They need to do as they’re told

kinky phone sexMy brats need to do what the fuck they are told to do and they need to do it as soon as I tell them to do it and if they won’t… well there will be hell to pay. My son fucked up yesterday, he was supposed to put on some pretty panties an a cute dress and be a sissy for this rich old guy that likes that kind thing and he pitched a fit. He said he wasn’t no girl and he didn’t want to dress up like that and that he didn’t want to touch no old man dick either. Well too fucking bad so sad for him cus I wasn’t going to turn down no money like that old pervert was gonna pay just because my brat of a son didn’t want to do what the fuck I told him to do. So I slipped some molly into his milk and got him fucked up and you know what? After that shit kicked in he was a whole lot more willing to put on the fucking dress and suck that old man cock. The old guy left here happy but I was pissed that my son made me dope him and waste my drugs on him so I waited till it wore off and fucked his little ass with a dry ass strap on cock until he bled. Next time I bet he won’t fuck up.

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