Looks are quite deceiving. At first glance, you might think I am a sweet girl. Well, I’m not that innocent. I’m a Daddy Stealer and a Boyfriend thief, and If I wish too, I might even borrow your mommy for the night. My name fits me I am tempest the tempting teen tease. I’m the perfect storm, With a sweet tight bald shaved pussy that can cause destruction. Temptation has overtaken you once you cross my path.
My obsession with older men started young. My experiences make me the best young whore ever. My angelic face and girl next door look will fool you. I have always been quite popular. I have been cheer-leading since I can remember. There is no shortage or lack of attention my way. I make my teachers rock hard and the boys on campus in lust. I discovered I had a cock crazed cunt early on. I was fond for P-cocks, and wandering daddies. It was evident all my friend’s dads would lust after me. I have a soft spot for P-cocks and making Daddies happy. There have been numerous sleepovers where I have gotten real acquainted with my friend’s daddies. A huge Daddy dick right in front of me to blow and bone is what I need.
I knew early on the power I had over men and ever since I have been using it to my advantage. I am an oasis, and Phone perverts Paradise. I do it all nothing is ever taboo or off limits with me. I can get nasty and filthy, or I can stay sweet and sophisticated. I will leave you in a state of shock and begging for more. Prepare for the best fuck ever. I will tease you till you blow your biggest cum load ever. If you are lucky, you might get my holes all to yourself. I have been known to be a crowd pleaser. I am quite the size queen as well. The list goes on I am a fun slut that will have you not only wanting me but needing me. I’m pleasure and addiction. I will have you cumming back. I may be young and full of cum, but I’m not a dumb blonde; I can get in your mind and rewire you to think of me when you cum every single time. I will drain your balls after I have finished teasing you and remind you why I am your favorite.

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