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Cunnie check up with daddy

fantasy phone sex

If you have a knack for fantasy phone sex, understand that I am one dirty fuck slut that enjoys being used and drilled. Whenever I get a nice hard cock in me, I feel alive. I want to beg to feel the warm cum distributed inside me. Daddy is quite the jealous fella, and I know he hates the thought of me fucking other boys.

Daddy loves to say tempest, sweetie, you need a man, not a boy, and I am the only man for you. I know I should be content, but sometimes I have the urge to say fuck it, I want cock. It often involves giving road head or in a movie theatre quietly fucking so no one hears. Usually, it is so spontaneous that no condom is used. I know that spells out trouble for me in the end. Daddy likes to do a cunnie check on me to make sure no cummies get in me. Daddy will not let his princess get knocked up by a boy, so off to get a plan b we go. It is hard for my daddy to stay mad at me for too long. I have him wrapped around my finger. So go ahead, daddy I will spread wide for that cunnie check 😉

fetish phone sex with you sir

fetish phone sex

Time for a tickle time! Oh, my daddy loves to play with my feet!! Now I understand why fetish phone sex is always going to be familiar. Daddy used to come to me in the middle of the night and gently place a kiss on my forehead. He would then whisper that we would have a ton of fun in my ear.

See, my daddy and I are so close that we love to sleep naked together. Daddy has quite the Peacock, and no, I’m not saying he is a pet bird. *Giggles* say it with me Pea-cock or pcock. Another way to get the meaning is by taking the M out of Medow and putting a P!!! Or another way to get it if you are still pretty lost. Wed- o-file now replace that w with a p!! There you go, you finally go it *Giggles* so yes, my daddy was that kind of fun daddy.

I sure enjoyed his tickles, and his cock tickles too!

nothing is ever free

phone sex #

The sunny san Diego wheater was perfect for taking a stroll. I went inside a chic boutique and found myself eyeing a beautiful necklace. It was an opal with some Swarovski diamonds at a price that was well worth it, and I knew I wanted to be the owner of the piece. I began to point it out to the sales associates eagerly, and she gladly went ahead and rang it up and placed it in a suede hot pink box. It was about to be the best two hundred dollars I had spent the whole month. If I do say so myself, I have quite the shopping addiction. I couldn’t grab my card any faster. That was when my heart sunk. I couldn’t find my credit card anywhere, and the line began to build up at that point. Before I could even process what was happening, an older man b behind me decided to pay it for me. I began to tell him it was okay, and I appreciated the gesture. He wouldn’t take any of an answer. Instead, he asked for a bit of a stroll and talk. The older man seemed so lovely, so I agreed. Well, I should have known nothing would be free. He began to demand I take some pictures and have some my number saved on his phone as a phone sex # to clear my debt to him. He wanted me to be his little slut, and I loved the demand, so I let him nut for me.

I know your secret

bald shaved pussy

My uncle Shawn loves to watch me swim in his pool. I found out he had more on me than a few stares. I found uncle shawns secret stash of pictures of me. There were pictures of me in the shower, and some with me butt naked on all fours that one time I played with my pussy over at his house in the guest room. I wondered what I could do to get him to cave and do what he’s thought about all along.

I came up with an idea to tell him I knew all about these dirty secrets and wanted to see if he would cave. When I began to interrogate him when we were alone, it was like he saw a ghost. He would never have imagined id find his secret stash. I made a little bargain with him, and it involved him buying me a new car, and Id stayed quiet and would let him taste my bald shaved pussy in return. He let out a sigh of relief cause that was most certainly doable.

what is kinky phone sex?

kinky phone sex

Kinky phone sex is whatever you make of it and whatever you want it to be. What a turn-on for you might be a turn-on for me. I’m ready to get inside your mind and learn all that makes you want to pull your jimmy out to jerk. I’m a weakness for men with pcock, and I like to explore that with those who enjoy that kind of play fun. I’m really into hearing someone get all riled up and excited. I will feel an excellent wet spot drench thru my panties while talking to you. You know I’m rubbing my cunt while you tell me your deep desires. I want to help you explore each one and make you explode.

bald shaved pussy in your face

bald shaved pussy

Older men love bald shaved pussy so much. I know this is true because my sugar daddy is a married man with a love for girls 20 years his junior. I love to go over to his house since he lives in the neighborhood. It gives us plenty of time to get real acquainted. I’m so into jerking him off and getting all his jizz in my mouth and playing with it in front of him. The one fetish he has and he loves to gift me generously for is my sweet pussy. He’s obsessed with my sweet juices. My older friend loves to tell me he wants to squeeze it like lemonade and have it all the time. I’m always well assured that he would go nuts without my nectar.

spoiled sugar baby

bald shaved pussy

If you want a hot young thing around you all the time, you must pay up. My Bald shaved pussy will keep you hooked. I’m going to need you to pick up your sugar daddy tasks. I’m only going to allow you to enjoy me if you spoil me rotten. I am talking about so much money that it makes me want to get knocked up by you. Let me be the arm candy you always needed as long as you spend all your money on me. I’m not a frugal princess; I like to spend my dad’s money. I’m talking about the perfect scenario between the both of us, and it involves endless cock sucking sessions and all your money being deposited into my account. I’m ready to make you beg me to spoil me. I’m a bratty princess.

The best phone sex addiction money can buy

Phone Sex Addiction

I’m everything your wife isn’t. I have the tightest wet pink cunt you will ever lay your eyes on, and I know how to use it. I’m not another dumb blonde. I have so much character, and I’m the best conversationalist, especially for my tender age. My vividness will transport you and make you believe you are next to me. I’m the phone sex addiction you never knew you needed. It’s time to get lost with me, and let me give your cock some love. I’m the best cock sucker, and don’t complain if you want to put your shlong in my tight pink asshole. You can bet I won’t fight you when you stick it up balls deep in my bumhole. I will do anything you ask, and I will become like a drug to you because you can finally shoot your load to abundant bliss and epic desires.

phone sex number for your cock

phone sex number

Call this phone sex number for your cock. You aren’t going to regret it if you get so addicted to me, daddy. The fantasies of using my holes and breeding me and making me your perfect fucking whore will be beyond the best feeling ever. It will be like it was made for you, daddy, so comes on and let your fantasies run wild. Yeah, you want that, don’t you? It’s so fantastic that a man like you can’t keep his hands off me. What’s even wilder is how much I love the idea of old perverts jerking their cocks to me. I have to rub my cunt for you daddies out there thinking about me.

Fantasy phone sex makes me rub my cunt

fantasy phone sex

I hung up from the best session ever. I love to have a man who likes to take control and use me. Whenever a guy dominates me, it does something to my cunt. It makes it so wet that I have to rub one out.

I was playing with my pussy the whole call. It felt good to close my eyes and let my caller take control of everything.

It is rare to have a guy call up and be so demanding and dominant. Usually, guys want to be so sweet to me. I’m not complaining about that aspect; I love sweet phone fucks.

Dirty talk involving you calling me names makes me want to take your cock on the spot. Hear as I let out so many moans. I like your dick and must have you fuck me hard.

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