The brats paid for mommy’s party

kinky phone sexI had to party last night, you know how it is when you just have that itch you gotta scratch no matter what right? Well I was broke as fuck and out of crystal so I did what any bitch in my position would do, I rented the brats out to make so party money. It was easy there’s lots of guys out there that wanna play with the little ones and they know better than to refuse me. If they did I would just hold them down and make them do it anyway and they know that. So they do it even tho they don’t wanna and I get to get high all night long it’s what I call a win win right? Anyways, there were tons of guys interested in fucking my brats so I’m gonna have another party tonight I wanna make as much money as I can so I can get lots and lots of dope. Wanna come join us? It will be fun!

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