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He Fucked Himself For Me

fetish phone sexWell he came back for another session today. I knew he would be I mean who can resist Bob, my big thick black dildo. I knew he wanted me to use it on him, but I had other things in mind. Today he was going to entertain me by using it on himself. He is a very obedient client so I had no doubt I could have some fun. I told him to get undressed and meet me in the back room on his hands and knees. When I walked in, he immediately laid on his stomach with his ass up in the air. I laughed and told him that was not the plan. I handed him Bob and told him to hold it and suck on it. I wanted to hear him gag. He did exactly as ask and as he gagged, and tears ran from his eyes his cock was rock hard. I think I even saw a stream of pre-cum leaking. I removed Bob from his throat and patted his head. I then handed Bob back and told him to ram that big thick black dildo deep inside his ass. Perfection I tell you. Almost as if he had been practicing this for a while. I sat back, put my legs on his back and masturbated as I watched him annihilate his ass with that big thing.

His Package Came

fetish phone sexI opened the mail and had received the package. The one I had been waiting for. Dave from the office told me he had ordered it and mailed it to my house so we could play at our next session. I could hardly wait to see what this man had ordered. Not surprising but still amazed I unwrapped a pair of pink lace panties, fishnet thigh highs with matching pink bows and a pair of black heels. I almost laughed as I sent him the message that I would be ready for him in an hour, no sooner and no later, and do not keep me waiting. I love the power I have over him. He arrived on time as usual and was dancing around like a little fairy. I told him I could see a wet spot on his pants, and he turned red and kind of giggled. I informed him that there was discipline for allowing that to happen and we would proceed with that before he was allowed his new present. I made him undress and bend over my knees. I spanked his soft sissy bottom until it was bright red. He thanked me after ever smack. I then handed him the package and told him to get dressed. He came right out wobbling in the heels but with the panties and thigh highs perfect. I ripped the panties and pulled his cock out of the hole. I then had him jack off while I videoed the entire scene. He loved it and so did I. After he came, I made him lick his fingers clean. I then smiled, told him to dress, leaving the panties and thigh highs under his clothes. I told him I would be checking later today to make sure they were still on and sure enough he did not disappoint.

What Kinky Fetishes Do You Have Baby?

Are you into some fetish kinky shit baby? I love it. The crazier the better. I have a friend who loves me to give him foot jobs. We get completely naked and face each other. I insert my vibrating egg and wrap my feet around his cock and stroke. I love the way his hard dick feels between my arches. I love to caress his balls with my toes. I lean back enjoying the vibrations inside my wet juicy pussy and start rubbing him slow. Soft firm strokes from the base to that beautiful cock head, nice and slow and steady. As I get more turned on, I start to grasp his cock more firmly and move my feet faster. As we both get more turned on the orgasm grows stronger and I am totally jacking his cock with my feet. The sounds of his moans and the feel of every little movement in my pussy is so exciting. I gently move my toes to touch the head of his cock and with a loud moan he squirts his cum all over my feet. The feel of the warm sperm running down my foot is all that is needed to bring me to a shaking orgasm. It is so fucking fun and feels so good. So, baby you have any kinky fun you want to play out?

A Lunchtime Playdate

fetish phone sexOur new accounting guy shyly came into my office to ask if I may have some time for him at lunch. I knew what he meant and told him I would be happy to meet with him. I had a cute outfit picked out just for him. I smiled because I knew this would be easy and fun for me. I got my bag out of the car with just the right stuff for him. A little before lunch I sent him an email telling him I had left him a surprise in a glittery pink bag in the bathroom. He was to put the outfit on before coming to my office. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door shut and just the thought made my old ass pussy get soaking wet. Next, I heard that unmistakable sound of heels walking down the hall. He knocked on my door and I waited a few minutes before answering, I wanted the rest of the office to witness my cute little project. I then stood up and opened the door and there he stood in thigh high fishnets, heels and some pink satin panties with the tip of his cock already peeking out. I invited him in and had him stand so I could admire my work. I pulled the panties down so that thick dick would be on full display. Of course, I grabbed my wooden spoon and started paddling his pale bottom until it was a nice shade of pink and pre-cum dripped from the head. I then sat on the edge of my desk, pulled up my dress exposing my pantiless pussy and told him to pleasure me. He walked over, dick still sticking straight out and hard as a rock. I grabbed his head and buried it between my legs. I didn’t let him up until I had came all over his face. I then sat him in a chair and videoed as he jerked himself off. He made quite a mess in his pink panties. I handed him a towel and told him how cute he looked. As he left, I instructed him to keep that outfit on all day under his suit and that I would be checking. He started getting hard again. Such a freaking pervert.

I Dressed Him Up

Fetish Phone SexMy office job has become monotonous, so I have ventured out to some side hustles. My friend turned me on to these perverts who want you to dress them like little sissies. Degrading a man is just what this old broad would love to do and getting paid is just a bonus. So, I took out an ad in Craig’s List and in no time my email was blowing up with these men begging to become sissy girl slaves. On advice I hit up the thrift stores for some items, panties, bras, garters and girdles and such. I could barely contain my excitement as I met up with my first client. He was a stout fellow, but I had just the perfect outfit for him. I put him in some thigh highs, garters, bra and a panty type thing. I made sure to pull his cock and ball sack out, so it was on full display. His tits even filled up the bra. He looked hilarious but I wasn’t done just yet. I grabbed my makeup bag and went to work on his sissy face. I applied pink glittery lip gloss, some blue eyeshadow and bright pink blush. I even had a set of fake eyelashes for him. Then I had him stand in adorable poses as I took pictures of my masterpiece. I could see a wet spot forming on those panties, so I just upped his final price and let him wear them home. I did bend him over my knees and give him a spanking for messing in his panties though. He is scheduled again for next week. Wonder what I will have in store for him then.

He Devoured My Wet Hairy Pussy

kinky phone sexI know retro is back and cool and even the younger crowd is all nostalgic, but I didn’t know that included wanted a full bush. I am a lazy bitch by nature, so I don’t trim down under unless I know I am going to be getting some action. But this one crept up on me. Cute little TI guy was hitting on me all morning and I kept shrugging him off until he came up behind me and started softly kissing my neck as his hands glided on top of my top gently caressing my nipples. As I giggled one of his hands went up my skirt and right onto my mound. He started stroking my pussy from the outside of my panties and I immediately started getting wet. Shame on that fucker for turning me on but it was too late now. I led him to the lounge for a little afternoon delight. As we undressed his eyes got huge and he told me how a wet hairy pussy was his favorite thing. Well dude it is a jungle down there so have at it. He laid down and I sat right above his face as he devoured me wet cunt. I was stroking his cock as he continued munching. I had even brought him to orgasm and squirted all over his face, but he couldn’t get enough. He ate my pussy for at least an hour. It was fucking hot and I think I might just need the TI guy to help me again tomorrow.

I Felt His Cum Through The Panty Hose

Fetish Phone SexI have a friend, like a pretty close friend, who is not quiet about all his kinky fetishes. So when he told me he had been playing around with pantyhose I wasn’t really surprised but when he suggested that he would like me to help him with a version of what he had seen on the porn hub I was slightly intrigued. He pulled it up and both partners were wearing pantyhose. I am not going to lie the sight of a man’s cock through the hose was pretty hot, especially when his pre cum started leaking through. I have fucked my friend before, so this wasn’t anything new, so we headed to the store for some hose. I let him pick them out because it was his thing. He bought a pair of black sheers for me and nude for him. We got home and put them on, and my pussy was already wet from the feel of them against my clit. He then laid me back, spread my legs and started to rub his panty hose covered cock against my already soaking wet panty hose covered pussy. I could feel the pre-cum leaking from his hose onto my pussy and it was driving me wild. We continued to grind without any penetration at all and it felt so fucking good. When I heard him moan loudly and felt his load coming onto my clit, I lost it and exploded with an amazing orgasm. We both just laid there recovering and me thinking to myself that I will be ordering some hose in bulk.

I Love Kinky Fetishes

Fetish Phone SexDo you have a kinky fetish you want to play out baby? Just give me a call and let’s see where our sick minds take us. I talked to an awesome guy the other night who wanted to see just how far I could push him with edge play. I had him stroke his cock until I heard in his voice how close he was. Then I made him stop. I told him I was going to climb on his face, and he was to lick my tight bald pussy. I rubbed my clit as he told me how he was licking me. Then I let him start stroking again, imagining that I was licking the head as he jerked off. Then I stopped him and told him to rub that big beautiful head against my pussy hole. I stuck my fingers inside my pussy as I heard him moan and jerk. We continued on for awhile until I new that he had earned the privilege, so I told him to stroke that cock as he imagined my feet wrapped around his dick giving him a wet hot foot job. We both started moaning and breathing loaded as I continued finger banging myself and continued jerking off. It got so hot that we both got off together. You have any fun little kinky fantasy you would like to talk about? Just give me a call.

Run That Train On Me

Kinky Phone SexAs an older gal I like to try new and nasty things. Last week I decided it was time for my hot juicy pussy to be used and abused so I set up a train through Craig’s List. And by train, I mean a complete gangbang of men to line up and fuck me one right after the other. It was marvelous. Before it began, I took a few shots, did a line and smoked a big fatty. Then I undressed and waited. Soon the line formed, and I spread my legs to take those big thick cocks. Of course, no condoms were required as I was wanted to feel each and everyone of them squirt their load inside me. After each one I could feel the cum dripping out of my creampie pussy. And when it was time to give my pussy a break I rolled over, slid down the bed and pulled apart my ass cheeks to begin getting ass fucked. This went on for hours and I have never felt sluttier and dirtier and I loved it. I had it all video taped so I can go back and watch it while I lay on the bed and stroke my hard clit.

I Fucked Him With A Strap On

Fetish Phone SexBeing an experienced older hoe, I like to keep things exciting. I met this guy online who has incredible kinks that I enjoy playing out for him. Not only does he pay me well, but his ideas can be so naughty that this old broad’s pussy gets wet on its own. Anyway, this time he wanted me to put on a strap on and fuck his young virgin ass. Gladly I say. I suggested maybe a smaller dildo for his first time, but he insisted on going to the store and picking one out on his own. He did not go small and the thought of taking his man pussy cherry with such a big thing was so fucking hot. We met up at the usual hotel and I started by putting a butt plug in his ass to try to stretch it a little. Surprisingly, it went in fairly easy with quite a bit of lube. That led me to believe that he might have been experimenting with other objects on his own but either way I was still ready for this. We drank a bit and I kept pushing his plug in deeper. His cock was rock hard, and I was waiting for him to shoot his load at any minute. When we were ready, I removed the butt plug, applied more lube and laid him down. I lifted his ass up and began pushing that big dildo right in. It was slow going at first, but he was really into it. Rocking back, taking it in deeper and deeper. Of course, before I got it all the way in, he let out the loudest moan and squirted his load, but we continued. He was hard again in no time and when I finally got it all the way in, he was really into it. I fucked that man pussy so hard that the friction actually got me off too. I think I might like this kink.

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