He had to be punished

kinky phone sexThis little fucking brat had the nerve to tell me no when I told him to suck this guy’s cock. He was literally paying me to get his cock sucked and my son wanted to be a little asshole and say no? Aww hell naw not in my house! I beat his fucking ass right there in front of the guy and you know what? That turned him on even more so he threw some more money my way and helped me beat him. Then he grabbed my son by his hair and forced his cock down his throat. He was choking and gagging but that dude did not let up until he came down my son’s throat. And since he was still hard after he came, he fucked that lil ass too. I guess my son learned a good lesson that day too cus if he had just sucked his dick the first time I told him to, he would have had a much easier time of it. SOme people just have to learn the hard way tho.

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