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kinky phone sex

I hope you’re here for some fucking kinky phone sex because that’s what I need right now! Sometimes you just wake up in the mood to do something out of the ordinary and nothing else will do. I don’t have anything specific in mind – I just know I want something that would make most people cringe. So what is it that you’re thinking of right now? Do you have a super taboo fantasy in mind? Go ahead and tell me which family member you are jerking off to. Maybe it’s more than one of them – do you have a couple of cuties that you’d love to jam that cock into?
The thing I love about kinky fantasies is that you can literally talk about anything. Do you love fucking grapefruit? Maybe you like being watched through your bedroom window. How about going to parking lots and pulling your pants down to jerk it? Do you like group sex? Cuckold fantasies? Dressing up like a slut and going down to the glory hole to suck cock? You can have anything you want when you call me. Just make sure that whatever it is, it’s nice and kinky or we’ll have to step it up a bit!

Your Kinky GFE Hot Phonesex Whore

hot phonesex

Hi, sexy. I’m glad you’re here with me again. As I’ve told you, I love GFE hot phonesex because once you know someone well, you learn what pleases them. You know what to do and when to do it without being asked or told and that’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion. And the emotional intimacy that comes with knowing someone just makes the kinky sex that much better. I know you agree with me or you wouldn’t keep coming back for more. The bond that we have formed has made for some really intense orgasms. And the pillow talk after we cum is just so sweet. It makes me happier than you know.
But just because I’m giving you a regular girlfriend experience doesn’t mean that our sexy chats can’t be super taboo and kinky. There’s something about a really deep, dark taboo fantasy and sharing that with someone that really gets my pussy wet. I’ll tell you my twisted fantasies if you tell me yours. We can share with each other and maybe even find something new that turns us on. Once you’re ready for your hot GFE session, give me a call and tell me what you need, baby.

Hot Phonesex

hot phonesex

There’s something about being your hot phonesex whore that really excites me. Like the mistress you sneak around with in the darkness of the night for you to use me up and fill me up whenever you please. A little fuck doll at your beck and call if you will and I am always so very eager to please you. But you do the same for me. You always make sure I get mine in return and my GOD nobody eats my pussy the way you do. I love the way you slip my panties off ever so slowly just to make me drip with anticipation. As your hands slowly explore my legs and make their way up my extremely sensitive thighs. I can feel your hot breath getting closer while you’re savoring ever moment of it. I desperately need that tongue inside me and you love making me wait. It truly is worth the wait and I am completely drenched just thinking about it. I think I’ll go tease my little cunt until we get to meet again for another secret rendezvous.

Naughty Mistress Phone Sex Secretary

mistress phone sex

Whenever you talk about people who work for you it makes me a bit envious because I would love to have you as a boss. Perhaps the next best thing is for me to be your mistress phone sex secretary whore? I would love having to answer to you. Having to be at your beck and call for all of your business AND personal wants and needs. I want to be your favorite employee and I plan on doing everything in my power to make sure that I am. I will drop to my knees as much as possibly just to blow that hard dick of yours. The rumors will be flying around the office before we know it. I’ll dress exactly how you’d like for me to dress and I’ll always stay later, after every one else has gone for the day just to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything. I will make it my sole purpose to cater to you and only you. I answer to no one else, as i am your very own office fuck doll to do with as you please.

Big Tits and Asses To Play With

big tits and asses

When people used to ask me if I liked women, I would always say no. But it turns out that I DO like women. I just don’t like skinny bitches. I like women with big tits and asses. One night when I was out with friends, this really curvy girl came up to me and we started talking and dancing and before you know it, we were making out right there on the dance floor. We knew people were watching us but didn’t care. I was living my best life and enjoying the moment and nothing was going to stop me.

Of course, we ended up back at my place and that’s the first time I got down between a woman’s legs to eat her pussy – and it was quite a glorious fat pussy indeed. I guess instinct took over because she said I made her cum harder than anyone, man or woman, ever had. And I can safely say the same thing. When she told me to lie back and let her work her magic on my pussy, she meant it. She licked me, used her fingers on me, and made sure I had a really intense orgasm. She made me scream and that was a first for me. Do you want to hear more of the details? Give me a call and hear about how much I love curvy women.

Backwoods Babydoll

hot phone sex

I’ve always been a city girl and I have had my fill of city boys but I have learned that nothing gets my pussy wetter than a backwoods countryman who knows how to truly fuck. The kind of man who isn’t afraid to manhandle me and talk to me like a lady really wants to be spoken to behind closed doors. I can keep up with my city life and I quite enjoy it actually because I love the finer things in life, however, when it comes to getting fucked properly, I now realize I’m a backwoods slut who needs a real man. I have secret weekly rendezvous with him because he fucks me like none other and I never leave his presence disappointed. I love all of the filthy names he likes to call me. He knows I’m a cock hungry little whore and that I like to hear it. The next time I see him I want him to be extremely brutal with me. I want to be tied up and teased to the point that I’m begging for mercy. I imagine he has a few toys and props he wouldn’t mind using on me so that when I leave him, I’m sore for the entire next week. My nipples are hard just thinking about it.

Fill Me Up, Baby

impregnation phone sex

I have a serious question for you – does impregnation phone sex turn you on as much as it does me? I find myself thinking about being fucked and creampied all the time. Just the thought of my breasts growing and being more sensitive really turns me on. I don’t know about you, but thinking about you fucking me with my growing belly on full display makes my pussy throb. Does it make your cock hard? I want to spread my legs for you so you can fuck me. I want you to shoot that hot, juicy load of cum deep inside me and make me pregnant.
All of my friends who have been pregnant told me about how horny they got when they were knocked up and honestly, that’s one of the things that makes me want to do it. I love fucking and if I can be fucked even more than I am now, sign me up! I wonder how big my tits will get? And I wonder if my clit will be even more sensitive than it already is? I hope so. I’m getting horny now so I hope you’ll be calling me and fulfilling my impregnation fantasies very soon!

Phone Perverts Paradise Slut

phone perverts paradise

I’m a proud Phone Perverts Paradise slut because it gives me the freedom to explore all kinds of fantasies with you. I may be a classy girl from a nice wealthy upbringing, but behind closed doors, I just really need a filthy man like you who knows how to handle my kinks and one who isn’t afraid to call me every demeaning name in the book. This platform allows me to express what a whore I truly am and my cunt gets so fucking wet at the sound of your voice. There’s nothing better than a man confident enough to share me with a group of other men. To watch me become consumed with ecstasy that only happens when all of my slut holes are penetrated. I understand that appeal because of the thought of watching another cum-guzzling whore give you pleasure while deep throating that thick cock of yours excites me beyond measure. I enjoy the pangs of jealousy and competition, as I know it’s me you’ll be fucking at the end of the day. It turns me on to see other whores desiring you and I like to know just how far they’ll go for your fat fucking cock.

Sexy Rendezvous With You

mistress phone sex

There’s something about being your secret mistress that truly excites me. I have always had thing about forbidden fruit. You see, I grew up in an extremely oppressive, religious home and we all know what that does to young girls. It makes us extremely curious and all the more thirsty for worldly things. Especially sex! Mmm I have been an incredibly sexual being for as long as I can remember and although I have left the nest years ago, I still gravitate towards secret sexual rendezvous and I need a man who can push those boundaries with me. I always fantasized about fucking in a place like a church, like right before a sermon so I can feel your cum dripping out of me while I listen to this weasel preach the good word. I imagine someone filthy like you whispering to me ‘You’re such a filthy whore’ while we have our heads bowed to pray. The only thing I plan on worshipping in that church is your cock. It doesn’t have to be a church though. That’s the beauty of sneaking around. So long as we stay under the radar, we can fuck whomever and wherever our naughty hearts desire.

I Love Cumming With You

mutual masturbation

When I first started taking calls here, I just thought guys wanted me to talk dirty to them and get them off. I didn’t know there would be men who wanted to get ME off, too. So the first time a nice gentleman asked me if I wanted to have some mutual masturbation, I didn’t really even know what to think. I was touched that he would even ask me so of course I said yes. I turned the lights down, got a toy and some lube and got comfortable on my bed.
I asked if he had any fantasies that he’d like to talk about, but he told me he wanted both of us to talk about what we would do to each other if we were on my bed together. And he got things started by telling me how he would like to put his head between my legs and lick my clit while he pushed a couple of fingers inside my pussy. I told him he could keep doing that but that I wanted to sit on his face so I could get that throbbing cock in my mouth, too. Do you want to hear more about what happened or even have our own mutual masturbation fun? Call me so we can play!

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