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bald shaved pussy

Looks can be deceiving I have always been one sweet looking angel. I am obviously anything but that. I have stolen my sisters boyfriends, Ruined marriages and have fucked my way to the top of the ladder. I maybe barely legal but I have more sass and knowledge than women twice my age. I crave excitement and fucking in public is one of those cheap thrills. My legs spread taking my neighbors dick while his wife is about to be home any minute is an example. Over the weekend I seduced my middle aged neighbor. I knew his wife would be home very soon. I wanted to push him to the edge and make him my slave. I let him think I sincerely wanted him.

Poor guy was trying to get me to wait a bit. I told him loud and clearly if I had to wait I’d never want him again. He couldn’t let my bald shaved pussy go without a trace. He caved and started to take my outfit off, I could feel his raging cock about to combust. His wife walked in on us fucking and as he was shooting his load she was screaming at the top pf her lungs. The satisfaction I got was like no other.

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