Easter getaway with daddy

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Suppose you can’t tell I’m a total daddy’s girl. I love to make daddy happy, and he loves to surprise me and sure knows how to keep a smile on my face.

Easter happens to be my favorite holiday. Daddy always likes to take me on a little easter vacation, and it works well with my spring break. I love to go to Hawaii and have a super romantic couple of days with daddy.

Daddy loves to show me a good time, and I always love to relax him. My pussy is always wet and ready for daddy to slide right into it with no hesitation. Whatever daddy wants, daddy will get with his sweet princess. Daddy doesn’t ever have a nut. He doesn’t shoot. Even in easter paradise, we will spend all the time fucking. We have missed out o some tourist attractions because sex on the beach takes much more of our time. Daddy and I in the hot tub rubbing each other and fucking in the water is the only thing we need.

Hot oil massages and the beautiful scenery. It is the perfect Easter Sunday for both of us.

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