Pathetic Subby Foot Fucker

I love being worshiped by pathetic little subs like you!

I know you would do anything to be near me, feel the heat radiating from my skin, the smell of sex filling the air you breathe, the hot splatter of my piss on your face!

I am sure you would even love this 12 inch slab of hard latex filling your little tight puckered ass!

But you don’t deserve that!

I would not waste my time with a subservient slave like you!

But I am not heartless!

I know you can’t control those desires or those dirty little urges!

It is not your fault that you are a sad pathetic sub with a tiny cocktail weenie dangling between your thighs!

I will at least allow you to worship my feet 🙂

You may rub them and kiss them and suck on each of my toes!

And if you are well behaved and don’t make pathetic cumming noises, I will even crush that tiny micro cock under the smooth hard steel shaft of my clack leather stilettos!

I know this will make that mini meat drip and when it does, you will lick that disgusting mess from the floor that you piddled on!

And of course, it goes without saying, you must bath your filth from your Mistresses feet if you ever wish to touch them again!Kinky Phone Sex

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    • scott on April 23, 2021 at 6:50 pm
    • Reply

    let me suck your toes please

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