I Will Take Care Of You

fantasy phone sexDaddy loves to look down and see his baby’s face between his legs and his big thick cock deep in her mouth. But he knows it always comes with a price. I am not going to suck on his married dick without a little in return. If you want to play you have to pay with my sweet ass. So today he handed me my own card, with an astronomical limit. So, I thanked him in the best way. I laid him down and slowly licked his balls before putting my tongue in his ass and giving it some action. Then I slowly licked up the shaft and thick mushroom head. I smiled as I started giving him a wet sloppy blowjob, just like he likes. I took him a little at a time, running my tongue around his cock as it entered my throat. I then buried my mouth deep and he fucked my face as he held my head. He loves when I gag and tears run down my eyes. I gladly complied as I visioned the shopping trips I was about to venture too. I felt his dick twitch and then his balls drained down my pretty pink mouth. I swallowed every last drop and then climbed up to his face to give him a deep kiss. Then I pleasured daddy some more.

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