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I woke to him eating my kitty

phone sex number

Im a deep sleeper, so I never wake up in the middle of the night. A particular night in the summer was pretty suspicious. I had the pleasure of having daddy wake me up to him licking my kitty.

I’ve watched porn, so I knew what it meant to have my nasty daddy slick my slit. Im going to be honest, daddy has quite an addiction to young sluts, and I happen to be in slut phase.

Daddy is like one of you dirty daddys who need their go-to phone sex number to get off and blow a big load. I’m sure he will miss his phone hoe, but I am now the newest slut.

Daddy has been groomin me oh so well.

So you like porn for masturbation?

Porn for Masturbation

So you like porn for masturbation? Well, I have a scenario that will tantalize your taste buds. I want you to bend me over and fuck me right after class. Use me up like a little cum rag. Get super rough with me and choke me till I can’t breathe so I can cum so hard all over your dick.

Make my little cunt all yours and show me I’m your property. Own me and degrade me. Make me get sloppy drunk after a party. I like to have my makeup run down, and I want to look like a complete whore for you. A short little jean skirt and g string underneath. I’ll wear no braw and let my nipples pierce out like a cheap slut for you.

Then you can use me over again until you don’t need me anymore. I so want to be you fuck slut and want to be able to make your cock cum like no one has made it ejaculate before.

Group sex for daddy

group sex

Daddy loves to celebrate his birthday with the princess. I know I made daddy’s 40th party extra special because I gave him his one wish he has always thought about and wanted to explore. I invited all my hot friends over for a dip in the pool. Also, they would be sleeping over, so I gave them the memo to bring some extra cute pj’s. Daddy voices his opinion, and I listen to every word. Im so okay with doing exactly what he says. I’m going to give him the dirty party he wants. My hot friends playing around running a daisy chain and letting him watch us go down on each other and play with each other’s cunts. We sure do know how to make our throbbing pussies¬† front and center so daddy could bust a nice jizz puddle.

Breed me tonight

blonde phone sex

There’s something I want from you. I want you to make me a breeding whore when you come over. Breed my hole and make me feel your hot sticky cum. I love to be your breeding slut right now. You can fuck me over and over again and mount me till you get it done. Knock me up and watch my pussy take all your seed! I want to play with your ropes of cum, let it get everywhere, and use it as lube to fuck myself. Watch me rub my pink slit with your white cream and see as I push it all deep into my uterus, daddy. I can’t wait till you knock me up with your sperm all the way inside me. its time you give me what you have always wanted to give me. You love blondes so thats why blonde phone sex is hot to you.

Blonde phone sex because us blondes have more fun

blonde phone sex

Blonde phone sex is great. It’s true blondes have much more fun. Most blondies like me will leave you wanting more fun with us. You will never forget the cute blonde girl next door who loves to show off her slim physique and let you have a full view of her tight-toned body. Your wife was so yesterday you want to taste the forbidden fruit. You have a peacock, and you will only admit it if you are aroused. Well, luckily for me, I get you so turned on you can’t deny the truth. Let me show you why I can make that cock twitch. My perfect pout sucking that cock is delicious. Let’s have some hot fun and keep it between both of us. I promise your wife will never find out.

fetish phone sex and super sized toys


fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex with me is the best. You can order me to do whatever comes to your mind. I know toys are a big thing that you all love to hear us gals play with on the phone. I love when I get a freaky caller who wants to push my limits and make me a dirty slut that pleases her holes and lets my wet pussy drip everywhere.

I have supersized toys, and every time someone asks me if I have any, I chuckle because my supersize toys have gotten my holes on them. I do practice, and I am happy to show it off and let everyone know my skills. My wet pussy will be so loud, and while you are jerking on the phone, you will get to have the best orgasm ever with your mutual masturbating slut.

i’m your phone sex addiction

Phone Sex Addiction

You sure know how to keep your phone sex addiction alive. When you have me turning you on so much in your ear, I want to help you live out your fantasies and make you enjoy and use me for your satisfaction. I can’t deny your appetite. The only way to keep you hooked is to dive deep into your mind and make those fantasies spurt out and get you into some hot nasty play. Your mood is heightened to the naughtiest mode. You can live out those deep desires you never let a single soul know. You love being honest and showing me you want fun that you can’t tell others. It is okay to say you have a pcock and want me to be your sweet girl.

Little Girl phone sex for you



little girl phone sexI have some little girl phone sex that will make all those dirty desires come true. Watch me jerk you and stroke you till you are rock hard. I want to prepare you for the best stroke ever. My hands massaging your cock is the absolute best. Whenever you slide a finger in my slit, you always seem to lick it and fall much more profound in love with me. I won’t blame you because I am a hot tease that knows precisely what she’s doing.

There is no doubt I will make that cock erupt if it’s the last thing I do. My big blue eyes widen when you press up deeper into my young twat. My wetness covers you entirely, and you have to explode.

blonde tease

blonde phone sex

I know you love sweet little teases like me who can turn you into a wicked dirty pervert. I love to turn you on and make you feel like you have to break the rules. It is so good to see you beg me to let you fuck me and make those fantasies come true. I know you badly want to make me your anal whore. Let me lick your big dick and have you slide it all the way, balls deep in my ass hard.

fuck me like there’s nothing in this world you need more. Let me show you how good you will feel, baby. I want to feel your cock in my ass and feel that hot load in me so much.

daddy pcock

bald shaved pussy

My bald shaved pussy brings daddys p cock so much joy. I bring over the cutest friends from cheerleading, and together we make my daddy super happy. I love to lick his cock with hot friends around. We shove our cute titties in his face so he can shoot his load all over us and leave us wholly glazed and confused.

We love to make daddy go wild and begin by doing so when we shake our cute asses and let him fuck us up so much. Daddy loves to ram his cock in us. He’s not too gentle; he’s eager to feel our tightness, so he goes super hard and fast, and he usually does this so he can squirt a lot

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