I had to break in a new bitch

kinky phone sexMy friend went to prison and before she left she made me promise to take care of her brat while she was gone. The last thing I really wanted was to take care of someone else’s problem but there is no denying the fact that I could make more money witha  fresh little one for these perverts to fuck. The problem was that this bitch was a little fucking loudmouth brat! SHe was so bad, always talking back and swearing that she would fight any man I brought here to fuck her. Well, I wasn’t going to let that shit stop me, I just had to make sure to break her in real good first. So I called up a guy that punishes my brats for me, he likes a fight. We took her to his place cus its real private and no one would hear her screaming. He beat her and fucked all her tender little fuckholes while she was tied to his bed. She tried to bite him but he just gagged her until she quit fighting. Now that she knows how bad it can get for her, she is ready to obey me just like my own brats do.

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