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Let’s Play

Fantasy Phone SexHave you ever had a fantasy that you wanted to role play so so bad but not sure you could convince your girlfriend, wife or significant other to play along? Well, then look no further, Evaline is here to make all your fantasies come true. I am a nasty little slut who likes it dirty and naughty and hot and bad. There is nothing off limits with me, nothing that I will not do. I like it all. Maybe your kink is sweet young things, partying, forceful fantasies, or maybe you want to dominate me. Anything goes love, let me be your accomplice in fulfilling all your taboo thoughts. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about all of the fun we can have. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself all comfortable, get that big cock out and start stroking, give me a call and let us play.

Daddy Loves Watching His Sugar Baby Get Fucked

Fantasy Phone Sex EvalineDo you like dirty girls? Are you looking for a girl to spoil? I am looking for a hot sugar daddy to finance all of my fun and in return I will fuck his brains out. Oh baby, I know you may not always be up to fucking but I do know you like to watch me get fucked. You take a chair and get seated love. Let me unbuckle your pants and pull out your cock and start stroking you. Now look over at me as I bring in guy after guy to fuck your sweet sugar baby. Come closer and watch as my pussy makes their dicks nice and wet. Look how they fill up my pussy hole honey. It is marvelous isn’t it? Don’t worry I will not put a condom on them, we will do it bareback just as you like. Oh, you want to see my creampie pussy honey? Let me lay on the bed and spread my legs for you and you can watch the cum drip from my juicy wet pussy. I see you stroking even faster now. Is that pre-cum appearing? Aww you know how I like that. I think I will come over there and get between your legs and finish you off sweetheart.

I Love Taking Care of Daddy

My favorite type of calls are daddy calls. I want to tell you exactly how I will please you daddy. Every girl fantasizes about how her daddy will always take care of you, but I also know that daddy loves it when I take care of them too. I love for them to send me flowers, gifts, trips and an unlimited limit credit card.  For that they are rewarded nicely. Not only do they get me on their arm but they also know that I will have that little blue pill ready for them so we can have hours of hot dirty fun. Daddy likes when I dress in a nice skimpy dress to go out on the town and do not wear panties.  They love to slide their hands up my legs and feel my warm hot juicy cunt as we sit at dinner, knowing that when we get home that cunt is all theirs and these lips that they kiss will soon be wrapped around the big head of their cock and blowing them until they unload deep in my mouth. What would you like me to do for you if you were my daddy?

Daddy Likes It Dirty

Fantasy Phone SexI received a delivery from one of my favorite “daddy’s”, it contained a key to a five star, a credit card and a note to be there Friday at 4. I purchased some pretty clothes and shoes and of course naughty lingerie, and I also stopped at the salon to get that complete wax job that he also likes. I got ready and went to the hotel so that I would be there at 4. He was not there yet but the room was full of roses and new clothes and all the special treats I like. There was one box laying on the bed and as I opened it, I saw an awesome dominatrix outfit, complete with a whip. My bald pussy got a little damp when I started putting it on. I was ready for him when he walked in and immediately told him to undress and get ready to play. I made him lay on the bed while I whipped his bare ass until it was nice and pink. I then told him to get up and come to me, crawling on his knees. Of course, he did as I asked, and I could see he already had an erection. My outfit was crotchless and I guided him between my legs, and he proceeded to please me. He takes his time down there, slowly building me up. I love how he teases me before bringing me to an incredible orgasm. We had an incredible weekend and he treated me as the princess I am. Of course, I always take care of “daddy”, satisfying him with every hole in my body, draining his balls all weekend long. I bet you would like a slut like me too, wouldn’t you?

Do You Know How To Please Me?

Fantasy Phone SexHey daddy do you want to play? I love older men. They know exactly how to treat a naughty girl like me. They take their time making sure to please me. The other day my favorite picked me up for a nice dinner. He came to the door and as we walked out, he made sure to open the car door to let me in. We went to a nice restaurant where I could order anything from the menu I wanted, cost was not an issue with this fine man. We ate, drank and then headed to my house for a little after dinner dessert. We fixed a drink and went to the bedroom where he slowly undressed me and laid me on the bed. Spread my legs and softly kissed from my feet to my hip bones. His tongue passed over my clit a few times driving me crazy. He then moved to my face and took me in a passionate kiss while his hands grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. As he kissed my neck, he made his way back between my legs and started eating my juicy wet pussy. He spent a long long time down there making sure that I was totally satisfied. Now it was my turn to take care of him. I laid him back and sucking on that nice hard cock, taking him deep as I played with his balls. He quickly shot his load down my throat and as I gladly swallowed, I smiled at him as I climbed on top of him to continue our fun.

Let Me Take Care Of You Baby

Fantasy Phone SexKinky Phone Sex EvalineHow are you feeling today baby? Want to do a call and have some fantasy phone sex? I love it when you call and tell me all of your dirty darkest desires. They make my pussy so wet just listening. I am down for anything you throw at me. I can fulfill all your mommy, sister aunt fantasies as well as your daddy little girl fantasies. Or if you just need a nasty freak, I can tell you in detail what I would do to your big thick cock. How I would stroke it until you were nice and hard and then I would give you a sloppy wet blowjob. You would hold me head and ram me into your crotch, throat fucking me until you shot your load. Or maybe you want me to spread my legs and fuck my juicy wet pussy. Or perhaps you are an ass man and like to shove it into my tight ass and fuck me from behind. Whichever you prefer I am here to please you baby. You just give me a call and let me take care of you love.

How About A Blowjob While You Have Your Zoom Meeting?

Fantasy Phone SexSo, I have been quarantined with my older boss and we have been having a lot of fun. We are trying to keep it new and exciting, so we have been experimenting with all kinds of naughty ideas. My favorite so far happened last week. He had a zoom meeting and as he was on the conference I crawled under the table and pulled out his cock and started blowing him. I give great head and he was trying to keep his composure. I even heard one lady ask if he was ok. I took that as a challenge and started taking his dick all the way down my throat and back out while gently grasping his balls. He was trying to not moan but his breath was becoming louder, and his body was rocking. When it came time for him to give his presentation I started throat fucking him fast and hard, wrapping my tongue around his dick with every stroke before moving my hand around to his ass and sticking my finger right in his tight ass hole. He lost it then and disconnected from the call and shot his load deep in my mouth. He lifted me up and told me what a naughty girl I was and to wait for him in the bedroom. As I walked back, I heard him back on the call apologizing for the disconnection. Now that was fun. Would you like to have a virtual blowjob while you are on a zoom call too? If so, you just give me a call baby.

Daddy Likes To Watch

Fantasy Phone SexOne of my favorite times last year was when I went for the weekend with my adorable sugar daddy. We had a gorgeous beach house complete with a staff. We had been out on the water all day and had been drinking so we were pretty buzzed by the time we got back. I wanted to play but daddy had not taken his little pill so he wouldn’t be ready for a while. He suggested that he call in the butler and driver and put on a little show for him to get things started. I love it when daddy gets all dirty and naughty. They came in the room and I was already naked. Daddy handed them a wad of cash and told them to please me as he watched. I put on some thigh highs like daddy likes and laid one of them on the bed and started sucking his big fat cock as I locked my eyes with daddy. The other got behind me and started playing with my wet pussy before ramming his rock-hard cock deep inside me. I sucked that dick and took it from behind while daddy stroked his cock. I looked at him as they brought me to orgasm and filled my mouth and pussy with their cum. That was all daddy needed. He shewed them away and then buried his face in my cum filled pussy.

Let Me Help You With Some Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Phone SexAfter being stuck in the house with your wife and brats I bet you could use some mistress phone sex, couldn’t you? Just give me a call and I can take care of you baby. You may have to be sneaky but that makes it even hotter don’t you think? We can talk while you drive to the store or home from work. I can tell you all the dirty things I want to do to you. How I would take your big fat cock and give you the best and deepest blow job you have had in a while. Sucking on that rock-hard cock and balls, taking you all the way down my throat, wrapping my tongue around the head, while you moan in ecstasy. Doesn’t that sound delightful? And then I can spread my legs and you can climb right on top of me, sticking your dick inside my wet, juicy pussy. Pounding me so hard and so fast as I wrap my legs around your back, my tits rubbing against your chest as you feel my warm breath and hear my moans in your ear. Moving my hips with yours, in perfect motion, my pussy grabbing your cock and holding it tight, bringing you to a toe-curling orgasm as you release your sperm inside my wet pussy. I am wet just thinking about you baby. So, you give me a call Daddy and let Evaline take good care of you.

Sending Daddy Nudes While He Is With His Wife

Mistress Phone SexMy daddy couldn’t get out of a weekend trip with his wife so I will just have to torment him all weekend. I don’t think he has ever been faithful to that old hag and I know she will just bitch and complain the entire weekend. He will be miserable but with him gone I am also miserable. I have his credit card so that I can have a good time, but I will miss his big fat daddy cock. The day before he left, I made sure that he wouldn’t forget me. He came over and I had a dinner delivered. We were sitting down to watch a movie and I told him I would be right back. I returned wearing nothing but edible panties. I laid down on the couch and told him that dessert was served. He spread my legs so wide and began to nibble on my crotch, licking and biting those panties off, exposing my bald wet pussy. He started licking my clit and fingering my hole while squeezing my nipples. Didn’t take long before he was ramming his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. He feels so good inside me and we both orgasmed quickly. He kissed my head as he left and told me he would miss me and see me on Monday. I spent the weekend sending him nudes and closeups of my young bald pussy to drive him crazy. I know on Monday he will be ready to fuck me hard and until then we will be having some hot mistress phone sex.

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