I Don’t Mind Being The Mistress

fantasy phone sexI met him on an app and after some heavy sexting, lots of nudes and finally some cash in my cashapp I decided to meet him. He sent me the information for a beautiful five-star hotel complete with some more money to buy a dress and anything else I wanted for the weekend. I got my nails done, my girly parts waxed as soft as a bunny and some hot lingerie. He sent a driver to pick me up with a dozen red roses, a bottle of champagne and a lovely card in the back seat. As we drove, I sat back loving this life. He was married but I didn’t care. He needed a little strange in his life and what better than a hot young thing. I was a little early but went ahead and checked in. the room was nicer than I had ever seen. I decided to give him a welcome present. I changed into black thigh highs with matching panties, heels and bra. I looked in the mirror and knew he would be pleased. I poured two glasses and when I heard the door open, I stood in the hallway, waiting just for him. It was hot and heavy, and I took great care of him. I can’t wait to tell you all the things I did to this man before the night was through and all the hot kinky things, I would like to do to you.

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