I taught them so good

kinky phone sexMy brats know that mommy has a habit and if I don’t get money to feed that habit, I am going to be one miserable bitch. So when this rich bitch started asking around looking for help they were quick to point me out. We went over there to clean but when we really wanted to do was clean her out if you know what I mean. She was in this big ass house all alone so I just knocked the bitch out and tied her up. Then I sent the brats to go looking for expensive shit and called up a friend of mine that had always wanted to bang an old white lady. So my friend paid me to get to fuck the old broad while she was all tied up and me and the brats robbed the bitch blind. No camera to see us, no record of us being there and the old cunt had a heart attack while my friend was fucking that wrinkle old ass of hers so it’s a win win in my book!

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