He paid a great price

kinky phone sexThis guy has wanted to fuck my littlest daughter for a while now but I kept saying no. He was being really cheap about it and if I’m gonna rent em out I’m gonna get a good price yanno? Well he finally decided to stop being cheap and he offered me like way more money that I thought he would ever offer so I said fuck yeah! Little brat was all mad about it, she didn’t want to do it at all but I just held her down and made her do it. She was screaming and crying but I was high as fuck so I just put a gag in her mouth and held her still so that dude could get off the way he wanted. In the end I got paid and I even bought her a little surprise but the little shit wasn’t grateful at all so I took it back. Eventually she will learn to be grateful for what she gets or she will just live a shitty life with nothing at all.

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