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My dad is such a horny pervert! He can’t get enough of fucking my bald shaved pussy because he’s addicted to sexy teen girls. Sometimes I like to surprise him by bringing home a girl from school for him to play with. He especially likes the sweet little virgins and popping their cherries for the first time. We have new neighbors down the street from me. They have a daughter my age who I’ve taken under my wing. She’s so shy and sweet, I knew she still had her cherry the second I met her. I invited her over for a slumber party and started seducing her. We played a game of truth or dare and I dared her to tongue kiss me. We started making out and I started playing with her pussy through her panties. We were in the living in the perfect time and place for daddy to walk in on us playing. He pretended to be stern and scold us at first for having been caught with our hands in each other’s panties, but that big bulge forming underneath his pants gave him away real quick. He took of his belt and brought out his big daddy dick and I immediately started showing her how to suck a dick. She couldn’t deep throat without gagging, but daddy still fucked her face while I held her by her hair. Then I had her lay on her back and spread her legs and show daddy her tight shaved pussy. I took his big dick and slid it into her pussy myself, so that we could both pop her cherry. She moaned and squealed so cutely when she felt daddy’s big dick enter her for the first time. He was soon pumping in and out of her pussy and had her begging for him to make her cum. She got her very first creampie that night too!

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I love seeing a little tight white pussy taking a big black dick for the first time! It makes me so hot seeing the look on their face when they see that big black fuck stick for the first time, and then the fear and confusion on their face when they realize that big dick is soon going to be filling their pussy and asshole. When I really want to break in a little virgin hard, I always arrange a big gang bang of the biggest blackest cocks that I can find! I have that little whore on her knees with her ass and pussy in the air ready to take as many cocks as I throw at her. The way their pussy gapes open all loose and stretched out after they’re have a dozen black cocks pumped in and out of it all night makes me cream so fucking hard!

Cocksucking cheerleader

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I had to break in a new cheerleader on the squad. She got the position by being a nastier and sluttier whore than all the other girls who tried out for the position. She still needed to be broken in a little more though. She needed to suck more cock than she’s ever sucked before. I took her to a glory hole and before making her choke on a dick, I gave her a little display. I dropped to my knees and sucked the first stranger’s cock that poked through the hole in the wall. I sucked him off as fast as I could and let him blow his cum all over my face and tits. I had her down on her knees doing the exact same thing for the rest of the night. One after the other, I had this little bitch sucking so much cock that she could barely stand it. She probably swallowed more cum in that night than she ever has before in her life!

Strap-on deepthroating

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I had a little teen whore who needed a lesson on how to suck a cock like a good little slut. She couldn’t deep throat without gagging and puking her brains out. What’s the point of having a whore whose face you can’t fuck?! I made her get on her knees and open her mouth wide and I put on my biggest and longest strap-on cock. She started licking the tip of my strap-on and giving the most pathetic blowjob ever! So I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on my strap-on and slid the long rubber cock all the way down her throat. She must have puked a dozen times, but I just kept fucking her face and made her suck my big fake dick until she could control her gag reflex. I threatened to bring in a bunch of well hung guys and let them all fuck her face with their big black cocks as punishment if she gagged one more time. Now she sucks cock like a good little whore should suck a dick!

Anal Babysitter

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Every little whore should be able to take a big cock in the ass. That’s why all of the little brats I babysit get a hard anal fucking as part of their training. No matter how tight that little ass is, I’ll find a way to stretch it out and even have them loving and begging to be fucked in the ass eventually. They don’t like it at first, but even the most stubborn little sluts can be broken. I just bring in a few of the guys with the biggest and thickets cocks that I can find and let them gangbang their asshole until it’s gaping wide open. Once I’m done with them they’ll be able to take even the biggest cock up the ass. With even more work I can turn them into complete anal whores and have them being fist fucked in the ass and loving it.

Teen pussy

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It’s not just my pervert clients who like for me to bring little teen cuties to them to defile and turn into nasty little whores, my dad loves for me to hook him up with the girls I go to school with. I guess I know who I get my sadistic streak from! I brought home a shy redhead from school and started plying her with alcohol. She’d never had it before and only a few sips had her lightheaded and and pliable. I could do anything I wanted to her! I pulled her panties down and got a taste of that virgin pussy of hers. Then I had her on her knees licking my wet cunt and making me cum by the time my dad got home. She was so drunk she could barely function, just how my dad likes them. After I had my fun with her, it was my dad’s turn. I spread her legs for him and peeled off the rest of her clothes while he fucked that tight shaved pussy of hers for the first time ever. This little arrangement I have with him is perfect. As long as I bring him plenty of cute teens to fuck, he lets me do whatever I want!

Breeding program





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A lot of guys really get off on the idea of popping cherries and breeding virgin pussies. This is where girls like me come in. I find the youngest and hottest little innocent teen virgins and bring them to men who want to break in those tight bald pussies for the very first time. Not all guys want an experienced slut to fuck who can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, they want innocence and naivety. I helped a guy break in a young blonde for the very first time. She was so scared and nervous when he mounted her for the first time and stuck his cock into her virgin pussy. I held her legs open and guided his cock into her untouched cunt and watched her get fucked for the very first time. He creampied her young pussy for the first of many times to come after that. Then he visited her weekly and fucked and bred her regularly until she was knocked up with his spawn. He loved fucking her pregnant pussy too and seeing her belly grow all round with his child. I joined in every time too, sometimes helping out, other times just rubbing my tight shaved pussy and watching.

Bad girls get the belt

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I had an arrangement with a client to pimp out this little blonde cutie next time her parents asked me to babysit her. She was totally untouched, a little virgin I had been saving for the right buyer to come along. She was a stubborn little brat and didn’t want to put out for my client though. She threw a royal tantrum and needed to be punished. I pulled her panties and skirt down and belted her little ass until her cheeks were bright red. Every time I smacked her, I asked her if she was ready to be my slut and cooperate. I beat her until she was in tears and promising to do whatever I told her to do. She sucked his cock and let him fuck her tight little pink pussy without so much as a defiant glance while I stood behind her, belt in hand and ready to punish her some more if she got sassy again.

Schoolgirl Panties

Little girl phone sex

My school was having a bake sale to raise money. All of the school clubs were urged to attend the bake sale and raise as much money as they could, whichever team raised the most money for the school won a free trip to a theme park over the weekend. Shilling cookies and lemon squares is a shit way to make money if you ask me. So instead of spending hours in the kitchen baking, me and the other cheerleaders on the team decided to come up with our own way to make some money. We decided to sell our panties! I’m a perfectionist and I don’t half ass anything I do. We took sexy pics modeling the panties and posted the ads online. I made sure each girl wore each pair of panties for at least a full day and then spent several times masturbating through their panties and getting the crotch soaking wet. I wanted my buyer to get panties that had that yummy teen girl pussy smell. We took each pair and vacuum sealed them before shipping them out. Needless to say, men want to buy wet panties from teen girls way more than they want to buy brownies and cookies.


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I’m babysitting tonight

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For the next six hours I’ll be babysitting the cutest little redhead. She has a mop of curly red hair with green eyes and freckles. She’s also been trained by me before, so she’s already a perfect little submissive cocksucker. She’s a little shy, but don’t worry, she’ll do whatever you or I tell her to do. You can tell her to get on her back so you can stretch out that little tight pink pussy of hers, or bend her over and fuck her ass. She makes the cutest little squeals of pain when you fuck her ass. You don’t get to have all the fun though, while you fuck her ass and pussy, I’m going to have her licking my tight shaved pussy so I can cum all over that pretty young face of hers. The two of us could spend the whole night fucking her in any way we want!

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