I had to punish him

kinky phone sexMy son was being a little asshole this morning. I had a guy coming over that wanted to fuck his sweet lil ass and my son was acting like a little anal was gonna kill him or something! It was over the top ridiculous so I grab that little boy and yanked down his pants and pulled him across my lap. Then I proceeded to give him a spanking he won’t soon forget! I beat that ass until it was cherry red and he was a sobbing mess and then I grabbed my biggest dildo and shoved that up there dry too. He was screaming and crying and begging me to stop but he needs to learn that when I am gonna make money off that ass he is not allowed to say no ever! Let me tell you, by the time that dude showed up to fuck him, my son’s attitude was much better. He knew that that old guy was gonna be way nicer than I would be and he fucked him just as sweet as could be.

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