nothing is ever free

phone sex #

The sunny san Diego wheater was perfect for taking a stroll. I went inside a chic boutique and found myself eyeing a beautiful necklace. It was an opal with some Swarovski diamonds at a price that was well worth it, and I knew I wanted to be the owner of the piece. I began to point it out to the sales associates eagerly, and she gladly went ahead and rang it up and placed it in a suede hot pink box. It was about to be the best two hundred dollars I had spent the whole month. If I do say so myself, I have quite the shopping addiction. I couldn’t grab my card any faster. That was when my heart sunk. I couldn’t find my credit card anywhere, and the line began to build up at that point. Before I could even process what was happening, an older man b behind me decided to pay it for me. I began to tell him it was okay, and I appreciated the gesture. He wouldn’t take any of an answer. Instead, he asked for a bit of a stroll and talk. The older man seemed so lovely, so I agreed. Well, I should have known nothing would be free. He began to demand I take some pictures and have some my number saved on his phone as a phone sex # to clear my debt to him. He wanted me to be his little slut, and I loved the demand, so I let him nut for me.

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