Well aren’t you a lucky guy? You have found a phone perverts paradise right here and I will be the perfect whore for you. My name is Wanda and I have been a pervert for as long as I can remember. I never did really good in school but that never mattered cus I looked good enough to just get what I wanted anyway. I started partying in high school and dropped out when I got knocked up with my first brat but I found a way to support myself without some fancy education. All I ever had to do to make money was stand on a street corner wearing something sexy. It’s perfect for me I love group sex and being a whore comes naturally to me so I’m teaching the little ones to be just like mommy too.I’ll do anything to satisfy my need to party no matter what. Nothing is off limits for me I do everything from enemas to gang bangs and everything in between I never tried something kinky that I didn’t like, I swear I was born a whore! We’ll do anything to satisfy your kinky needs baby so lets make sure to party real soon!

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