I look innocent don’t I? at first glance you would never believe what a perverted little slut I am. Don’t let my angelic face fool you. I’m a nastier slut than you can ever guess. I am happy to give you a little taste of what I am all about; You are in for a treat. I’m not only the most popular girl in school I am the cheer captain. I like having power, and I feel like a mini-celeb when I walk the school hallways. I get everything I want, and I don’t settle for anything but the best. I have an array of guys begging to be with me, but I mess with real men not little boys. Don’t get me wrong I will fuck you. I am a horny whore and always ready to get stuffed. I have fucked behind the bleachers, and I have been with all the guys in all the sports team. I have even fucked a couple of teachers and the principle. I just prefer fucking guys that will spend a ton of money on me and pamper me and give me all the latest trends. My parents think I got my spanking brand new convertible working as a sitter, but my client bought it for me. I will admit it! I am also a sitter that screws clients; its a bit cliche but its true and you know what I have also set up my own small business at my young age. I have all the girls who are trying to be on the cheer-leading squad begging me to let them in, So I audition them. I will let them join if I can pimp them out to the dads I sit for, I like having these high school sluts make me extra money. I’m a mini madame who services P-cocks. I’m P-whore too, there is just something about spreading a tiny pussy that drives me wild. I am a hands-on accomplice. Growing up I had a babysitter who pimped me out to her boyfriend; his P-cock craved my sweet tight cunny. Guess you can say that’s why I’m such a pervert princess now. I will go thru all lengths to get what I need. When I’m ready for cock I will get it, I have no limits. One night I was desperate for cock, and I snuck into my mom’s room and woke her new husband up with my hands stroking his cock. Step_daddy was ever so pleased to follow grace to her room. I came so well knowing I had my step-dad fucking me while my mom was asleep in the other bedroom. These are just small snippets of what I have done. I have so many twisted things I have done Like I said you would never believe I’m such wicked horny slut.

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