I took it all

kinky phone sexThis little wimpy sissyish guy came over wanting to play with my daughter cus he figured that his tiny cock would fit her little pussy better. He was like such a little bitch tho and when he pulled out that little cock I had to laugh. It was seriously nothing but the head of a dick, literally the smallest dick I have ever seen in my life! Even my daughter laughed and said that her little brother had a bigger dick. She asked me if she had to fuck him cus she didn’t want to touch that little thing and since honestly I wouldn’t fuck a dick that small either I told her that she didn’t have to. Now of course little dick man was all pissed off cus he had brought over a bunch of cash and a big ole bag of coke but I just slapped the taste out his mouth and told him he better leave the money and the drugs or I would be calling the cops and telling them that he molested my daughter. Well, wimpy little dick man did not want that so I got to keep the money and the drugs and my brat didn’t have to touch the yucky lil peepee. Win, win for us!

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