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I had to punish her

kinky phone sexMy daughter was such a little brat yesterday! I had this really sweet guy over to spend time with her and all he wanted was to lick her damn pussy and she pitched a fit. Like full on screaming and crying and flipping out and he didn’t even wanna fuck her! He paid to lick her damn cunt and she was acting like a little bitch, I had to literally tie her ass down and that kind of turned the sweet guy off so I had to give him his money back. Well, that was too much for me man, I was planning on using that money to get high! I told her she done fucked up and I called a real sadistic fuck I know. I told him my brat was tied to the bed already and in need of punishment so he came right over with an 8 ball and got to work. As soon as she saw him she started screaming and begging me not to. She was telling me she was sorry and begging to go back to the last guy but it was too late for all that. He hurt her bad, fucked every hole and tortured her for a few hours but he paid me a lotta money for it so I was happy. My daughter learned a real good lesson too, I bet next time she won’t turn down the nice guy!

She cried the whole time

kinky phone sexI had to punish my daughter yesterday because she cried the whole fucking time this guy was fucking her and it was so embarrassing for me. What the fuck yanno? Like this guy paid for you bitch the least you could do is be grateful! But no she had to cry and whine and ruin the fucking moment for him so I decided that I was gonna send her to a man that would get her attitude straight real quick. He’s my dealer and he don’t put up with no bullshit and I knew that he would make her learn a lesson she would never forget. He beat the shit out of her and fucked all her tender little holes and the more she cried the harder he fucked her. He even invited some of his friends to join in and by the time he was done with her it was a full on gangbang. She was bloody and bruised when she came back home but you know what? He attitude was much sweeter!

She was so mad

kinky phone sexMy daughter was so fucking mad yesterday and all I could do was laugh. She acts like the rules have suddenly changed or something, her whole life she has had to do what the fuck I say, when the fuck I say it whether she wants to or not. Just because she wanna act all high and mighty now don’t mean that shit is gonna change! The whole reason I birthed her was to help pay for my fucking habit, she has a pussy, ass and mouth that I fucking own and if I wanna put them to work I’m gonna. Well, last night I had a guy come over with a big ass bag of coke and a wad of hundred dollar bills and he wanted to fuck her. She acted like she was gonna fucking die! Screaming and carrying on and all kinds of bullshit but I wasn’t gonna let my payday slip away. I held her down and sat on her face and let him fuck her ass and pussy till he was satisfied. She was all kinds of mad but who gives a fuck, I got what I wanted.

He hated it

kinky phone sexI made my son a little sissy bitch yesterday for this guy. The dude brought me a fucking 8-ball and wanted to fuck a little sissy boy, what else could I do? I mean fuck, I wanted to get high! So my son just had to play sissy whether he wanted to or not. He fought the whole way, I literally had to beat his fucking ass to get him dressed up and ready but dude fucking loved it when he showed up. My son was crying and acting like a little bitch but that just got dude’s dick even harder. He fucked my son’s pretty little mouth for like an hour and then he wanted to fuck that little boycunt but my son was resisting. So I went over there and slapped the shit out of him and held him down so that dude could fuck that sweet little puckered hole of his. He didn’t last long but my son acted like a little bitch the whole time! I think I will have to start doing this way more often so that he can learn how to fucking cooperate!

I made her do it

kinky phone sexMy daughter is really a gigantic pain in my fucking ass sometimes! She knows that she has to give up the pussy to anyone I tell her to fuck but sometimes she acts like it is the hardest thing in the world to do. I had a man here that had given me a ton of money and a huge bag of coke and in return he was expecting to fuck that tight ass and pussy and what did she do? She pitched a damn fit and laid there on the floor kicking and screaming like a little bitch! I was so fucking pissed off, how dare she embarrass me like that??? I couldn’t let her get away with that shit so I grabbed her up by her hair and pulled her over my knee and spanked the shit out of her. Well, that made dude’s cock rock hard to see me spank her so I decided to go up a notch. I ripped off her panties and pulled up her dress and started spanking her pussy and her ass. I had that lil cunny bright red and swollen before I stopped and by that time he was about ready to pop so he just shoved that cock balls deep inside her. He fucked her until she accepted her fate and went along with it and in the end thanked him too. She better not pull any shit like that again or next time the punishment will be much worse!

She cried so hard

kinky phone sexMy daughter was being a little bitch all morning when she knew I was dopesick. I needed to get high and I had a man coming over to party with me but he wanted to fuck my daughter and she was refusing. Well, I couldn’t let her get away with that so I grabbed her, stripped her naked and tied her to the fucking bed. He was surprised to see her like that but he sure wasn’t complaining, he just pulled out his cock and started stuffing it wherever the fuck he wanted to. She was screaming and crying but that only made him harder. I was annoyed by all that noise tho so as soon as I got high I just went and sat on her face to muffle all her bullshit. When are these little assholes gonna realize that I am always going to get my way?

I made them do it

kinky phone sexMy brats were being little assholes yesterday and I fucking snapped. I screamed at them and told them they better not fucking embarrass me when the perverts show up. I invited 3 of them over, one for each brat. They pay me in drugs and money and I let them fuck the brats, simple right? Well these little assholes were trying to tell me they weren’t gonna fuck those old perverts no matter what I did. I just laughed at them, what the fuck were they gonna do? Run away? Psshhht, they weren’t going anywhere and they were too small and weak to stop anything from happening anyway. When the guys showed up I took their money and party favors and went to get fucked up. I told them where the brats were and let them do whatever they wanted to them. All the brats were crying and fighting but you better believe they got fucked anyway.

He paid for it

kinky phone sexThis guy came up to me on the corner and asked me if I would let him play with my little girl, he had a wallet full of money and a bag coke on him so obviously I agreed. I took him back to my place and did a couple of fat lines before I brought him into her room. She was all scared and shit when she saw him there but she knows better than to whine and complain to me. He grabbed her by her hair and forced her mouth open with his cock, she was fighting him so I jumped in to help hold her down. He paid me so he was gonna fuck her whether she wanted to or not! Eventually she stopped all that bullshit and just laid there and let him fuck all her tender little fuck holes until he was done. He left me with a fat stack of cash and that whole sack of coke too so all in all it was a good night for me!

Boy did they fucking hate it

kinky phone sexMy brats can be very fucking uncooperative sometimes and it really gets on my damn nerves. I tell them all the time Mommy needs to get high and if I can’t pay for it, you gotta pay with your asses but they don’t wanna fucking hear it. So I am left with no choice but to force them to do it. I hold them down and get them fucked up too and then they complain less. Well, even tho I got them both all fucked up before the guy even came over they still fought it. My son was acting like he was a virgin, like he had never had his ass fucked before it was infuriating! Me and my friend held him down tho and hogtied him with his little ass up in the air and put a ballgag in his mouth. That stopped all the struggle out of him and he got his little ass fucked hard. His sister took one look at him all tied up and decided to just be a good girl and take whatever he dished out. I gave her an extra lil bump for that too. I left my son tied up in there too after he got fucked till he bled, we’ll see if he earns the privilege of being untied later on.

He came over anyway

kinky phone sexI know we are all supposed to be stuck in our houses right now but I have a habit to feed so I have to have guys come over. The brats hate it, they were thinking that they would be getting a break from fucking and sucking but they were real wrong. Mommy has to get fucked up no matter what! The guy that came over was this older guy but he was sexy as hell. In great shape and he had a huge bag of powder with him too so I was immediately in love. We made the brats do a couple lines too and that pepped them right up. They got down on their knees and sucked my friend’s cock like a couple of pros it was too cute. I watched and masturbated while he fucked them and after he was done with them I made them come get mommy off too. We broke all kinds of rules but who gives a fuck… gotta get some fun while we can yanno?

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