Kennedy at Phone Perverts Paradise

phone perverts paradise

The inner workings of my mind are a phone perverts paradise. No man who has called me has ever hung up unsatisfied and I don’t plan on ever letting that happen. You have no idea what kind of naughty erotic things you’re in for when you’re on the phone with me. Maybe you’ve been calling phone sex lines for a long time and you’re getting bored. Hey, it happens. Sometimes all you need to do is call a new girl. That can often be exciting enough to get your dick rock hard again. But if you need more, I am your girl.

What kind of perverted things get that cock going? Are they incest fantasies? I think that deep down, there’s someone in the family that you have wanted to stick it to for a long time. Let me be her for you. Do you want to forcibly take her because she doesn’t have the same desires you do? I’m fucking here for that, too. Do you want women to watch you jerk off in a parking lot? Or do you maybe want to be the pervy priest that boys come to looking for guidance? Either way, we are gonna have lots of fun!

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    • Trey on April 8, 2022 at 6:10 pm
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    Damn, sounds like you are reading my mind! We need to talk soon, you got me good and hard.

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