An Easter Snack

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Of course, the obligatory church outing on Easter is the only time of the year my slutty ass attends, at the request of my mother. We went in and it was the normal routine except for this new youth leader. Damn was he a hot piece. I had caught his eye too and we smiled a couple of times. The boredom was unnerving so when I saw him walk to the back hallway, I excused myself and followed. The hall was clear, but I noticed an office open. I looked in and there he was, in all his church hotness. He invited me in, and we did the normal chit chat. I knew the service would linger for an eternity, but I was not about to miss this gift I had been given. I unzipped my top and leaned into him. I whispered in his ear if he would like to have a little fun. Not waiting for a response, I pulled my dress up and straddled him. I started kissing his neck as he tried to resist me but the warm bulge from his pants told me otherwise. Let me tell you all the dirty things I did to that hot ass minister. I will tell you this, I had to wipe my mouth and pop a breath mint before going back in.

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    i like a big boob whore

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