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I had an arrangement with a client to pimp out this little blonde cutie next time her parents asked me to babysit her. She was totally untouched, a little virgin I had been saving for the right buyer to come along. She was a stubborn little brat and didn’t want to put out for my client though. She threw a royal tantrum and needed to be punished. I pulled her panties and skirt down and belted her little ass until her cheeks were bright red. Every time I smacked her, I asked her if she was ready to be my slut and cooperate. I beat her until she was in tears and promising to do whatever I told her to do. She sucked his cock and let him fuck her tight little pink pussy without so much as a defiant glance while I stood behind her, belt in hand and ready to punish her some more if she got sassy again.

Schoolgirl Panties

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My school was having a bake sale to raise money. All of the school clubs were urged to attend the bake sale and raise as much money as they could, whichever team raised the most money for the school won a free trip to a theme park over the weekend. Shilling cookies and lemon squares is a shit way to make money if you ask me. So instead of spending hours in the kitchen baking, me and the other cheerleaders on the team decided to come up with our own way to make some money. We decided to sell our panties! I’m a perfectionist and I don’t half ass anything I do. We took sexy pics modeling the panties and posted the ads online. I made sure each girl wore each pair of panties for at least a full day and then spent several times masturbating through their panties and getting the crotch soaking wet. I wanted my buyer to get panties that had that yummy teen girl pussy smell. We took each pair and vacuum sealed them before shipping them out. Needless to say, men want to buy wet panties from teen girls way more than they want to buy brownies and cookies.


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I’m babysitting tonight

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For the next six hours I’ll be babysitting the cutest little redhead. She has a mop of curly red hair with green eyes and freckles. She’s also been trained by me before, so she’s already a perfect little submissive cocksucker. She’s a little shy, but don’t worry, she’ll do whatever you or I tell her to do. You can tell her to get on her back so you can stretch out that little tight pink pussy of hers, or bend her over and fuck her ass. She makes the cutest little squeals of pain when you fuck her ass. You don’t get to have all the fun though, while you fuck her ass and pussy, I’m going to have her licking my tight shaved pussy so I can cum all over that pretty young face of hers. The two of us could spend the whole night fucking her in any way we want!

Whore School

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All young girls should be good little whores. They should know how to suck a cock and ride dick and be perfect little sluts. There’s nothing I enjoy more though than breaking in a sweet and innocent little virgin and turning her into a cock crazed little slut. I spent the weekend corrupting a cute and innocent little blonde. Her parents paid me to watch her while they went away for a romantic weekend. A cutie like that fetches a lot of money from horny clients who are into lithe little blondes. I spent the weekend pimping her out to any man who wanted her. She was a natural submissive and took to following my orders on sucking and riding dick easily. I even had her between my own legs licking my bald shaved pussy a few times. She didn’t like being used like a whore at first, but eventually she started to like it. They always do.

Sissy Boy

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A lot of men end up underestimating me because I just look so cute and innocent. Let’s get one thing straight though, I’m not a sub. One of my sugar daddies thought he could turn me into his little submissive teen whore, but he had something else coming. I let men spoil me and I suck their cocks and prance around in my tight little clothes and pigtails, but it’s just because they give me what I want. He tried to spank me and grab me by the hair. I called two of my friends with 12″ black cocks to come over and help me teach him a little lesson. I put him in panties and made him eat my pussy while my friends took turns fucking his ass like a little bitch. Like the little sissy he is, his cock was rock hard. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, his dick gave him away. By the end of the night I had taught him a lesson on who is in charge and made him my little black cock loving sissy!

Get ready for anal

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A horny dad hired me to train his daughter to be a little anal sex slut for him. He had heard about my special sort of babysitting services from my other clients and couldn’t wait to have his daughter turned into a whore. She was a cute shy little blonde with a little perky ass that was just begging to have a cock shoved into it. After her mommy and daddy left, she was all alone with me and my bag full of strap-on cocks and toys. I bent her over  the couch and pulled her panties down and spread her ass cheeks so I could get a good look at her little pink rosebud. It made my pussy fucking wet and I couldn’t help but stick my tongue into her ass and tongue fuck her tight little hole. I popped a finger into her asshole and pumped it in and out while she moaned and her pussy started to drip. She would be a perfect little anal sex whore. Once I got her asshole nice and loosened up with my tongue and fingers, I slid the tip of my strap-on into her asshole and started to fuck her. I made her beg me for my cock and promise me that she would be a good little butt slut for me from now on. She was too turned on to say no and promised she would do anything if I just kept fucking her ass and made her cum. I had her where I wanted now. I told her she was mine now, my little anal sex whore and that she would fuck anyone I told her too, even her own daddy. She hesitated for a second, but she was too close to cumming and finally agreed to fuck anyone, even her own dad. I made her cum and now she was totally under my thumb. I saw her dad a week later and he was a very happy customer!

Hidden cameras

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I had a client with a very special request. He wanted me to babysit his cute young daughter and seduce her while he watched. That was easy! I took her into her bedroom after her parents were gone and told her I wanted to play a game of show and tell. I showed her my bare tits and bald pussy and now it was time for her to show me hers. Once I had her completely naked, I had her lay on her back so I could spread that young bald shaved pussy and give it a taste. She had no idea her horny dad was watching the entire time via hidden cameras in her bedroom. I licked and sucked her pussy until she was moaning and cumming on my face. After she came I guided her head down to my own dripping wet cunt and had her lick me. I put on a nice hot show for her dad and I knew he would be pleased.

Spanking teen whores

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All little sluts deserve a heft helping of discipline. A good hard spanking keeps your little whores in line and lets them know who is boss. That’s how I like to keep the bratty little whores that I babysit on their toes. Christie was being a mouthy little brat and didn’t want to suck a client’s big cock, so she needed to be punished. I bent her over the couch and spanked her little ass until I had left bright red handprints all across her cheeks. She was crying and begging me to stop, but I wasn’t done with her yet. She didn’t want to suck his dick, so now he gets to fuck her ass. I held her head down and pulled her cheeks apart while he slid his big dick into her tight little rosebud. He fucked her in the ass nice and hard and I made her lick my wet cunt as punishment for not being obedient. When he was done, she had an ass full of cum and promised to be a good little whore from now on.

Cock Hungry Twins

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My uncle is a pretty kinky guy and he loves it when his little niece finds teen cuties for him to fuck. When I was called to babysit these sexy blonde teen sisters, the second I saw them I knew my Uncle would just love them. They were perfect little virgins, had never even seen a man’s penis or kissed a boy. Their conservative parents tried to keep them shielded away from anything sexual, but that just had the opposite effect on them. Instead of being afraid of sex, they were super curious. They couldn’t wait to get their eager young hands on my uncle’s big cock after I invited him over. I taught them how to suck a cock by demonstrating on him while they watched, then they each took turns sucking his cock and balls like they were made of candy. They both had their cherries popped that night and tasted their first pussy too, each other! After a few hours with me, I had turned them into cock hungry incest whores. They milked as much yummy cum from Uncle’s cock as they could. They wanted to experience taking a dick in each of their tight little holes and wore him out in the process. When he was too tired to keep fucking them, they fucked each other while we watched. They locked in a 69 position and munched each other’s sweet young pussies while my uncle and I both watched. Watching the two sisters lick each other’s slits made me so hot, I spread my legs and beckoned them over to me and got them each to take turns licking and sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. They had never seen a girl squirt before either, but I squirted hard on both their little faces and promised to show them how to do it to each other.

Schoolgirl Slut

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I can practically get away with murder at school. I’m the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, but that’s not why. The real reason is I’m fucking all over my teachers. I made it my mission to seduce as many of them as I could. When my math teacher saw me drop my little skirt and reveal the white g-string I was wearing underneath, he couldn’t get his cock into me fast enough. It’s not just the male teachers I’ve seduced, I’ve been down on my knees licking my dyke PE teacher’s hairy cunt too, or fucking the French teacher’s pussy with my strap-on. I’ve made myself untouchable at this school by being a little whore for all the people in charge.

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