Thanksgiving in Prison

I had to finger fuck her pussy for us both to get out of jail, and it was the least I could do after she walked in on me fucking her daddy again. Whenever I am home from college, such as for the holidays, I have a favorite sugar daddy that I just love fucking. Not only does he have a thick cock, he has an even thicker wallet. One night with him would cover Christmas shopping for my whole entire family. He also happens to be one of my best friends daddy. She has a bad habit of walking in on us, and throwing a fit. Normally she just threatens to tell her mother unless he gives her money, but this time she was just being a real bitch. Me and her ended up fist fighting, and someone called the cops. We were placed in the same holding cell, and I had a brilliant idea on how to get released. We started tearing each others clothes off, and the cops just couldn’t take their eyes off of us. They stroked their cocks while they watched us stroke each others dripping wet pussies. Once everyone came they had no problem releasing us. When we were released she was back to her normal self, I guess she just needed a good orgasm.

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