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I had a client with a very special request. He wanted me to babysit his cute young daughter and seduce her while he watched. That was easy! I took her into her bedroom after her parents were gone and told her I wanted to play a game of show and tell. I showed her my bare tits and bald pussy and now it was time for her to show me hers. Once I had her completely naked, I had her lay on her back so I could spread that young bald shaved pussy and give it a taste. She had no idea her horny dad was watching the entire time via hidden cameras in her bedroom. I licked and sucked her pussy until she was moaning and cumming on my face. After she came I guided her head down to my own dripping wet cunt and had her lick me. I put on a nice hot show for her dad and I knew he would be pleased.

Spanking teen whores

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All little sluts deserve a heft helping of discipline. A good hard spanking keeps your little whores in line and lets them know who is boss. That’s how I like to keep the bratty little whores that I babysit on their toes. Christie was being a mouthy little brat and didn’t want to suck a client’s big cock, so she needed to be punished. I bent her over the couch and spanked her little ass until I had left bright red handprints all across her cheeks. She was crying and begging me to stop, but I wasn’t done with her yet. She didn’t want to suck his dick, so now he gets to fuck her ass. I held her head down and pulled her cheeks apart while he slid his big dick into her tight little rosebud. He fucked her in the ass nice and hard and I made her lick my wet cunt as punishment for not being obedient. When he was done, she had an ass full of cum and promised to be a good little whore from now on.

Cock Hungry Twins

Little girl phone sex

My uncle is a pretty kinky guy and he loves it when his little niece finds teen cuties for him to fuck. When I was called to babysit these sexy blonde teen sisters, the second I saw them I knew my Uncle would just love them. They were perfect little virgins, had never even seen a man’s penis or kissed a boy. Their conservative parents tried to keep them shielded away from anything sexual, but that just had the opposite effect on them. Instead of being afraid of sex, they were super curious. They couldn’t wait to get their eager young hands on my uncle’s big cock after I invited him over. I taught them how to suck a cock by demonstrating on him while they watched, then they each took turns sucking his cock and balls like they were made of candy. They both had their cherries popped that night and tasted their first pussy too, each other! After a few hours with me, I had turned them into cock hungry incest whores. They milked as much yummy cum from Uncle’s cock as they could. They wanted to experience taking a dick in each of their tight little holes and wore him out in the process. When he was too tired to keep fucking them, they fucked each other while we watched. They locked in a 69 position and munched each other’s sweet young pussies while my uncle and I both watched. Watching the two sisters lick each other’s slits made me so hot, I spread my legs and beckoned them over to me and got them each to take turns licking and sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. They had never seen a girl squirt before either, but I squirted hard on both their little faces and promised to show them how to do it to each other.

Schoolgirl Slut

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I can practically get away with murder at school. I’m the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, but that’s not why. The real reason is I’m fucking all over my teachers. I made it my mission to seduce as many of them as I could. When my math teacher saw me drop my little skirt and reveal the white g-string I was wearing underneath, he couldn’t get his cock into me fast enough. It’s not just the male teachers I’ve seduced, I’ve been down on my knees licking my dyke PE teacher’s hairy cunt too, or fucking the French teacher’s pussy with my strap-on. I’ve made myself untouchable at this school by being a little whore for all the people in charge.

Cock Academy

Little girl phone sex

I’m a special sort of babysitter. I don’t just read your brats a story and put them to sleep. No, I train them to be the perfect little cock suckers for horny perverts. Drop your little ones off with me, and I guarantee I’ll have them sucking cock and taking dick like an expert in a week. While you’re gone, I’ll have them sucking big black dicks and having their little tight pink pussies spread by my fist. They’ll beg to be your whore and then thank you for letting them swallow your cum after a few nights with me and my special training sessions, and they’ll love it too. Your sweet little teen daughters will be cock hungry submissive sluts in a week’s time.

Fucking tight asses

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The first time I had my ass fucked, my babysitter made me lick her pussy while her boyfriend popped my backdoor cherry. Every time I tried to squeal or shy away from him because of the pain, she would grab me by my pig tails and shove my face into her pussy. She told me good little sluts take it up the ass, and this was all part of my training. He fucked my ass and she taught me how to take a dick in every hole without complaint. Now I do the same for the brats I babysit. Once they’re alone with me. I strip them down and lube up their tight little assholes and get them ready for a big cock. I make them suck my clit, just like I had to do when I was in their place, while having their ass stretched and plowed. Right when they’re getting their ass creampied, I cum on their face. I love seeing their little face all shiny and wet after I squirt on them.

Sissy Fag Training

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I don’t just cater to men who love little tight pussies, I train little fags for men who can’t get enough young cock. I was baby sitting a sissy boy who I was requested to train to be a little cock sucking fagsby a special client of mine. Once I was alone with him I had the little teen sissy stripped naked and blind folded. I told him I would let him touch my pussy, but what I really had in store for him were two big black cocks. Once my BBC helpers got here, I had them jam their big cocks into both of his tight little holes. We started with his mouth first and made him gag on one of the big black cocks until he was choking. Then I got his ass nice and lubed up and ready to be popped by a 10″ BBC. He had a cock in both holes sawing in and out of him. I knew he would be the perfect little sissy and I was right. His little cock was so hard, by the time the night was over he was practically worshiping their cocks and begging for another load of cum in one of his holes.

I fuck my mom’s boyfriends

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I’ve fucked every one of my mom’s boyfriends. Older men just can’t resist my tight little pussy and warm wet mouth. I remember the first time I noticed one of her boyfriends looking at me differently. I started intentionally hiking up my skirt and wearing tight little g-string panties underneath it so that when I spread my legs he could see my little bald pussy. It wasn’t long before he started sneaking into my room at night after fucking her to get his cock sucked by me. I loved tasting my mom’s pussy on his big dick and knowing I was his secret whore. Eventually he started wanting to fuck me more than he wanted to fuck her. He would climb into my bed at night and I would ride his big cock while he pinched my nipples and rubbed my little hard clit until I was squirting all over him.

Tiny twats need to be fucked

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I don’t know what it is, but something about seeing a tiny little pussy fucked for the first time just makes me wet. I love seeing a young bald pussy fucked and stretched out and then filled with cum. Last night, that’s just what I got to see. Tessa was a virgin and me and my client had so much fun breaking in her little unspoiled cunt for the first time. Her little cunnie was so tight, he could barely fit his big cock inside of her. I had to lick her pussy and get it all wet for him before he could get all the way inside of her. She was still so tight that he could barely last and soon was giving her her first creampie. Seeing her teeny little hole dripping with cum made me so hot that I had to get down there and get a taste of it. I licked up her creampie and savored every last drop of his yummy cum and her pussy juice.

Fisting tiny holes

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I have a client with a very special fetish. His fetish is seeing teeny pink pussies and assholes stretched out, he especially loves to see me shove my hand into a tiny hole and make it gape. I was sitting a little blonde cutie with a cute little pink twat and tight little rosebud. He likes to just sit in a chair and watch while I use toys or my fists on a young one and wear out their holes. I started off by lubing up a dildo and working it into her teeny little pussy until it was nice and loose. I stuck a few fingers inside her and then worked my way up to my fist until I was wrist deep her sweet little cunnie. She moaned and giggled and her little pink clit was hard and poking up between her pussy lips. She loved every second of having her little cunt stretched out. Then I bent her over and had her spread her ass cheeks with her hands so I could work on that tight asshole of hers. She was so tight, I had to use a ton of lube just to get two fingers in. She whimpered and moaned, but didn’t fight me. After getting a few fingers in, I pumped them in and out until her asshole started to loosen up enough for my fist. I eventually got my whole hand into her little asshole and started thrusting it in and out, fisting her backdoor while she moaned and squealed. By the time I was done, her asshole was gaping like a black hole. My client watched from his chair jacking his dick as hard as he could. When he saw how her once tight rosebud gaped wide after being fisted, he couldn’t help but cum.

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