I know all of my sugar daddies just can’t wait until I am home from college. Sometimes I wonder if their wives wonder why they have such a small paycheck that week, but then again, I don’t really care. That’s how being my sugar daddy goes, you give me all of your money, and I give you this sugary sweet teen pussy. I will take payment up front, cash, please! You want a sexy young thing like me to be your Mistress you will pay big bucks for me. I am talking vacation money, car savings, I don’t even care if you have to sell your wife’s pearls, you know this tight little pussy is worth it. If you’re willing to pay for it I will get super kinky, and do anything you want me to do. Men are willing to pay more for me than most Mistresses because I’m a sexy, young, kinky freak. Sex with me will never be vanilla because I need excitement in my life. I have been fucking daddies since before puberty, and I don’t intend to stop. I plan on letting daddies support me my whole life. I only went to college for the wild parties, and a girl needs a young cock once in a while too. I especially love the secrecy of fucking the daddies of people my age. Like I swallow your brothers and sister every night. My love of fucking daddies all started because of a high school enemy. She made fun of me because she was jealous, but I had a plan for revenge. Daddies were always checking me out, I mean how could you not I am hot as fuck, so I just let her dad fuck me. It was such a rush when he told me my bald little slit was so much better than his wife’s and knowing she would be home soon. Come spoil me daddy!

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