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He Spoiled Me And I Drained Him

fantasy phone sexI had been assigned a temp job at a local firm and my boss was not only hot and rich, but he was looking for a young plaything to take care of. I love money and I love older men. They really know how to take care of a girl if you know what I mean. He knew my slutty ass was interested so he handed me an envelope and smiled and casually walked away. I opened it and there was a hotel key, a credit card and a note. The note said to get myself pampered and buy something nice for dinner and something slutty for the night and to meet him there at 9. This isn’t my first go around with his type, so I knew what he wanted. A slick freshly waxed pussy and ass for his pleasure along with the normal manicure, pedicure and perfect hair. I would be his arm candy at dinner and his freak for dessert. I did exactly that and bought a hot dinner dress and some naughty after hours toys and costumes for the night. Dinner was wonderful as I lay my hand on his lap and gently started stroking his cock through his pants. I nuzzled up to his ear as I handed him a tiny blue pill to keep him involved in our late-night activities. As we walked into the room, the bed was covered with flowers and I gently removed my dress wearing only my bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. He handed me a glass of champagne and we got the night started. I left that man completely dry but still wanting more. Want to hear the naughty things I did to him?

Daddy’s Spoiled Princess

fantasy phone sexHey daddy do you want to play? I love older men. They know exactly how to treat a naughty girl like me. They take their time making sure to please me. The other day my favorite picked me up for a nice dinner. He came to the door and as we walked out, he made sure to open the car door to let me in. We went to a nice restaurant where I could order anything from the menu I wanted, cost was not an issue with this fine man. We ate, drank and then headed to my house for a little after dinner dessert. We fixed a drink and went to the bedroom where he slowly undressed me and laid me on the bed. Spread my legs and softly kissed from my feet to my hip bones. His tongue passed over my clit a few times driving me crazy. He then moved to my face and took me in a passionate kiss while his hands grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. As he kissed my neck, he made his way back between my legs and started eating my juicy wet pussy. He spent a long long time down there making sure that I was totally satisfied. Now it was my turn to take care of him. I laid him back and started sucking on that nice hard cock, taking him deep as I played with his balls. He quickly shot his load down my throat and as I gladly swallowed, I smiled at him as I climbed on top of him to continue our fun.

All He Wanted For Christmas Was Me

fantasy phone sexAll daddy wanted for Christmas was me. He is the sweetest. Of course, I make all of his dark deep fetishes come true so how could I not be? He slipped away from the fam today and came over for a little Christmas treat. I greeted him at the door with only the black velvet panties he had bought me as an early present. His hands full of presents and his eyes wide, I could see that big bulge start to form. I wasn’t going to let my baby just stand there so I went over, removed the big bunch of presents from his arms, unbuckled his pants and kissed him deeply. His pants fell to the floor and I got to my knees. I removed his boxers and took that beast out and started sucking on him. I gave him a sloppy wet deep blowjob, just how he likes it. As he held my face firmly and fucked it, I opened my throat to take his warm yummy load. Then I wiped my face as I stood. He laid me down and devoured by juicy wet bald pussy until I came all over his face. We spent the afternoon fucking, lots of dirty kinky shit went down. Want me to take care of you too baby?

Edible Panties Make Daddy Happy

fantasy phone sexMy hot daddy couldn’t get out of a weekend trip with his wife so I will just have to torment him all weekend. I don’t think he has ever been faithful to that old hag and I know she will just bitch and complain the entire weekend. He will be miserable but with him gone I am also miserable. I have his credit card so that I can have a good time, but I will miss his big thick daddy cock. The day before he left, I made sure that he wouldn’t forget me. He came over and I was wearing nothing but edible panties. I laid down on the couch and told him that dessert was served. He spread my legs so wide and began to nibble on my cunt, licking and biting those panties off, exposing my bald wet pussy. He started licking my clit and fingering my hole while squeezing my nipples. Didn’t take long before he was ramming his hard cock deep inside my wet pussy. He feels so good inside me and we both orgasmed quickly. He kissed my head as he left and told me he would miss me and see me on Monday. I spent the weekend sending him nudes and closeups of my young bald pussy to drive him crazy. I know on Monday he will be ready to fuck me hard and I can’t wait.

Want Me To Take Care Of You Baby

mistress phone sexAre you stuck at home all weekend with your boring vanilla wife? I bet you could use a kinky naughty dirty girl to play with, couldn’t you? Just give me a call and I can take care of you baby. You may have to be sneaky but that makes it even hotter don’t you think? We can talk while you drive to the store or home from work. I can tell you all the dirty things I want to do to you. How I would take your big thick cock and give you the best and deepest blow job you have had in a while. Sucking on that rock-hard cock and balls, taking you all the way down my throat, wrapping my tongue around the head, while you moan in ecstasy. Doesn’t that sound delightful? And then I can spread my legs and you can climb right on top of me, sticking your dick inside my wet, juicy pussy. Pounding me so hard and fast as I wrap my legs around your back, my tits rubbing against your chest as you feel my warm breath and moans in your ear. Moving my hips with yours, in perfect motion, my pussy grabbing your cock and holding it tight, bringing you to an incredible orgasm as you release your load inside my wet pussy. I am wet just thinking about you baby. So, you give me a call and let me take good care of you.

He Loves To Be A Cuck

fantasy phone sexSometimes all he wants to do is have cuckold sex. We go out, find a couple of hot young men, of his choosing of course and then we come back to have a little fun. As he sits at the corner of the bed, he directs us, kind of like he is producing his own porn movie. He pulls out his cock and as he strokes, we become his minions. To do as he pleases. I love it really, watching him get so excited as other men use my body. He always requests that I keep my thigh highs on and keep as much eye contact with him as possible. He loves watching my eyes as I cum. I laid one of the guys down beside him as I got between his legs and started blowing him, always watching daddy of course. The other guy started rimming my sweet ass with his tongue and playing with my clit. With a mouth full of cum daddy nudged me towards him to kiss him. I unloaded that wad inside of daddy as he continued stroking. Then I lowered my wet cunt onto the guy and started sucking the other one’s cock. He watched as we all came to orgasms and then I went over and sucked daddy dry to finish him off.

I Open Wide For Daddy

fantasy phone sexI call him daddy. He loves making me his naughty little girl. We pretend I come to his bed at night, scared from a nightmare. He holds me and I drift off to sleep. I awaken between his legs. Looking up at his massive cock and balls. Being the inquisitive little girl, I start to touch him. His cock grows and I become even more excited. He wakes and pats my head as I continue touching him. He gently takes my hand and shows me how to stroke him. I do it so softly and firm. When he starts moaning and veins appears, he tells me to put it in my mouth. Like a good girl I open wide and start sucking on him. He tells me to twirl my tongue as I suck, and I obey. I suck the head, the shaft all while moving my tongue all around. Then he takes the top of my head and buries my face deep inside his crotch. I feel his massive dick against my throat. He holds me there while he fucks my face. As his cock gets thicker and starts to twitch, he removes it, stands over my face and tells me to open wide. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue waiting for those big thick yummy streams of cum to be shot in my face and mouth. I do love my daddy.

I Took My Boss Deep

fantasy phone sexAre you looking for a naughty daddy cock lover? You have found the right girl. I love a hard daddy dick and know exactly how to make them all mine. I am a secretary to an awesome hot older guy who has always made my panties wet thinking about him. So today when he asked me to stay late, I decided it was my chance. As the door locked behind us, I stepped into his office and asked if there was anything else, I could do for him. As he looked down at his computers, I started unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my skirt. The noise caught his attention and he glanced up. He stared as I stood there in only my bra, panties, thigh highs and heels. I walked toward him. He turned his chair towards me. I gently kissed his neck as I unbuttoned his shirt. I kissed all the way down his chest and smiled up at him as I unbuckled his pants. I took that cock from his boxers and began stroking him. I licked and kissed the head as he moaned softly. I could taste the pre-cum as I took him deeper. With another glance upwards I opened my throat and took him deep. It was a hot after-hours time, and you are going to want to hear all the other dirty things I did to him. Can’t wait to tell you.

I Don’t Mind Being The Mistress

fantasy phone sexI met him on an app and after some heavy sexting, lots of nudes and finally some cash in my cashapp I decided to meet him. He sent me the information for a beautiful five-star hotel complete with some more money to buy a dress and anything else I wanted for the weekend. I got my nails done, my girly parts waxed as soft as a bunny and some hot lingerie. He sent a driver to pick me up with a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne and a lovely card in the back seat. As we drove, I sat back loving this life. He was married but I didn’t care. He needed a little strange in his life and what better than a hot young thing. I was a little early but went ahead and checked in. the room was nicer than I had ever seen. I decided to give him a welcome present. I changed into black thigh highs with matching panties, heels and bra. I looked in the mirror and knew he would be pleased. I poured two glasses and when I heard the door open, I stood in the hallway, waiting just for him. It was hot and heavy, and I took great care of him. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I did to this man before the night was through and all the hot kinky things, I would like to do to you.

Pleasing Daddy

daddy phone sexAs daddy pulled out the blindfold, I knew he was in the mood to play. I love this side of him. He is normally a pretty quiet soft-spoken man but there is darker side of him that just makes my pussy wet. He approached me with his cute half smile, and I lifted my head. He covered my eyes with it and laid me back on the bed. He spread my legs and fastened one to the post. He did the same with my arms. Then he started teasing me. Kissing me from my toes to my thighs and then softly blowing on my wet cunt. One finger at a time he put inside me while flicking my clit with his tongue. Then he softly blew on me, driving me crazy. I felt him move off the bed and then I felt the strike of the paddle against my skin. He knows exactly how hard to do it to drive me crazy. With every strike my pussy grew wetter and my moans louder. As I moaned, I felt his hard cock smack against my mouth and I happily opened, and he fucked my face. He held my hair and rammed it deep while shooting his load. As I swallowed his warm salty cum my pussy grew wetter in anticipation of what was next.

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