once you felt that your cock sprayed all over the ground. “Now you can go home back to your wife dripping in my nut” I said after I popped my cock out of your man pussy.

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You normally use Porn for masturbation. But tonight, you needed more. That is why you went looking for a special type of sexy slut. One that would have a big cock surprise. You found me and when I saw you, I knew what you needed. After we got to my place, I made sure to show you who is in charge. “Get on your knees and open your mouth” I demand of you.

As you open your mouth your eyes get big when you see my lady cock coming out of my panties. Once you start to taste my girlcock, your sissy cock stiffens up. It is what you have been needing and much better than porn. Especially the way I fuck your mouth with my tranny cock. All you think about is me fucking your man pussy the same.

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Just like in the porn you watch you start moaning and bucking back at my tranny cock. You needed to be fucked and that is why you speed jack your cock as i pound you hard. “Drain my cock bitch” i moan out as i start to fill you up. Once you feel my lady sperm shooting inside you, you start to shoot all in your hand too. “I needed that, and porn doesn’t make me cum that good” you say as you feel my girl cock pulsing inside you.

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You look for a Phone sex whore with a big juicy cock like mine. That’s because when you are deep in your girlfriend’s cunt you think about getting yours fucked. You dream about putting your mouth of my big juicy cock inside your holes. “I have never done this before” you say to me as I let you into my place. Since you found me, and I have what you have been dreaming of you begged me to meet you.

Therefore, when you came over, I knew I would be able to use you and make you my ladycock milking slut. “Just do as I say” I tell you as I lick the door behind you. After I undress right in front of you, I instruct you to “Get on your knees”. As your body trembled you slid down like a melting slut ready to be fed. “Open your mouth wide and show me how long you thought about this” I say as I stroke my lady cock on your lips.

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Soon as you felt my lady meat hit your lips, the inner whore in you woke up. As you sucked my cock and balls, all I could think about was that you must have played this moment in your head for a very long time. I even made you lick my asshole, and you did it with pleasure. Your sissy cock leaked like a fountain as you ate my cock. So, I knew it was time. If I showed you exactly what you deserve, you will be mine to use forever.

“Bend over like you bend your sluts over” I said teasingly. I want you to feel how every slut feels when they get fucked. It is part of breaking you in and humiliating you for my entertainment. After you are vent over, spread your ass open. I scoop some of your leaking juices and lube you up. “You will be my cum dump from now on, Big tits and asses won’t get you off anymore” I say as I start to push up inside you.

After some hard pumping your clitty exploded. “I’m yours my holes are meant to be fucked” you moaned out. That always drives me wild, and my lady cock pumps my big load in you. “Now I will show you how to give my ladydick some after care” I say as I push my girlcock back in your mouth.

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I just get in a mood to fuck a daddy in his hole like I used to do mine. So, I get on Daddy phone sex to find a whore slut to pound. “Let me show you how well I can worship you” you beg as you crawl to me like a bitch in heat with your ass in the air. “Eat my fucking lady cock bitch” I say as I slap you with my cock. “Worship my cock with your mouth like you said” I laughed and teased.

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Then you start choking on my cock like a pathetic slut. You’ll do anything to get a cock to use you. Once my ladydick is down your throat, you start to moan and your clitty gets stiff. “Come one bitch you can do better than that” I say laughing as you keep choking on my girl cock. I could see my cock poking out from your throat. “Bend over I know you can worship my ladycock better with your sissy hole than your mouth” I say teasingly.

Of course, you want me to bend you over that is why right away you spread your ass for me. I can see your clitty is leaking all down your legs. Therefore, I tease you with my ladycock in the entrance of your man cunt. “Please fuck me” you beg while trembling. I scoop some of your leaking pre-cum and lube my cock with it. Then it was easy to smash my tranny cock in your ass. After you let out a moan, I start pounding you like a used up blow-up doll.

Your body shakes as I pound you and you reach down and rub on your sissy clitty. “Worship my tranny cock with your sissy asshole” I moan out as I keep pounding you. That is when you started fucking my cock back like a drugged-up slut. Finally, my lady balls tighten up and I start spraying inside you. After I spray in you your clitty explodes all over the ground. “Thank you for letting me worship your big beautiful ladycock” you say to me as I pop my cock out of your cum leaking hole. That is why i like nasty daddies like the one that raised me. 

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Big tits and asses don’t do it for you anymore. You secretly crave a big tgirl cock. When you close your eyes, you dream about her dripping cock. “So come suck my dick bitch” I say to you. “No more holding back its time” I tease as you walk into my place. You need a good feeding. That’s why you come to me. “Get on your knees and show me how willing you are ” I demand you to do. Then you watch as I pull my big juicy lady cock from under my dress. Right away your mouth falls to the ground. Seeing how big I am excited you.

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“Better get ready, I don’t hold back” I say proudly. Since your mouth was already open, I just shove my cock deep in your mouth. Once you get a taste of my cock, you become a hungry slut. You start sucking my cock like a pro. It is sloppy and deep just like I like. “Mmmm someone is hungry, what other hole is hungry?” I moan and question. “Bend over and show me that pussy” I instruct you as my girl lock leaks precum. After you bend over, I rip your underwear off and rub my leaking juices on your asshole. Your cock is stiff, but your body is trembling.

But I don’t care. Since you are all lubed up, I ram my lady cock inside you. “Take it slut it’s time” I moan as I fuck you hard. You start to play with your sissy cock ad I fuck you deep. “Milk me, you know you need it” I moaned. Then something in you wakes up. You start bouncing your man Tight shaved pussy back at me. You keep fucking back at me until my balls tighten. “I’m about to fill you up” I moaned. Then my cock starts to spray inside you. Once you feel it, you feel complete and your sissy dick leaks on your hand. “Just wait to see what I have planned for you.

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Discreet phone sex is where you go to find a tranny girl like me. You secretly feen for a big tgirl cock. “Please let me come over” you beg over and over. “Fine, my balls are full and need to be drained” I say to you. Then you quickly come over. Once you get through the door, I push you on to your knees. “Greet me with your mouth” I demand of you. But you are a feening cock whore. Therefore, you open your mouth and take my big lady cock deep in your throat.

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“What a filthy hungry hoe you are” I giggle as I fuck your face hard. I looked down and I could see your sissy clitty was hard. Your body trembles as you eat on my girly cock meat. “It is time for you to milk me right” I say sternly. You know what that means. So, you bend over and spread your ass. Finally, you get what you have been feening for. That is when you feel me ram my lady cock deep in your man pussy. After you let out a sigh and a moan, you start playing with your clitty.

As I pound your sissy cunt harder and harder, your clitty starts to leak. “Please fill me up” you beg and moan. That makes me fuck you even harder and deeper with my lady dick. Finally, my lady balls tighten up and I start to fill you up with my girl sperm. Once you feel the thick gooey cum rushing inside you, your sissy dick sprays all over. You got the fix that you needed, and I got my lady cock milked. Plus no one will ever know. It is all you need.

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A slutty cum dumpster like you looks for a Phone sex whore like me. That’s because I have the tranny cock you need. No matter how many sluts you fuck. You rather spoiled a girl with big tits and a bigger cock to match. Your mouth waters when you come around me. “Must be hungry” I say teasingly. Then I pull my cock out and just grab your head. Without much resistance your mouth is on my girly meat.

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“Suck is as deep as you want me to fuck you” I demand you to do. Like a hungry bitch you push my ladycock deep in your throat. I just grab you by the girls and start bouncing my girldick inside your throat until I start leaking. “You taste the lubrication that I will use on your pussy?” I ask. After you nod your head, I pop my girls cock out your mouth. “Bend over and spread your pussy for me” I instruct you to do while stroking my big meat.

After I see you are in position, I tease you by just rubbing the head of my dick on your hole. It starts to glisten from my pre-cum drippings. Your cliitty is hard and stiff as I ram deep inside you. Normally you use Porn for masturbation to make your clitty explode. But now all you need is for this hot sexy tgirl to pound you open. After some hard pounding I start to fill you up. That’s all your clitty needs to explode and make a big cummy mess. “Good job sissy whore you milked every single drop of girl sperm out of me” I laugh as I pull my cock out of your leaking sissy hole.

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When I got on Daddy phone sex I found a daddy with a sissy bitch son. “I have been training him since he was a wee little thing, ” he says to me as he introduced him to me. “I have picked out a perfect sissy outfit for you” I say while starting to take his clothes off. Once her ass was ready, I made her show daddy and I her body. “Bend over and show me that ass” I clap and say.

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Then you bend over and spread your ass cheeks showing off your sissy cunt. “That hole has been used up very well. I can tell ” I laugh and wink to his daddy. I was very excited it made my nipples and ladycock hard. “Show our sexy guest what daddy has trained your mouth to do” he tells his sissy offspring. Right away her mouth opens up and sucks my shedick in his mouth deep. It was so good it made my lady balls tighten up.

“I think it is time you take those panties off” I say as I pop my tranny cock out your mouth. Therefore, daddy helps you take them off and bend over. Then he starts licking your hole and making it wet. His cock is in his hand, and he is eating your sissy ass like I’m sure he has done many times. After you are wet and opening, he guides my girl cock in you.

I just grab your hips and start pounding away at you. “Impregnated my sissy son, make her a family breeding bitch” your daddy moans out as he cums all over his hands. Knowing he wanted me to fill up his sissboy with my girly sperm made me explode. After you felt my tranny cock burst thick gooey nut in you, you creamed yourself. “Clean us up sissy bitch made” I say as you drip with cummy mess from that Bald shaved pussy.

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When I have a sissy man with Bald shaved pussy that hadn’t been fucked before I get excited. I love breaking in a new hoe with this big tranny cock. “Tell me you desire me to own you” I say to you. While you kneel in front of me your body shakes like a pathetic bitch in heat. “Open your mouth and show my sexy lady cock how hungry you are” I demand you to.

Right away you open your mouth. Therefore, I stuff my shedick down your throat. I fuck your mouth just like I will be fucking that man pussy and I want you to know it. “Squeeze my cock with your throat slut” I moan out as I face fuck you hard. “I only go deep bitch” I say as you gag on my ladydick. I look down and I say, “your pussy will belong to me by the time I am done with you”. With bug eyes you slide your panties off and bend over.

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“You have been waiting to be fucked for a long time” I say as I rub my dripping lady cock on your man cunt. “Beg for me to fuck you” I say teasingly. Right away you start squealing “please fuck my manhole” you say over and over. With one hard push I slam my cock deep in your hole. I know the pain of getting your cherry popped made you weak because it was easy to just pump in and out of you.

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