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I was so wasted

kinky phone sexMan I was so wasted the other day that I was totally about to sell the brats off to some pervert for way too cheap. Good thing my daughter stopped me from going thru with it or I would have been so pissed! I make a lot of money renting them out like I do I can’t afford to just let some pervert have one of them for dirt cheap. That guy was all pissed off too he said he gave me money but since I had spent it all on ice and smoked all that shit there was no proof he gave me anything, plus what’s he gonna do? Go to the cops and tell them he tried to buy a brat and didn’t get the brat? Hahaha as if! I just walked away and moved on to the next pervert. Lucky for me there is always another pervert for me to get money from!

Sometimes I am such a whore

kinky phone sexSometimes I am such a whore! Honestly I’m a whore every day of my life but there are days that I just go wow Wanda today you were the biggest whore on the planet! I can’t help it tho when I am high all I can think about is dick and getting as much of it as I possibly can. Last night was one of those nights I had taken a bunch of molly and I was feeling real fucking good when this dude asked me if he could come play with me and my little ones. Well of course I was like fuck yeah bring me some party favors and you can do whatever you want! Well he took that to mean that he could bring whoever he wanted too and showed up with all of his friends. I didn’t care tho cus they had tons of pills and booze so we just fucked all night. The brats were not happy about all the fucking but who cares? Their little fuck holes were made for fucking and I am gonna get as much use out of them as I can!

I sold that little whore

kinky phone sexSo I have a habit that is well known around here so when this pervert wanted to get his own little sex slave he came right to me. He offered me cash and a huge bag of ice for one of my brats and that was an offer I just couldn’t refuse. I let him pick which one he wanted and even tho she screamed and cried and begged to stay with me I let him take her. He just gave me way too much money and drugs for me to let her stay there mommy has needs and my needs come first. She was kicking and screaming so hard that she knocked him down and made a lamp fall on his head and that shit knocked him out. So there I was with a ton of money a bag full of drugs and an unconscious man with a wallet full of more money and credit cards what was I supposed to do? I robbed that sucker blind and ran out of the motel and drove away with all my brats. I sold those credit cards to my dealer and took off to start over in another state. Now I have figured out a whole new way to make money off these brats and I love it!

The brats paid for mommy’s party

kinky phone sexI had to party last night, you know how it is when you just have that itch you gotta scratch no matter what right? Well I was broke as fuck and out of crystal so I did what any bitch in my position would do, I rented the brats out to make so party money. It was easy there’s lots of guys out there that wanna play with the little ones and they know better than to refuse me. If they did I would just hold them down and make them do it anyway and they know that. So they do it even tho they don’t wanna and I get to get high all night long it’s what I call a win win right? Anyways, there were tons of guys interested in fucking my brats so I’m gonna have another party tonight I wanna make as much money as I can so I can get lots and lots of dope. Wanna come join us? It will be fun!

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