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I made them do it

kinky phone sexMy brats were being little assholes yesterday and I fucking snapped. I screamed at them and told them they better not fucking embarrass me when the perverts show up. I invited 3 of them over, one for each brat. They pay me in drugs and money and I let them fuck the brats, simple right? Well these little assholes were trying to tell me they weren’t gonna fuck those old perverts no matter what I did. I just laughed at them, what the fuck were they gonna do? Run away? Psshhht, they weren’t going anywhere and they were too small and weak to stop anything from happening anyway. When the guys showed up I took their money and party favors and went to get fucked up. I told them where the brats were and let them do whatever they wanted to them. All the brats were crying and fighting but you better believe they got fucked anyway.

He paid for it

kinky phone sexThis guy came up to me on the corner and asked me if I would let him play with my little girl, he had a wallet full of money and a bag coke on him so obviously I agreed. I took him back to my place and did a couple of fat lines before I brought him into her room. She was all scared and shit when she saw him there but she knows better than to whine and complain to me. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth open with his cock, she was fighting him so I jumped in to help hold her down. He paid me so he was gonna fuck her whether she wanted to or not! Eventually she stopped all that bullshit and just laid there and let him fuck all her tender little fuck holes until he was done. He left me with a fat stack of cash and that whole sack of coke too so all in all it was a good night for me!

Boy did they fucking hate it

kinky phone sexMy brats can be very fucking uncooperative sometimes and it really gets on my damn nerves. I tell them all the time Mommy needs to get high and if I can’t pay for it, you gotta pay with your asses but they don’t wanna fucking hear it. So I am left with no choice but to force them to do it. I hold them down and get them fucked up too and then they complain less. Well, even tho I got them both all fucked up before the guy even came over they still fought it. My son was acting like he was a virgin, like he had never had his ass fucked before it was infuriating! Me and my friend held him down tho and hogtied him with his little ass up in the air and put a ballgag in his mouth. That stopped all the struggle out of him and he got his little ass fucked hard. His sister took one look at him all tied up and decided to just be a good girl and take whatever he dished out. I gave her an extra lil bump for that too. I left my son tied up in there too after he got fucked till he bled, we’ll see if he earns the privilege of being untied later on.

He came over anyway

kinky phone sexI know we are all supposed to be stuck in our houses right now but I have a habit to feed so I have to have guys come over. The brats hate it, they were thinking that they would be getting a break from fucking and sucking but they were real wrong. Mommy has to get fucked up no matter what! The guy that came over was this older guy but he was sexy as hell. In great shape and he had a huge bag of powder with him too so I was immediately in love. We made the brats do a couple lines too and that pepped them right up. They got down on their knees and sucked my friend’s cock like a couple of pros it was too cute. I watched and masturbated while he fucked them and after he was done with them I made them come get mommy off too. We broke all kinds of rules but who gives a fuck… gotta get some fun while we can yanno?

Partying all day long

kinky phone sexI don’t know about any of you but I am spending all this time at home fucked up off my ass. If I have to be stuck here with these brats I am not going to do it sober that’s for fucking sure. I have a couple guys coming over to spend some time fucking my brats too, they are gonna bring me some party supplies. I’m running low right now so I hope they get here fast! My brats are not very happy about having to suck and fuck but who gives a fuck what they like? I only had them so that I could rent their tight lil fuckholes out so if they stop giving em up I will just sell them to the highest bidder and they can get fucked to death for all I care. They know that too so they mostly behave and do what the fuck they are told to do. Trust me, these little assholes don’t want mommy to punish them.

She hated it but I loved it

kinky phone sexMy littlest brat was hating life yesterday because I rented her little fuck holes out to a couple of pervy daddies. They wanted to fuck her hard and in return they paid me drugs and money so how could I say no? I was high as fuck when the two of them got there so I just laughed when the little brat screamed and cried and tried to run away, where the fuck did she really think she was going? I held her down while they fucked her, they had a cock in her pussy and another in her ass and the whole time she was acting like she was dying but oh fucking well! Mommy needed to get fucked up and the only way I could get high is by renting that baby ass out so she was gonna get fucked whether she liked it or not!

He cried so hard

kinky phone sexMy son cried so hard last night, honestly it was real fucking annoying! I needed to get high as fuck and the only way that was gonna happen is if I let my dealer fuck my son’s tender little ass. My son didn’t want to do that but honestly that was really not my fucking problem at all. I held him down and spread his lil ass cheeks open and my dealer shoved a huge fucking cock up in that little boycunt and my son screamed like a little bitch. I had to put a gag on him to shut him the fuck up but I got what I wanted. He got his ass torn open for a few hours and mommy got high as fuck so as far as I’m concerned it was a good night. My son might have a different opinion but he better stuff it cus he is coming back tonight to get some more of that sweet ass!

Come get these little brats

kinky phone sexMan come get these little fucking brats cus they are on my last damn nerve today! I am fucking sober which I hate I want to be high but I am broke as fuck and these little demons are acting crazy and I am about to snap. I need a man that wants to get me fucked up and then help me punish my little demon spawn with their big dick. I want you to fuck all their tight little fuck holes until they are screaming in pain. I want you to use them and beat them and just be as mean as you fucking can be, that will really teach the little shits how to fucking behave right? Get as rough as you want, I don’t even care if you break a bone or two just make these little fucking brats behave before I love my damn mind!

We robbed him

kinky phone sexMe and this other guy that loves to party decided to rob this rich dude the other day. Don’t feel bad for him tho for real he was a prick and he deserved to get got like that. The old fag liked to party with us and he would suck my son’s dick while my friend fucked him up the ass and the whole time he would be whining about how he was gonna go to hell for doing it. He seriously was like the most annoying man on the planet I swear! So anyway we went over there like usual but we slipped a couple roofies in his drink and when he passed out we took all his drugs and all his money and even some of his clothes and jewelry and shit. We left him there in the hotel room naked as the day he was born with no clothes no shoes and no money. Oh well he wouldn’t be calling the cops cus he knows I have pictures of him with my son and he sure don’t want those to get out!

I rented him out

kinky phone sexMy son usually gets a pass on being rented out because most of the guys I deal with would rather have a sweet little girl pussy to play with, but last night that all changed. This guy offered me a fat sack of crystal and a big fat wad of cash to be the first to fuck my son’s sweet little ass and I sure as fuck wasn’t gonna pass that up! My son wasn’t happy of course but honestly who gives a fuck? He has to do what the fuck I tell him to do no matter what! Plus I just got the little fucker high as fuck first and that made him a whole lot more compliant. He just kind of laid there as that man pumped away in his tight little asshole, he didn’t scream he didn’t beg he just laid there and let it happen but man that old man fucking loved it! He told me that he would be back real soon with more drugs and more money so my son better get used to being fucked real soon just like his sisters.

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