These brats are killing me

kinky phone sexThese little shits are acting like brats today, they are on my last fucking nerve! They were being little assholes to this guy that had brought me a big bag of coke, and I was so embarrassed because I told him that it would be a nice fuck for him but it was anything but. We had to force them, I had to hold them down and they screamed the whole time and this guy didn’t like that. He would have been sweet to them but they had to go and ruin it all. Well I taught them a good lesson, I said since they wanted to fuck it all up with the nice guy that I would make sure to get the meanest guy I knew to come teach them a lesson. As soon as they saw him they all ran in fear, they knew that he was gonna hurt them but seriously it was all their fault. If they had just been good to begin with they would never have had to be hurt right?

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