I sold one for drugs

kinky phone sexYesterday was Christmas but I didn’t give a fuck about all that, all I wanted was to get high. I invited a couple guys over and they brought the brats some gifts and me some rock and everything was going great when one of them asked me if he could buy my daughter for some more crack. Well, I may be a junkie but I’m not stupid. I know that I can get more money and drugs buy renting her out lots of times instead of just one lump sum payment but he had an interesting offer. He gave me a down payment in cash and and a fat sack of coke and told me that he wanted me to keep her with me cus he couldn’t explain where she came from if he brought her home. If I keep her and always make her available to him he will support us and keep me high all the time too so of course I said yes! Now I have a new place to live rent free, all the drugs I can smoke and my brats have food and toys so everyone wins!

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