Giving the Salesman a Show

Fetish Phone SexWe have this young salesman who has a voyeurism fetish. He likes to think it is private, but we all know. My boss likes to keep him motivated so one Friday a month I give this sweet young thing a nice show. Of course, it comes with a hefty price which my bosses are pleased to provide since it seems to increase his sales. The office closes for two hours on Friday for lunch and this guy always stays back to catch up on his reports. I always make sure his door is cracked just a little so he can a nice view. I start by putting on some tunes and doing a strip tease, to nobody but I am very seductively doing so. I unbutton my top and slowly remove it, exposing my bra. I remove my pants and just stand there for a few minutes wearing nothing but my panties and matching bra. Then I like to bend over so my sweet ass if facing him and he can get a good look at my ass cheeks hanging out. I dance around a little more and remove my bra, leaving me only in my panties. Soon I remove them too and hop up on my desk and pretend like I am fucking it, complete with some loud ass moaning. Only then do I roll over on my back, with my feet facing his office, and drop my legs to the side spreading them wide, exposing my sweet old snatch. I remain there for a moment before I start masturbating, rubbing my clit, fingering my pussy hole, pinching my nipples and even fingering my nice old ass. I strategically spend a lot more time than necessary on my cunt as that seems to turn him on the most. I play with myself and bring myself to orgasm, very loudly moaning the entire time. I can hear his hand hitting the desk as he pounds away at his cock under it. I then lay there all exposed for a few more minutes, before dressing and leaving the office for lunch. Cute little guy is very productive on those days and I have a whole lot more money in my account.

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