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Down The Dark Path

fetish phone sexFeeling naughty? Feeling like you want to push yourself into the darkness. Delve into the unknown? Unsure what to expect and how to feel but know that you feel a warmth and your cock starts to get hard. Just the idea of being blasphemous is taboo. So taboo that you feel a little scared, but you can’t resist. Don’t be scared, I will show you the way. Into the darkness and unknown which is hot as hell and kinky. Submit yourself to me. Let me take you on a wild ride. Or maybe, you love this shit, and you can’t wait to go further. Push your limits using me as your vesicle. I don’t mind. I want to join you on this journey to be the tabooest that we can be. So bad that you question yourself. So taboo that you don’t repeat your dark fetish thoughts to anyone. So dirty that just the thought makes my pussy wet and your cock hard. So, love, come and join me as we go into the blackness. I will be waiting to guide you.

Golden Shower For The Pervert

fetish phone sexMy favorite freak was back and with him came a special request. He sent the email asking for a “special” session. I read on intrigued as I do like to mix things up a lot. The fool loves humiliation but this time he wanted to add a little spice to it. Golden showers were on the menu for him, and I could not have been more pleased. You see, I do so much like to humiliate and degrade men and it makes it that much more pleasing to me when they actually ask for it. When they want to pay for it. When they get off on it.

A smile crossed my face, and I called my sister and told her to be ready for some fun tonight. I gave her all the details and I could tell by her trembling voice that she was already stroking her beaver. You are such a slut I told her as I heard her moan in climax. I set up the time and he arrived promptly. My sister had already been here for hours. Drinking water, alcohol and every thing in between. Strip down you little bitch boy and follow us to the kitchen. He was like a little puppy as we climbed on the cabinet and stood over him. I bet you would like some domination too, want me to piss on you too?


fetish phone sexYou came for training, but you disobeyed. Your little, tiny cock shemale porn loving ass just wouldn’t listen. You had just made your way out of your cage and here you are being punished again. You stood in front of me with your head hung and apologizing but I don’t want to hear that shit. Actions speak louder than words you sissy faggot.

I pulled your pants down and as usual your button cock was right in front of me. I pulled out the cage again and attached it. You look so cute in it. I laughed as you tried to pull your pants up. Not yet, I have something special for you. I pulled out a gift bag and handed it to you. Your eyes lit up as your unwrapped it. There in your hand you held a bright blue dildo/vibrator. You seemed puzzled as I grabbed it from your hands and put it between your legs. I flipped it on, and the vibrations began. Massaging your balls and shaking your cock cage. You moaned in ecstasy at first and then as your cock started to grow you moaned in pain. I just laughed and laid back on the chair and watched. Little droplets of your cummies started to form. I told you to reach down and get them with your fingers and eat them. I think you probably need a little training too, don’t you?

He Worshipped My Hairy Beaver

fetish phone sexThis guy is old school. A hairy bush is what he craves. So lucky for him I have spent the last month being a lazy bitch. My twat was full beaver mode. I knew his weakness and I knew my weakness, money. So, I pulled out the phone and sent him a snap with $$$$ as the caption. He knew what that meant, and he replied with 3/30. That would be deciphered as $300 and 30 minutes. I just sent back a smiling emoji. All set up. Hell, I will let him worship my hairy cunt for an hour for $300. I am not a low-cost slut.

I gave it a good washing and the pubes were curly and coarse and long. A perfect bushy beaver for him to munch down on. Just like clockwork the bell rang, and I let him in. I was wearing a robe and opened it briefly to give him a peak at the goodies. He handed me 3 crisp $100 bills and I led him to my room. I opened my robe and laid back, spreading my legs wide. He stood there admiring its beauty for a good 3 minutes before pushing his nose against me and smelling. Perfect he said as he buried his face inside my cunt and started munching. You like a hairy beaver too? I bet you would like to come and get a taste too.

Lay Back While I Peg You

fetish phone sexI can tell just by the sound of your voice that you want me to put on my strap on and peg your ass. But you don’t want any of that sissy bend over and take it from behind shit. You are a hard-core pervert. So come on in and let me have some fun. Get undressed and let me see what we have going on here. Nice, an uncircumcised cock to play with. Don’t think I am going to let you have all the fun though. Before we start get between my legs and worship my cunt. I am a goddess to you and my pussy shall be treated as such. Lick and suck and finger and make love to it. I will hold your head down and grind on your face as I release my juices. Then I will grab your hair and lift you from between my legs, smiling at your cum smeared face. Then I stand and kick you back with my feet. I attach my strap on and spread your legs. I spit on it and pull on your excess skin and balls as I glide around your tight hole. You feel me go in gently and you moan. I push it all the way in now as I squeeze your cock tighter. You gasp…

Diaper Fetish Fun

fetish phone sexHe came by for his appointment. Immediately asking such incessant questions. Do I have any diapers? Do I have Pampers? Do I have Huggies? Do I have baby food? Geez …… not what I was expecting. He was a big, built man and very nice looking. I was hoping for a hot BDSM session but that was no to be had today. So, I laughed and told him to lay his sissy ass on the bed and I would be right back. I returned with some adult diapers, a diaper cover and a big nipple bottle. I also had my video camera with me. I pulled off his pants and removed his shirt. Then I took off his socks and boxers. Surprisingly he had a pretty little cock, so now I understood his desire to be a baby. I told him to lift his ass. I placed the diaper underneath and powdered him. I wasn’t about to let him get away easy. I started stroking his little dick. I put the bottle in his mouth and told him to suck. Between the sucking I could hear his pathetic moans as I milked him, draining his balls. He had quite a large amount of cummies. I attached the diaper together, squishing the cummies against his skin. Then I turned on the camera and smiled as we had some more fun.

Humiliation Anyone?

fetish phone sexI tell you we are going to the glory hole and your cock cage can barely contain your raging hard on. Little droplets leak from it. You are in your sluttiest slip dress with no panties and your jeweled butt plug is on full display. You have been dreaming of putting your slutty mouth in one of those holes and sucking off as many men as you can, filling your stomach with warm yummy cum. Dreaming of having your man pussy in a hole and being pounded and filled like the cum dumpster you are. We walk in and that little pep in your step is popped as you see nothing but pussy waiting to be fucked. Not man pussy wither, warm hairy female cunt. You looked shocked but I tell you how bad you have been as I unlock the cage and lead you to them. Fuck them I tell you and perhaps I will have a surprise for you in the end. Reluctantly you push your mini penis inside the women. They don’t even notice as you are so tiny, they can’t feel it. Your eyes swell in tears as I humiliate you, but you persevere. You stick your tiny shrimp in each and every one just as you were told. I smile and lead you to the back room. Your eyes light up as we walk in….

A Cage And A Tattoo For The Naughty

fetish phone sexYou know what happens when you disobey your mistress? A punishment. Sometimes a punishment so severe that it requires you have a daily reminder of your shortcomings. In this case sissy Dave decided that he was going to have a little fun without any permission at all. Seems he forgot I have cameras everywhere as I don’t trust his sissy ass. Sure, enough I was reviewing the footage and on the screen was shemale porn. His absolute favorite and his kryptonite. His drug of choice that leaves him with no control. So, he was not just watching shemale porn he was naked in MY bed stroking his little pencil dick. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at his fingers stroking his little shrimp until they were covered in his cum. Then he used my blanket to wipe himself. Then I was furious. But not one to act on anger I planned and plotted hot to punish him. I told him I had a fun day planned and we would have a lot of fun. He bathed and came into my room for his clothes. As he slipped on his panties, I told him not yet. I reached in my bag and pulled out a cock cage, attached it and pulled up his panties. He didn’t like that at all. But he did smile when I told him we were headed to the tattoo parlor. I showed the artist what I wanted him to have, and sissy Dave laid back and I handed him my phone with shemale porn playing. How do you think the tattoo turned out? And what about those swollen balls.

I Made Him My Bitch

fetish phone sexThe little bitch came to me with a request to find his feminine side. He tried to push it off that it was a simple request and nothing extreme. From our first meeting I could see the twinkle in his eye as I showed him a slide show of my accomplishments. The bondage, the small dick humiliation and the sissy training practically made his mouth water. I took his cash and set up an appointment. He thought I was going to be gentle but that isn’t what I had in mind. He arrived promptly and I led him to the back room. I had a pretty pink cropped top, matching black and pink thigh highs and a purple G-string laid out. He was dancing all around as he removed his clothes and got dressed. I smiled at him as I put a blonde pigtail wig on his head. Then I brought out the chains and cock rings. He seemed hesitant and even started to speak. I told him to shush, and he continued speaking. Mistress Noreen does not allow this so out came the paddle. I put him on all fours and paddled his little ass. Then I had him stay there were I proceeded to attach the chains for our session. I think that little faggot looks cute, don’t you?

Doesn’t That Diaper Feel Good

fetish phone sexI see you as you keep scrolling back to this picture. The diapers and my hand around a wet cock is making you feel all tingly inside. You want me to put you in diapers too, don’t you? Let me give you some background on this so you can get even more excited. I have a client, a married client. His wife is pretty vanilla, and the sex is boring. He comes to me twice a month so mommy Noreen can take good care of him. He rings the bell and I have a warm bubble bath waiting on him. I undress him and he gets in. I wash every inch of his body with my hands. Then he stands up and I wrap him in a towel and lead him to the crib. He lays back as I pat him dry and put baby lotion all over his body. Then I grab his feet and lift his bottom as I slide the diaper underneath him. I then rub on his cock until he is nice and wet and so so close to shooting his load. With pre-cum dripping, I fasten the diaper and rub his dick through it until he squirts his warm load inside. I then lay down and move his cum filled diaper ass up to my chest and have him latch on to my tits and breast feeds. I bet you would like to wear diapers and breast feed too, wouldn’t you?

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