Stripper mommy and brats!

phone sex milf

I had a very interesting night. Even though I am a phone sex milf I still enjoy being an on call stripper for hire. I thought this retirement party was going to only need one stripper but when they called me and asked if i had a younger friend I was at a loss. These men sounded drunk already and I only had my son and daughter available at the time. WHen i asked how young, he stopped and slurred out the words…”we hear you have a certain reputation… ”

And boy did I understand that! A man who has busted his ass at the same company for many years deserves a little youngone pleasure! I dress my ladyboy son and tiny teen daughter up just mommy as belly dancer strippers! Boy did we have fun with all those hard working cocks. There was dope, lots of drinking an plenty of P-man fucking. I know they will remember it even through that hangover. but they can always tell themselves it was just a dream fo big tits and asses! We all know they got some little pussy and boy ass wink, wink! You know this sluuty P-mom will never ever tell those dirty man secrets!!

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