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Let Me Tell You About My Furry Yiffing Convention

Fetish Phone SexSo, let me tell you about last years office conference. We always go somewhere for a week typically in the spring. It is more of a vacation actually as we do extraordinarily little work. Anyways when I got the itinerary, I noticed it was in a remote location with not a lot of tourist attractions. I googled the week and location and surprisingly it was a Furry Yiffing festival. I knew they were into that type of fetish, but I have never been to one. When we arrived, it was full of people dressed as animals and lots and lots of blow up toys. The boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed (pun intended). We checked in and agreed to meet in 1 hour in the lobby. When I arrived, they were waiting for me wearing a variety of costumes. I asked where the boss was, and they pointed to my left. I looked over and there he was dressed as some comical character fucking a blow-up reindeer. The rest of the week was much of the same and actually pretty hot. I might or might not have donned a big strap on and fucked the reindeer myself. You have any deep dark taboo fetishes you want to explore?

My Pussy Took a Pounding

Kinky Phone SexFantasy Phone SexThe pervy men in the office were getting a little restless so I needed to get them calmed down. They are not the best with the ladies, but they do love to whack those dicks whenever they can. The monthly budget did not allow for any hookers, so I improvised. Years ago, I had installed some glory holes in the back room and hidden them with some shelving. Today was a perfect day to bring them back. The boys were horny, and my old pussy could definitely use a pounding too. So, I called my friend and had her meet me at the office. I told the boys we were having a party at noon and to meet in the backroom. When they came in, there on the wall were two glory holes, featuring myself and my friend. Our legs were spread and bound, exposing our pussies and asses for their pleasure. Did not take long for those boys to strip down and start pounding away. It felt so good to have my holes used like that. Pounded for hours and full of thick cum. I cannot even tell you the number of orgasms I had because I lost track. I loved it so much and the boys were in so much better moods that I might make this a monthly thing.

Virtual Sex With My Boss and Vegetables

Kinky Phone SexAs am older broad I am used to being able to go out and find some dick whenever I have wanted. This quarantine has really fucked that up. No bars, festivals, or workplace to find what I need. I always have my big fat dildo and vibrator but sometimes I like to have a fat cock stuck in my juicy wet pussy and then be pounded. I love the feeling of the balls hitting against my cunt. So, I have resorted to calling up one of my bosses and having a skype session. It has proved to be quite hot at times. The other day as we were skyping, and he was stroking his cock I told him to stick a carrot up his bum. He jumped to it and I watched as the carrot moved slowly inside of him. Not wanting to leave me hanging he suggested that I ram a cucumber up my twat. I only had some of those English cucumbers, you know the ones that are long, skinny, and curved. I lubed it up, spread my legs and pushed until my pussy had sucked it all the way in. We then watched as the other fucked their vegetable. He jerked off and I masturbated, wasn’t the same but it was pretty fucking hot and we both got off. We have an appointment today at noon to fuck too. I am bringing a beer bottle with me and going to have him do the same. My pussy is already wet thinking about it.

Let Me Fulfill Your Fetishes

Fetish Phone SexDo you have a dirty little fetish that you would like to fulfill? Then look no further because Noreen would love to help you. I love fetishes. All kinds of fetishes. The kinkier the better. This one guy at work has a foot fetish. And not your ordinary foot fetish either. He likes me to go get a pedicure so that my feet are all smooth and my nails are all pretty and pink. Then he likes me to rub his dick with my feet. And I mean rub his dick until he shoots his load all over my toes. And then when my feet are covered in his warm gooey cum, he takes my feet and licks his sperm off of my feet, making sure to lap up every last drop of his cum. Of course, that gets his dick hard again and we start the entire process over again. Sometimes it can go on for hours. I don’t mind, because between the foot jobs I make him get between my legs and eat my sweet bald pussy until his face is covered in my cum. So, if you have any type of fetish you want to play out you just give me a call and we can make it happen.

He Loves My Wet Hairy Pussy

Fetish Phone SexSome woman like to keep their pussies bald but not me, I like to keep my beaver bushy, nice and hairy for those who enjoy fetish phone sex. The more hair the better for some of you. They like to get between my beautiful legs and move through the jungle making their way to my pink clit and eventually my juicy wet hole. The hair getting caught in their tongues and teeth make them even harder. Their dicks throb with excitement at what is inside that bush. The one guy at work especially loves it. He wants me to let it grow wild, sticking out of any panties I own. He has me wear my panties with my legs spread wide with mounds of that furry beast sticking out on all sides. Or just barely reaching his hand down my pants before he is met with those curly coarse pubes. He gets so turned on by the unruly cunt. It is like a treasure hunt for him. He works his way to the prize, making it even hotter for him. And the smell, he loves to dig his nose deep inside my thighs and smell the aroma of the wet hair pussy.

He Loves to be Dominated

Fetish Phone SexEvery once in awhile I get an email from one of the guys with nothing but a picture of a whip on it. I know what that means. He wants me to dress up like a dominatrix and make him my sweet slave for an afternoon. I find this quite fun and it makes my pussy wet thinking about all the naughty things I am going to do to him. We choose the second Friday of the month when the rest of the office leaves early. After they leave, I go to the bathroom and get dressed. Today I put on crotchless fishnets, high heels and a corset. I grabbed my whip and headed towards his office. I opened the door and told him to take off all his clothes and kneel on the floor and I would be right back. I took a few shots and took a couple of tokes to get me going. When I returned, he was completely naked and kneeling on the floor with a fucking hard on. I just laughed. I sat on the desk and spread my legs and told him to eat my juicy hairy pussy. He crawled over and stuck his tongue in the hole and started licking my clit. I grabbed his hair and rammed his head into my crotch, moving it in and out until I came. I then had him lean over the desk and I paddled that ass until it was nice and pink. He thanked me after every smack. His dick was so hard by now and pre-cum was spilling out the top. I told him I had a special surprise for him next and as he looked up the most fabulous shemale walked in the room. She whipped her dick out, smacked him in the face a few times with it and them rammed it down his throat. This is going to be a great afternoon.

My Niece and Nephew Made the Perverts Very Happy

Kinky Phone SexI was ready for our weekly Friday after lunch fucking when one of my pervert bosses came to me and asked if I had access to any young ones. I thought for a second and told him I had a lovely niece and nephew that they might like. His eyes lit up as I got dressed and went to pick them up. For all this work I expect a fat stack on my desk. I picked them up and brought them back to the office. I carried my niece and held my young nephews’ hand, guiding him up the stairs. The pervert’s eyes got so wide when they saw the sweet little young ones that I had brought. No hair and flat chested just like they like them. I undressed my niece and nephew, leaving them in only their little sesame street panties and told them to run and play. While they hopped all around and my boss’s dicks were bulging out of their pants, we talked bonuses. We agreed on a nice 4-digit amount and as they removed their pants, I slipped those little angels a little something to help them be a bit more cooperative. My bosses used those sweet little things like they use their blowup dolls for hours. I sat back and watched Netflix and counted my cash. They asked if we could do this every Friday and I told them I am sure I can find some new toys for them if they keep on paying me a hefty bonus.

Jacking Off His Pantyhose Covered Dick

Fetish Phone Sex NoreenOne of the nerds that works here has a pantyhose fetish. He doesn’t want the other guys to know about it, but he pays me to see him outside of work to fulfill this fetish. I don’t mind, it is big bucks and it is quite fun to be in control of one of my bosses. Tonight, we were meeting at a hotel and I arrived early to get ready. I put on a pair of sparkly pantyhose and nothing else. I also laid out a pair of black ones for him. He likes them dirty, so I have been wearing his pair without panties for a while now. When he got there and opened the door to see me sitting on the bed in only my panties his dick started twitching in his khakis. I motioned him over and rubbed my feet on his face and crotch before tossing him the black ones to put on his dick. He was already hard when he put them on so there was no need for me to get him started. I laid back on the bed as he rubbed his pantyhose covered cock on my feet. Now see, I don’t have to fuck him I just have to jerk him off with my feet. So, as he stood above me, I wrapped my feet around his dick and rubbed it nice and firm, gradually building speed. As I am jacking his cock, he sticks the other end of the pantyhose in his mouth and sucks on them. It never takes long before he is filling up that stocking with his warm thick cum.

The Electric Toothbrush Did the Trick

Phone Perverts ParadiseI took an early lunch that turned into a liquid lunch with my girlfriends, so I was in rare form when I got back to the office and extremely horny. Unfortunately for me they were all in a meeting when I got back so there was not a dick to be had. As I waited for them, I started playing with my pussy. Through my pants at first and then over my panties until eventually I just took my pants and top completely off. I spread my legs wide across my desk and reached into my drawer and grabbed my vibrating toothbrush. I turned it on and put it against my panties perfectly aligned with my clit. I pinched my nipples and dug that toothbrush harder against my soaking wet pussy. I was trashed and on the verge of an orgasm so I lost my balance and face planted on the floor. From there I retrieved the toothbrush and started rubbing it against my pussy again. Apparently, all the commotion must have disturbed the meeting and they all walked into the lobby to find me up on the desk in just my panties and bra playing with my pussy. Being the nerds, they are I know they haven’t had any pussy in a while, so I lined them up and fucked them one by one until the alcohol took total control of me and I passed out but not before I had numerous orgasms.

Fucking the Furverts

Kinky Phone SexAbout every six months or so I come into the office and there is a nice size bonus check sitting on my desk with a cute little animal drawing in the memo. I know what that means. I work with a bunch of furverts. If you don’t know that slang, it refers to a bunch of fur fetish loving partners. So, I go to the storage closet and there is always a different animal costume waiting for me. Today it was some type of lion or tiger, but they always have holes that correspond with my sweet holes. I slip it on with nothing underneath so that my holes can be easily accessible to my fur loving friends. I walk out to the conference room and they are all waiting. I can basically see the bulges in their pants. I do a little animal type dancing and get down to it. I strip them and then I start giving them their fantasies. I climb between their legs and take their cocks right in my fuzzy little mouth, pawing at their thighs as I go. I let them lift my tail and stick their rock-hard cocks in me and fuck me like an animal, humping my back and grabbing my neck tightly. Sometimes they request I use a strap on that resembles an animals red rocket. They like me to stick it right in their tight little assholes and fuck them while my paws grasp their backs and I make animal noises. This day I roared like a lion as I fucked him. It is exhausting fucking in that suit, but the big bonus and the 4-day weekend gives me plenty of time to recuperate.

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