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Orgy Fantasies Phone Princess

orgy fantasies

You should not be surprised that a pervert like me has orgy fantasies.  The first orgy I ever had was at a party one of my married boyfriends set up for me. I’d told him that I wanted to do it and he said that he would find some couples for us to play with, but that we’d have to do it in a different town than where he lived. He told his wife that he was going out of town for business, but really, I was going with him and we were planning the wildest weekend either of us had ever had.

There were four other couples and he made sure that all the guys had big dicks because that’s what I really love. And they were all so freaking kinky. There definitely wasn’t a lot of vanilla sex going on that weekend, that’s for sure! That was the first orgy I ever was a part of, but it definitely wasn’t the last. Now I love doing it all the time and I adore telling callers about it, so if you want to hear how I was turned into an orgy-loving slut, don’t hesitate to give me a ring. I love re-living orgies of the past. Maybe you have some you’d like to tell me about.

Nasty Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whore

Have I ever told you how much I love being a phone sex whore? I mean, honestly what’s not to love? I get to talk dirty to you guys and it gets me geared up to go out and fuck someone in real life. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten turned on by a caller, masturbated during the call, and then had to call a fuck buddy over to take care of me. Sometimes a girl needs more than just a dildo to get off. I have SO much more sex now that I’ve started doing phone sex. Who knew it would be so much fun?!

Last week, I had a call and a guy told me about how much he’d love to eat my cunt and what he would do to me, and it made me so wet I had to text a fuck boy to come over. He’s an asshole, so I never let him fuck me, but he does this thing with his tongue that’s just freaking incredible. Do you think you can make me so horny I need to get fucked for real? I guess there is only one way to find out!

Stretch My Tight Shaved Pussy

tight shaved pussy

I love it when a guy slides his fingers inside my tight shaved pussy while going down on me.  It’s almost as good as getting my clit licked while getting fucked. Just looking down between my legs and watching that is one of the sexiest things ever. When a guy makes me cum like that a few times, it’s a good warmup for this hot little pussy. I mean, if your dick is super big, it might need a little extra help sliding inside me. Do you have a nice, fat cock like that? I bet you would love to fuck me with it, wouldn’t you?

I want to lie on my back so I can see your thick cock slide inside me. The sight of my pussy lips stretching out around that juicy cock is enough to make me cum all over you. I know that would turn you on as much as it turns me on. I hope you want to shoot your load inside me, because watching it ooze out of me is so freaking hot. Why don’t you get on the phone and tell me what you want to do to my tight little hole. I’ll be waiting for you.

2 Girl Phone Sex Cock and Ball Torture

2 girl phone sex

I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying that two was better than one, and of course, that’s true when it comes to 2 girl phone sex. But what Irene and I have in mind may not be exactly what you were looking for. But we are so fucking sexy, that you won’t even be able to say no to us. What I’m talking about is just a little bit of cock and ball torture. Pain can be quite pleasurable if you are with someone who knows what they’re doing. And trust me when I say that Irene and I know exactly what we’re doing. Nothing excites us more than to inflict torment onto that throbbing, perverted cock.

You might even start to beg for CBT. We’ve had many guys instantly become addicted to the way we make them feel, especially when it involves suffering. I guess when a man’s balls burn, bleed, sting, or ache that doesn’t matter as long as he’s with a beautiful woman. And that’s precisely what we are, but with a nice blend of sadism. So if you’re ready for two girls to bring you pleasure and pain, come play with Irene and I. We’ll leave you bruised, battered and only wanting more.

2 girl phone sex

Be My Submissive Phone Sex Slave

submissive phone sex

On your knees. Yes, I meant what I said. You are just a lowly submissive phone sex whore and you’ll do whatever I tell you to do.  That includes sucking any and every dick I tell you to. I don’t care if you don’t want to and I don’t care if you say no. You can’t fucking overpower me and this strong, strapping man so just open your mouth and get to work, you nasty little cock sucker. I can’t wait to see if he can get the whole thing down your throat. You might gag, and that’s one hundred percent okay with me.

Yeah, I don’t really care if what I make you do causes you to be uncomfortable. You’re really just here for my pleasure and the pleasure of this big fat cock you’ll be playing with. I am going to stand behind you and slam my fat black strap-on cock all the way inside you. I hope you can handle being spit-roasted by us because you’ll be getting a lot of that. If you think you can handle being my submissive slut, then by, all means, get on the phone and give me a call. But I’ll warn you – it’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be fun. or me, anyway.

Phone Perverts Paradise Mistress

phone perverts paradise

Now that you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you’re going to soon see that you’re in a phone perverts paradise. I’m the kind of girl men will do ANYTHING for. And I do mean anything. And once you prove yourself to me, I’m willing to do just about whatever you want. Just in case you’re too dense to understand, I’m saying that if the price is right, I will be your total fuck whore. You can fuck any hole you want, whenever you want, and make you cum harder than your wife ever has.  I’m the slut that every man in the world has dreams of.

I mean, if you don’t believe me, you can just call me and find out. Or are you afraid that you’ll get addicted to me? It’s a much better addiction than drugs or alcohol. I’m at least something that won’t harm you – well, not unless you get on my bad side. Then it might hurt a little bit. Are you ready for a hot slut like me? Do you think you can handle me? I’m ready for you to find out, so don’t keep me waiting any longer, you dirty fuck. You better not hold back because I like it when men have no limits.

Discreet Phone Sex Slut

discreet phone sex

I know that you pervs love talking to me, but it has to be discreet phone sex. I think that keeping things a secret from your prudish wife makes things even hotter, don’t you? I’ve become an expert at hiding from wives because I LOVE fucking married men. I don’t want to brag too much, but I am very popular in my hometown. Every time I go back for a visit, all of those old men who fucked me and spoiled me when I was way too young to be fucking always want a piece of the action.

Obviously, the guy who agrees to spoil me the most always gets first dibs on whatever hole he wants. I bet you’d want to feel my perfect lips wrapped around and sucking your cock, wouldn’t you? I have to say that I give really freaking great head.  But my pussy is also really tight and would fit you like a glove. I would probably even let you shoot a load inside me if you spoil me enough. So call me up and tell me which holes you want and how much you’re willing to pay for them. I’m waiting to hear your thoughts.

Humiliate a Phone Sex Whore

phone sex whore

I know that not everyone loves verbal humiliation when they’re being fucked, but it turns me on more than you could even imagine.  I guess being a phone sex whore has turned me into a submissive slut and I’m not mad about it. When I’m on my knees sucking a fat cock and being called a no-good slut whose only job in life is to service men, it makes my pussy so wet. And when I reach down and start rubbing my cunt, they always shame me and tell me I’m such a slut that I can’t even suck a cock without being selfish and touching myself while I’m doing it.

When I’m being fucked, I love being called names. I love to have my hair pulled and get spanked while being called a nasty ass cum dumpster. They tell me that being a receptacle for cum is the only thing I’ll ever be good for so I might as well get used to it. I used to cry when men said all of these things to me, but now I’ve just accepted that it’s my role in life and I just do what I’m told and shut up. Do you want to give me a dose of it, too? Call me. I’m waiting to be your whore.

Fantasy Phone Sex in the Bath

fantasy phone sex

Are you ready for some fantasy phone sex? I have a good one for As I soaked down into the bubble bath that my lover had prepared for me, I felt extremely sexy. There is just something about those bubbles clinging to my body and the water being so warm that just really turns me on. And then I looked over and saw that he was sitting there watching me and that made my pussy throb. I’ve always been so turned on by voyeurism. Knowing that someone is getting so turned on by just watching you is so exciting. I reached down under the bubbles and put my hand between my legs. He couldn’t see what I was doing, but he knew.

The more I kept rubbing my clit, the more I moaned, and the more he got excited. He came over and sat closer to me and put his hand alongside mine and we rubbed my clit together for a while. Then he said he couldn’t take it anymore and got into the tub with me. He sat back, pulled me onto his lap, and I started grinding on his cock. Everything was so slippery that it slid right in. I can’t wait for my next bath…what about you?

My Bald Shaved Pussy Craves You

bald shaved pussy

I love looking down and seeing an older man licking my bald shaved pussy. You know, they always want that tight little bald cunt because it makes me seem even younger than I really am. I know, it’s pretty taboo, but it turns me on just as much as it turns them on. Just imagining being younger and fucking an older man gets me dripping wet. But you know, it’s possible that I really did some of those taboo things when I was younger. I guess you’re gonna have to give me a call to get me to spill that kind of tea. I think you’ll be very happy with the nasty stories of my past.

Another thing I love is looking down when a fat cock is sliding in and out of my bald cunt. It just looks so good without hair in the way. I can see my pussy lips stretching out and that turns me on more than you could imagine. I love having a man pull his dick out and shoot his jizz on my pretty little bald lips. I’ll reach down and scoop it up and eat it. I don’t think cum should ever go to waste!

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