He Can’t Say No To The Nylons

fantasy phone sexMy boss loves when I wear my thigh high nylons. I tease him by pulling up my skirt just enough so that he can see the top. I think the contrast of skin and nylon is what gets him the most. I wanted off Friday, so I put on his favorite pair of black ones and no panties and headed to work. I teased him his entire online meeting by walking in and casually pulling up my dress just enough to expose the pantyhose. Once that got his attention, I bent over exposing my ass and wet bald juicy pussy. He started stuttering in his responses as I started to remove my dress. I then crawled under his desk, undid his pants and started rubbing his cock through his boxers with my nylon covered feet. He was hard as a rock by the time he got off the phone. He quickly removed his pants and came towards me. I started blowing him, asking about Friday in between licks. As soon as he said ok, I took him deep down my throat sucking him until he came. I then laid him back and got on top of him and rode that hard cock until he was cumming again. I got up kissed his cheek and told him I would be taking the rest of the day off too. He just kind of smiled as he put his pants back on.

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