I had to punish her

kinky phone sexMy daughter was such a little brat yesterday! I had this really sweet guy over to spend time with her and all he wanted was to lick her damn pussy and she pitched a fit. Like full on screaming and crying and flipping out and he didn’t even wanna fuck her! He paid to lick her damn cunt and she was acting like a little bitch, I had to literally tie her ass down and that kind of turned the sweet guy off so I had to give him his money back. Well, that was too much for me man, I was planning on using that money to get high! I told her she done fucked up and I called a real sadistic fuck I know. I told him my brat was tied to the bed already and in need of punishment so he came right over with an 8 ball and got to work. As soon as she saw him she started screaming and begging me not to. She was telling me she was sorry and begging to go back to the last guy but it was too late for all that. He hurt her bad, fucked every hole and tortured her for a few hours but he paid me a lotta money for it so I was happy. My daughter learned a real good lesson too, I bet next time she won’t turn down the nice guy!

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