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Blonde phone sex is fun. I have become such a little slut lately. I know my dad has a group of friends who love me so much. They love to stare, and I like giving them something to look at;

I won’t deny old perverts access to my cunt. Daddy has shown me how to please older men. You know when you shake a young tight bum in front of a salivating pervert they can only hold of for little to no time. I know its game on when I get a sicko riled up. I have even given them my snapchat panhandle. You won’t believe what lengths these men would go thru to have a beautiful view of me. Who said you couldn’t teach an old geezer new tricks? I have these guys getting all tech-savvy to see me.

Little girl phone sex addiction

little girl phone sex

Daddy has a little girl phone sex addiction. I dress up for him and make his cock feel oh so good. I put my mouth on it and suck it so much. I love to make it cream on the tip of my tongue. I am a nasty slut for daddy. Daddy has made me his perfect slut. I take orders and make his cock feel so exhilarating. I’m on my knees, waiting for his big load to smack me right in the face. What a sweet darling slut for him am I? when my mommy left, I took the role of the woman in the house. Although I should have been his cute baby girl, still I turned into the combo package. That was so great for me.

Cheer whore for daddy

kinky phone sexIt took some convincing and some kinky phone sex to make daddies mind up. I knew he didn’t want to see me in front of all the classmates and their parents shaking my bum and wearing tight itty bitty skirts. I was an insatiable girl, and all the guys and girls wanted a piece of me. I know how bad guys want a part of me. I knew that all of the guys were going to love me, and so did daddy. I know that daddy is territorial, so I had to show him I was going to be loyal to him. Even though I might play around but what daddy doesn’t know won’t kill him. I can have fun in all ways now that I am a cheer whore.

Fucking in the pool

anal phone sexAnal phone sex is something I am too good at honestly. Daddy trained me one summer day. We were having fun, and he was letting me drink. I had a couple of glasses of wine. I wasn’t allowed to, but daddy was being a super chill dad and let me do what my little heart wanted. One thing led to another, and daddy was complimenting me on my figure and told me he always knew I’d be a knockout. Daddy got down to it and told me mommy wasn’t fucking him or letting him do new exciting things. Curiosity came over me, and I asked like what daddy? Clearly, without hesitation, daddy said well anal sweetie. Within a few minutes, daddy was getting some good anal loving from his princess in the pool. Fucking daddy in the poll was a highlight for that summer.

I will demolish you

blonde phone sexBlonde phone sex with a cute daddies girl is the best. I know what older men crave and think about, and it is quite simple. I am exactly what they need and lust after. I have a body that attracts the p cocks to me. Why not embrace what daddy has shown me? A cute blondie with barely boobies and a bald cunny can make anyone weak in the knees. If you aren’t a pervert, I guarantee I can turn you into a sicko. You may be the most proper stand-up guy, but one look at you and me will be demolished. You will surrender to a young tot who can make your wildest dreams that you never even imagine possible. Your cock will throb only for sexy youngins like me. I have complete mind control.

Make you weak

little girl phone sexLittle girl phone sex is so fun when I spread my pink pussy. I make you weak with my hot body. My little hands wrapped around your dick; it is so perfect. I know you love fucking my sweet holes if you had the chance. I want you to choke me while you pound this little pussy daddy. Fuck my ass too and make me call you daddy! I know you have a daddy cock, and that makes me weak as fuck. I can’t wait till you pin me down and fuck me till you cum all over my young holes. Your jizz was made for me. You know what I need to make my cunt squirt and get off each time.

Naughty family

Mutual masturbationMutual masturbation started early on with a cousin I had. My cousin was a little older, with much more experience than me. My cousin Riley was a twin, and she did everything with her twin. Riley and Richie would show each other’s private parts as youngins, and they would play with each other. I had always heard that rumor from my other siblings and cousins but didn’t experience an incest slumber party with them a little later on,

I was amazed they knew how to do it all. I became obsessed with being a dirty whore at such a young age. Before I knew it, I was showing my cunny off to all my family members and all the neighborhood boys. I was an impressionable youngster and became obsessed with pleasure.

group sex whore

group sexDaddy invites me to hangout with all his golfing buddies. I am such a treat to all of them and they literally can’t help but stare at me. Daddy has raved all about my young cunt and how I am the best fuck ever. I know he loves my pussy and has to brag. Group sex wasn’t the plan but one thing led to another and before I knew it I had all my holes fucked by old horny men. Daddy was sure to take my cunt and ass first then followed by locking lips with me and giving me some precum glaze lipgloss. I smack my lips together and rub it in front of the horny men. I lick my lips and begin to take them all in me one by one. I am a freak by nature thanks to my daddy.

Daddy vs Boys

impregnation phone sexMy daddy is so overprotective of me and my hot body. I think he dies a little every time he finds me used up by a boy. My sweet pussy is like bees to honey. Daddy has done everything in his power to make sure he gets my prized pussy pregnant first. We use to have a ton of impregnation phone sex but now that I am ready and I am begging for cream he wants to give it to me. My cunt needs fresh sperm and needs to be knocked up. It could be daddy, or it could be one of my fun boy toys. Daddy is pounding me extra hard and much more than ever. Daddy will be damned before some other knucklehead impregnates his princess. I belong to him and he’s going to do the honors in putting a bun in my oven first.

Bad influences



blonde phone sex

Blonde phone sex whores are the best. Sluts that happen to get in trouble when their parents are away can get their hands dirty. I took advantage of the fact that my parents were away at a destination getaway. My parents were going to be gone for five full days in Cancun. I knew I could drive their car and use my fake I.D. I got ready for a night out and was enjoying my freedom. I knew I had a ton of days to act wild and have fun. After hanging out at a college party, I was not allowed to be at I got so drunk and fucked up. The guys knew I wasn’t in college; they made me their little slut and had fun knowing I was breaking some rules. After plenty of gangbangs that night, I sprinted home. My mom was asking why the alarm was never activated. On my way, I was frazzled and hit a mailbox. I totaled the bumper of my dads new Mercedes.

One of the girls saw me upset and told me she had an offer for me. She knew I need cash asap and said she could help me. The sorority girls were all whores who I aspired to be like; I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to attend college and be like them. They had side gigs, and one of them was selling their used panties on social media. They set me right up, and I made a little fortune in less than a day. Old perverts loved my bald shaved pussy and all my used up panties. I was able to fix the car and also enjoy an encore of orgy fun. Who knew guys buy panties from girls with itty bitty titties. They loved youngsters like me.

bald shaved pussy

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