College Girls are Out to Play

college girls phone sex

During the spring, for some reason, I get the most calls for college girls phone sex. I guess it’s because all the old men are seeing college girls out and about in less clothing and that gets them excited as fuck. Do you have fantasies about college sluts that you’d like to role play with me? Maybe you’re the guy who helps people register for classes and the class I really need to be in is full. What do you think I could do for you to make sure I get into that class? When I say I’ll do anything, I mean it!

It’s also fun to tell you about all the frat parties I go to! Oh, they are so much fun because there is never a shortage of cock. In fact, you can always have more than one at a time. Hat’s one of my favorite things in the world. Feeling all used up is one of the biggest turn-ons in the world if you ask me. So at the end of a frat party when I’ve been gang banged all night, let’s just say that I’m still horny and ready for more. I can’t wait to tell you everything.

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